Keychron Q1: The GMM OK Pro

the kikron q1 takes place sale today with the 75 format gasket mount and warm swap switches it really feels like a direct reaction to the success of the gmmk pro that’s a board that introduced a whole lot for its rate factor it’s done huge sales but it’s likewise garnered some objection for its acoustic profile it’s occasionally erratic qc and also it’s inadequate implementation of the gasket install the q1 is the first yet possibly not the last board that’s mosting likely to attempt to right those wrongs we’re visiting just how it accumulates you all set allow’s go so the q1 will be offered as a bare bones for 149 us as well as completely constructed with switches and caps for 169. these are readily available in 3 various colors in both ansi as well as iso on the gmk side you can not get iso yet you’re limited to black inside package you have a flying start guide an extremely affordable wire key puller switch puller allen secrets some extra equipment the manual as well as what shows up to be poron

bumpers which will most likely make feeling when we obtain the board apart you likewise obtain a coiled wire it is a step up from the plastic foam cable you obtain with a few of the entry level boards and also the basic knotted wonderful cable it’s material no technology flex or outer covering comes with a little child pilot connector as well as it is usb-c to usb-c by default with a a adapter consisted of too it’s not going to replace the true custom-made cable due to the fact that this layout is real goofy yet it’s a more thoughtful inclusion than a lot of as well as i’m delighted to see it’s not being offered to us as an aftermarket device my variation of the board got here pre-built keycaps here are color below pbt there are seven of these sets out right now each valued at forty dollars per suitable color methods yet i’m just not a follower of daiso due to the fact that the tales usually look off to me the typeface weights are actually inconsistent you can really see this in the bnm run the unusual

ksp in the backspace trick the erase essential simply being all huge for no factor these could be changed a little bit in the last version the separately packaged collections they sent all have the same issues and they simply are what they are cheap keycap embed in respectable colorways that will certainly hold up as long as you don’t go examining them also very closely they’re not double shot and also they’re not beamed through pre-built variations will likewise have your selection of gatteron phantom buttons created exclusively in partnership with kikron so you have phantom red linears blue clicky or the phantom browns which sounds like a washing concern however remains in reality a tactile button still mushy though significantly even though the sockets right here are five pin these buttons are plate mount or 3 pin as well as they are manufacturing facility loophole stem wobble is mids i’ve most definitely seen better as well as they aren’t releasing any kind of specifications

from materials used while these do support rgb they will certainly tint that rgb look to whatever the color of the button real estate is kikron offers all these aftermarket as well as well as they’re valued at 15 per pack of 35 that’s 43 cents per about two-thirds the expense of the marvelous buttons yet there’s absolutely nothing particularly distinct or exciting concerning these the q1 is a cnc aluminum instance simply a little much less considerable in hand is the wonderful variation evaluating simply under 1.4 kilos a little rounded edges but really very minimal geometry there’s no side lights or embossing there’s nothing actually noteworthy below in all the typing angle is 5.3 levels with a front height of 21.6 millimeters instead of a handle or a rotating encoder in the top right we have a badge below i’m not certain what your alternatives will

be but mine featured a nice printed version of my logo flattery will obtain you all over plainly influenced by the gmmk pro or the complete satisfaction 75 they’ve gone with a spaced version of the 75 design with obstructing moving far from the solitary block of keys located on their k2 keyboard we have a column of 3 secrets on the far appropriate the appropriate change is a 1.75 u and also the 3 modifiers to the right of the room bar are all solitary device tricks cord link is usbc top left which i like it’s just slightly recessed you additionally have the mac home windows toggle there also which unfortunately seems like the very same quality as it does on the remainder of their boards i desire they had actually made the case height below just a little taller the leds are southern encountering right here and there suffices of a space that the leds and also the switch housings are noticeable under almost every trick from a normal inputting setting the default typing audio is rather high pitched

and clacky though it is really regular road to paddle the stabs are not fantastic the space board does have some rattle so these are screw in or pcb install stabs and they show up to be factory lubed rather hefty at the very least on the cord it is pretty apparent without even opening the board that unlike the gmmk pro the q1 gasket place system has some major flex to it when you unavoidably open this board take care the daughter board for the usbc is gotten in touch with simply this small little ribbon cable television and also you’re gon na need to separate both these little ports to access the stabilizers this layout is what permits the plate and the pcb to drift on these gaskets while keeping that usb port still it’s additionally what is in charge of giving it the bigger temple

versus the gmmk which outside of that has very comparable dimensions so it’s eight allen screws to enter the case after that the ribbon cord adapters then 6 more screws to get in between home plate and the pcb offered those small connectors i would claim this is simply as annoying to deal with as the gm mmk pro hot swap sockets below are gateron we do have some suitable plate foam in below the lube on the stab real estate is rather irregular i would at least lube most likely replace these so it’s a reel in the stab division it deserves saying that the openings on the plate are extremely generous so whatever aftermarket stabs you go with you’re not going to have any type of problems whatsoever the instance foam if it can be called that is like a one millimeter slim wafer of phone after some less than complementary audio examinations struck youtube kikron did get to out to say that retail versions will have some added foam that you can implemented if you desire to aid minimize several of that ping or hollow noise without impacting the adaptability of the gasket place as

well as you most definitely will wish to due to the fact that this instance pings like a middle ages blacksmith this gasket place is cushy but the fear then is that the even more foam you add the even more compressed the setting up would come to be the issue there being that you would inch closer to that truly pressed sensation on the g mmk pro i was actually able to obtain a sheet of sorbetthane in there that’s over three millimeters thick so there’s a lot of space inside it does impact the efficiency of the gasket place yet it also impacts the acoustic account greatly the q1 is an actually generous gasket mount there’s a great deal of flex there i would state that it looks much more remarkable in the keying test than it feels in reality but i hate to compromise any one of that to make up for acoustics for the 2nd sound test i intend to make use of a button that everybody understands these are gap black ink v2s lubed and also shot so the answer for the appropriate amount of instance

phone most likely landed someplace between there because while this did actually wet the noise it likewise did restrict that gasket mount rather a bit as well as it feels a great deal like inputting on the gm mk pro the gm mmk pro takes some just shots due to the fact that it’s such a soft board that it basically sounds the same no matter what switch you place in there and also the q1 with the sorbothane sounds strangely near the gmmk pro so there has to be some middle ground in there between extreme ping and severe mute the q1 does have an ace up its sleeve and also that has support for both via and qmk that’s a big w exactly how they’re doing this with the chip scarcity i don’t know on the gmmk pro if you entered very early your board supports qmk but newer versions of that board do not which suggests you’re counting on the marvelous software kikron is also dedicated to making boards that operate also in an apple setting as they do a pc so they include compatible secrets and have all the conventional apple shortcuts too out of your 4 available layers the first 2 are scheduled for mac as well as layers 3 and 4 are for computer marvelous has a knob the q1 does not interestingly though the pcb under the badge not just has an outlet but added solder factors too which may imply a knob in the future alright so to wrap this up these boards are very similar the q1 does the gasket mount better and it has

qmk by means of and full max assistance however has worse acoustics in a various method which their additional foam might repair excessive audio dampening makes this board audio and also feel virtually specifically like the gm mk professional remarkable has a handle side lights as well as a cost that’s 30 greater for their bare bones if it feels like i’m not thrilled it’s due to the fact that i’m not there’s simply not sufficient right here as well as i seem like we’re gon na see a lot more of these gmmk professional awesomes in the following coming months so which one would i pick neither to be honest i ‘d get hold of a kbd67 lite rather i wish to say thanks to brilliant for funding today’s video great is a knowing internet site that places a huge concentrate on interactive knowing that’s where you’re not simply watching or passively absorbing web content or remembering truths and formulas you actually discover by doing they have actually been busy this year too truly calling up the

degree of interactivity they lately changed among my favored training courses clinical assuming this breaks down all the laws of physics and also puts them together in aesthetic interactive demonstrations so for me i’m able to discover and also preserve at a much greater rate because i’m using physical insight to engage with points that mirror real life situations brilliant is most definitely among my favored means to learn specifically complicated subjects there’s a huge magazine that’s as deep as it is wide so despite your core curriculum if it rotates around math and scientific research you can be certain great has you covered when you’re ready to get smarter you can join me as well as a neighborhood of over 8 million learners and educators by clicking the web link down in the description or checking out poor seedtech and as an added incentive the very first 200 of you to do so will get 20 off the yearly membership huge many thanks to brilliant for continuing to support the network and also thank you a lot for your time

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