Preview OnePlus Nord Full Tour Mid-Range Marvel?

now oneplus flagship phones are still among the most affordable here in 2020 costing a huge chunk of change less than one of those top-end samsungs or one of those iphone jobbies on the other hand the latest oneplus 8 flagship phone does cost from 600 pounds which is going to seriously deplete the beer fund of most consumers out there and of course in 2020 we need that booze more than ever before and perhaps that’s why oneplus has launched its first mid-range smartphone in quite some time the oneplus nord now at the time i shot this unboxing unfortunately i still don’t know the final uk retail price i’m hoping it’ll be no more than 400 pounds though it’ll definitely still have strong competition from the likes of the oppo f5x2 light the moto g5g plus and of course the excellent realme x55g which i just reviewed an absolute belter of a budget phone but ahead of my full in-depth oneplus nord review i’m going to yank it out the box and take you on a full-on tour of all of the hardware and the software so you know exactly what to expect from this 5g handset and from all the latest greatest tech please do plug subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now first of all i’m definitely digging that super dark box it’s a huge departure

from the traditional white and red efforts that oneplus usually packs its flagships inside and already the random slogans have begun this way nord nord of course meaning north in various european languages what else do you get packed inside the nord box well of course you get the obligatory uh one plus stickers you have the justin’s obligatory welcome letter as well from the chief boards at oneplus and there they are there the crew that actually worked on the smartphone and from the looks of all the pre-launched teaser stuff that oneplus put out on the interwebs it definitely looks like there were a lot of sleepless nights poured into this thing so i hope it is uh genuinely good got a quick start guide porky pin device and i was also hoping for one of these as well a pre-bundled condom case which you can slap on the oneplus note just to help keep it protected and then lastly of course your warp charge 30 adapter and then you’ve got your standard bright red one plus type c charging cable as well it’s kind of hoping they would go for a proper gothic black effort for that one as well and so here it is at long last the oneplus nord in the flesh and it’s good to finally have a proper funnel other thing after seeing so much about it on the internet of course this right here is the blue marble version but you could also pick it up in grey onyx if you’re not really a fan of those sort of brighter more vibrant colors you want to really embrace your inner emo i’ll tell you what super quick first impressions i definitely like it it feels quite compact uh certainly coming from a lot of the sort of 6.5 6.6 inch beast that i’ve been playing with lately as this is a 6.44 inch model instead and i really like that shiny colorful back end as well and the good news is it’s gorilla glass 5

both on the back end and the front end as well to keep it protected and you’ve also got a pre-installed screen protector as well so double hard-basted and if you want to see what the oneplus node looks like with the bundled prophylactic case slapped on it well it looks an awful lot like this again it’s nice to see a bit of design and thought actually applied to bundled accessories like this bumper uh right here as you can see that’s kind of a combination of gloss and matte on the back end and if you look down below they’ve even included a wee flappy bit just to cover up that usb port and help prevent any crud and crap from getting into that hole so yeah that’s good and if you’re not really a fan of that rubber bumper well don’t worry oneplus is doing a selection of colorful cases as usual which you can slap on there to change up the look and feel of the oneplus node as for the rest of the design here on the oneplus no no real surprises you’ve got your power button on the right edge you’ve got your alert slider of course as standard you’ve got your volume keys over here on the other edge and down below you’ve got your usb port and your sim tray and of course bug roll headphone jack so hopefully there’s some uh battery life on the go yes excellent right it’s gonna get one plus node all set up and then we’ll take a full on tour of the rest of the hardware and the software i mean it’s also worth pointing out that it’s a dual sim device the oneplus 9 you can stick two sim cards in at once but there’s no room for microsd memory cards just like with a flagship so you’re stuck with your 128 or 256 gigs of onboard storage still plenty of space for lots of stuff okay so the oneplus note is ready for action and sat here on top of android 10 is the latest

oxygen os 10.5 overlay as well so it’s a very similar software setup to what you get on the actual flagship smartphones and if you’ve seen my oneplus coverage in the past you’ll know i’m definitely a fan of oxygen os i think it’s just the right level of tinkering with stock android add some really useful features in there without going absolutely crazy as usual got plenty of personalization options on here dive into the home settings you’ve got lots of things there you can change around the icon packs the home screen layouts all that kind of stuff i’m just going to change the wallpaper quickly i do quite like the oneplus papers i think they’re quite funky and you’ve got as you can see lots of different styles to choose from but of course i am a massive fan of my geeky anime efforts i’m gonna dive on here get a bit of dr stone action on the go there we go nice and nerdy just the way i like it uh and apparently the oneplus minions have been slaving away uh to make lots of little refinements in the background just to ensure that it’s a super silky smooth experience here on the oneplus note just as it is on those flagship phones and suddenly so far it’s still busy sort of setting up in the background installing my apps and all the rest of it but everything seems to be running nice and smooth and in further good news oneplus is guaranteeing two full years of software updates and three years of security updates with the oneplus node as well so you definitely won’t get shafted on that front hopefully should get android 11 fairly sharpish when that’s fully released later in 2020 and then android 12 touchwood next year as

well and it’s definitely fantastic to see that sort of level of commitment to updates from a smartphone manufacturer because most of them are just like uh we’ll see what we can do and they leave it at that so now let’s move on to another highlight of the oneplus nord and that is the 6.44 inch amoled display so you don’t tend to get many all ed screens on these more affordable 5g phones the fine 5×2 light had an oled but apart from that likes the model g5g plus and the real me x55g they use ips screens instead and the oneplus nord definitely serves up crisp visuals thanks to the full hd plus resolution you get those nice punchy vibrant colors and those nice deep blacks as well so really strong contrast definitely helped along by that oled tech if you dive on into the display settings you have a good old play around that maximum brightness is super super powerful so definitely no worries seeing this thing on a bright sun shiny day that’s what we get plenty of those this summer the vibrant color effect is actually switched off by defaults you’ll have to knock that on if you want those sort of more punchy hues well in the more natural finish because you’ve got the usual night mode reader model a nice easy on the eye stuff if you dive on into the advanced display settings that’s where the really sexy stuff is as you can see here you’ve got a 90 hertz refresh rate to match the moto g5 g plus although not quite the real me x55g of course um as you can see there it’s stuck at 90 hertz by default but it will dynamically switch between 90 and 60 depending on what you’re up to kind of a shame you don’t have an option to just sort of leave it stuck at 90 but at least that’ll

help preserve your battery life and yes of course there is unfortunately a massive dual selfie cut out thing uh wedged away in the corner up at the top of the screen there and yes that does infiltrate on your viewing experience whenever you’re watching something full screen in the likes of disney plus or youtube thankfully netflix when you do go full screen it is blocked out and if you look again in the advanced display settings you’ve got front camera display area so you can completely block that from view if it really does annoy you and it’s also possible to see exactly which apps will uh display full screen or uh which ones will have that cut out if you just want it for certain certain apps and not all of them and before i forget as well you do actually have an in-display fingerprint sensor here on the oneplus node as well i haven’t actually seen too many of those recently they seem to be swapping to the edge-mounted fingerprint sensors in a lot of smartphones uh but yeah it seems nice and responsive as you can see quick tap boom straight in so display it definitely good but what about the audio well as far as the internal speakers go you just got a single bottom firing mono effort here no stereo speaker setup or anything let’s just bump up the volume please do subscribe and take that notification spell cheers now first up real me really knows how to make even the most budget so that is

definitely uh super super powerful on that top volume you’ll have no problem listening to that even in a very noisy environment clearly not bad either got to see it on that top volume you still clearly hear vocals and everything coming through and yeah as i mentioned before unfortunately there’s no headphone jack action here on the oneplus nord but you do get full bluetooth 5.1 support and you’ve got plenty of good audio codec support on there as well so obviously the likes of asc aptx hd you’ve got ldac on there as well if you’ve got a pair of headphones that supports that so overall not perfect sure but pretty decent as far as performance goes the oneplus note should absolutely kill it what you got in here is the snapdragon 765g chipset the same as the realme x55g which i just reviewed so it’s not the 865 of those flagship smartphones but it’ll still absolutely kill it for running all of your apps but split screen action and a bit of gaming as well no problem likes pubg mobile and call of duty should play on those higher detail levels with a nice silky smooth frame rate especially as you’ve got a choice here of either 8 or 12 gigs of ddr4 ram as well so yeah no problem with your multitasker no matter how many apps are running in the background and of course you’ve got full 5g support built into that 765 as well the modem is actually part of the chipset so whenever 5g does happen to come to your neck of the woods you are covered and i’m also hoping that you’ll get all the battery life for the oneplus node as

well because it’s got 415 milliamp cells stuffed in there oneplus phones they tend to last a day with a battery size around that sort of area and the 765g is fairly energy efficient and it’s great to see that the optimized charging feature is back on board here on the oneplus note as well great news if you leave your smartphone charging all night long plugged in uh just help to prevent long-term battery damage there but you do have warp charge 30t support here on the oneplus nord so hopefully it shouldn’t take much more than an hour to get fully powered back up again when you are drained as for the rest of the software well it looks pretty standard here on the oneplus note of course you’ve got usual gesture controls and everything got full and dark mode all the usual android 10 stuff alert slider of course back in action so you can instantly silence your smartphone if you’re heading to a meeting or something like that and you’ve also got a face unlock feature as usual to back up the fingerprint sensor so just get that on the go stick my face in the hole now let’s give that a quick test out so just hit the power button and yep absolutely smashed it now let’s finish up with a look at the oneplus nord’s camera tech and what you have here is a 48 megapixel primary shooter using sorties popular and dependable imx 586 sensor as a similar sort of setup to the flagship oneplus 8 which is great to see as you see there the oneplus camera app spots a very familiar layout what you do is you actually shoot 12 megapixel photos by default being quickly swapped to the full 48 megapixel up top like so if you desire that

extra bit of detail smushed in there you could also swap to the oneplus nords 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens at any point with a quick tap this little icon here as you can see that just offers a nice widespread view otherwise if you tap here obviously two times zoom but it’s of course just digital zoom because there’s no telephoto lens here on the oneplus nord if you want to get in super super close to your subject to take a crazy uh close-up then uh what you want to do is swap to the super macro feature which uses the two megapixel macro lens uh i think it’s mostly pointless other people would disagree uh but they’re mostly wrong and finishing off that quad lens setup here on the oneplus nord is a five megapixel depth sensor so that’ll just help to add a nice depth effect as you can see to your shots uh so it’ll blow out the background and uh keep your subject nice and crisp and you’ve got a handful of other camera modes to play around with here on the note including oneplus dependable nightscape mode which just allows you to capture lots of different exposure shots this really brightens up your shot you got full pro controls as well with of course a bit of level action so you can make sure you get a nice flat shots you can shoot in jpeg as well as raw as you can see there you have a full jpeg 48 megapixel option too when it comes to shooting some whole movies as well you can go all the way up to 4k resolution of course as you can with most smartphones these days but it does max out at 30fps you can’t shoot 4k at full 60fps like with some other oneplus phones although you do have the option of shooting a 21×9 aspect ratio here on the oneplus store which is quite funky at that 4k level and as you can see there with the front facing

camera you can actually shoot 4k and up to 60fps still and speaking of that front-facing camera let’s swap to that now so the primary lens because it is a dual lens setup is a 32 megapixel effect using sony’s imx616 sensor as you can see that capture hopefully a nice crisp detailed uh selfie and any point if you’re with a whole group of besties or whatever you can swap to the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle modes uh so yeah so in my case it’ll just capture a whole lot of extra background and of course you’ve got the usual portrait mode smarts as well if you want to blur out everything behind you instead so there you have it the oneplus node on box and hope that has been helpful ahead of my in-depth oneplus node review to see if it really is gonna be a true competitor to the likes of the oppo f5x2 light the real me x55g and the moto g 5g plus it’d be absolutely fantastic to hear your early impressions down in the comments below i’ll say on the impressions this thing’s been basically flown about on the internet for about a month or so but it’s nice to finally have a a proper fondle of the thing and uh get to grips with it so definitely please do smash your comments down in the box below poke that subscribe button digging the notifications bell all the youtube shenanigans and most importantly have yourselves a lovely dear people cheers everyone love you you

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