EVGA X17 8000hz Gaming Mouse Review: Throwback to the Future?

so evga has obtained a couple brand-new right-hand ergo mice coming out today we have actually got the x-17 there’s a lot going on with this thing so there will be chapters today the big headline is that this point’s obtained an 8 000 hertz polling rate like we saw lately on the new razer viper at first glimpse it looks like a logitech g502 that’s had like a corsair makeover so i’m gon na have to manage my bias today and also i’m gon na need to place on my constructive criticism cap because i greatly prefer a stripped-down lightweight fps computer mouse that i can either fingertip or claw hold and this mouse is none of that however it might be a good fit for you you ready let’s go allow’s address the 8k elephant in the space initially 8 000 hertz polling rate is not a video game changer for me it’s not sufficient of a performance impact and i can also inform for certain whether it’s sugar pill result i do not play any type of far better or worse at 8 000 or 4 000 than i do at 1 000. There is a likelihood that after you play at 8 000 hertz for a prolonged time period you may really feel returning to a thousand hertz kind of like you do with display screens but it’s definitely not as noticable to me as going from like 60 hertz to 140 to 240 etc on a screen there may be a small portion of really high degree players that can both detect specify and verbalize that distinction but i am not because group because that 8 000 hertz requires a specific

handshake in between the tool and the host pc you will be using evga software program to make use of this in my completely not clinical testing of using benq’s on the internet ballot price detector it was simple to inform when the mouse was in a thousand hertz versus the higher settings yet the highest the application would understand was in between three as well as 4 thousand which applied whether i used the x-16 or the razer viper ak and also this might mean absolutely nothing it might be a fundamentally flawed examination yet as end individuals we do not really have a great deal of methods to examine this on a diagnostic level i play call of duty as my primary video game both modern-day warfare and also black ops fortunately it does operate in that video game however there are still some titles where it’s not working yet or titles where you need to adjust certain setups obviously methods and innovation get faster as time relocations on and as display screens obtain faster we might see a larger effect there yet unless you’re a pro

tier gamer who really is simply trying to find every feasible advantage i do not see 8k polling rate as being a standalone reason to purchase there could be various other elements of this computer mouse that are however so the x17 is wired there is a wireless variation in the works as well without 8k but it has actually been pressed back a bit prices is intriguing since it begins at a base rate of 79.99 us however if you’re an evga elite member which is complimentary to join there’ll be introductory prices in february of just 39.99 so this is definitely an ergonomic right hand shape if you’re going off memory you would certainly be forgiven for assuming it’s a g502 duplicate however personally it’s a lot various the hand really feels much a lot more similar to an mx master than a 502. The 502 top is flatter so it really feels a little wider in hand with the little bump under the index knuckle the x17 has like a full-on angle and also it feels narrower in hand and also despite the addition of the 8k technology the visual itself feels quite dated to me it comes off as over stylized with various textures gloss accents full steel accents rgb speed vents logo designs galore the

majority of the finish right here is matte has that a little rubberized feeling seems like a layer we do not see on mice a whole lot any longer at one moment there were a great deal of mice in the marketplace that had a coating extremely similar to this as well as over time that layer began to break down it would flake or peel i can’t say with any kind of level of assurance that this will certainly do that but this coating does really feel very familiar to me general size is around 120 millimeters long but the front has an actually sharp slant so it sort of depends upon where you measure from front has to do with 53 millimeters the huge back flare is like 69 ish and also the grasp size is regarding 55. It’s concerning 45 millimeters high at the within edge that acme with a truly severe falloff from entrusted to right to regarding 30 millimeters at the outside edge supply weight is ideal around 105 grams on my range they also consist of extra weights too so you can amount to 25 grams of weight in 5 gram

increments if you dislike on your own you might discover that in including weight you’re adding all of it to the rear of the mouse versus the system on the 502 where you can type of disperse front and back of the sensor while we’re under here we can likewise see that the feet are ptfe they’re black extremely slim weird shapes there’s not a whole lot of overall surface location for a computer mouse this big as well as the slide in practice is absolutely nothing to compose residence regarding it deserves mentioning as well that there are no bonus consisted of in package main sensing unit below is a 3389 there are two various other sensing units as well which both handle on the fly liftoff distance calculation primary switches right here are omron 50 mils would have suched as to see 20 mils right here to avoid possible dual clicks long-term major triggers actuate really quick which is great like zero pre-travel post traveling is quite pronounced though however they will ultimately

bottom out on the frame itself the scroll really feels great it’s got a light tactility it’s really light to dispirit does have tilt scroll as well you additionally have 2 buttons on top one to toggle between one of 5 different profiles and also the various other for dpi cycle side buttons are intriguing right here to start with they’re really solid like no pre or post travel whatsoever and also we have a sniper button in a special area that toggles up in contrast to in this like every switch on this mouse can be reassigned the form is plainly planned for a palm hold is when you do this little ridge relaxes right in the natural pocket produced by your thumb and also your first finger it is viable to claw grasp this yet the diminish is so extreme your hand practically desires to slide down the outside it doesn’t leave you in a terrific setting to take benefit of the side buttons either and also a palm hold you can shake your thumb front and also back to strike the switches and afterwards likewise trigger upwards this is an actually beneficial side rebind and as long as you’re material with this

hold it really feels really natural became force of habit to me truly quick one area for me where all the different structures in fact did effect efficiency was this broad shiny strip that runs under the thumb rest part i really found my thumb sliding down it quite usually specifically when my hands obtained perspiring i would certainly a lot rather have actually seen the slightly rubberized structure continue right down and i do assume there was a missed opportunity here to not have this leading area also be a similar switch that toggled down similar to where the g502 has actually split switches for the cord there’s very little taking place here there’s no expensive departure angle or anything it’s really thin it’s intertwined it in fact feels very similar to the g502 too no sense in really excavating way too much into just how i directly carried out with it as it’s actually much outdoors my common form hold style and also weight if i was a palm player who really did not like featherweight computer mice or play virtually solely fps titles it would be actually interesting from an

ergonomic viewpoint i am a big fan of this sniper button below if you’re not a total psycho like me or the majority of you that have at the very least 3 computer mice on the workdesk at all times i seem like this computer mouse actually might strike an actually excellent equilibrium of video gaming and also efficiency it may be a front-runner in terms of polling tech but a great deal of the style decisions and also materials below feel quite like 3 to five years ago the good news is it’s filled with capability it’s truly comfy the build top quality is exceptional and the sensing unit performance appears to be truly solid the only point that makes me a little worried are those 50 ml omrons and also the finishing itself on the body those of you available that hand grasp aren’t actually bothered by weight require a few even more buttons than the ordinary fps try hard as well as require a medium to large structure mouse this deserves an appearance i will certainly leave links to evga down in the summary if you want some more details as always any inquiries hit me in the comments which’s it for this time i’m brian p many thanks a lot for viewing don’t fail to remember to hit that like switch hit that sub button as well as up until following time keep up you

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