Drop x Dan Clark Aeon Open X Review: My NEW Daily Driver!!

great i truly don’t like to begin videos off with apologies however i need to say sorry here today since i have a brand-new very first area open back headphone at my workdesk and also regardless of what you or your better half think i do not live to murder your wallet it’s truly not my objective however this is a 500 headphone we’re checking out today so let’s simply get that out of the method today so this is going to go head-to-head with the dt 1990 we’ll likewise obtain a sundara comparison in there also there won’t be any kind of contrast today to the initial dan clark aeon open up the non decrease variation because i’ve never heard them before yet i have actually spent a lot lot a great deal of time with this earphone as i do when something makes a truly strong perception so it’s not just the total buzz blowout and i feel like i prepare you prepared let’s go [Music] yo i’m bryan p you’re seeing negative seat tech and today we’re taking a look at the aeon open x earphone from decrease and also dan clark selling for 4.99 the aeon open x is a planar magnetic open back over ear headphone from the mind of dan clark previously known as mr audio speakers the style here is pretty future onward and

striking with these hexagonal outdoors grilles it offers me like a wasp vibe these resemble the dan clark murder hornets women and gentlemen outer mug shell is a gloss shimmer midnight blue and also it is kind of a finger print monster sadly these are light very light at 357 grams these are primarily plastic with actual carbon fiber inserts these slim bands making up the headband or nickel titanium memory steel the convenience strap feels like genuine natural leather i’m going to envision it’s japanese protein natural leather is that’s what the ear pads are constructed from these are super soft light to medium density memory foam partly fenestrated which indicates there’s little holes punched in the within we’ll speak more regarding that later the pads are connected via glue not with any type of kind of mechanical accessory so don’t go jabbing around try out these unless you have one more collection of pads on back-up you’ll see the form is one-of-a-kind right here also it’s formed like an ear the inner measurements are 83 by 43 millimeters with a depth of like 25 millimeters my ears do touch in places yet you kind of like shift them around till you’re all embeded there and afterwards they

come to be the most comfy headphone i own duration by far i have actually worn these for eight hr days simple no warm construct up no clamping pressure no stress on the crown of my head no sensation like i need to adjust them they just go away something i discovered about these 2 is that while they do leakage seem like an open back they do not really feel large open like an elex or a version double x or a sundara these feel like you remain in there like you remain in this little bubble more of like a crossbreed in between open and closed cord connection is unlike anything i carry anything else also these are hi-ro’s 4-pin mini xlr push-pull barrel connectors one on each side the consisted of cord which he calls this dumber cable is textile sleeve it’s not insane adaptable this set’s 2 meters long and it ends in a three and a half quarter inch combo these are offered in an xlr termination as well yet it’s not included you do get a hard shell bring instance included though that still lugs the mr speaker’s branding and something i have actually seen cause a great deal of controversy these tuning pad inserts these are dampening pads as well as you obtain four different collections taking the uncertainty out of the equation you get a valuable one sheet that informs you specifically how every one is intended to influence the sound of the earphone

personally i do not comprehend the controversy below as pad exchanging is an entirely typical accepted thing on other earphones with various collections of pads causing mild modifications to the sound profile similar to exactly how the dt 1990 standard consists of two various pad choices yes pads do not typically act as a barrier or filter between the motorist and also your ear yet essentially they exist to a lot more closely customize the sound to the individual’s preference as we all regard audio in different ways and oh man the audio of these earphones this earphone is one that evolved for me over time which is unsurprising since dan himself has got a little blurb on the insert card that speaks about a burn-in duration necessary for his v-planar chauffeurs in reviewing this i located this to be extremely exact with my own experience with these earphones as they opened a growing number of as i utilized them the finest method i can explain it is this i had the ether cx shut initially an excellent technological earphone very accurate very articulate it never truly obtained me going practically efficient book

clever just not much in the way of character the aeon was quickly the various other means still very capable however it was a blast it actually conveyed the power of what i was paying attention to it lost a little in the details however still very captivating really fun to be around it’s type of like if the ether cx as well as the aeon both headed out to the bar with a budget filled with condoms at the end of the evening the ether is returning with those condoms still in their wallet the aeon is barely making it to deal with time the next day however it did appear a little muted on the high-end in the beginning i really did not run any one of the add-on filters in time it opened to the point where the luxury was a bit much for me on the thx 789 so i started playing around with the pads and also at some point chosen the white single notch felt if i step over to a tube amp i can run them with notepads as well as truthfully it’s close yet i like the low end as well as the general tonal balance with the white pads coming off the 789 for what i’m listening to now which is a great deal of punk in indie rock amazing balance in the tone like warm crunchy guitar riffs astonishing if you require some huge bass for like rap hip jump edm utilize the black foam inserts you can use them along with the

whites or by themselves and these will hit to make sure that’s the big one for me that tone which power it constantly comes back to that warm punchy smooth planar power for me so i ‘d course these as a little mid forward low mids generally textured and specified low end highs are booked as well as drew back yet not virtually as spacey or far-off like the fidelio x2 or the he4 xx from hyphen soundstage on these is wild for me i have a truly tough time placing my finger on it since not just does it differ depending upon what sort of inserts you’re making use of however it likewise seems to vary for me depending upon what source material i’m paying attention to we’ll call it mid-range don’t acquire these just for soundstage yet they’re not claustrophobic whatsoever either for gaming the sound phase is flawlessly adequate as well as the imaging is extremely great relying on the game engine you obtain good verticality here also i game in these a lot really but these are not huge large open crystal clear premium headphones either so if that’s what you’re looking for this is not that the dt1990 has a much more clear high-end and also a thinner general tone in basic much more detail yet the compromise is the more scheduled reduced upright the 1990 as well as the potential for the luxury to appear sibilant i still truly truly enjoy the 1990 and if you

possess those currently especially on my referral do not seem like you obtained shorted whatsoever they still hold the title in a dynamic headphone for me at that price point versus the sundara i feel like these outclass those in essentially every way other than the luxury the sundara has the edge for that crystal clear high end however i do not get the tone the warmth or the reduced end that i obtain with these but the sundara does be available in around 150 more affordable so to sum all that up it’s not a big base effect like you get with a shut back set but what you do obtain is an abundant consistent distinctive low-end tone it’s beautiful a little bit mid-forward highs are smooth reasonably restrained vocals both male as well as women actually abundant truly intimate these are quick also complicated arrangements fast guitar passages double kick drums these maintain not a problem these earphones do an actually great job of communicating the energy as well as the intent of the songs for me my only word of warning is that luxury if you really hunger for that crystal clear high end and a general mix that feels really clear you’re not gon na like these instantly it’s really apparent if you are originating from

something that does that actually well like the elex or the sundara but invest time with these prior to you arbitrate they right away impressed me in a means that the ether really did not and also my recognition for them has simply grown you will require an amp for these for certain yet it does not take a whole lot to coax the most effective out of them adam the magne the ark all excellent to go gsx standalone no go and i do not like these on the imaginative g6 or the x3 at all a funny thing takes place en route down the audio rabbit hole after you hear enough you do not have one set of headphones that finishes the job for you you end up with various phones depending on what you’re doing so a various set for music paying attention workshop operate in pc gaming and after that it occurs once more where you have a various set of headphones relying on what category of music you’re paying attention to here’s things i make use of these 90 of the moment only if i’m listening around for fun or for comparative purposes do i not have these on my head music pc gaming workshop job all these convenience plays a substantial duty in that the 1990 is well balanced however it does seem like wearing a container after you have these on your head this is as near an all-day all-in-one as i have heard so far every other earphone i very own also the 1990 has a downside or 2 that maintain it out of that leading place every various other planar i very own has something that avoids it from being in that

top area so here we go to 500 the aeon 2 is out now from dan clark and also they set you back 900 dollars i have not heard them based on the inclusion of the mr speakers branded instance it’s rather risk-free to assume that dan was utilizing this possibility to clean out some back supply however that’s not necessarily a poor point not if you can obtain an earphone with this look develop high quality audio comfort and they’re still constructed and also constructed in san diego at hundred bucks regretfully the relative point of view i do not have is the level right over these like the hyphen ananda’s at 7 hundred dollars for the lcd2 from autism for like 900 to a thousand bucks ultimately i seem like i am destined to come to the lcd2 at some time in time however not before i can genuinely value it often it’s concerning the trip but can i suggest these also at 500 bucks definitely emphatically yes no doubt specifically if you have actually listened to the 1990s as well as they either really feel a little thin or a little harsh on the leading end for you as always links down in the summary if you would love to get hold of a pair for on your own which’s it for this time around i’m brian p many thanks a lot for viewing don’t neglect to strike that like switch struck that sub button and also till following time keep up you

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