Review Realme X50 5G Best phone, only £300?!

now i’ve funneled some really bloody good budget-friendly smartphones so far in 2020 but this glorious beast right here the real me x55g absolutely has to be one of the very best for just 300 quid you get a surprisingly premium bit of hardware here to rival most flagship smartphones out there it’s absolutely stunning what realme has managed to cram inside of this thing for such a small price so i’ve been using the real me x55g all week as my full-time personal smartphone and as you can probably already kind of guess i like it a lot so here’s my in-depth review and from on the latest greatest tech please do put subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now first up real me really knows how to make even the most budget-friendly handsets look rather striking and the x55g is yet another dapper wii slab busting a glass finish that is suitably smart you can grab this bad boy in two different hues you’ve got ice silver or forest green and i really like this greeny model as well it’s more of a sort of a sensual green rather than like a snot green and like previous real mi phones that rear end throws out psychedelic patterns as it reflects the light perfect for those times when you’ve had a dodgy vindaloo and you’re tripping out big time but don’t be fooled by those charming good looks because the real me x55g is one tough motherfudger this phone is coated in gorilla glass 5 both back and front as well just to help prevent it any little scratches or scuffs

when you’re cack-handed enough to drop it on a bit of hardwood and flooring and yeah i am kind of speaking from experience there and as if that wasn’t enough you’ve also got a proper screen protector pre-installed as well although the roomy x55g isn’t fully water resistant so overall four angry statham faces out of five now the old edge mounted fingerprint sensor has definitely made a massive comeback in 2020 so it’s not no massive shock to see one here on the side of the realm x55g and that’s all right by me because it’s perfectly responsive and it’s also super comfortable to use whether you’re left-handed or right-handed truth be told though you’ll rarely even really need to use it because the super fast face recognition combined with the raised awake feature means that the real me x55g is often unlocked as soon as you pick it up and if you’ve used any real me or oppo branded smartphones in recent times then the software will hold very few surprises for you once again real me ui which is basically just the color os launcher by another name sits all snug on top of android 10 and adds a whole bunch of great bonus features most of which are actually pretty useful so as well as all of that staple android stuff like a dedicated dark mode and your split screen action and full gesture navigation you’ve also got a proper one-handed feature here which makes wielding this absolute unit a lot less troublesome and one of my other favorites is that nifty game space tool as well which is really handy for anyone who enjoys blasting

chunks out of their besties in their spare time this can stop all those pesky notifications and phone calls from disturbing you mid game while adding loads of extra features like screen recording to preserve your best kills forever and speaking of that screen you get a rather lovely 6.57 inch ips panel on the x55g if you want to catch up on yesterday’s footy on the bog or chill in the garden with some utterly batch mental anime then great news those full hd visuals are sharp and detailed while the color temperature is slightly warm and easy on the eye although as usual the color output is completely customizable from within the display settings so you can tweak it to look however you like basically and yeah there is a big ass double punch hole camera cut out thing there but it’s shunted away in a corner and honestly i never found it a problem especially as you can always block it from view in the display settings if you like the only problem i had was that netflix still refuses to work on my realme x55g but that’s hopefully because it’s a review unit hopefully the final retail model will obviously not have that problem but where this screen really grabs you by the crotch and squeezes

hard is the 120 hertz refresh rate something that’s usually reserved for super flagships and dedicated gaming smartphones i mean that’s even better than the real me x50 pro and it beats the living crap out of anything else around the 300 pound price point and to be honest i do struggle to see the difference between 90 hertz screens and 120 hertz displays but everything looks so silky smooth giving a proper premium feel to the x55g and it’s more good news on the audio front as well despite the lack of any stereo speaker action you’ve got a good bit dolby atmos support and that can tweak your audio to see whatever you’re doing while also serving up a bunch of equalizers and presets although i found that the default settings were best you could also play high-res tracks here on the x55g and you’ve got good codec support as well so for instance when i hooked up to my sony headphones had a good bit of ldac support on there and that audio just sounded gorgeously crisp and full-bodied and it’s just as well that the bluetooth chops are so good because there’s no headphone jack here on

the x55g which is a feature that’s actually fairly common on phones around this 300 pound price point still it’s good news if you like to carry around a massive media collection lots of movies and albums and such forth because you’ve got 128 gigs of storage packed inside of this thing although sadly that’s not expandable via micro sd and if you’re after killer performance on a budget well prepare to have your undercrackers well and truly blown off in amazement the real me x55g is the cheapest phone to come pack in qualcomm’s snapdragon 765g chipset a proper powerful platform that is aimed square gamers with a boosted gpu that can basically handle any android title out there the base x50 comes with six gigs of ram and frankly stuff like pubg mobile and call of duty play with a perfect frame rate you should have no excuses at all when pitted against fellow humans in a battle to the death if you end up a mushy puddle of gore on the ground that’s because like me you suck at video games and even after seeing plenty of action the real me x55v thankfully did not heat up to a troublesome degree oh and of course as the name kind of gives away you are completely sordid when your friendly local mobile provider eventually rolls out 5g in your area so so far this review has pretty much been a flood of good news and that

doesn’t stop when it comes to battery life either you can certainly try killing the realme x55g over the course of a day by zooming with your farm shooting lots of 4k video blasting the crap out of fulls online in pubg mobile but i never once got this bugger to die before bedtime most years actually ended with at least a quarter battery life remain and despite slogging the hell out of this thing and if you sort of ease back on the more intensive tasks you’ll make it through two full days no problem as well and the real me even charges back up pronto 2 thanks to the vouch 4 point or 30 watt fast charging tech stuffed inside now when it comes to the actual camera tech slapped on the back of the realme x55g things start to get a little bit more complicated because the uk and the european model comes with different hardware compared with the asian version just to make things extra bloody complicated so what we have here is a 48 megapixel primary lens using samsung’s old gm1 sensor which is good if not great for capturing realistic looking photos certainly on a budget ain’t bad you’ll get plenty of detail packed into every snap especially if you bump up to the maximum 48 megapixel resolution and while colors are slightly more vibrant than natural even without that chroma boost feature active you will at least still get

attractive looking results and the real me also proved pretty handy at shooting hyperactive subjects like sugar filled sprogs so good news if you own one of them hdr snaps can be a bit hit and miss you definitely lose some of the texture and color detail with bright backgrounds occasionally appearing oversaturated too but the x50 is also pretty good at capturing finer details in those darker areas and when things get proper dark the night mode proves very handy indeed you’ll get much brighter better looking results you can also swap to the 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens at any time to grab a pulled back view and while color capture is still good with this lens it does tend to produce darker results so it’s only really useful when the lighting is strong as usual you’ve got plenty other bonus mods to funny about with it as well including the obligatory portrait effort you’ve also got a dedicated pro mode as well if you want to manually mess around with the individual settings and of course a macro mode making use of that 2 megapixel macro lens i still don’t see the point but it’s there if you want it and kudos to the video capture chops as well because my 4k footage looks crisp and bright and colorful when viewed back on a big screen and as long as it isn’t a windy day you’ll get clear audio capture from all directions just be sure to stay quite still when shooting at that ultra hd level as the

stabilization is a bit cack non-existent and then around front there’s a 16 megapixel selfie cam using sony’s imx 471 sensor and it’s fine for snapping that gorgeous mug of yours i’m talking about you of course not this haggard looking slap head right here the 2 megapixel depth sensor helps the x50 to capture accurate portrait snaps too if you want all the focus to be on your face and that right there in a nutshell is what i think of the realme x55g after using it as my full-time personal smartphone for a week and as you can see there the camera tech isn’t quite infallible but the rest of the phone absolutely jaw on the floor impresses the crazy performance the killer battery life that gorgeous hertz display frankly you should be paying for 500 quid for this thing not 300 it’s an absolute freaking steal so be very interesting to see how the oneplus nord stacks up against this thing and of course i’ve also now got the moto g5g plus which busts some very similar specs in a lot of areas a few advantages few disadvantages compared with this one i’ll be using that one next so definitely stay tuned for my full review of that bad boy and i’ve got a comparison between the two live right now so that’s all from me please let me know what you think down in the comments below plug subscribe ding that notifications bell and have yourselves a lovely week people cheers everyone love you

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