AntLion Audio ModMic Uni & USB Review: A ModMic for EVERY Occasion!!

so if you’ve seen like any kind of earphone coverage ever before you understand that there’s a respectable press to opt for headphones over a video gaming headset in like 95% of the time this holds true the issue is you’re gon na need to do something concerning a mic and also I’m not a genuine big follower of desktop mics or boom arms so I’ll normally reach for a mod mic if I require something from my good headphones now I have actually made use of the mod mic v as the gold requirement to measure various other headset mics versus for a lengthy time now today we’re inspecting out both most current from antlion sound the mod mic uni as well as the mod mic USB you prepared allow’s go yo Albright P you watch your rear seat second today we’re checking out both most current mod mic offerings from antlion Sound so the concept of the mod mic is simple it’s got a magnetic anchor that it repairs to the exterior of your favorite set of headphones after that magnetically you hang a microphone service there and what you end up with is the most effective

version of a headset you can obtain typically this is satisfied taking care of an extra cable till the release of the mod mic Wireless concerning the exact same time in 2015 which is dead simple to make use of and also seems fantastic for a cordless mic it’s conveniently the ideal wireless headset mic available yet it’s still for me does not fairly measure up to the warmth and interpretation of their flagship wired versions before we get as well far along below yes I understand that the v-moda boom Pro is a cleaner service in regards to cable monitoring but it has limited application just collaborating with headphones that approve a single 3.5 millimeter in so I typically select and also suggest mod mic besides details headphones like ships or Fidelio so I assume it makes good sense here to take a look at the mod my cunyfirst which suggests two points right here unidirectional capsule and also universal application it retails for 49.95 as well as it terminates in a 3.5 millimeter jack this is both the greatest stamina and also weakness of this mic it’s wonderful since you can plug it right into essentially nearly anything but no issue how excellent it seems it’s gon na be limited if you’re connecting it into a

low-quality mic in if you have actually got a dedicated mic know your DAC camp or external noise cord you’re typically good to go you may locate yourself plugging directly into your motherboard it’s most external DAC camps don’t have them in an even good motherboard audio can have concerns especially with sound floors so you obtain some hum or some interference or something behind the voice that you’re hearing in there not always however many of the time the other challenge will face a lot with onboard audio is that your mic itself may seem great but it’s also allowing a great deal of background sound as well as any time you try to utilize one of those software program based history noise decrease things it’s simply waste a minimum of on the realtek you can take any type of excellent appearing mic as well as plug it in as well as it just automatically makes it appear like garbage that’s where the charm part or the unidirectional layout comes in because it’s just taken sound from one instructions your mouth while it filters out audio from various directions so things like your extremely loud mechanical key-board or your overlooked youngster or barking pet or filtered out better well the

other mod mics are limited to ps4 for console sustain the Uni can benefit from the port on the Xbox controller offered you order a Y adapter which opts for a regular rate of like eleven ninety five on the computer side you can entirely forego the concept of onboard audio entirely by utilizing their USB audio card which costs like ten bucks you’re paying attention to an older design than the one they have listed on the site presently it has exceptionally hot degrees so you’re paying attention to this at like 40% now yet it likewise does have some noise flooring issues like watch this waveform right here see that this was checked both on the front USB headers on my instance along with the usb on the back coming right off the motherboard it it sounds okay but not as good as the mod mic USB this model retails for seventy nine ninety 5 and also for me if you do not mind the wire this is the method to opt for 2 big reasons top because it’s USB so you can use whatever DAC camp stack you like you’re not limited to the gaming deck things USB means there’s no input high quality issues and since like the mod mic 5 will for it as well as the mod mic Wireless you can select in between unidirectional and also

omnidirectional mode Omni mode appears wonderful it’s what you’ve been paying attention to the drawback is that you’re not gon na get a great deal of that all-natural background noise denial that you’re gon na obtain when you’re utilizing unit directional setting yet in exchange you obtain audio quality such as this you could quickly hold down a real-time stream with this thing essential pointer right here Windows will skip this to 16 bit 41 kilohertz so you’ll require to enter into your sound settings as well as bump this up to 48 kilohertz to get the most regardless of which method you go you’ll have the exact same basic accessories as well as process you obtain these little supports that have strong glue on one side and a magnet on the other which holds the mic setting up in place currently I can see how you may be leery regarding putting adhesive on the side of your truly great headphones but I have actually been using mod mics for many years on all type of different earphones I’ve never ever had any kind of concern with the sticky damaging the surface or leaving any kind of deposit just how much you intend to take care of that additional cable is entirely as much as you they include clips that hold it to the existing wire on your headphone simply comprehend that the more you attach both cable televisions the extra it removes from the entire short-term mic point if you play the field a great deal with headphones you might desire to leave this loosened for easy on easy off if you don’t have commitment issues you can clip this all with each other so it

basically moves with each other as one cord both systems include an inline mute too typical analog on the Uni and a new digital mute on the USB both consist of wind screens and additionally small in good zippered travel situations that hold the mic and also all the accessories in one place older models made use of to include a lengthy piece of cable impend but not any longer just something to be aware of you’ve been paying attention to the mod mic Wireless throughout this last sector for comparison it’s valued at one hundred and nineteen ninety five and also there’s a full testimonial up on the channel if you’re interested so there it is simple uncomplicated evaluation today because it’s a simple uncomplicated principle a line sound does one main point as well as they do it really actually well they have actually modified as well as improved the mod mic to a point where truthfully I’m at a loss as to just how they would improve it if you currently have a mod mic five and also a decent video gaming deck or at the very least something with a good mic in you’re possibly good to go however if you’re getting involved in audio there’s a version here for everybody and it’s an easy recommend for me despite which method you go this video is launching throughout cyber week sales – so if you relocate quick you could be able to score a discount web links in the summary for whatever we discussed today as constantly any type of concerns strike me in the remarks or stop by the dissonance which’s it for this time I’m intense Pete many thanks a lot for viewing don’t neglect to strike that like button struck that below switch and up until next time keep up

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