Drop x OLKB Preonic 50% Ortholinear: Its not the SIZE – its HOW you USE it

so we got a fun one today and it took me under generally a long time to kind the manuscript because I was doing so on this person this is a pre on ik it’s an ortho direct 50% board from decrease as well as o lkb it can be found in a set you need to place it with each other yourself so it’s a learning contour from begin to finish you prepared allow’s go shout brightfeet you desire your negative C Tech and also today we’re taking a look at the pre on ik or the linear keyboard from drop and o lkb for its duration C they did send us out for testimonial yet as you ought to understand now does not influence my testimonial by any means so the pre on ik is an unusual pet for certain for so several reasons as you can see it’s a grid format it doesn’t have any kind of backlight to speak of no RGB it’s hot swap it has a speaker yeah a speaker and also it shows up as a kit that you need to create and also I need to ask forgiveness to you since I don’t have any information on prices or accessibility all I can inform you is that if you’re seeing this video opportunities are you’ll have

the ability to score one of these relatively quickly so simply keep an eye on the summary so you choose from a variety of light weight aluminum or acrylic situation colors and switch types as well as it arrives with the case the equipment a little wrench home plate a braided USBC wire and also the PCB black in this situation hot-swap outlets are kale connection here is USB see the PCB sustains both plate as well as PCB place changes so you do not have to clip any stems the trick stated it ships with is called acute we’ll talk more regarding that soon this board shipped with kale box why it’s not truly a clicky man so I’m opting for GATT silent inks instead guidelines below are pretty restricted due to the fact that it’s a pretty uncomplicated procedure you can assemble this board either with a drifting plate or what they call the even more protected variation it was my very first time I was really feeling a little insecure so I went with the a

lot more secure course in truth it’s 5 screws and 10 nuts it’s an outright cakewalk they additionally make use of plate mount stabilizers right here as well as I was gon na utilize my Zeo computer stabs but I wanted you to have a more practical impression of what you’re gon na get when you get the kit all-time lows were already flat so they didn’t need to be clipped they did have some stock Lube on them yet it was rather Jake so I simply did a little lube work with some krytox 205 you have a few choices for the room bar area here and also this is the only mistake I made in the procedure because they consisted of two stabs in package my brain instantly mosted likely to making use of 2 spaced bars actually you can make use of two you can utilize one in the middle bordered by secrets or you can just do for solitary system tricks all the method across for a full grid ends up there was no incorrect answer since the PCB sustains every one of that but I really felt that if I was learning a brand-new format from scratch I wanted to start with the basics just 2 points really protruded to

me throughout the build procedure which literally takes all of about 15 to 20 minutes number one the switches fit in this plate extremely limited and it’s type of brief this isn’t really a concern until you go to get rid of the switches I have actually pulled a couple of clean in half utilizing the Rama Wars puller the puller consisted of with the alt was a far better tool for the work the 2nd and associated point is that this board fits a lot much easier than it comes apart I do not understand if it has to do with the resistances on the little hardware or what however points got stuck they required some pressure it got tricky there momentarily so as soon as you get this thing packed up with buttons you need to determine what key caps go where they include a little tale for the alphas and also the positioning of the Alpha characters is practically the same as you would certainly find on a basic young boy then you reach the mods they’re

listed as text mods in the handbook that’s amazing except the consisted of trick collection has icons for mods the only means I could solve this secret was to visit the pictures on decrease website as well as area mine as necessary so you obtained a new format to discover and also you have a little translation to do with the mods a few of them are evident several of them are not the acute kit is pbt pass away sub om profile features added accents for the grey mods you get doubles in purple and also orange it’s a wonderful touch these are truly thick as well as they’re really smooth to the touch also I’m not also proud to confess when I don’t know something that appears obvious so you see someone’s spacebar similar to this on their custom-made board and assumed guy I question how they have that installed to do that it’s just turned it’s essentially just bottom-side-up feels truly ergonomic to attempt it so everything

together I connected it in fired it up and also made this little sound which’s exactly how you know you’re excellent to go the initial thing I did was examination all the keys as well as they were all good to take place the initial Gulf the 2nd point I did was to completely embrace the fact that I’ve learned some awful keying behaviors throughout the years see the tricks may be in the exact same order as a typical board but they’re not in the very same placement undoubtedly see there’s later systems that work here that you gain access to with the raise or reduced switches that gives you work layer accessibility to various commands rationale is that the keys concern you you do not relocate your hands around the board so if you’ve created a practice of like hunt-and-peck with your two major fingers and just using your pinky for like change every when in a while oh guy are you gon na suffer those tricks are astonishingly smooth I’m not even really a linear guy they really feel sensational currently if you feel it expensive you can likewise update to a Mito canvas set for this board it features alphas as well as txt mods yet the mods are just like the muted blue grey so it looks a little boring I took place mech market as

well as police officer some colored Mike on ortho mods and the crucial Illuminati to spice points up a little the canvas claimed is XDA profiles so it’s gon na be level front to back great look yet it ups the discovering curve even a little bit more Casey it really feels solid there is some ping on this board it’s truthfully not as high as I thought it was gon na be but if this were gon na be my daily driver I would definitely treat this with some sound moistening fully-assembled it considers simply under 650 grams on my scale there’s no incline for millimeter bezels around as well as it’s simply high adequate to line up with the bottom of the key caps it obtains actually gliding on the workdesk too particularly on a desk guy they do give you 4 little rubber feet to assist out with this so the point about this board over the slab board they’re also smaller sized offering is that you get an extra row participants in this instance so it feels like there’s a whole lot available right at surface area level also arrow tricks

however you still discover yourself mosting likely to the burrows usually as well as they’re not exactly instinctive the largest thing that throws me off is the setting of the inner key certainly exactly how I would directly use a keyboard similar to this is just the pointer of the iceburg I wouldn’t actually go to it for modifying it’s not really a gaming keyboard this is created for individuals that type all day like programmers guys whose minds run faster than their fingers and also they’re frequently looking for ways to make that process extra reliable so it makes feeling that this board is also incredibly programmable and adjustable through Q and K features a supply firmware currently installed that’s fine for the everyday individual to ensure that’s a door you never need to open up if you don’t desire to yet with qmk you can go as deep as your coding skills can carry you the PCB is likewise designed to support people who wish to tailor so you’ll discover impacts on the board that include stuff like LEDs case

LEDs not perky lights Bluetooth modules rotating encoders dip buttons you name it this board can obtain as absolutely unpopular as you intend to it actually is an awesome little board truly is absolutely except everyone it’s not a gaming key-board there’s no RGB f– it’s for lovers without a doubt I’m unsure if it makes a great deal of sense for me directly to learn a new key-board layout from scratch today but with the ideal end customer in mind I think this thing’s a champion it certain has a whole lot of character and also it really feels built actually strong again ideally by the time you see this we’ve got some upgraded details on rates as well as availability as constantly concerns on anything hit me in the remarks or come by the disharmony which’s it for this time I’m bright B many thanks so a lot for watching do not fail to remember to hit that like switch struck that sub button and up until next time avoid

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