FlexiSpot Standing Desk Review: THIS AIN’T IT CHIEF!!

sit-stand desks are gaining in popularity yet their big-ticket items and also it’s normally pretty challenging to get your hands on one for a sensible test prior to you draw the trigger so today we’re gon na have a look at a workdesk from flexi spot as well as compare it against another prominent brand that I’ve examined prior to uplift desk [Songs] yeah I’m intense Pete your watch you misbehave see Technology and also today we’re taking an appearance at a mechanized sit-stand workdesk from flexi spot you may have seen my testimonial on the uplift desk already if not you can check it out by clicking right up here in the edge our we’ll link it in the description as well the desk because video clip is pretty kitted out as the desk we’re checking out today is rather standard I tried to obtain as close to that as I could on uplifts site with comparable configurations the flexi area desk we’re considering today will run you concerning four hundred as well as 10 bucks versus six hundred and fifty for a similar workdesk from uplift I attempt to obtain as close as feasible with the uplift model is in fact 5 inches longer however you can do a

great deal with five inches boom of course currently for transparency flexi spot did send this workdesk out for evaluation yet as you need to know by currently doesn’t impact my review at all the desktop below is 55 inches large 28 inches deep as well as comes as a $40 upgrade from the base dimension of 48 by thirty sixty by thirty is coming but it’s not delivering until the end of April at the earliest the desktop is an inch thick however it’s this basic laminate as you can perhaps get lacking also any kind of cord grommets for travel through the outside carton for the desktop was not damaged in any means which is utterly strange due to the fact that I could shoot a 30-second b-roll mosaic of just the damage and flaws on this desktop computer scuffed scraped matched just very rough guy if I had actually bought this I ‘d have been on the phone with customer care quickly they did also taken care of to miss out on piercing the pilot openings where you can affix the control box to the desktop computer a great deal of needing to do that myself without inadvertently drilling with the opposite of the desktop so yeah pilot holes in wood

screws is how you’re gon na be connecting the surface to the structure that’s a far cry from the ingrained metal inserts that we saw on the uplift desk so assembly other than needing to drill that top was in fact quite straightforward the entire thing came with each other in concerning 45 mins and although that there’s cables going to it from each element to sustain motorized feature oddly definitely where any kind of type of wire management products whatsoever the structure on this device is a single motor double stage layout versus the double motor three-stage layout that comes criterion with the uplift desk this can be updated also to both the dual stage dual electric motor and also a three-stage dual electric motor which presses the cost of the workdesk up an added 70 dollars the frame is created for a max tons of 154 extra pounds as well as it moves at a rate at an inch per second the height can vary from just under 28 inches to simply over forty seven point six inches so a max I ‘d it is a lot more than tall adequate even for me and also I stay at 6 foot for this design

does come conventional with the control board that permits up-and-down motion plus 3 memory areas with an LED readout to tell you the desk height the single motor layout utilizes this drive shaft assembly which has to be readjusted as the width of the workdesk is readjusted the motor operation itself while it may be slow-moving is really silent as in hardly audible this outside a rate would certainly be the one advantage I would offer this unit over the uplift desk and I wish to be cautious here due to the fact that this isn’t a hit piece this desk is 240 dollars less costly than the comparable uplift model over 35% cheaper also if you update this flexi spot examination to the dual electric motor three-stage layout it still is available in a hundred as well as seventy bucks less expensive than the uplift yet less costly does not indicate inexpensive this desk is still over four hundred bucks if I had actually paid over $400 for this desk I would certainly have a trouble with that the front to back stability of this workdesk is strong even if max elevation I’ll definitely give it that but the side stability of this desk the horizontal motion at this cost

factor it’s inappropriate it’s include disrespect to injury here they consist of a little security baffle this little steel item that mounts to the framework as well as covers a part of this rotating driveshaft when this desk sees any kind of lateral activity in all the drive shaft strikes this baffle as well as the noise is definitely shocking to top points off I made a decision to add rolling wheels to this workdesk this was a $30 upgrade and also two of those 4 casters showed up damaged as well my prepare for this desk at this point is to lose the desk top and came with completely as well as replace it with a white laminate lemon table from Ikea as well as use it as an adjustable image table which you can’t do this structure will fit desktop computers approximately 63 inches broad and 31 and also a fifty percent inches deep so this will roll around the workshop make it simpler to film products without having to readjust complex or heavy slider configurations as well as what I personally pay $400 for that no I prevailed that I discovered uplift initially that is a financial investment in top quality office furniture that will last you this at ideal seems like a less

expensive imitation of that it simply doesn’t feel high quality and also the distinction in between this desk as well as my main workdesk is night as well as day do feel totally free to look into their site too which likewise really feels eerily similar to among their rivals there’s a wide range of accessories you can obtain for the flexi place workdesk up to as well as consisting of a foot massager and also even a fixed stationary bicycle and also I could spend one more 10 minutes of our priceless time covering different alternatives as well as devices I can yet I think I’m happier that they only sent a standard desk because as a fundamental desk I’m not a follower of the quality assurance at this price factor and I don’t believe slapping on a number of additionals is the action when the core product isn’t what it must be they do use a 30-day test if you’re simply morbidly interested and also they service warranty their desks for 3 years very desk is 5 years and also uplift workdesk is 7 years if you remain in the marketplace for a sit-stand desk they’re remarkable mine’s been a life

changer for me both in regards to video gaming and efficiency however I would certainly invest the added cash it’s gon na take to obtain right into a higher end producer like uplift desk or very desk as well as I haven’t personally used very desk items so I can not speak on it yet their online reputation is great big thanks to flexi place for sending this out for testimonial unfortunately I can not advise this device and for the document I’m a hundred percent certain they would have happily replaced the parts that I had a concern with viewing as just how both the desktop as well as the casters showed up harmed however from a customer point ofview you ‘d possibly be truly delighted to obtain this in and also obtain it establish up in your space only to learn that you needed to wait on substitute parts plus there’s a reviewer it’s really tough for me to evaluate the client service experience due to the fact

that I’m handling the dedicated item rep and also they understand I’m making this video clip which’s not intended to toss any color at their customer service they have superb reviews because respect but it is among the truths I take care of being a customer versus being a consumer and also I wish to be clear any inquiries please strike me up in the comments and also I’ll do my ideal to get those responded to for you which’s it for this moment I’m bright B many thanks a lot for enjoying don’t neglect to strike that like button hit that below button as well as up until following time keep up ah really barged in driveshaft rod-like I’m really trying to be fully grown here however it gets so tough often

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