Loser? Galaxy S22 Ultra vs Pixel 6 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro Max vs Vivo X80 Pro Camera Test Comparison

for as long the google pixel has actually been seen as probably one of the ideal mobile phone photo cams out there with the apple iphone perhaps being the very best mobile phone camera out there and also the samsung galaxy trading blows with both of them on and also off recently this phone the vivo x80 pro turned up flaunting a great deal of truly remarkable attributes like zeiss coded glass lowered blazing an integrated gimbal for ridiculous stablizing as well as general truly excellent cam so i was interested as well as i wished to see if it lived up to the hype so i created this crazy gear with the google pixel 6 pro the samsung galaxy s2 ultra the apple iphone 13 pro max and also the sight x80 pro max and also chose to take place a good informal walk oh hi ruby so i determined to go on a good laid-back walk around town take some pictures as well as a couple of videos you understand you simply intend to get a feel of several of the differences and also see if you discover anything specifically great or bad regarding any one of them along the road incidentally if you intend to acquire any one of these phones or

devices i have here ensure to look into the web links in the description and also this video clip is sponsored partly by situation tool however we’ll discuss them a little much more later okay for this shot whenever i most likely to this location of community i love going to this location with this truly gorgeous area with all this plant there that simply has all this wonderful intriguing information to it as well as it has this great wall surface beyond of it that is all white so it has actually nice bounce soft illumination on it in this very first chart we start with the ultra wide and also i can’t help yet observe exactly how much larger the apple iphone obtains so that’s actually wonderful if you appreciate that and afterwards the next 2 pictures demonstrate how the vivo appears to process photos to bring out even more of the warmer tones in the photo which i in fact truly locate to be fairly pleasurable however the pixel is possibly the most real to life here for this video i was trying to get a shot where i was

moving really efficiently and kind of sweeping as well as all of them actually stabilized quite possibly with this setup for this shot though i did discover that the iphone lost emphasis as well as front emphasis to what got on the side of the composition as opposed to the major function in the facility like the others this is honestly something you could possibly just take care of by touching on the screen but either means you can see exactly how each phone is able to create some deepness in between the home window as well as the leaves which is rather wonderful looking currently if you take place to have some soft light you need to obtain a picture shot and also this is especially practical to contrast the software portrait mode and then the natural depth of field roll off on the wall surface to your right that you can see with the picture mode off i was actually truly stunned to observe that there had not been in fact much of a depth of field roll off on any one of these something that does stick out the most is just how wide the main lens is for both the pixel as well as the apple iphone additionally if we go back to the picture mode shot and we check out which one has one of the most all-natural looking bokeh or

blurred roll-off i would actually claim it’s the apple iphone for the other phones it appears like the vines right behind my head actually confused them when i observed this i actually wished to get another shot to really check out this bokeh roll off so i took this shot right here as well as it in fact exposed something more interesting than that roll off and that’s the vivo’s camera hdr have a look at the spot where the sky satisfies the fallen leaves can you see the crazy hdr line on it it had not been just a one-off it was really on both of the photos i took so that’s not really fantastic currently in this specific shot it makes me recognize exactly how the iphone missed out on the white balance and sucked all the warmth out of the picture if you just check out it actually carefully you’ll notice that all the touches are all blue while the other photos have a good warm brownish or orange kind of color to it i kind of take a look at when we check out an additional individual we have blood circling via us and it has a warmth undertone to every one of our skin if uh there you recognize things are not streaming properly or you understand someone has actually died you’ll notice that that color or life to it kind of goes away so when you get rid of that heat from this scene right here it really makes it

look a bit lifeless as well as then i took a slow movement shot which demonstrated how cleaned out the iphone and pixel looks with the vivo looking one of the most contrasty and saturated as well as the samsung type of landed in between all that i believe if you wanted to push something right away without having to mess with it the view actually wins in this one i also seen this cool little lock over here on this door as well as decided to examine out the macro shots both the vivo as well as apple iphone can get truly close while the pixel well it simply doesn’t have a macro mode i truly wish they deal with that on the pixel 7. And also below’s one more macro shot from later in the day the apple iphone really has a great macro mode currently we believed it was time to move to an additional location there’s this wonderful courtyard close by where there’s a great deal of cool stores however they likewise have weddings as well as events in i think we exist appropriate before it was gon na start so we had to get some shots genuine quick when i took some selfies i saw that every various other video camera setting made me look crazy

perspiring or oily which draws since i wasn’t to ensure that’s not flattering likewise i intentionally put on a red tee shirt because electronic camera sensors typically struggle with reds and also it truly reveals up right here the pixel is the one that takes care of to really obtain both my skin tones and also tee shirt color right the pixel does have genuine tone on it so they have actually deliberately focused on skin tones i honestly assume the s22 ultra had the worst reds of all of them yet all of them with the exception of the pixel appearance quite bad still and also personally i continually really hate the way i look like in apple iphone pictures likewise right now i recognized that the vivo did not have a large angle front dealing with lens currently this area is really stunning and also it’s great for showing off all the various camera focal sizes and holy cow the telephoto on the s20 ultra is really fairly incredible check out how close it gets and the quality of it now it holds true the pixel can obtain actually close with the electronic zoom or super red zoom however it’s electronic it’s not the actual physical equipment like on the s20 ultra as well as remarkably if we take a look at the picture from the pixel it does look a

little bit rinsed the s22 in contrast has some great colors in detail right here zooming out to the main lines remarkably the pixel still looks rinsed for some factor and both the vivo and also iphone look a little bit crispy looking the apple iphone is especially bad below where the darkness look crushed there’s a whole number of odd stuff taking place below where the tree makes it resemble it’s truly off to me right here in the ultrawide i assume the pixel rendered the entire scene’s shades the very best as well as all of them deal with the skies as well as clouds truly well once more the iphone crushes the blacks on the trees and looks so digital and strange to me currently you have actually possibly seen some of the situations that we’ve been using in this video clip as well as all of their enjoyable as well as meaningful styles they’re from this video sponsor instance to combat that makes a ton of situations for both android and also iphones they behave as well as slim so it can actually fit all four of these phones on this bar and also it aids secure them from decreases of over six feet and certainly makes me feel a lot more comfy

going out and around with this gear what’s really fun concerning case-to-phy cases is the number of layouts that you can pick from there’s an insane amount of options to fit your style as well as choice you can also customize it to have your name on it or a monogram if you desire and it’s truly wonderful that these effect cases are made from 65 recycled and also plant-based products and also they deliver in 100 recyclable packaging so we can make sure that we’re looking after our earth and right here’s something that i truly appreciate they have an anti-microbial finish on them that assists remove over 99 of bacteria both you and also i understand that this is a terrific thing to have due to the fact that we bring our phones anywhere anywhere oh in instance the fi has launched new instances for the s22 series go to brandon yt to obtain 15 off your new android phone situations many thanks to casetify for funding this part of the video we discovered the stairway nearby that has some actually blended cozy illumination to it so i wished to see just how

each camera would certainly deal with the white equilibrium surprisingly sufficient the vivo did handle to expose the barrier the most effective with the most warmth we additionally found this neat looking corner of a building with the sunlight simply striking it appropriate to offer it an excellent mix of actually intense areas in the home window a straight lit area in a location in the darkness near the bottom this really demonstrates how things are revealed for hdr as well as low light what do you think of just how they reveal the various components and the detail you see on the wall surface we walked a little bit a lot more and we discovered this cool store that had a good pop of red to it and also a comparison with the environment-friendly trees as well as blue sky that just looked actually excellent here the vivo makes the red appearance actually red i likewise observed that the samsung and vivo had a little that halo of lighter locations where the sky satisfies the remainder of the image like on the tree on the right the pixel is also including a little bit a lot more clarity or information to the road which you may or may not like this shot of this apartment building truly showcases exactly how excellent that telephoto lens is on the s22 ultra without any kind of digital

zoom i’m actually excited by it you likewise can see exactly how the different telephoto focal lengths different between every one of them now over right here on this road the vivo did some really weird things with the shadow it just looks really blue which appears to match heaven of the skies so i’m unsure if there’s some weird ai point going wrong both the pixel and apple iphone handled to get way a lot more information in the clouds with perhaps the pixel being the very best below this fired here truly exposes several of the odd blue saturation that iphones are often recognized to provide it’s not as negative as i have actually seen where it resembles an animation however it’s still not as fantastic as it does look really saturated in a darker blue the vivo general looks like it’s over saturating everything though not simply the skies as a whole i like the way the s2 and pixel resemble the most below currently i really have a couple of other video clips discussing the cam high quality of the google pixel from a few various generations as well as occasionally

making use of moment lenses so if you wish to inspect that out there’s a card up below or a web link in the description now after walking a little bit we needed to get some coffee i conjectured of this canopy and i believe the vivo managed to have the most detail in the darker underside of it compared to the remainder this moment the pixel had a strange looking skies so it does seem like every single one of these phones has their hit as well as miss moments i was a little bit interested concerning the video clip top quality and i tried to see how electronic the photo would certainly view each cam with all these fallen leaves as well as i uncovered 2 points the apple iphone and pixel are one of the most natural non-over sharpened and also not burnt out options yet the pixel had a tough time securing concentrate on this little light which is actually aggravating i don’t know what was taking place however i keep losing emphasis even after i tap to secure focus it in fact gains focus and after that it will simply shed it i assume that alone would make the apple

iphone the winner for me however the apple iphone is not best for video it has a large repetition of having some actually gnarly lens fires that are truly sidetracking so just how does that contrast to the vivo with its zeiss coding well it turns out that both the apple iphone and also the pixel had the most disruptive lens flares with a very reduced lens for and also the vivo and also little in all on the s20 ultra i was in fact really stunned below does that mean that the zeiss covering is all simply a trick well not rather let’s look at some evening shots remarkably and even after cleansing the lens my pixel 6 pro had some severe smudging problems on all the lights the very best one was actually the vivo x80 pro and also that’s in fact among the main advantages of the zeiss coding and you can really see exactly how it stands apart amongst all the various other phones lights are wonderful looking and also included that rollovers even to the video i would love to understand which one you assume is the very best the view will really thrill me for low light video clip in terms of exactly how clean the photo is yet how it reveals also brighter with less noise in this round you can see how the lights can actually develop a bunch of orbs for the iphone to ensure that can be really sidetracking for this night setting shot i personally enjoy the method the iphone and also vivo look the most

specifically for the lights above the restaurant and also exactly how it takes care of to not blow the highlights so this is a nighttime video on every one of them on the front-facing electronic camera what do you assume does it look any excellent let me understand and afterwards finally i needed to evaluate out the stablizing on the default setting for all them while keeping up the entire rig and i had to confess the vivo blew me away the apple iphone had a hard time one of the most with both the pixel and also s22 ultra being alright next to the vivo which was simply remarkably smooth in its entirety all of these phones have their own toughness and weaknesses moments of disparity and consistency i would certainly like to know which one would certainly be the most effective suitable for your requirements in vogue we have a great deal of excellent alternatives to select from currently and also the vivo truly does have a whole lot to supply and i actually desire it was a lot more popular in america let me understand in the remarks your thoughts as well as monitorings and also if you like these camera contrasts and make certain to join us in the versus tech today neighborhood discord server and have a look at my various other video clips on smart device electronic cameras below many thanks for watching this is technology day till following time

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