in this video clip not just will we reach see numerous dripped photos of a real physical google pixel 7 we’ll likewise get a peek of the upcoming google pixel 7 pro and also images from the google pixel 7 pro and also no none of these are provides ah below we go once again allow’s jump right into it right hereafter video sponsor candidate so for those of you who have actually been following me for some time and also are energetic in the this is texas a disharmony server recognize that i truly like to try to find things in a much more balanced and also nuanced viewpoint i really dislike extremes being a fanboy of anything or choosing a specific tribe and thoughtlessly following as well as boosting anything that comes from that people i frequently explain that there can be pros as well as cons to whatever and also to objectively check out every little thing you can to discover the fact that’s why i really enjoy that i have actually had the ability to partner with hunter a brand-new independent

and clear search platform that’s powered by artificial intelligence and also equipment understanding seeger provides you the devices to find exactly what you’re seeking you have control over the information you get as opposed to a significant system creating what they want you to see based upon their very own rate of interest what makes trick specifically remarkable is that offers you with a secret rating and also a filter so you can consider the various search results page and see how the short article accumulates in this way you’re not deceived for another stupid awful surprise post or something that is unnecessarily significant with personal attacks my preferred part is they can tell whether the web content is more subjective or unbiased this is particularly helpful if you’re simply trying to discover out the realities and what is real if you’re taking a look at web content that happens engaged politics you can also filter content based upon its political leaning i directly like it ideal smack in the center so applicant is right up my street since its goals line up with

that i am as a person that seeks to comprehend subtlety and also recognize the reality be among the truth hunters and also check out seeker by looking into the web link in the summary and many thanks to seeker for sponsoring this portion of the video clip now if you’re new around here i have actually been dripping out google pixel stuff for a number of years consisting of the initial hands-on video clip of the google pixel 6 pro in addition to images and also videos taken from that leaked google pixel 6 professional tool with the google pixel 6 pro leakages it was a prototype of the google pixel 6 pro that was offered on something like deal up in nigeria yes nigeria as well as no it wasn’t from a prince in this instance we’re obtaining something similar with a professional kind sample of the google pixel 7 offered via a comparable marketplace somewhere so initially this video was supposed to be an

exclusive video clip because i learnt about this uh early yesterday or you know the day before memorial day uh however this man that’s selling this model device is just paying attention everywhere so it rose on ebay as well as uh it’s currently taken down by currently however that’s not the original location that was detailed likewise the person that’s marketing it obviously does not care if they obtain discharged or not because their name and also their area and also every little thing is provided there it’s wild so bummer i have actually i don’t understand what you’re doing guy we understand that this is a prototype because it has a logo design as well as noting similar to what you would certainly see on this prototype pixel 2 that i have here as well as the pixel 4 that max weinbeck has and also also the model pixel 6 pro that i liked in 2014 the reality that this google pixel 7 has similar markings as other prototype devices in the past makes it easy to recognize this as a pre-mass production model from google i was also able to obtain documentation of a discussion with the vendor of this prototype google pixel 7 indicating that they believed it to be a prototype pixel 7 as well currently let’s take a close appearance at the pictures we have actually so much contrasted with the pictures

google has actually supplied to us currently cad renders that we have and also the google pixel 6 to obtain a much better understanding of its uniformity with what we currently learn about the google pixel 7 and also how it differs from the google pixel 6. Allow’s take a more detailed look at this picture initially that we have actually already seen we can see that matches the rear camera arrangement that we have seen in the provides google has already launched with a pill shaped intermediary for 2 electronic cameras on the entrusted to a sensing unit in between them to the much right we have a flash with a michael to the left of that flash which takes a place of the sensing unit that we formerly had on the pixel 6 given that it’s now in between the 2 lenses this arrangement supports with the leaked cad provides from xlix 7s and renders from on links when it comes to which lens is which it appears like the exact same lenses as the google pixel 6 with the primary lens on the left with the ultra wide on the best whether or not it has the very same sensing units or otherwise

i’m uncertain however i would picture it’s the exact same due to the fact that google suches as to tune their formula to a details sensor several years straight this leads to much better expert system and artificial intelligence data collection processing over time as for the shade of the tool it does seem what we see here for the black and silver colorway that google has shown us in their very own makes which however has a glossy back as opposed to a matte finish which i would certainly have favored i will certainly claim in this picture that the silver cam bar doesn’t appear like a nice completed steel however instead a silver repainted bar with speckles in it currently to be fair as well as i can not worry this enough this is an early model so shades might not be settled do not go making your entire acquiring decision off of exactly how the shades look here as they might change in their last manufacturing unit and also i wish it does on the best side we have the switches in the very same alignment as the

pixel 6 the antenna line on the bottom is relocated reduced than on the pixel 6. We additionally see the actually remarkable and terrific looking video camera bar that seamlessly merges right into the frame an intriguing monitoring is how it looks black here so perhaps that silver surface on bench just looks different depending on the light similar to exactly how the framework appears to even vary in this picture from leading as well as lower so maybe that video camera bar looks much better face to face compared to the images that we see here beyond we still have the sim tray situated below but went up higher in the framework and also something that has explained with the electronic camera bar curve is that it appears to be missing those ridges that are existing on the google pixel 6 and also 6 pro which are likely there to shield the glass given that the bar is steel there’s no demand for this ridge and people’s issues regarding shattering a glass camera bar need to be minimized from this chain i really such as this incidentally if you appreciate videos like this i have super points enabled on the channel currently so i need to do is click this little icon below and you can send me a little tip or

incredibly many thanks i always value it many thanks on the bottom it’s basically the like the pixel 6 base with the audio speaker slot a mic port in addition to a usb c port sorry there’s still no headphone jack it does seem to have even more of a matte surface to the framework like what we see on the pixel 6 compared to the pixel 6 pro’s glossy steel frame it doesn’t show up to look as plasticky as the pixel 6 structure with the coating however it may simply be the lighting making it look a lot more sparkly however i have more thoughts concerning that on the top we see the most significant modification with a solitary antenna slit being relocated to the center a decrease of two slits that we see on the pixel six there’s likewise an intermediary added here for the 5g antenna which matches what we have actually seen on the cad provides and also other web links we’ve seen currently this design is fairly various from what we have actually seen on the pixel 7 pro with this whole location being plastic to enable for that 5g antenna to work well as well as the factor

why the pixel 6 pro had this bigger location eliminated contrasted to the pixel 6 is due to millimeter wave so it could be possible that we have millimeter wave on both the pixel 7 and 7 professional sadly that also suggests that it could be a little bit more expensive in america contrasted to overseas that’s been the case for the pixel 6 pro and the pixel 5 so kind of a downer anyways i think this design change in addition to what we see with the electronic camera bar is a better style as includes an extra uniform seek to the device and remove a few of the fit and coating harsh edges that you can really feel as well as see when you look at the pixel 6 and also 6 pro now we’ve already had an excellent peek of what the back of the tool appears like based upon google pre-leaking the style for us yet we have not seen the front below we can see what is honestly mainly a comparable layout to the google pixel 6 however there’s a good enhancement right here the bezels look noticeably slimmer which is most likely because of exactly how the frame itself looks metal as opposed to a dark matte black on the pixel 6. That style on the

pixel 6 made the bezels look also larger than well they in fact are there’s simply something concerning a break in the black color that makes it look thinner which’s type of what we’re experiencing with the google pixel watch compared to the galaxy watch 4 which has the very same dimension bezel yeah that’s right the bezels coincide on the google pixel watch as well as the galaxy watch 4 however the galaxy watch 4 has a little steel ridge on there or framework that makes it look thinner however the bottom bezel is still larger than the remainder of the bezels so we still don’t have that lovely in proportion design that we have an incredibly economical google pixel 5 google please bring back the symmetrical bezels it’s gorgeous additionally we can see this tool features 128 gigabytes of storage so it’s a good hunch that this will likely be the base rate storage space there’s also the very same facility camera opening intermediary on the leading now i dream we could see the front of the google pixel 7 pro due to all the links that we’ve seen in the android 13

software settings regarding face unlock being there thanks to aid with my discord we had the ability to locate little bits and also items of the face unlock settings in the android 13 beta the important things is i expect that this will certainly be an attribute scheduled only for the pixel 7 pro version to distinguish between the tools the concern is whether or not it’ll utilize entirely radar innovation or motion sense like what we saw on the google pixel 4 as well as if so we’ll have a pill intermediary like what we’re seeing apple perform with the iphone 14 professional or has google handled to identify exactly how to place it under the display currently for context they have exclusively on their nest hubs i believe it’s in this area right here however i might be incorrect in any case the count is really little so it’s feasible that intermediary might be located on the google pixel 7 professional nonetheless the newest nest thermostat likewise has slowly constructed right into it however there’s no cut in all

it’s concealed below a borderless mirror screen which gives me hope that we could have entirely under the display in any case google a lot of of us want face unlock back in a secure and durable face unlock at that now you recognize how i said we’ll obtain a look of the physical google pixel 7 professional well i essentially indicate a glimpse and you also understand just how i said that we’ll get images taken by the google pixel 7 professional well what happens if i told you that i already revealed you yeah you’re probably confused right now impressive in this picture we see in the body of the google pixel 7 that has be taken by none aside from a google pixel 7 pro model keeping that extra video camera suited that telephoto lens he or she is offering the pixel 7 model doesn’t simply have a pixel 7 model yet it’s taken pixel 7 professional prototype in addition to it and he took all the images we’re looking at which said google pixel 7 professional i just can’t believe it you can’t make this things up let me know what you think about all these links up until now ensure to subscribe and hit the bell symbol to be notified when i message one more video thanks for seeing this is technology today until following time

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