Full Review Realme Watch £50 Smartwatch!

now if you’re after a cheap affordable SmartWatch now is a great time to be alive even though it’s a pretty terrible time to be alive in pretty much every other respect and that’s because Chinese manufacturer real me has just launched its very first SmartWatch imaginatively titled of the real me watch and it costs just fifty quid here in the UK which is roughly the same as a price of a round of drinks an Okie london wine bar and not even a good round of drinks I’m definitely shocked or anything like that but the burning question is is the real me watch actually any good is actually worth those five crisps but 10 is well I’m glad you asked because I’m gonna unbox it now take on a full tour of the hardware and the software and then I’m gonna magically zip forward in time a few days to let you know what I think of their performance the battery life and if there’s any weird little quirks that are kind of off button and from one the latest create a sec please do plug

Subscribe ending that notifications Bell Cheers now first of all as usual with real me you’ve got to love the bright yellow package and very happy stuff indeed and there it is or first glimpse of the real me watch that’s just to pull this bad boy out and see what else you get in here and looks like very straightforward stuff in deeds you’ve got a very simple little manual and basically your doc in order to actually charge up the real me watch when it needs a bit of power of course there’s no adapter actually bundled in the box you’ll have to provide your and otherwise just plug that USB cable into any black top away if you’ve got gone basically alright so now on to the fun part let’s check out the actual watch now even for just a casual glance of the really watch it certainly seems apparent that the design is inspired by the Apple watch you’ve got a very similar finish and i-square chassis as you can see they’re perfectly level on the front but just tapers off towards the edges for this lovely curved finish however unlike the Apple watch as you can quite clearly see they’re already the display does not stretch edge to edge there is a quite clear bezel surrounding it so that’s just one of the the more affordable aspects of the design creep them in there the really watch stuff he feels very light indeed 31 grams apparently the actual chassis part – they’re straps certainly feels lighter than the Apple watch and as you can

see there you’ve got a glossy edging around here and then just a yeah bog-standard plastic back but apparently you do thankfully actually get a gorilla glass 3 Courtin here on the display to help protect it from everyday damage so hopefully they won’t be quartered in little Nick’s and scratches after just a few days and of course real needs also for the ip68 water and dust resistant as well which means you can happily rock it in the swimming pool in the show wherever you want nor worry so that’s great to see especially at this sort of price point now you can only grab the real me watch in this black color in 40 there’s no other color options available and it comes as standard with these black silicone straps as well but you can actually knock off the straps as you can see there they are fully detachable just pull these little pins around back which I sometimes struggle with with my complete lack of fingernails I bite them far too often and then you’ve got a choice of more colorful vibrant straps that you can slap on there instead if you want to make it a bit more jazzy green red or blue or your three options right now so I’m going to try out this lovely sort of mysterious green that a model it’s kind of like a forest green I guess see what that’s like and as you can see well the black strap actually had your standard buckle style fastening

technique this has actually got a press tab which is quite interesting so something a bit different right so I’ve got the really watch slapped on my wrists and now what you’ll need to do is basically download the real me link app which you can grab for free on the Google Play Store and if that done let’s open it on up agree to the T’s and C’s you got to register for a real me account using either your email address or your phone number and then you’re basically good to start pairing it looks like it’s instantly found the real me watch that was nice and easy hopefully to a pair up no worries confirm to the binding request excellent that was easy so fast forward a few days into the future I’ve had the really watch pressed against my flesh for that entire time and this is what I think of it so first up with the connectivity you’ve got Bluetooth 5.0 support here on the room you watch unfortunately it seems to lose connection with my smartphone fairly often and I’m using the Xperia watermark – as well as well so exactly the kind of fun this just shuts and down apps in the background willy-nilly I do notice occasionally something I’ll but not have any notifications streaming to my watch I’ve got into the app and sure enough it’s disconnected so then has to automatically reconnect it slightly annoying and obviously not the kind of thing you see from what premium smartwatches because there’s no Wi-Fi support here on the room you watch either so you can’t directly hook up to your internet and then have notifications coming in via that you can’t sign into your

accounts on the watch anything on that is literally just streaming them from your smartphone but you know the lack of features like Wi-Fi support there’s no NFC on here this you can use it for contactless payment that’s the kind of stuff you have to come to terms with if you’re only gonna spend fifty quid on a small which I mean what do you expect the moon on a stick very few complaints thought when it comes to that one point four inch touchscreen display about 320 by 320 pixel resolution keeps everything nice and crisp but it’s reasonably colorful as well for a basic IPS screen and I also found that thankfully it was perfectly responsive to my swipes and pokes as well you don’t get any funky jazzy animations like you don’t likes the Apple watch but it just works and that’s fine for me the only real problem I had with really watched ASP is the fact that there’s no auto brightness on here but then that’s kind of feature you don’t see on smartwatches twice or even three times the price to be perfectly fair and it’s nice and easy to change the brightness you can quickly toggle between a variety of different settings by swapping to this screen here and if you jump into the real me watch’s settings menu as well and go to general you can go to display – you actually set the exact percentage of brightness as

well and I found that on that top 100% brightness it was it was just about bright enough to see on a really sunshiny day I did have to squint occasionally to sort of check out the really small text but it does the job as for notifications where you can basically read a little bit of any email or messages that pop onto your phone but you can’t respond or archive them or you can busy do is dismiss them on your watch although it’s still really handy if you want to know whether it’s worth actually yanking out your phone every time it buzzes and the roomie watch can also notify you whenever you’re getting a phone call as well if you indeed do actually ever get called by anyone on your smartphone all right granddad but there you’re on the option is to actually dismiss the call via the watch a lot so pull your phone out your pocket there’s no built-in mic or speaker on the watch so this you can’t take the cold via the device itself again moon on a stick you’ve also got the ability to control your phone media by the real me watch as well you can’t actually download music onto the smart watch itself and

then listen a via the watch you have to listen via your phone and there’s pretty basic control you can basically pause or play you can skip a track you can change the volume I finally worked absolutely fine for some music streaming apps like Deezer worked fine for audible as well other apps like Google podcasts did not play well with if actually just didn’t play at all it refused to acknowledge it was it even doing anything you can also use the real mean watch to remotely take a photo on your smart phone as well that works by busy sending a volume command series models so as long as you can set the volume buttons to take a photo in your camera settings then all good this is gonna be slightly awkward but we’re going to do is touch screen and it should take a photo oh hell yeah that’s definitely a keeper if you swipe up the dis here on the real mean what she’ll access all of the other apps and the built-in features you can’t unfortunately download any fresh apps onto the real me watch but they can be updated via firmware update so maybe fresh features will be added in the future as well as your fitness stuff which I’ll touch on in a sec you got full sleep tracking on there you got to find my foreign function which I found just didn’t work at all you

got meditation which basically is exactly like the chill-out features found on other smartwatches like the Apple watch basically just tells you that inhale exhale just got an answer in the mail and you’ve got an alarm a stopwatch a weather report and then of course the settings so a fairly basic setup but again 50-quid moon stick etc and there’s no way of accessing your smartphone assistant via the watch because again there’s no built-in mics or what would be the point now when it comes to watch faces it’s gotta be said it’s a pretty meager selection here on the room you watch and voice there’s only 12 that you can choose between right now here on the real me link app and you normally have six of those synced up with a small watch at any one point as well that’s it I quite like this analog Casio style effort mostly because I’m an old git and that just reminds me of being a youth if you want to change it up at any point you just long press on that watch face and then flick between the other five that you have synced up on the watch at any given time you’ve got a variety of stuff you know you’ve got some

analog you’ve got some digital and some of them do give you a decent selection of information right there on the screen as well unfortunately you can’t actually customize any of these watch faces again as far as I can tell to actually get different types of information there on the front you this is stuck with what you’ve got see yeah very limited for the watch face is compared with something like the Apple watch anywhere or less stuff the Huawei watches as well but hopefully that will again improve over time and also there’s no always-on display option sadly here on the rim you watch for whatever reason but I found that the wrist work were perfectly fine always worked every time so that’s something at least as far as the fitness tracking features go well basically the roomie watch does everything you could hope for and expect so you’ve got your step tracking on there it’s got a 24 hour heart rate monitor as well which can monitor your pulse every five minutes on the dot you’ve even got a blood oxygen monitor on there as well and the really watch can even warn you if your pulse is too high or too low when

you’ve just been sat around doing nothing stuff like that so yeah so definitely fully featured if you want to actually track a workout where you’ve got an option of 14 different exercises that you can track right here on the real watch quite a limited selection with some random stuff thrown in there like table tennis and badminton I found that for most of mine stuff I just ended up choosing elliptical and going for that and while your mid sweat session as well you can check your vital stats including your current pulse how many calories you burn so far and the duration of your workouts a quick tap of that button or by reason your wrist pretty basic as far as that score but you know what that’s the main stuff you’ll need to know and then when you’re done just push that button and you can just end your session right there and all of your data is synced up with your smartphone via that real me leg app as well so all the time you can check out exactly how many steps you’ve been taking how your pulse is doing how well or how badly you’ve slept all that kind of jazz however I did notice a couple of times on the room we watched and that fitness tracking app just completely crashed mid-session without me even realizing it so you get the end of a half-hour aerobics dance effort something like that check your watch and oh it’s not

actually recording any data for anymore very very frustrating indeed hopefully just some silly little bug they’ll be squashed any firmware update very shortly but you know what I wasn’t expecting much for the performance here in the room we watch I think it’s powered by a very low powered media tech chipset you know it does the job absolutely fine as I mentioned before there’s no you know funky animations that could potentially slow it down is more of a slideshow when you’re swiping through the menus and everything but it does the job up so you find it’s a responsive screen yeah apps load up pretty much straightaway and it does the job as for the battery life again it’s quite a small battery packs inside the room you watch certainly compared with a lot of other small which is yet I still found I got four full days of use from a charge and that includes all of the features being switched on including the wrists awake and all that kind of stuff top brightness level as well so you’ll only have to charge every sort of 3-4 days or so maximum which isn’t as good as the lights though while we watch but it’s much better than a lot of other smartwatches including a lot of where OS watches and of course the Apple watch if you do find that

you forget to charge the real me watch you’re out and about and the battery’s about to die nor worries at all you need to do is swipe this way and then as you can see there you’ve got a power saving mode that you can activate and that’ll just basically tell you the time so at least you can still use it as a watch and without obviously getting any of the notifications through or any of the other functionality so that right there is my full review of the real me watch after using it for a good few days as my personal full time smart what do you know what for 50 quid it’s pretty damn impressive yeah sure the function he’s quite limited compared with a lot of other smartwatches and yeah there’s still a couple of study little bugs in there that should hopefully be squashed really soon but yeah if you want that SmartWatch form and the functionality as well for a very limited budget job done so if you’ve had the real me watch slapped on your wrist as well or you’ve been using any other budget-friendly smartwatches be great to hear from you down in the comments below please do poke subscribe ding that notification spell or what other YouTube jazz and have yourselves a lovely week people jovan love you

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