The ULTIMATE work from home standing desk setup! Fully Jarvis Desk

hey good friend brandon below this is a little of a various video clip perhaps kind of vloggy like i just wished to reveal you a little of what my real-time streaming arrangement is i moved right into a house recently and also just threw an entire lot of things up as well as i have actually been attempting to obtain things with each other so i have like a plant as well as a couch as well as some some lights and also stuff like that but the workdesk configuration that i had is simply not really working out for me it’s too dark and it’s just sort of messy i need something a little better something that’ll illuminate the area and also everything is a bit a lot more willful regarding where it’s established by the method i’m shooting this on the sony zv1 and the deity d4 duo mic it’s actually nice there’s microphones on the front as well as the back so allow’s see just how it works out anyways uh allow’s check out the workdesk the old desk incidentally there’s this incredible fan that is really keeping me cool that i’m truly glad for since it’s like a warm front today it mores than 90 levels and also i’ll clarify it this is crazy however uh thanks to smartme for

funding this video clip all right so some context of this whole desk arrangement thingy is i have workshop displays over right here some adam a 7s’s have um uh ben kumar right here i’ll discuss that in a little bit and also uh stream deck from elgato ssl 2 mac pro down below all these different points so i’m mosting likely to rearrange all this things and see just how it goes so we’ll see just how a time-lapse deal with this i’m not exactly sure exactly how that functions plus this this is likewise a mess it’s all a mess anyways here we go all right after all that the brand-new workdesk is set up this is in fact the fully jarvis workdesk i really intend to go with another thing a little smaller sized since i do not need all that space and also i require more area in this small space and also i wanted to have something that was white since it simply has a wonderful brighter aim to it and whenever i am streaming or have lighting it can bounce up below my face which is truly nice has a wonderful comparison with different items it’s likewise a basic so you can simply

relocate up or down as well as you can set different program setups as well as stuff i think it’s rather wonderful so right here’s something new that i simply included it’s an aps it’s basically a battery backup i was online streaming when and also uh my mac pro simply shut down since the power went out as well as that actually stinks as well as i have a time to close down my mac professional appropriately and also i was like i never ever want to deal with that once more that’s terrifying especially with an investment like that so obtain a battery back-up for your crucial stuff and also uh there’s a web link down below in the summary for that as well if you uh want it so the next thing i’m attempting to determine is where am i gon na put the mac pro it’s like wow this is a mess but like it’s d that why am i playing like it’s right there so i need to determine if i wish to remain to have it below down on the floor or does it make sense to perhaps put it in addition to my subwoofer i just do not actually

understand so i’m mosting likely to type of experiment with that it does make feeling to still have it beneath the desk specifically dealing with backwards since i have all these points that’ll connect in from the back over below and rise the rear of the desk so it’ll keep it cleaner looking all at once and also uh however there’s inadequate area on top of this up so drag uh let’s uh obtain that all plugged in i guess now one of the initial things i require to do is plug in this benq display premium surround audio by truvello so along the base you have your headphone jack 2 hdmi cords a screen port a usbc wire your control dials as well as every little thing over here an iec power line and also a kensington lock i believe uh yeah i can also have a vase them out there also which is type of incredible so actually i failed to remember i have something for that so um yeah allow’s do that by the way i actually wish to tell you concerning this clever

follower by smart me it’s a 2s fan it’s actually kind of really great i actually like it cool i really did not no i really did not suggest to do that but anyways there is a warm front taking place in southerly california as well as it’s quite gnarly we have the air conditioner running as well as it’s still just inadequate so this follower is being available in useful however it’s not much like any type of various other follower it has a battery within it so what i’ll wind up doing is i’ll have it plugged in in my room and billing when i go to rest and afterwards i’ll bring it to the office where i’m at currently and also i’ll run everything throughout the day and afterwards i heard that southerly california edison is going to have some moving blackouts as a result of all the electrical energy being utilized so the battery is going to can be found in actually handy if we happen to go with a blackout because i’ll still have a fan to make sure that battery feature is truly awesome yet it’s a smart follower so there’s a lot more to it there’s an app where you can transform it on and off with the application you can alter the speed level so there’s tiers of one via 4 speeds one with two are really quiet it’s really quieter than the follower

that’s in my light over right here you can additionally do granular stepless adjustments if you intend to get truly certain now here’s the part that’s really neat you have the typical setting where it’s simply constant speeds but you also have this all-natural alternative makes the fan ebb and also circulation and there’s like gentle winds as if simply going through the leaves of a tree you can turn it left or precisely your own by hand from the app so maybe you’re in bed as well as it’s simply not striking best however you do not intend to wake up like you’re all cozy as well as things like that so you just hit the switch and also begin transforming it appropriate it’s honestly really amazing you can set a timer you can have it alert you if there’s an unusual procedure or a youngster lock i seriously have actually been utilizing this every day it’s been a big help especially during the hot summers so if you want to select it up there’s a web link

down below in the summary and thanks a lot to smartme for funding this video okay so i had a little conference however i’m back in establishing up some stuff right here so allow’s return to it all right new day and also uh completed with the desk component of whatever so i’ll show you around however uh firstly take a look at exactly how clean it is i’m a large follower oh that was an unintended word play here however i love exactly how bright the uh white desk makes all of it every little thing is by totally and they also have this like cord channel thing right there i only utilize one you can actually have 2 so consider how tidy this is as well as after that oh god uh i obtained ta tidy that up there is the configuration i’m actually happy with it the initial point is the benq ew 32 adu it’s a 4k 32 inch ips display with hdr integrated speakers there and also if you desire to you can make use of a remote to control it which is really nice what’s actually unanticipated about this screen is how great it is for color grading and editing video on simply the shade precision is actually good i like the slim bezels too it simply appears truly well made and actually premium quality alright so back here i do have the display arms right here it’s actually a dual screen arm so i’m going to attempt to put a 2nd mod right here possibly in portrait mode kind of like becky and chris perhaps if i can obtain an additional monitor i don’t recognize if benq will

certainly send me out an additional display but that’s what’s taking place right here simply concealing currently and after that from below i have a genuine kupo extremely clamp as well as it’s entering into a little rubbing arm right here by manfrotto what i’m doing is i placed it here to the crucial light i just located it provided me more flexibility as well as it obtained me off of the table so this is the regular place for the crucial light air i’ll possibly utilize it for something due to the fact that this resembles a regular place right there for various things it’s a heavy base and everything however i desired it to not just rest below here i wouldn’t mind having 2 vital lights because they can secure on but that’s what i have more than below we have the oc white boom arm this is a little bit additional i actually like it it’s actually adjustable it’s nothing cheap has excellent cord administration below so you have these little channels here and also there’s a clamp down there that secures onto the real desk which is nice so you do not have to pierce anything into it so this is possibly the most effective boom arm that you can choose up for like a podcast arrangement or any kind of streamer arrangement right below i have a shock mount here for my sennheiser mkh416 so you can see

there’s little springies there to ensure that when it bounces around you don’t hear it in the actual sound and just tucks in over there which is really nice naturally there’s web link to all this stuff down below in the summary as well as then there’s this power strip from totally it has surge security 3 plugs as well as it even has usbc as well as a usb a port to make sure that’s uh staying up with the moments i like that we’ll simply ignore the little scratch there um i’ll need to repaint that later on now we have the brand-new samsung t7 drives these are the upgrade from the t5 drives they’re actually prominent strangely they’re less expensive without the fingerprint scanner as well as they’re twice as fast as the t5 so certainly my go-to and after that we have one of my favored things out here this is from elgato this is their stream deck this is the 32 button option and this point is amazing so not just can you have several web pages of various points but you can have extra points detailed below

without having to look for every little thing but now i have it set up to deal with streamlabs obs so i have my various scenes i have my jerk information even more scenes i have my audio settings and also i have my lights settings so i can lower my key lights or rely on max or on as well as off which is actually amazing currently for exactly how i light everything i actually have this set at max when i’m real-time streaming and also this set i turned down rather a bit as well as that gives a little bit of a comparison as well as darkness on the side of my face so this is working type of like the brains of all the sound on my computer system not only do i have sound in to it so i can talk right into it i have actually headphone out uh which i’ll reveal you momentarily i have audio speaker outs i have the audio that’s originating from the computer entering into the speakers it’s just attaches all over usbc and afterwards naturally xlr as well as points like that yet yeah talking headphones i have this right here so i have the ath m50s which are just a timeless actually strong nothing as well expensive however i have this little earphone clip here that just

sticks with 3m tape actually nice truly well made actually basic design yet kind of tidies up the desktop and it’s simply wonderful as well as available for you after that i have my nintendo button with the pro controller this goes out to hdmi actually to the blackmagic says 12g currently that’s a little extra this is used as an external recorder that works for your like actual electronic camera so i can videotape from this camera here or movie theater electronic camera and also documents in prores raw what’s outstanding regarding that is that it has all these ports i really utilize this at my church so you have sd cards you can have double slots so you have redundancy or extension of recording you have power if you want you have an earphone jack you have time code on this side over here you have 2 hdmi ports so in in and out you have sdi in and out this is truly outstanding this is more of a program requirement and afterwards you have analog sound in so like mini xlr constructed like a tank steel and also it has all these little installing brackets and stuff like that below it’s

an actually nice so i have that talked to this little tiny rig clamp here a small incredibly clamp after that i have the hdmi out which copulates over below to the elgato camera link which’s uh exactly how i uh record the nintendo button now we lacked camera web links they’re they’re marketed out like everywhere so i got an epiphan audio av i o 4k that is taking an hdmi signal over here from my fujifilm xt3 so this is how i get actually wonderful looking video clip for my online stream so it appears like this so it’s straight out of the body it has car emphasis on it the colors are simply sensational uh so i have this all secured on to this bar right here another very clamp so this bar clamps onto the workdesk right here and that’s an additional secret of elevation like there’s something really wonderful regarding raising things off of the workdesk itself and afterwards over right here i have the atom a7x studio monitors this is what i would certainly make use of when i was mixing bands as well as

points like that seems excellent truly smooth high-end can occasionally be a crutch as well as it’s also nice sounding but uh it’s it behaves overall and afterwards i have the atom below 8 over right here which is really good after that i have this great natural leather floor covering by wanderer in addition to the mx master 3 by logitech magic keyboard from apple simply really like it and after that i love having a trackpad whenever i’m modifying video clips i just have this habit of reaching up to a laptop or something like that as well as shifting via the timeline so i need to have a trackpad as well so i usage trackpad as well as mice i obtained this cart here that’s truly remarkable had an entire lot of things over below so i relocate over to this for the points that in fact matter so i have sd cards difficult drives as well as ssds batteries chargers hdmi cable televisions like typical cords connects little tools as well as i also have this little power strip that clamps on which is actually good down right here i have all the phones and video cameras as well as gaff tape and microfiber cloths and all things you require to do to cleanse your phone and also i stop working at that tools this is all the tools i actually like regarding this though is with the elevation of whatever i can additionally fit it beneath

the desk as well as it in fact doesn’t feel confined over here since i simply rest my feet on that particular little feces right there on the tick tock so this feces is really insane it has a little rocking movement to it as well as it’s an adorable little individual you rest on it such as this and also just rock like that involves the core which i need to do more of uh likewise you can go up so you can you know actually use it at your rest stand desk which is crazy as well as uh go back down as well as then it well puts appropriate beneath below as well as i in fact really like how every little thing has its own area beneath right here i really do not feel cramped due to the fact that this is rather deep and it simply tidies up the overall area because it belongs it’s type of unseen since i’m not really considering it when i’m at my workdesk talking stools this is the feces that i have actually been utilizing to sit on this entire time i need to have like a legitimate chair due to the fact that brandon’s back is not pleased with this it resembles some affordable little rough unusual point so i got this rather what’s really trendy concerning this chair is that you can being in a variety of various ways so you can sit like typically similar to this you lean back if you intend to there’s a little thing to simply to see however

likewise you can turn and also there’s a little spot for your legs you simply lean over as well as after that if you look at right here you can simply sort of get a little hug we might all use some hugs now i understand i could it’s additionally a sit stand so it fluctuates as well as there’s a little foot rest right there however what i really like are these little grooves right below so i can just massage my foot on actually nice and also uh i cleaned up the rest of the workplace and it looks quite wonderful look how clean it is it’s good as well as relaxing so thanks a lot to foley for sending out the workdesk the chairs many thanks to thanks for the screen thanks so a lot to the elgato for the crucial lights and the stream deck and also thank you to smartme for sponsoring this video certainly if you intend to sustain the network please take into consideration having a look at the web links down below in the summary most of them are associate web links so aid support me as well as certainly have a look at the wise me fan since enrollers assist me continue making videos for you thank you so much for enjoying this is tech today where we speak about the crossway of modern technology in our day-to-day lives and also organization as well as all points creative till next time you

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