Google Pixel 4 Fan Switches to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 😬🤦‍♂️

hey friend Brandon below after my previous video clips which he can examine up in the area up here or in the description I stated that the Google pixel for obliterated the note 10 plus prior to also came out and also that Google was the most ingenious and cutting edge firm of 2019 and the Google pixel 4 shows in surprise the note followers appeared completely force to tell me that I’m wrong so I selected up the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 m+ and also to discover the ins and outs of it as well as certainly to see if I was incorrect let me understand what I must look into and also what the best parts are of the note 10 plus in the comments so let’s look into the hottest device from Samsung now and also give you my impressions and thoughts on it oh and I have a present for those who viewed the entire video clip let’s talk regarding all of it because this is tech today all appropriate allow’s unpack it so in those previous videos I specified that Google had annihilated the note 10 before I was even introduced and certainly a lot of people explained that that had not been possible due to the fact that the I was speaking

about specs however I was not allow’s take this out obtained a some notes here you have a battery charger in here so the fascinating point regarding this is that Samsung is kind of drawing an apple this is not the complete power battery charger the complete power one is a 45 watt battery charger now certainly this is not as slow as what Apple places in their box that’s for certain but it’s intriguing that Samsung is putting a reduced powered one in right here and after that you have to get a more expensive one to obtain the complete charging ability to ensure that’s the initial thing that’s a little mmm if he concerning this version of the note and after that the AKG earbuds what’s intriguing concerning this set is that it has a USBC connector so not a headphone jack not even an adapter in right here is there exists an adapter what is this oh these are the note pen pointers so you have additional note pen pointers this is just so weird that wasn’t use of that so unfortunately I’m not discovering an earphone jack adapter in right here any longer nothing in right here so

one drawback not a full battery charger second drawback you do not have an earphone jack seems extremely Apple ish to me for Samsung to do this due to the fact that now you need to purchase their Galaxy buds currently that’s elder of an item and it’s marketing rather well I believe they’re great but it just feels like Samsung’s doing whatever they can to simply sort of nickel and also penny you now does not it one point that I will certainly provide them credit scores for is the AKG earbuds that come with the Galaxy S 10 as well as the note 10 I recognize that they seem good I make certain these are outstanding similar to the s10 they have the best ear buds that include a phone than any person else I simply I simply wish I had an earphone jack so below is the note 10 let’s peel this child off well ASMR stuff cost-free yeah that’s a respectable one that’s a quite great one you like that area you such as that thumbs up brother this is a Miss clean this is this is gorgeous so it’s not as I understand extravagant as a few of the photos make it out to because it’s just a little of a glimmer I hear me yeah it’s like an oil spill yet like much less awful looking they simply has all those shades that’s a praise in this case yet yeah I actually looks really fantastic and afterwards there’s a

screen guard on the front of it yet we’ll leave that on for it for currently so this thing is pretty hefty feeling it feels wonderful in the hands beside something like the pixel 3 XL which I have in the d-brane instance here terms of dimension it has to do with the same width as the pixel 3 XL and also simply a little taller to make sure that’s interesting that’s since of the bezels that they reduced however the disadvantage particularly if you enjoy my last video concerning audio speakers you do not have front-facing speakers so there are pros and disadvantages there let’s compare it to the 1 plus 7 Perot and also Wow yeah the 1 plus 7 Pro is absolutely thicker however they have to do with the exact same size the 1 plus 7 Pro is not as large though so if dimension is a problem for you and the 1 plus 7 Pro is currently too huge after that the note 10 Pro is also larger and afterwards we have the Galaxy S 10 plus oh yeah that’s a large difference it’s fascinating the Galaxy S 10 plus has a more refined want to it in my point of view due to the fact that every little thing’s so bent it has

actually soft sides anywhere and here’s the pixel 3a there’s most definitely a little bit of a difference there I have to confess I truly similar to this shade so we have 3 cameras on here there’s a wide telephoto as well as a typical and also after that there’s some additional sensors on right here that will aid with augmented fact so I really intend to inspect that out this is the only variation that has a micro SD card slot which is truly unsatisfactory that they do away with that in the normal no however here’s the important things that I’m observing about the note collection and also the upcoming iPhones if Apple does the exact same thing that Samsung just did essentially the note 10 is like the apple iphone XR of note it’s in fact a reduced quality it’s lower specification than even the note 9 as well as then the note 10-plus is the actual note so this one has the highest specifications it doesn’t jeopardize it’s really an enhancement from the previous year however below is things it is $100 greater than last year they simply type of confused you by adding the normal note the note XR in a manner of speaking as the standard when in truth they just elevate the rate $100 for the real note so I’m not a follower of that if Apple adheres to the very same pattern after that the iPhone 11 is actually the apple iphone XR version of the iPhone 11 and also after

that the iPhone Pro is the real apple iphone so it’s all marketing it’s all transforming the names of everything the baseline is the cheaper one the lower spec one and afterwards the pro one or the plus one or whatever you wish to call it is the real one yet it sets you back extra so our prices are slipping up also a lot more and Samsung is equally as guilty of it as Apple so don’t blame Apple for whatever so this thing is absolutely a finger print magnet it’s just not almost as pretty as what it was in the past so to deal with all those fingerprints that put an eco-friendly camo skiing on from the network enroller D brand name as well as it looks respectable especially if you do not such as the shade your alternatives that are offered obviously there’s links down below in the summary for that and also the phone one thing that I have actually observed is that all of the switches get on the left side so there’s no switches on the right and I actually such as that a great deal because that’s sort of exactly how the goal pixel is established on the galaxy s 10 as well as 10 plus he had a switch on the right and afterwards this cancer switch over below on the left which is truly aggravating and I constantly accidentally took screenshots because the power switches on the right and after that the

volume rockers on the Left apple iphone users complain about that constantly so we have actually booted up as well as the something that Samsung is always fantastic at is their display screen so this previous week I just got truly frustrated with my Google pixel 3xl due to the fact that I was out in the Sunlight it was simply truly difficult to review the display I recognize for a reality I’m not gon na have that trouble with the note 10 great let’s obtain an image here yep it looks fine it sort of does that weird conditioning thing on on your skin I’m not too sure just how I feel about that they’re like an elegance mode of the typical angle for the video camera we have a telephoto variation of the camera and afterwards an ultra vast for the cam which is actually pleasant I like that we even have this online emphasis video so how does it seem how does it look it’s type of fascinating it appears it seems a little unclear this’s fascinating cuz it’ll remove all the color around me with the exception of me and after that this thing which is like this retro glitch effect I in fact truly such as this this is type of awesome there is a slider for the glitch impacts and

also this’s all the way up it’s bad small amounts is essential so you recognize simply don’t go crazy as well as certainly we need to examine out this s-pen which i believe is the harry potter tool and also it actually has a clicky mechanism so that’s type of wonderful this is a for those identify there if you keep in mind the frigid dice and there’s also a little switch there and also of training course you can make note with it subscribe it’s intriguing has little audio effects for when you write well my handwriting draws so you have this AR doodle thing hands maybe I can in fact have some face hair so AR scribble this is a alright since we’ve been speaking about sound a lot on the channel just recently allowed’s simply take a look at the audio speakers so it appears rather clear it’s truly really loud there is a stereo spread there but here’s a fascinating point I do not understand if you can tell the noise difference I’m gon na hide the bottom speaker and after that the top audio speaker so yeah the leading applicant is actually silent in comparison to the lower audio

speaker and also it’s much thinner appearing so if you want to know about all the scientific research of all that check out my video clip concerning mobile phone speakers in the cart up below or the link in the description so something that’s really interesting considering that I’ve been utilizing this phone is it’s gotten actually actually warm so allow me get hold of something real fast zap it’s uh wow it reads at 108 levels so with any luck it doesn’t create issues it’s up right here in the top component of the phone but it’s still visible because you’re kind of you put your finger right there a minimum of I do so before I end the video I wish to give you $5 for seeing up until completion of course I’m serious and also I’m doing it in partnership with this video funded personal privacy comm and also their complimentary solution that aids secure you against debt card scams as a person who has actually operated in the credit card fraudulence prevention division at the leading financial

institution in America acquiring points online places your debt card number and personal details at particularly with all those data violations that have actually ended up being so usual now personal privacy dot-com safeguards you against fraud in many ways you have the capability to produce a brand-new online heater card for each purchase which is fantastic for those single acquisitions you can create a virtual vehicle to see to it those registration trials stay a test since you can set a restriction on just how much they can charge a digital card you can even produce a devoted card for your persisting registrations and transform any kind of one of your produce cards on and also off whenever you desire the most effective part is that it’s definitely free they generate income from individuals you acquire things from not you and no they will not offer your data secure your identity and your bank card info subscribe now at personal privacy comm slash this is tech today and also get $5 if you subscribe via that web link seriously it is a no brainer sign up now until now my first impressions are that this is an actually strong phone it’s really excellent yet it’s not as well much different than the galaxy s 10

plus minus the s-pen so this is what we require to check into you one of the most there are definitely benefits to having an S Pen like sending contracts desiring to annotate a picture or something like that so let me know what you think are the very best things concerning the s-pen and also it will most likely have a video about all the different suggestions and techniques for it but the concern is is it worth it to upgrade to something similar to this for hundreds of dollars a lot more for a lack of particular options like an earphone drive for me the s-pen can be actually hassle-free but you’re paying thousands of dollars much more for this and also it feels kind of like economical plastic to be sincere so below’s the huge minute a whole lot of you claimed that I am a pixel fanboy that I’m repaid by Google which is not real he claimed that I didn’t have any suggestion what I was speaking about which the note 10 ruins the pixel for well perhaps perhaps the pixel pressure is doing something more

cutting-edge or risk-taking than Samsung I indicate it’s rather easy to simply include more RAM as well as a larger battery right I wish to locate something that type of impacts my mind a little extra so perhaps I’m just misinterpreting the benefit of a No so we’re gon na secure the SIM card and placed it right into the note 10 which I will confess it’s good to have a mini SD card port on and there you it remains in the note 10 plus so allow me know what you want me to inspect out in the remarks or in the this is texted an area disharmony chat server there’s a link in the description for that so I assume we’ll come back with some videos on ideas as well as methods that I find for the note 10 and also after that some accessories I believe you should have a look at so thanks so a lot for enjoying this is technologies today where we speak concerning the section of modern technology in our everyday lives in organization as well as they’re all points innovative until following time

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