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now the Motorola Edge certainly feels like one of the first dedicated model flagship smartphones for quite some time and so it’s packed with loads of great unique features that you won’t find on any other Motorola handset from those funky edge display tools to some rather nifty game the features here’s how to get the most from your shiny new power it’s a proper Motorola edge Tips & Tricks guide has our and for more on the latest and greatest tech please do poke subscribe ending that notifications bell Cheers now like all model blowers the Motorola Edge rocks very stock conversion of Android but it is very very easy to change up the general look and feel with a bit of theme in action what you want to do is long press on any spare bit of desktop space and then hit the Styles option or alternatively just find the model experiences app which is just labeled mortal in your app store and then scroll down until you hit personalise give that a little tap and you’ll find it in there too and incidentally in both those menus you can also change up the wallpaper on your more drawler edge you can change up the grid layout for all of your apps on their desktops and you can even play around here in the personalise section of the model experiences up with the fingerprint animation I personally rather enjoy this jazzy disco efforts here but there are a couple of others to choose from

anywho I digress once you’ve gone into the Styles feature you’ll find you can mess around with the font the color the icon shape couple of other bits as well to get the model edge set up just the way you like to get started just tough this theme one icon down below you’ll be presented with a number of choices just select your preferred option and then at the end of it all Bosch you’ve got your very own moto edge theme just give it a name and that’s you done now those wonderfully curved edges on the display opportunity what gave them order all that edge it’s name but they’re not just a pretty little bit of design Flair in fact Ward roller has really gone to town with the screen edge features on this thing now one very important feature is the ability to choose whether your apps actually curve around the edges of the display like saw or whether they stopped just short instead and that’s particularly important if you’re gonna be doing a bit of gaming on the likes of pubsey mobile on your Motorola edge you don’t want those tiny on-screen buttons go on over the curved edges because the responsiveness will be iffy at best don’t give those bloody 12 year olds who’ve been off school for three months and even more of an advantage over your let’s face it to play around with this all you need to do is go into settings and then display tap on on advanced and then go to edge display and this will give you a big old list of all of your apps and you can see it whether they can be displayed over those curvy edges or not you’ve also got the edge lights feature to play around with and this illuminates both

sides of the display when you get an income and notification or call it’s a subtle little way of catching your attention when the Motorola Edge is sat beside you during a meetin or whatever even when you have it lined Fierce down to actually activate this feature and play around with it once again dive into the model into settings and go to display tap advanced turn and there it is right there edge lights just make sure that we toggle up top is switched on and then type in a sentence if you want to customize the edge lights feature it’s kind of limited you can’t say specifically which apps will cause the edge lights to activate for instances just all notifications or non but you’ve got the very least scheduled at the edge lights feature and play around with a couple of other bits and another feature that’s at the very least worth knowing about is the edge touch tool this is basically just a dinky wee shortcut bar which sits on the edge of your screen can be used for a variety of quite useful functions to get this on the go you’ll once again want to dive into that model experiences up here and the apps tray go to the more display section and in there you’ll find edge touch once that’s active you’ll find that you can busy swipe your finger across it towards the center of the screen and you’ll pull out this handy little toolbar but you can fill with up to six different shortcuts and of course you can completely configure and customize these shortcuts by tapping this little cog icon down at the bottom you can have in shortcuts there any of your installed apps more usefully you can dive into specific features within apps for

instance setting up a new event within calendar I’ve got a desert search so whenever I hear a new song or an album I really want to check out I can just dive straight into the search function we’ve also got a couple of different tools that you can call up for instance a virtual ruler if you have a desperately need to measure anything in particular and you’ve got a contacts option in there as well and of course if you dive into the sends as you might expect you’ll be able to completely customize it including change in the actual position of the bar as well so you can swap it from the left edge over to the right if you like you can move it up and down get it exactly positioned where you want it and just another quick tip as well remember the edge display feature where you can actually activate and deactivate that with a quick double tap of the edge touch bar as well as sizing so you double tap it’s no longer curving over the edges artists play another tap and it is now if you’ve been following along at forum you should be pretty used to that model experiences app by now and believe it or not there’s even more great features packed away in there I haven’t even touched on yet one of my favorite sections in here is undoubtedly the mortal actions this adds a whole bunch of great gesture support so for instance if you think your wrists are up to it you can open up the camera app with a quick double twist like so and you can also instantly activate the torch for the swift double karate chop but like saw handy for those late

night bathroom breaks and another handy feature buried away in the mortal actions is the lift to unlock its stuck here right at the very bottom and combined with the fierce recognition this is a fairly quick and easy way to securely unlock your phone it’s so any as Swift or as responsive as long rifles like wowie or Google or anything like that but it’ll do the job in a pinch if you’re wearing gloves or your hands all a bit greasy or grubby’s you can’t use that fingerprint sensor and if you get to set up the motor all that edges facial recognition well it’s nice and easy so why not do it now I just head into the security section of the settings menu and you’ll find fear son lockdown in there turn it up is super quick and easy and then once that’s done you’ll be able to use that face and lock whenever you lift the smartphone or just hit the power button and just recently Motorola introduced the call new gametime feature which is ideal for anyone who wants to pass lockdown by basically gleefully murdering strangers online to get started with game time you’ll have to yeah you guessed hit dive on into that mode of all that experiences up and scroll right to the bottom and in there you will find more game time then when you activate game time you’ll notice that a dinky little icon will pop up on the screen whenever you actually start a big game and you can use this to access the various settings and tours whenever you’re actually blasting through your favorite title you can move the icon around if you want to get it in a certain position or if you dive into the settings on game time you can actually remove it entirely and have it so you just swipe from the edge of the screen to open up that menu instead and the game time menu serves up essential features like

notifications blocking so you’re not disturbed just as you’re about to fill some Schmucks torso with lead and the good news is you can still allow calls from importing contacts so you boss need never know that you’re taking a crafty pubsey break in the middle of the day and here on the Motorola Edge you’ve also got a new virtual trigger feature which actually works a lot better than I ever expected this calls up left and right shoulder buttons on the top edge of your display while you’re gaming and you can allocate them to any on-screen control so for instance here in Puggsy mobile I’m at the left trigger to the in button and the right trigger to the shoot and why you don’t get any proper haptic feedback or anything I it definitely helps out on a complicated game like pub G we’ve got a lot of on-screen controls a lot of clutter and last up you may not get an always-on display feature here on the Motorola edge but as a kind of compromise you do at least get the peak display let’s go to show you if you’ve got any weight and notifications whenever you tap the screen so you know whether to bother picking up your phone and actually unlocking it which can be a handy little time saver because it’s not much use just knowing that you’ve got a new message waiting but if you tap and hold on it then you’ll be able to see what the message is who it is from you want to open it up you can

actually drag it down into the fingerprint sensor but of course you’ll have to actually use the finger that you have registered that would always help otherwise you can get rid of a notification simply by dragging it up into the dismiss section to get onboard with a pink display all I need to do is go into your settings once again go to that display section hit advanced and then if you scroll down a bit you’ll find peak display right there if you dive on into the settings for the pig display you will see there is an approach to week

option as well which says reach for your device to wake up peak to split but frankly a family you can basically be doing a rear disco dance over the Motorola Edge and it doesn’t seem to actually do anything so I wouldn’t even bother just stick with a simple tap and there you have my full tips and tricks card for your shiny new Motorola edge smartphone now if I missed off your own particularly favorite features definitely feel free to smash them down in a comment down below please do put subscribe ding that notification as well all that other YouTube governs and have yourself a lovely week yes everyone

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