Audio Engineer Rants About Modern Smartphone Speaker Design

hi there buddy brand in here there is a fustrating issue with smartphones currently especially for somebody like me it’s a problem with Samsung phones such as this galaxy s 10 below it’s a trouble with oneplus phones like this one +7 Pro here so problem with apples iphone which I do not have as well as it’s even a trouble with several of the upcoming pixels like the pixel 4 however at least Google is trying to do something concerning that however more on that particular later on so in order for me to describe this issue in a very practical and tan voice I’m gon na leave this normal frame right here as well as go get some props so let me get hold of the camera and also allow’s go that’s that’s not the structure residence that came out let’s let’s simply grab this Cameron said we’ll order this one you’re gon na obtain learned alright allow’s go it’s truly dark so we’ll resume this when I’m at the shop so while I was at the shop I was a dumb-dumb as well as put the electronic camera on the cart and also it roared during so the sound got all screwed up so I’m utilizing a voiceover for this part after you enjoy the remainder of this video you’ll comprehend the irony so when I reached the store I was looking for two different fans then you require to be fairly tiny as well as have various speed setups alright that’s what I’m searching for right there this right

below has various rates which is gon na be really essential for what I’m trying to explain so allow’s grab gas and afterwards in addition to that I needed to find some ribbon that could place on the followers to flap around in the wind however I was having a tough time discovering it and also simply kept locating these foofy frilly ribbon stuff that wasn’t sufficient I need something that was like what you place on a bloom and afterwards I discovered it so I located this red bow below it’s all you buck and after that an eco-friendly one so this should suffice as well as obviously I couldn’t miss on the googly eyes as well as after that ultimately I simply required a wood stick of kinds that I might put bow on I promise all this will certainly make feeling in just a minute it’s gon na be incredibly very interesting hey so genuine fast some of you have actually asked exactly how you can support the channel if you would love to do that you can purchase some merch and also if you use pixel peeper you can obtain five percent off on the merch right here is just one of those t-shirts on the shop quite classy huh and also I additionally have a patreon at reduce this is technology today and I have a particular goal that I’m trying to reach so I can launch a podcast so I can make even more web content for you and also simply engage with you in

an extra informal method so many thanks to everybody that aids sustain the channel in those means and also of course thanks for viewing so we really both of these fans below allow’s decline it currently we need the bow incidentally do you like these new lights I dig them what I’m going to do is reduce these into tiny little items and mix the objective of reducing these bows up and also to connect it onto the follower itself is so you can in fact see the wind blowing I’m simply gon na gaff tape this onto the follower it need to be a little bit much faster than linking it on [Music] [Applause] okay there’s one down currently I need to all right now below comes the weird component as well as require some supports this guy if you have actually been about enough time you may remember a video with this and also why I have it yeah we’re gon na take the sticks here I’m gon na put among them via via his head clean out your earwax brother so I have these two sticks below I’m gon na get this green ribbon as well as after that gon na link some of it to the sticks below I assure you this will all make good sense I just affixed it to this

little wood piece right here take a look at him this is absolutely nothing unusual about this and after that obviously because I acquired them include some googly eyes allow me know what we must call this man right here in the comments I’m getting Ellen vibes Alan perhaps every one of this is for scientific research okay I make sure you’re still asking yourself why did I make all this why is this a problem and also why is it an issue on your mobile phone so allow’s activate the fans as well as I’ll clarify so Alan below the head represents you and here are your ears and afterwards right here are two fans that stand for audio speakers or the noise the air is the noise since sound is so difficult to see contrasted to something like a TV it’s sometimes ignored with a television you can see a higher resolution or a higher fidelity or meaning or vibrant variety within a picture with audio it’s a little bit more of an abstract experiential point and also if you didn’t recognize I’m a professional audio designer and I’ve been mixing real-time occasions for several years and my most remarkable job was for Dustin kensrue from thrice so audio issues actually trouble me in several means communications provider are

marketing you something that’s substandard compared to what you can have and a whole lot of times they’re simply hiding it behind creative advertising as well as big names like Dolby which I normally value so for me to explain the issues with contemporary mobile phone audio speakers you require to use headphones both of them or earbuds fine allow me activate the fans to show you the trouble with modern smart devices and for the various other audio engineers around remember I’m attempting to present this in a really simple as well as available means so inform me some slack all right if I were to activate one fan or one speaker this is what is called mono and also speakers simply one speaker source as well as this is what it seems like now if I were to transform on both of these fans it states if there are two speakers currently right when you have 2 sources of sound or 2 speakers with differing resources of audio this can create something called stereo and after that right here’s what that last track seems like in stereo [Music] in its standard form stereo permits you to allocate a certain sound quantity power placement

location and so on within a stereo space stereo enables you to identify where a sound is coming from so as an audio designer I can put it before you as it generally would be or to your left your right or someplace in between to make this job appropriately you intend to have two speakers that coincide their mesh they have equivalent sound power frequencies and also things like that so you have both of these fans at the power of one it would not make feeling to transform one up to the greater setting since now it’s irregular so I do not understand if you can see this yet this longer ribbon is striking him since it’s at a higher setting so it’s standing for a louder quantity so in the recording workshop you have 2 of the very same speakers they’re matching as well as that’s where we reach our initial issue the initial is that they’re not the exact same high quality power or frequencies they’re unmatched they’re various so I make some video clips in music with these workshop screens and if I utilize the very same configuration as my phone for my speakers it would be the equivalent of eliminating this audio speaker as well as replacing it with this one it doesn’t make sense it doesn’t match or it resembles having one fan on the low setup as well as one follower on the high setup to

listen to just how strange that sounds here’s a clip it seems kind of weird right the other trouble is that the audio speaker is simply dealing with far from you so you see how the ribbons they move when the air is blowing at it and after that I transform it away and they quit relocating as much that’s simply not as powerful as well as really that’s just how microphones work too it seems good when it’s pointed at my mouth but it begins to sound worse and also worse as well as worse noise is clear or as full as when it’s sharp straight at my mouth now it’s certainly true that the bows still relocate despite the fact that the fan is not pointing at it you’re still obtaining a few of this ambient wind or air as well as that’s the same with audio but it’s simply not going to be as full or as efficient as if the audio speaker or the fan is aiming straight at it so what business tend to do is they still point the follower far from you but they simply obtain a larger extra powerful audio speaker and also turn it up see just how it’s moving much more currently Janki let’s deny does not relocate as much Ellen is not amused you simply wind up with a loss of top quality when the audio speaker is directing far from you it’s actually a silly design selection since you might have a much better appearing experience or

audio speaker if I was just aiming at you rather than away from you but at the very least it’s not as negative as some of the audio speakers on the older smart devices that we had that run the back somehow that actually made no feeling why they did and also in addition to that with this alignment of the audio speakers at the bottom oftentimes the microphone is appropriate alongside it right so consider just how lots of times you’ve seen an Instagram tale as well as you listened to the the mic being all smothered initially and after that oh they realize they covered it up and after that regardless it’s a poor design today the various other problem is how they have actually developed each of these audio speakers to be various now some of you have probably considered this without understanding it you’re probably thinking well Brandon the leading audio speaker is the tweeter and the bottom one is a woofer kind of such as this tweeter as well as woofer and also this is actually type of an actually clever suggestion but also a really negative idea in a way allow me clarify initially I require to clarify when a tweeter and a wolf rizzo a tweeter takes care of the higher regularities of audio to make sure that’s sort of like the clarity or the tininess of audio so it’s type of a symbol on a drum set a shrilling noise like a whistle or like the esses in

speech no woofer is sort of like the fullness the reduced frequencies sort of approximately whatever so it’s type of like that punch sound impact so that you listen to in a flick or type of where the voice is where you have a lot of the body and also due to the fact that a tweeter as well as a woofer deal with different regularities that permits them to produce greater quality audio within the particular regularity range that implies they’ll sound clearer and more defined as well as there will certainly be a bit of overlap however not as much since they’re separated and that enables for a much fuller audio so this tweeter and woofer design makes a great deal of sense on a smart device it’s in fact kind of neat unless you want stereo you see it’s not the like having two audio speakers like this it’s the matching of eliminating one of these and afterwards taking this set taking the tweeter or the higher regularities and placing it over right here on the right channel and after that the woofer taking it and also putting it over below left wing network if you were to pay attention to songs it would appear like this or if you were viewing a flick it would certainly seem like this it’s strange right and it’s in fact also weirder than that since the Wolfer are the bottom shooting speaker is dealing with away from you so you have 2 poor points going on currently I know

numerous of you will state that this is simply development and that Dolby as well as all these companies know what they’re doing I concur they recognize what they’re doing the hiding poor audio high quality with marketing at the end of the day this is just scientific research its objective scientific research on just how audio physics functions it’s not development its concession it’s not my viewpoint it’s truth the fact is that speakers as well as phones are also little as well as as well few to make much feeling in this tweeter woofer combination it’s simply a brilliant marketing line provided to you due to the fact that it can not fit a bigger speaker into the earpiece and they put a smaller one there probably because we do not have numerous bezels right which thinner appearing audio speaker up there is way various than the fuller appearing speaker near the bottom the very best configuration for a mobile phone type element is two of the very same speakers of equal power and also audio directing straight at you since does it suggest that mobile phone speakers audio poor in itself it’s simply strange as well as not proper with exactly how audio physics work and also exactly how sound systems have actually been designed a lot of the mobile phone speakers really appear truly excellent yet they additionally sound truly weird if you

actually take notice of it they’re uneven when is louder than the various other and also currently they do not face in the direction of you as well as sorry he’ll possibly observe this constantly when you utilize your cellular phone however the pixel 4 seems to be participating on this dreadful trend but there’s a license that they submitted that may provide us some wish this license doesn’t deal with the bottom shooting speaker which is still a negative style but it enables a dynamic EQ or equilibrium of audio or just how full sounds what frequencies are there for that speaker and also changes that based upon the positioning of your phone so theoretically can transform from the tweeter Wolford layout that makes sense in mono right into a stereo set of speakers that still aren’t fairly matched but closer to seeming the exact same based upon how they tune it or EQ it as you may have currently presumed I prefer to have double front-facing audio speakers it’s what made the pixel phones one of the very preferred phones for some individuals and even made the

HTC phones really prominent in the past with boom zone do you remember that that was a large deal I presume we’ll discover if the pixel four can really manage something that isn’t a trick and a concession or if we end up with speakers that just sound odd yet probably sound good but unusual allow me recognize your thoughts and also if you found out something in the comments below and intha this is tech today community disharmony conversation web server there’s a link down below in the description and also feel complimentary to share this video on various other subjects to make sure that I ‘d truly value that thank you for seeing this is tech today where we speak about the junction of Innovation in our day-to-day lives in service as well as all things produced up until next time

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