hello pal this is Brandon below from this is Technology today and perhaps you just obtained your hands on a samsung galaxy s 10 which’s 10 plus or an S 10 II as well as you have actually been looking at a couple of video clips attempting to find some ideas as well as techniques for it but maybe you haven’t learned anything new yet well hopefully this video clip is for you here are my top 15 suggestions techniques and also hidden and also Vance attributes for the samsung galaxy s 10 s 10 plus as well as s 10 e this is especially good if you’re an apple iphone switcher or an amateur Android customer and make certain you take a look at the 15th suggestion I’ve never ever seen anything like that before so allow me assist you out since this is technology today this video clip is sponsored by Senya and also their waves stand rapid Wireless 7.5 watt Qi charger click the link in the description for more details ok so suggestion top may be a little frightening if you’re not like a hardcore Android the customer but trust fund me you’re not mosting likely to damage anything this is the first setup that I change every time I get a new Android tool so you’ll wish to go to your setups hit the little equipment icon copulate to all-time low to concerning phone and

afterwards click software application info and after that you’ll see construct number go in advance as well as tap on that particular a couple of times until it claims you’re a designer as well as I’ll request your PIN so now that you’ve triggered the programmer setting proceed as well as counter and afterwards you’ll see this programmer options at the very lower so you’ll scroll down to the section called illustration as well as you’ll see something that refers to the computer animation scale so prior to we alter this let’s have a look at what the computer animations look like on their default establishing ok now we’ll most likely to home window animation scale and I constantly choose factor 5 go shift animation scale an animator duration range so currently let’s take a look at those computer animations again it resembles method break you’re best I love this it makes your phone really feel truly rapid as well as if you’re concerned regarding battery life it does not impact it ok

suggestion number 2 involves 2 finger swipe down so prior to when you’re swiping down for the settings you need to swipe down 2 times in order to access the fast toggles if you use two fingers it go directly to it that’s it tip number three allowed’s do both fingers swipe down go to the equipment icon and after that we’ll go to display so there are a few points I desire to have a look at first is the font dimension and style so you can change the font to look smaller if you desire to or if you need text to be a little bigger this is an alternative to do that you can also change the specific typeface that’s presented there’s likewise the display zoom so you can additionally make everything larger generally and after that there’s a display resolution which is truly intriguing because Samsung defaults the resolution to a lower one than its complete capacity so we’ll just utilize limit one and regarding I recognize it doesn’t really impact battery life a ton if you have a phone that has the top-of-the-line screen panel why wouldn’t you make use of all of it this next one is just one of my favorites it’s called night setting it’s one more name for dark mode if you click on it it makes whatever darker as well as there’s a benefit for

this in regards to battery life it’ll preserve much more battery specifically with an OLED panel if you have black pixels it’s not transforming them on which means you conserve battery life it’s just a lot easier to review generally currently while we’re right here when you rotate the phone by default the turning is on however if you were to secure it so it does not rotate specifically if you’re examining your phone while you’re stocking bed this resembles important to switch off but if you turn it there’s this little icon that pops up in the bottom right edge if you click on it it’ll manually rotate the screen rotate back and there you go very convenient I love this function is something that thought of the current variation of Android currently given that we’re here allow’s click the menu icon in the bottom left edge as well as we’ll go to your application summary display currently if you click this little symbol on top of the home window you have a few choices that reveal up one of them is the split display view so you can actually experience your other application so let’s choose the

Play Store and afterwards you see just how it has a split display here and you can just readjust it by striking this little bar and also dragging it and if you intended to type something your keyboard still shows up this is very useful especially if you intend to type out an email and you need to check out your notes and also to obtain out of the split display view you simply drag down all the method to the bottom which’s it so this following one is a lot like the facebook messenger pop-up little bubble point for conversation so if you strike that menu switch once more at the base and after that struck the symbol for the app you’ll see this open pop-up sight as well as it pops up this little home window that you can drag about what’s fascinating is if you strike this second icon here it’ll reduce it right into this little symbol that you can drag about similar to the conversation heads on facebook Carrier and afterwards you just tap on it and it opens it up so you can drag it anywhere you desire as well as you can even

readjust how translucent that display is and afterwards the third one is to maximize it to its normal view currently once more allow’s click that food selection switch and struck the little icon and afterwards there’s an option to pin this application this is really helpful claim if you were to offer your phone to a kid to play a game and also you do not want them to leave the application and mess around with your phone or you’re simply letting a person obtain your phone to make a call so while it’s pinned they can’t leave it so you see just how I’m hitting the home button it’s not functioning so they’re just able to navigate around that specific application to get out of it you hold simultaneously both the left as well as right icons it’s unpinned and afterwards you can go out currently this next one is incredibly easy it’s a rapid app switcher if you DoubleTap really quick on the application switcher and go to your last app so you can toggle in between the 2 simply with a double faucet currently this tenth idea will assist us change this navigation bar that we’ve been

utilizing so if you remain in your settings most likely to your display and after that copulate to navigating bar so if you’re utilized to something like a pixel tool this is actually useful as well as after that for the eleventh pointer you can use gestures but um do not use gestures it’s it’s bad it’s weird so relying on how you have your switches oriented you can either have the application summary by swiping up you can go back by swiping up or swipe up from the center to get house I really don’t like this one excessive so good try Samsung but this isn’t it I’m gon na transform that off allow’s go back to the settings as well as if you go all the method to innovative features you’ll see an alternative states motion and also gestures click that as well as there’s this alternative called one-handed mode there are 2 various methods to activate this you can either have it establish up to ensure that you hit the home button 3 times or you swipe up from the edge so allow’s have a look at the gesture real fast so I swiped up from the side as well as it made it into this smaller home window that’s less complicated to browse with one hand and also you

can have it alternate sides and also to leave it you simply tap outside of the window as well as with the switch alternative you just touch the residence switch three times in a row there you go and also once more you can exit simply by tapping outside the window as well as there’s a bunch of other actually awesome things that you can do in the activities and also gestures so go on as well as jab about in there allow’s go back and we’ll click on twin carrier now this is incredibly practical if you have several accounts for whatsapp Facebook telegram or carrier and you do not wish to need to log out and visit regularly it’s truly clunky so you can log right into two various variations of this application and also make it actually hassle-free on your own great allow’s go back one as well as go to the top as well as there’s one called big rate routines this is truly great this is when your phone begins to really feel incredibly advanced and also assist you crazes without you needing to actively ask it to do it you have specific points prepared to go based upon the moment of day it is where you’re at whether you’re driving you’re functioning out anything like that this makes it very great as well as you can add your very own

personal ones on the my routine display so if you pick a house choice you can have it instantly link to a particular Wi-Fi network you can have your phone either on shake or with a ringer on a number of various points that simply normally take place according to your preferences and after that let’s go back one even more time as well as after that completely at the end of this display there’s an attribute that I do not see that usually it’s called send out SOS messages so click that so currently this is established to make sure that if you struck the power button 3 times in a row you can send out a message to particular people so you choose an emergency situation call and after that what will certainly happen is I’ll take a photo the minute that you strike that switch three times you can also have it tape-record for 5 seconds so state something insane is taking place something like exactly how to take in you can type of say something about where you are what somebody looks like in the 5 secs that it’s recording and afterwards it’ll send it out immediately to your emergency get in touch with so those are my favored ideas techniques and also surprise features I make certain there’s lots of others I haven’t discussed for this phone because it can do a whole lot yet if you have some preferred ones proceed and also leave some comments down below as well as assist everybody else out as well as do not neglect to sign up with that this is texted an area disharmony conversation we had actually love to have you there there’s a link in the summary and also please share this with others I ‘d really appreciate it thanks for enjoying this is tech today where we discuss the crossway of innovation in our day-to-day lives in business and also in all points creative till next time

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