Samsung S22 Ultra 8 months later – STILL RUBBISH? Reviews

I have actually listened to there’s an update offered for the Samsung s22 Ultra however first I have actually got a little bit of a trouble you see I have actually got lots of mobile phones in this studio they are actually almost everywhere and also I do not know where I’ve placed the s22 ultra international I was worried for a min after that um ideal I ask yourself if it’s got any type of fee no totally dead right let’s obtain it billing while that’s billing the factor I’m making this video clip is since Samsung has actually just recently released an upgrade for the s22 ultra now because I’ve had this phone there’s been concerning four million updates for it and none of them have fixed the concerns with the dreadful exynos chip now if you weren’t mindful if you purchase an s22 ultra in the UK it is outright garbage and the factor for that is truly straightforward it does not included the Snapdragon chip that the majority of other regions get we get the exynos chip which is Samsung’s very own chip it’s simply dreadful it’s sluggish it’s slow-moving it Jitters it’s simply a dreadful mobile phone experience and more significantly it’s not good enough for a phone that is this costly however according to my podcast co-host Rob and Alex gear and Technology who has a great YouTube network the

most recent update for this phone has rather much fixed those problems this has actually fascinated me I require to see it for myself so I’m mosting likely to take this with me currently on a trip to Amsterdam due to the fact that why not so I feel like I must describe why this phone frustrates me a lot and also it’s really rather simple it’s a fantastic phone ruined by an awful chip just to reiterate you do not obtain that problem if you do not live in the UK in specific various other regions however, for whatever factor Samsung provides us in the UK the exynos chip so I updated the phone last evening it’s currently on version 4.1 of one UI interestingly the version that Rob used is the beta version which is variation 5 yet then I have actually spoken with Alex equipment in Technology that the existing public version is secure also initial impressions better I think the bigger inquiry is with this update is it worth buying an s22 ultra now so I have brought it with me to Amsterdam on a little journey for another thing and allow’s see just how it really performs the other reason it’s worth speaking about this phone at the minute is due to the competition now we can place the apple iphone 14 pro Max to one side since that prices concerning the same as the s22 ultra

however when you take a look at points like the pixel 7 Pro which is currently my Android phone of the year everything begins to look a bit negative for Samsung you’ll still spend over a thousand extra pounds or a thousand bucks on this phone it needs to be good and the reality that it’s got a terrific display it’s obtained the S Pen it’s obtained excellent battery life in my experience and it’s got a great layout isn’t adequate and also it definitely isn’t enough if the performance isn’t as much as damage so what’s one UI 4.1 like as quickly as I started utilizing it it felt okay and also this seems outrageous claiming this however bearing in mind that my experience of one UI formerly was an extremely stuttery laggy point many of that appears to have gone so scrolling via the home screens now doesn’t have those little dives and Jitters I utilized to get scrolling via the information eat the left hand side which was a horrible experience appears to be much better Twitter was constantly fairly bad let’s give that a go okay once more the scrolling that was the large issue the scrolling was truly actually leaping quit beginning currently it just

appeared to be a lot much smoother I assume Samsung have actually taken care of something below so after concerning two days with the s22 ultra exactly how do I really feel about it currently I’m actually starting to like this phone once more and it’s to that software program update which does seem to have actually fixed the majority of the concerns I have actually made a few monitorings while I’ve been utilizing it the initial one is that it feels surprisingly light compared to the apple iphone 14 pro Max and even the pixel 7 Pro it really seems like quite a light phone although practically it’s larger it’s taller as well as a little wider than the iPhone 14 pro Max the fingerprint reader is additionally slower than it is on the pixel 7 Pro which is paradoxical given that the pixel 6 Pro wasn’t excellent because respect yet I saw on this it takes a couple of way too many secs to register your finger as well as likewise the tap to wake attribute so tapping the screen to wake it up takes for life on the s22 ultra yet those are minor gripes the various other thing I’ve been thrilled with really while I’ve been using this is the camera currently as stated in my previous review which I’ll connect to over it does quite usually get it incorrect it type of overblows points and does that classic Samsung thing of making every little thing way also vibrant but as these shots around

here reveal you it can do some truly excellent points with pictures and actually a few of these images are my favored images over the last couple of days but the other thing I’ve actually taken pleasure in while I’ve been away is simply little touches so points like the fact it provides you the regional as well as house time on the constantly on display screen so I have actually obtained my local time in the house plus the time right here in Amsterdam and the always on display screen contrasted to the apple iphone 14 pro Max once more this is how you do it Apple it’s so basic it doesn’t truly truly have any kind of impact on the battery life it’s great as well as on the battery life it’s superb I understand a great deal of people have had a concern with the s22 ultra’s battery life but I’ve never had that issue so do I suggest the s22 ultra currently in October November 2022. No I hesitate not Samsung although the exynos version in the UK does appear to be repaired with this most current upgrade it’s still an extremely pricey phone and also things that’s completely changed

everything for me is the pixel 7 Pro the reality that that phone is so much less costly it’s still not cheap but it’s less expensive than this and also cheaper than this it simply makes the lives of these 2 phones rather difficult so I would certainly provide the s22 ultra a Miss it’s simply also expensive and it’s coming to the end of its life anyhow allowed’s be sincere as well as instead if you’re in the marketplace for a new Android phone I would certainly choose either the pixel 7 or the pixel 7 Pro and to learn what I think of those two phones keep viewing for a web link to my full evaluation what a good early morning below just consider this definitely lovely I enjoy Amsterdam incidentally most definitely returning

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