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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Christmas expert today we’re gonna be unboxing the fresh new Nokia 1.3 one of the most affordable smartphones that you can grab in the UK right now in 2020 you can stuff for one direct from nock your own app just 79 quid which is great news if you want to throw a smartphone at your kid and not literally throw a smartphone it you keep gonna give your kid a smartphone or if you want a secondary handset or if you’re just super super skinned so I’m gonna take you on a full tour of the nokia 1.3 right now the hardware and the software and everything else you need to know it if you’re tempted to buy yourself one if one the latest greatest tech fees do folks subscribe ending that notifications well Cheers so as you see where you get in the rest of the box quickly before we turn our attention to the phone itself so for one you’re actually get a battery to stick in the thing it spent thousands of and bucks deform that came with a battery separate to the actual device itself so I’ll remember to put that in before I tried turning it on for about three minutes and wondering why it’s not doing anything you’ve also have course got a bit three-pin plug action bosch and unfortunately yes because this is a super budget handset that means unfortunately nokia 1.3 charges with the dreaded at micro USB so that’s a box nice and simple and straightforward now let’s check out yeah actual fun so first of all of course unsurprisingly the nokia 1.3 is super light without any kind of battery pack twin sides the first port of call is to work out how to prise it open and get that stuffed in and the get started mind

you all the instructions are all I hopefully see put your fingernail in the seam between the plastic back cover and the display and then yank the two apart unfortunately I don’t have any fingernails because I bite them to the crawl so this is gonna be bloody hell going on here we go yeah victory so there we have it the back cover is off Annunaki or 1.3 internals are exposed you filthy for you as you can see we’ve got two SIM slots here we’ve got sim one which doubles as a micro SD memory card slot as well and we’ve also got a second SIM card slot over here opponent Lea the Nokia 1.3 can take micro SD memory cards up to 400 gigs in size which is great and just as well ready because apparently only gets 16 gigs of internal storage and let me tell you that’s gonna fill up hella fast there’s just slot the old battery in there this is definitely taking me back a few years when I had to do this all the frickin time and touch what that since we hold them pretty firm on there so that’s good you can actually pick up a Nokia 1.3 and a variety of colors you got charcoal Sian or Sansa basically black blue or a sort of peachy color and this of course is the cyan model pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a sub 100 pound budget smartphone of course a plastic shell it’s got a rough textured finish that should help to ear grip it’s actually still fairly light even with that battery installed the Nokia 1.3 is actually one of the most compact smartphones that have handles off on 20/20 as well it’s got a 5.7 one inch to split otherwise you can see there there’s a fairly thick bezel surrounding it pop a bit of Jimmy Hill chin action as well and very straightforward stuff down below you’ve got a microUSB port for charging you’ve got your power button and your volume rocker over on the right

edge you’ve got a dedicated Google Assistant button on the opposite edge and a proper 3.5 ml 4 and jack up top lovely stuff so let’s see shall we if we have any juice in that battery we do indeed brilliant stuff so now I can get it all set up and take you on a tour of the rest the hardware and the software it’s a nice quick easy set of process here on the nokia 1.3 let’s check out that software’s burnin the latest Android 10 but it is actually under a tango Edition which is better suited to more basic handsets like this Nokia so you know this is a very stock version of Android but it’s also stripped back in several ways you’ve got the usual Google Apps on Bob you will notice that some of them are the gore Edition so for instance you’ve got YouTube Gore so as you can see a very streamlined interface compared to the standard YouTube aren’t BBC got your home you can access your channels and your subscriptions up top here if you’re add to my channel it would literally just be a list of my videos that’s it again very simple and straightforward and if you tap on one to watch it you actually be asked what quality you want to watch it in high standard all-day to savor now YouTube go you should also have a save option as well as play if you want to download a video to watch on the move save yourself a bit of that data allowance and 40 I’m not finding it on any videos that I click on here on YouTube Gordon if that’s because of the region I mean I’ve tried looking on the YouTube FAQs and I can’t find any information there so I’ll dig a bit more into that unfortunately there’s no way of zooming into the action here on YouTube go either so it’s very compact window when you’re enjoying a bit of your YouTube action though such issues with the likes of Netflix however we can go pretty much full screen of course that little notch area is blocked off which is just as well as an intrude on the screen anyway now that’s a 720p HD displace what

you get here is a 1520 by 720 pixel resolution so yeah not particularly crisp it is fairly blocky visuals but it’ll still do the job for that likes a quick been a Netflix YouTube something like that probably watch an entire movie on this thing but I’ll definitely do the job on the move and at 400 nits not one of the brightest panels Ramba should be able to see flying and for like checking emails and stuff like that outside even when it’s super bright and it’s a model speaker set up as you’d probably expect this just boost up that volume see how it fares basically what you’d expect from a sub 100 pound smartphone actually pretty loud on that top volume yeah it’s pretty tinny as well but if you wanna listen to a bit of music or something you’ve always got that headphone jack and you got some Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity as well and it’s cause very stripped-down Android experience in general does not discover feed or anything like pulled down the notifications bar things he often behave very small selection of quick toggles there if you dive on into the settings you have a tinker around in here but again it’s kind of stripped back compared with standard Android when it comes to the security side of things or you may not have a built-in fingerprint sensor on this thing but you do have a bit of face unlock so let’s just get this or set up move your fantasy or whole face and there we have it all set looking goods are you flatter me nokia 1.3 like this is well liveness detection does that detect some that you’re actually alive when you’re trying to unlock your smart phone not really sure that’s all about face unlock is a little bit on the hesitant side it takes its sweet time sort of working out whether you’re actually you and sometimes it works like so and other times if the Lighting’s not great then obviously it does struggle a bit nothing too surprising again though

because of course a budget smartphone quite a basic front facing camera and the rest that go up sperry simple and straightforward but like some apps got when you tell them actually just opens up a chrome window rather than a full-on separate app but it still functions exactly as you expect as you can see you can search for areas you can zoom right in get directions to places stuff like that and of course you’ve got full Google assistance for all the Google assistant go again here on the nokia 1.3 and you can just tap that dedicated button here on the left side and that should call up the assistance there we go and then you can tell her whatever you want ask her to tell a joke wherever you fancy and she will do your bidding and the great thing about Nokia is they are super dedicated when it comes to update you guaranteed two years of OS update so as you get updated to Android later in 2020 and then Android 12 next year as well and that monthly security updates as well so no worries at all on that front you will be fully up to date because the specs and everything very basic here on the nokia 1.

3 don’t expect any NFC support dual band Wi-Fi anything like that it’s actually run by a Qualcomm to15 chipset and yet the chipset is designed for very basic smartphones to provide perfunctory performance shall we see and hear in the nokia 1.3 it’s also backed by just one gigabyte of ddr3 ram as well so yes you will see lots of stutters and standard sometimes you’ll tap on an app I hit be waiting two three seconds for it to pop up on the screen that sort of thing so you want to be patient when you’re using it definitely as for the battery which you saw me slip inside earlier it’s a 3000 milliamp cell so that should easily keep you going all day here on the nokia 1.3 thanks to the energy efficient platform and the energy efficient software as well as you can see you got battery saver options battery management or like Connie shenanigans as five watt chargin so you’ll probably want to

leave it plugged in overnight to be honest and as I mentioned before very limited storage as well as soon as you can see all the eleven gigs of space free and all I’ve really downloaded is Netflix onto this thing so far as well so yes I’ll fill up pretty fast with your photos videos and especially if you download an apps as well but you can’t slip in a micro SD memory card to solve that problem now here on the back of the nokia 1.3 you’ve got a single lens camera setups an 8 megapixel shooter and I think it’s perfectly flush with the surface as well which is nice and like most of the other Google app checks you get the Google camera go up here on the nokia 1.3 and that’s just stripped back for again for a smoother experience on more law of hard phones like this as you can see there you start up you’re in an auto mode you can basically just take your snaps like so you can do a little tap it up here if you want to do a digital zoom but there is of course no optical zoom now actually tell you how many photos are remaining with your available storage as well so as you see it’s just recording to the internal cause of an SD card in you’ve got a handful of sentence to play around with including a timer but a face enhance option let’s just keep that off and you do have a HDR mode on as well which I’m guessing will increase the processing time but will help out for those high dynamic situations let’s just see how long that takes give it a little tap tap actually that’s pretty nippy not too bad at all and there’s the results perfectly respectable for a budget blower once you start to dive in there does a little bit grainy of course but

absolutely fine just for viewing back on the phone itself and the color reproduction seems nice and natural you’ve got a small selection of a bonus camera features on here as well including a portrait more just for adding a bit of a bucket style affects your background using those Google’s smarts and you’ve got video mode as well I believe you should at 720p HD resolution tells you exactly how much footage you can shoe that and in two minutes worth and you’ve got a bit of the old Google translates as well so if you are ever in a foreign country again depending on how this whole virus situation goes then you can translate a bit of a menu or whatever and last of your sort of a 5 megapixel front-facing camera which again I wouldn’t expect any wonders or miracles from this thing but does look like you’ve got a to your smarts and that bad boy as well as should be absolutely fine just fo capturing simple shareable pics which you can then dive into as you can see then clean the marking share them with the world to do whatever you want this particular gem right here I think I might just delete that yeah it’s all right there in a nutshell is the new Nokia 1.3 as you can see if you’ve got under a hundred pounds to spend on a smart phone and you want a to some basic handset to use as the secondary smart phone fall festivals remember them or forgiving to your kids something like that it’ll defi stand up to the test it just got to be a bit patient because obviously the performance is quite limited but these those go apps are nice and streamlined so they seem to be running okay so that’s not what you think down in the comments below you time today grab yourself a bit of NOC here at one point three action stay tuned because I should hopefully be reviewed likes the Nokia 5.3 and the ear point three 5g as well a bit of a Nokia fanboy stay tuned for all of that shenanigans please do poke subscribe ding that notifications about and that b-cells a lovely week people Cheers love you

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