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there’s a variety of tech accessories that i just could not run this service without and i’ve kind of proved that today so i reached the workshop today i began getting out every one of the tech equipment as well as accessories that i was mosting likely to show you today and after that recognized i ‘d left a few of them in the house as well as it’s a genuine downer because i need them today as well as that type of confirms my factor concerning this video clip which is that not all tech accessories are that amazing but there are some that are so vital so so beneficial so indispensable that you simply can’t do without them so this isn’t another everyday technology lug video i have actually done rather a few of those currently it’s even more of an understanding right into the important things that i just can not run this organization without so think of one dongle that can actually do everything well i located it as well as it’s called the ocasis 10 in one center and also when i claim it has whatever it actually has everything you could ever before require to plug into your laptop computer let’s run with the checklist it’s obtained two usb a ports one 10 gigabits per 2nd usb c port an sd card slot a micro sd card slot gigabit ethernet a complete sized hdmi port that’s qualified of 4k at 60

hertz an audio jack a pd port that can supply 80 watts of quick pass-through billing when you attach it to the keys and one amazing event technique which’s a covert area that can house an m2 nvme ssd which obviously you would certainly need to acquire separately however i have actually placed a 512 gig ssd in mine which didn’t cost me excessive i believe it had to do with 60 or 70 pounds as well as instantly you turned that center right into a mobile ssd too it’s developed like a storage tank as well as well as it comes with this convenient little silicon situation which indicates you can fairly gladly toss it around while you’re traveling so we have actually got a center a quick battery charger and also a mobile ssd drive all in one and all for regarding 130 pounds although there’s usually rather a bargain to be had as well it’s so so valuable i speak a lot concerning sandisk outside ssds on this channel and also that’s a clear indication that i’m quite dependent on them actually they

are one of the things that i’ve failed to remember to bring here today which means i do need to go back to obtain them since or else this video clip will certainly not get modified in reality every video clip you’ve seen on this channel is edited directly off one of those sandisk ssds i’ve got both the pro as well as the extreme professional versions in both one terabyte and two terabyte variations as well as they’re simply absolutely rock strong they never let me down they’re likewise plenty quick enough to manage the 10-bit 4k video clip created by this video camera they’re additionally ruggedized and also water-proof as well as although i have actually never obtained mine wet it’s great to know they can deal with the elements as well as they constantly appear to be on offer on amazon so if you need a truly quick tough reliable exterior ssd i always suggest sandisk these earbuds are better than airpods professional i’ve examined the oppo enco x on my blog site which i’ll link to in the description yet i have actually been utilizing these earbuds for a number of months currently and they have actually definitely blown me away i assume there’s a couple of reasons these are far better than the airpods pro the initial one is the sound thanks to a collaboration with dyn sound these nco x’s simply audio incredible the noise cancelling is just as good as

airpods pro the fit for me at least is much more protected i understand that’s an extremely subjective point however for my ears these simply work far better and somehow the case feels smaller despite the fact that it’s actually a little bit bigger than the airpods pro situation i can not get my head around it yet there’s something concerning this situation that makes it really feel a lot more hassle-free to carry around than the airpods pro instance and lastly there’s the rate the airpods pro still retail for regarding 239 extra pounds these are 170 quid and yes you do shed a few of the apple magic with these yet at this rate and with this audio they are unbeatable this set might stun routine customers yet it’s the bose 700 which are quickly among the earliest pair of noise cancelling earphones i have readily available in this workshop and also i’ve got a great deal when i was assembling this listing i recognized that it’s really the bose 700 i’ll start the date with so my early morning routine when i get out of bed make myself a coffee as well as go and also rest at the kitchen area table that involves me doing things on the laptop and also i require to sort of close myself away and also move on with the benefit some factor i constantly make use of the bose 700s for that task i’m not truly sure why

either i’ve obtained lots of various other headphones like i claim and also a few of them are better better in fact than the bose 700s i assume it’s actually the size of them it’s the convenience it’s the no fuss sound cancelling as well as audio they generate and it’s that instance in fact the situation as you understand for me is extremely extremely vital and also i believe the both 700s are up there with the sony xm4s when it involves an extremely very practical situation and finest of all they’re an outright deal right now so if you desire a really good set of noise terminating earphones and also you do not wish to invest an outright ton of money as well as you’re not bothered concerning the most up to date as well as greatest i would certainly obtain a pair of bose 700s i made a video clip concerning this the newfie air 60 key-board and it’s matching brand-new folio case fairly lately which i’ll connect to over however it’s generally the perfect mobile key-board arrangement for the ipad mini it’s definitely amazing but you might be asking yourself where on planet this keyboard is well if i open this up we disclose the air 60 and also this isn’t any type of old common mobile keyboard it’s really a proper mechanical key-board so it’s obtained appropriate buttons appropriate tricks and it’s all housed in this really slim mobile lightweight framework however where it obtains truly interesting is when you pair it with this new folio so if i

location it back on here by these little magnets flip this around attach that there we suddenly have a little ipad mini stand so you position your ipad mini on there and also you’ve instantly got a mobile ipad mini inputting setup and because i published the first video clip on this key-board it has sold like hot cakes and it’s not difficult to see why successive we have the logitech mx master 3 i’m extremely really dull regarding this i know however it is the best mouse i have actually ever before utilized and if you have even a passing interest in mouse comfort designs or the capability to obtain things done rapidly it’s really worth the money which is among those accessories that i left at home today and i just feel like i have actually shed one of my arm or legs without it it has actually ended up being a little a cliche in youtuber land if you’re a youtuber generally you make use of a logitech mx master 3 and also you keep waffling on concerning it however it’s for really very great factor

trust me i’ll be including this next device in a future video clip so i’ll keep this fairly quick however it does deserve a place on this list which’s since it’s totally transformed the method that i use my 16-inch macbook pro it’s made by a business called moft as well as they call it the world’s very first undetectable laptop computer stand since is rather a claim however i believe they’ve got a point because it’s perhaps the very best way i have actually found to prop up my macbook pro without hauling around a separate stand you simply attach the squashed stand to the base of your macbook using some recyclable sticky stuff do not fret it’s super safe not messy in all but after that you can angle your macbook in 2 really useful manner ins which extra lift has actually been perfect for my video clip editing but also my general stance even though you do need to attach this thing to your macbook you do not truly understand it’s there that makes that case about it being unnoticeable fair adequate truly i will be releasing a complete testimonial of the insta 360 most likely to cam rather quickly but again i just needed to include it to this listing which’s

due to the fact that this little thing has become my best action webcam i definitely enjoy it it’s probably the most enjoyable method i have actually discovered to capture everyday events and also it’s mosting likely to play a substantial duty in this company moving forward many thanks to a new network i’m starting later on this year which i’ll tell you extra concerning in due program you open it up like that it’s got like an airpods pro billing instance as well as there it is little magnetic so you can affix it to all kinds of different things includes great deals of devices it’s such an enjoyable little point i can’t stop utilizing this particularly for time gaps i’m addicted to making time gaps with this oh as well as the instance also develops into a little stand so you have actually obtained these little kick leg points that appear it’s simply terrific i love this point a lot now practically every one of the stuff that i have actually revealed you today bar a couple of things goes right into this which is the innotech tech organizer currently i’m a little bit of a damaged record concerning this too so apologies to normal audiences but just a very fast note to claim that if you’re seeking something to place every one of your technology little bits and also items into i believe this is just one of the very best alternatives i’ll put a web link in the description if you’re starving for even more of this things keep enjoying for a web link to a video clip i made lately where i reveal my favored devices for the 24 inch imac you

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