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right let’s talk about this m2 controversy hi guys welcome back to the channel this is not a normal video as you can probably tell things look a bit different and also this is just a reaction video to a piece of tech news or two pieces of tech news to be exact that have really bothered me also please ignore the it’s i can’t sugarcoat this at all it’s baby sick i’m a new dad this stuff happens i didn’t realize this was on my t-shirt sorry so there’s two things to talk about and they both relate to the m2 chip which at the moment is available in the 13-inch macbook pro which is a weird product but that’s for another topic but is also coming to the new macbook air which we hope is going to be available for pre-order at the end of this week or potentially next week but there have been two pieces of tech news that have made me fire up the studio and sit in front of this mic unusually today the first thing is and firstly i’m not gonna mention the people involved the people that have been doing these tests and these reports because it’s not fair to point fingers i just want to comment on the news that it has generated really because it’s bothered me and more

importantly i think if you’re waiting to buy one of these m2 machines let’s be honest probably the macbook air probably not the 13-inch macbook pro but if you’re waiting to buy one of these machines and you’re getting wind of these reports about the m2 chip you’re probably now thinking twice and i think that’s a bad idea so the first thing is this stuff around the ssd the storage in the 13 inch macbook pro the reports basically are that the 256 gigabyte version of the 13-inch m2 macbook pro is slower so basically the read and write speeds for the storage in that computer are slower than the m1 version that it’s replacing now the stats and the tests and the benchmarks prove this to be the case it is slower and it’s slower by quite a bit actually and on the face of it that is worrying totally agree however it does only apply to that 256 gigabyte version of the 13-inch m2 macbook pro if you go up to the 512 and beyond it looks like the speeds are about the same as the m1 version so why the fuss i maintain that the people who buy that 256 gig version probably aren’t gonna be too worried about the speeds that that thing produces for the ssd they

probably don’t even know what the speeds are or how they compare to the previous version the second thing is slightly more worrying if you look at it at face value and this is about the apparent throttling that is happening on the m2 chip in that 13-inch macbook pro and this comes after a bunch of benchmark tests that were done by a certain youtube channel i won’t mention them like i say but you’ll probably you probably know who they are if you’re watching this video and they demonstrated that during a final cut pro export the m2 macbook pro was running its fans at full chat full speed completely you know blasting the things to to death and as a consequence it was having to reduce the power coming out of that m2 chip and they compared that performance with the m1 chip of the same roughly the same spec and it didn’t do the same thing it basically maintained its power much more efficiently and the result of that the net result of that was a quicker export time for the m1 version of the macbook pro versus the m2 version now that’s not right at all if you look at that again at face value this is bad news for apple isn’t it because their older version of their macbook is outperforming the newer version however those tests were done with 8k raw canon footage now if you don’t care about video if it’s not your thing basically that is very high resolution very chunky footage out of a pretty much a professional camera and i’m sorry but most people who buy that 13-inch macbook

pro are not going to be working with footage like that now yeah during the m2 launch at wwdc last month apple did claim that the m2 chip is capable of working with 8k footage so this is a completely legitimate test i have no problem with that whatsoever but again how many buyers of that m2 chip in either the 13 inch macbook pro or the forthcoming macbook air are going to be working with 8k raw footage i don’t think very many at all and the problem with this and the ssd thing that i mentioned earlier is that as soon as this stuff gets into the hands of the mass media all hell breaks loose and it’s a little bit unfair not on apple i’m not an apple apologist at all if you watch this channel you’ll know that i do have issues with apple and i will not be backwards in coming forwards if i think they’ve done something ridiculous which happens quite often as i mentioned earlier regular consumers will not be thinking about ssd speeds and they won’t be working with 8k raw footage and more importantly they won’t be looking at the clock when it comes to doing video edits and video exports very few people if any who buy these first two m2 machines will have those kind of time constraints when it comes to production work now if you’re a youtuber or if you’re running

a video production house you do have those time constraints and it’s important that the machines that you use can export things quickly render stuff quickly and yeah at 100 it would be an absolute nightmare if the new machine you’ve bought with a brand new chip is slower than the old one however benchmarks are just one part of the story and again apple has done something strange here they’ve kind of reduced the speed and the ability for the m2 chip to remain cool compared to the m1 version 100 but what i’m personally far more interested in is how these machines feel i’ve always said that it’s the reason i started this channel i don’t enjoy benchmarks i have better things to be doing personally than to be sat there looking at numbers what’s more important to me is how these things feel and the m1 chip so the m1 in this m1 macbook air is amazing this is the 8 gigabyte base model version of the m1 macbook air and it’s been the best laptop i have ever owned and the main reason for that is that it is completely effortless honestly you can just get everything done on this and i’ve even done 4k video edits on this without any issue whatsoever it slows down a little bit as you’d expect but given the specs that’s going to happen isn’t it but apart from that 998 of the work that i do on this machine it just flies through and my suspicion with these new m2 machines is that they will feel exactly the same if you are a normal user like me like i am with this particular laptop if you’re just doing regular stuff on the m2 macbook pro or the m2 macbook air you’re not

going to sit there thinking oh dear the ssd is a bit slow or oh no why is it throttling the performance you just won’t notice but again coming back to the mass media and the way they pick up on some of these benchmark hyperbolic headlines is that they kind of misconstrue them and then paint this picture of a laptop or a machine that is worse than its predecessor you can imagine the headlines it’s going to be m2 chip is worse than m1 chip or m2 chip proven to overheat if you’re a regular consumer and you hear that you’re going to think whoa hang in a minute i’m not going to buy this computer there’s something seriously wrong here and as someone who speaks for the consumer with this sort of stuff that really bothers me because i do think the m2 macbook air and even the m2 13 inch map but no forget that one the m2 macbook air is a solid purchase if you are a normal user like i am with this laptop that laptop will be a fantastic buy for you and i’d hate these headlines to put you off now if these benchmarks related to the m2 pro or the m2 max whenever we see those chips if we see those chips then that is a completely different thing because this kind of benchmarking which looks at multi-core performance and very intensive workloads is completely relevant to those chips and as someone who owns and runs the 16-inch macbook pro with

the m1 max chip in it if i then found out that the next version of that laptop was actually noticeably slower and had a slower ssd i would be pretty angry about it but that’s only because that is relevant to that type of computer that computer is made for that type of work these initial m2 chips aren’t so if off the back of these kind of reports of poor performance with the m2 chip if you’re still wondering if you should buy an m2 macbook air or even that 13-inch macbook pro then please don’t be put off there’s a reason you want that laptop and i can guarantee it will be a great buy and to clarify i’m not saying stop doing those benchmarks and stop doing that kind of reporting please do it it’s an important part of this industry but just be a little bit less just chill out

about it tell us what they what what you think you know what these results are but just peg back a little bit on the kind of click bait and the capital letters everywhere tell us what you think well tell us what you found and let people make their own decision don’t try and force this kind of narrative that the m2 chip is a complete waste of time when for most people who are going to buy these initial machines that isn’t the case as you’d guess i’m going to be doing lots of m2 based content on this channel over the next few months my m2 macbook air will be with me relatively soon hopefully tomorrow though i’ve got another video about how to choose between the m1 and the m2 map okay regardless of these reports of poor performance of the m2 that video is still relevant i’m obviously going to say that but if you don’t want to miss that make sure you subscribe and hit the bell and thanks for watching this one guys keep watching for a link to another m2 based video above and i’ll catch you next time cheers

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