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so i’ve done something which i didn’t think i’d do for a very long time i didn’t think it would happen this soon i thought i’d stick to my guns i thought i’d made such a brilliant point about the presence of the m1 chip in the ipad that i’d never have to go back on my word earlier this month i ordered an m1 ipad air and it is all ipad os 16’s fault and this is a bit weird because i didn’t really get what i wanted for the ipad at this year’s wwdc there was no significant leap forward for ipad os and there wasn’t a single whiff of a pro app like final cut pro for the ipad but there’s no denying that apple is finally making a few strides forward with its tablet the presence of the m1 only updates in the next version of ipad os left me with no choice but to finally bite the bullet and get my hands on the latest generation of the hardware but don’t worry i have a plan don’t worry i won’t rehash all of my thoughts on the m1 ipad because if you’re a regular viewer you’ll know that i think it has been an utterly pointless waste of time until now possibly i have four ipads in this studio and in my life which is three too many for any sensible human being but none of them feature the m1 chip and until now i haven’t missed that at all if you’re interested those ipads are my 2018 12.9 inch ipad pro the brilliant ipad mini 6 and ipad 9 and this which is the fourth generation ipad air

ignore the smudges i’m actually trading this ipad for the m1 ipad f5 which should be arriving today as i’m filming and when it arrives it will be immediately placed into this lovely white magic keyboard and obviously i will be attaching a paper-like screen protector which i’ve got ready here guys if you haven’t tried one of these yet they are fantastic they basically as you would guess from the name make your ipad feel like a paper notebook brilliant if you do any kind of writing or drawing on your ipad and you can also just out of interest if you are interested get a pro bundle now where you can get the paperlike screen protector a cleaning kit as well which i’ve handily got down here and a set of pencil grips for your apple pencil great price really worth looking at i’ll put a link in the description but despite the arrival of my m1 ipad air which i am looking forward to the rest of that ipad lineup that i mentioned a moment ago will remain resolutely in service for instance the ipad mini is still my default

notetaker and content consumption device and the ipad 9 i’m actually using right now in front of me as an auto cue for these videos and that 12.9 inch ipad pro is actually sat behind me over here which is used mainly as a media and lighting controller for this studio but this has always been my point about the m1 ipad i’ve never felt anywhere close to pushing the limits of my current range of ipads even that 2018 ipad pro which is ancient by today’s standards feels as fast as the day i bought it however ipad os 16 is going to change all of this and it really is about time too there are two features arriving in ipad os 16 which really excite me the first is stage manager which is a completely new way of multitasking on apple’s tablet it shares the same user interface and experience found in the feature of the same name on mac os ventura but for some reason the ipad version is of far more interest to me i’ve noted plenty of times in the past i just don’t like the way that apple has implemented multitasking in ipad os thus far it feels tacton clumsy and worse completely undiscoverable unless you know it’s there in fact i get the impression that apple would really rather it not be an option that’s

how useless it is adding stage manager to ipad os 16 in what is practically a replica of the mac version is therefore i think a complete stroke of genius it adds consistency to the two platforms and finally hopefully fingers crossed delivers proper multitasking and overlapping resizable windows on the ipad that’s all we wanted the second exciting feature in ipad os 16 is directly related to stage manager and comes in the form of proper external display support finally to use this you simply connect your ipad to a monitor via a thunderbolt cable and suddenly gain access to an additional screen rather than a mirrored version of what you can already see on the ipad which is the only way that works at the moment combined with stage manager this new form of external support for the ipad enables you to keep up to eight yes eight apps visible at once that’s basically four on each display and drag and drop apps between those two screens if the craig federighi demos and the reports from my youtuber friends are anything to go by this could be possibly

what finally sways me more wholesomely into the world of ipad productivity i think so as mentioned earlier in this video my shiny new m1 ipad air is due for delivery today as i film which means it’s going to arrive just in time for the public beta of ipad os 16 in july once that’s available i’ll be switching some of my key tasks to the ipad and relying on stage manager external display support and those tasty updates to the files apps to see how it all feels now those tasks do relate mainly to the blogging side of this business like the writing and the publishing and that sort of stuff if you didn’t know i have a very active daily blog i’ll put a link in the description but i do get the feeling and this is what excites me that there’ll be a significant number of other kind of admin business e-type jobs that i could potentially move from my m1 macbook air to this new m1 ipad air with these updates we’ll see and i’d dearly love for those updates and the m1 chip to improve my working relationship with the ipad oh and for those who have asked i will definitely be pitching these ipad os 16 updates against samsung decks at some stage i promise i’m sure there’s plenty of ipad owners out there who are disappointed by the lack of non-m1 support for features like stage manager and that new

external display wizardry and i do agree that it’s a tough pill to swallow particularly if you’ve spent a lot of money on a non-m1 ipad recently but this is what progress often looks like i’m afraid apple is starting to make it very clear that the m series chips are the future of the ipad i think stage manager and the external display support are just the start of what is going to be an increasing tidal wave of m1 specific updates for the ipad basically it’s only going to get worse from here if you haven’t got a compatible ipad we’re gradually entering a completely new era for the ipad and while it’s going to be painful for some i do feel your pain trust me i personally cannot wait to get my hands on the public beta in july expect loads of content once i start using that ipad if you want to find out more about my full thoughts on ipad os 16 and everything that was announced by apple a few weeks back keep watching for a link to my full wwdc reaction

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