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brand-new chip old body much more expensive is the brand-new apple iphone se worth it and also extra notably what are the alternatives hi as well as welcome back to marcos reviews and also thanks for subscribing if you have and if you have not subscribed the switch is simply down there this is the brand-new 2022 iphone se looks acquainted does not it yet it still continues to be the least expensive method to enter ios as well as currently it’s obtained the exact same chip as the apple iphone 13 as well as also the iphone 13 pro and also professional max however can apple actually obtain away with this same exhausted old design in 2022 before we start an extremely fast proclaim to my close friends at reebox that offered a few of the review units as well as a few of the android rivals that you’re going to see later in this video reeboks is among the ideal areas online to offer swap or store premium reeboks reconditioned technology you’ll discover better prices for devices on that particular internet site you’ll conserve money you’ll save time and you’ll even save the planet while you’re patronizing them which’s because reeboks are combating the 50 million tons of e-waste we dump each year they even grow five trees for every single solitary gadget they re-home and the

devices depend on 40 less costly than new so to learn more regarding reeboks click the link in my summary and to conserve on your own 15 extra pounds on orders over 200 extra pounds simply use the code mark ls15 at check out right let’s take a look at the specifications and pricing for this brand-new iphone se so in the uk it’s 419 pounds which is a lot more costly than the 2020 variation which was 399. it’s got the a15 bionic chip a 4.7 inch retina hd screen that is 720p with p3 shade as well as real tone there’s a physical touch id switch it’s obtained ip67 water as well as dirt resistance a 12 megapixel rear video camera with an f 1.8 aperture 5g assistance and also it comes in 64 gig 128 gig as well as a 256 job version of storage and also you can get the new se in product red like this one starlight or twelve o’clock at night if we begin with the layout on the 2022 variation of the apple iphone se there is no questioning that this phone looks pretty dated it’s got enormous bezels by today’s criteria on top as well as base of the display and there’s a physical home switch the physical touch id button is still there as well as

because this doesn’t have that kind of complete screen display we’re used to with the iphone 13 series you don’t obtain the swipe up gestures that we utilized to in reality if you swipe up from all-time low of the display you obtain control facility which does throw you at first there’s simply one electronic camera on the back it charges through lightning i recognize all iphones bill using lightning but it doesn’t actually help its reason and there’s not a lot more to say about it than that really in regards to layout it is typically apple well made so there’s no flex in it in any way it really feels very strong quite possibly assembled it’s obtained rear glass which is quite good however that’s type of it it’s a it’s an old-fashioned looking apple iphone i truly can’t assume what else to state concerning the layout i quite like the product red i like the reality that there’s no creating on the back apart from the product red logo design near the bottom and obviously the apple logo design it’s extremely clean style in that respect i can not get any type of even more thrilled regarding

it truly when it involves the efficiency as i mentioned at the beginning of the video clip this comes currently with the a15 bionic chip as well as this is good news due to the fact that it indicates it’s basically as effective as an iphone 13 professional max which sets you back concerning 1100 quid versus the 400 extra pounds or 419 extra pounds of this so it’s loading an awful whole lot of power actually the only obvious difference on the spec sheet for this is that it has one much less gpu core than the apple iphone 13 pro and 13 professional max they have five this has 4 most of the times you’re possibly not going to discover that and this is where the iphone se is always scored fairly very they put the most up to date chip in it and they just maintain this sort of old made dated body going but that allows them get it down to a cost that makes it the most inexpensive access factor into ios so you’re type of obtaining you recognize sparkling wine power for lemonade money and also in terms of efficiency it feels like a really rapid iphone yet then

all iphones feel quick if you contrast iphones to a whole lot of android phones which are often underpowered as a result of specific chip arrangements and also things iphones always really feel buttery smooth in contrast so it is just an extremely fast apple iphone as you would certainly anticipate it will play the most recent games no worry in all it will certainly really feel really fluid in ios it will not have any problems with the cam system you know you can take pictures really swiftly there’s no lag or anything like that it’s also 5g compatible since was an additional huge selling point regarding apple is concerned it isn’t regarding i’m worried i assume 5g still has a lengthy way to precede it’s common but you understand it behaves that it’s offered now in right here for people that can actually obtain 5g as for the display it’s alright it’s 720p it’s retina it’s not oled so you do not get the type of deep blacks that you obtain from the various other iphones the apple iphone 13s

etcetera of the globe but it’s it’s simply great it gets the job done truly it likewise doesn’t have pro motion which is apple’s high refresh price screen innovation that’s no surprise actually when you think about that the routine iphone 13 as well as 13 mini don’t have it either but that does create a little bit of a concern against the competition which i’ll pertain to later on as for the cam it’s good really it’s a fairly solid entertainer as you would certainly get out of an iphone there’s only one lens however it does have some of the clever functions like wise hdr deep blend it does not have the evening setting which is a little a shame i’ll allow them off that yet it’s simply an excellent iphone electronic camera i do love the cam in my apple iphone 13 mini i have recently truly got into the samsung video cameras the s22 ultra for instance is an excellent video camera yet it’s also a a lot more expensive phone than this set so it’s not really reasonable to contrast against that yet contrasted against the iphone 13 mini which is a couple of hundred quid even more roughly it’s it piles it pretty well to be straightforward it’s an excellent video clip shooter it’s

definitely worth discussing that i still assume the iphones are the kings of 4k video clip when it involves smart devices so you obtain a lot of the advantages of the much more costly iphones in this little bundle so the camera it gets you by battery life currently the iphone se from 2020 wasn’t very highly pertained to when it concerned battery life in reality i recognize individuals that possessed that phone and also they believed it was horrible currently this phone i charged last evening and took it off the battery charger today at about 5 30 i think in the early morning it is currently where are we the time is 20 previous seven in the evening and i’ve still obtained 30 battery left which i assume is rather good as a matter of fact it’s really evocative the apple iphone 13 mini which offers you all-day battery life in my experience so once again i never ever do thorough battery screening on this channel you need to go in other places to look for that but in terms of real-world usage i have actually been using this over the last 3 or 4 days and also it’s been definitely great it gets me via the day not a problem whatsoever it is a pity that there’s no mag secure on the iphone sc though so the apple iphone 13

mini as well as certainly all the other iphone 13s as well as the apple iphone 12 before it have actually magnets built into the rear of the phone to which you can connect chargers and great deals of devices this doesn’t have it as well as it’s um yeah i miss it really i assume the capability to charge by means of magsafe is amazing i don’t think we’re asking much for apple to put the magsafe technology right into the apple iphone se so that is this apple iphone se4 this is a tough one i believe due to the fact that back in 2020 this layout even back then i thought was pressing it a bit because when you compared it to several of the competition which we’ll look at momentarily many of the android rivals at that rate point or listed below were supplying full screen creates no buttons on the front face acknowledgment as well as all kind of points that the apple iphone se 2020 had not been doing now we quick onward two years as well as it’s rather much the very same bargain however apple is very wise like this as a service they understand that people will acquire this phone and they understand that they can get as much profitability out of this framework as possible but truly the only

individuals i can suggest this for is for any individual that wants the outright base cost for a new iphone to enter the ios community if that’s what you want you have no choice yet to obtain the apple iphone se just as if you don’t such as the suggestion of face id as well as you desire touch id you have no option but to select the apple iphone se for that audience it will work absolutely perfectly they’ll see it’s extremely good value for money and also it also has a great deal of horse power under the hood too but for everyone else i believe there are some far better choices we’ll begin paradoxically with the iphone se from 2020 and the reason for that is first of all if you purchase it from reeboks you can get it for 239 extra pounds which is a bit of a deal but likewise since it’s not that various to this year’s version yet this has the a13 bionic versus the a15 bionic in the new one yet it’s still a quick phone iphones are so well built as well as the chips are so quick that they last for numerous years it’s still the exact same size as the new version it’s obtained the exact same storage space options it runs the most up to date variation of ios it’s ip67 water as well as dust resistant it’s primarily the same phone with a different chip in it so the apple iphone se 2nd generation from 2020 is still worth a look successive we have the samsung a53 5g which i don’t have yet it’s a brand-new phone it’s just been revealed as well as it looks really interesting clearly samsung are pitching the a53 squarely at the

apple iphone se it costs 399 extra pounds so it’s cheaper it’s got a 6.5 inch amoled screen which is 120 hertz so it does have that high refresh price it’s got an opening punch camera it’s obtained face acknowledgment it’s even got a micro sd card port it’s got a quad video camera system with a 64 megapixel sensing unit and it’s also obtained a 5 000 milliamp hr battery which is the precise same battery in the s22 ultra which obtains you two days of battery life so like i state i don’t have an a53 at the moment i’m gon na try as well as get one in for a review however if you intend to see a person’s viewpoint on it take a look at the technology lad who i will link to in the video clip summary now if you intend to invest less than 400 pounds i would advise once again checking out samsung as well as their a21s currently you can choose this up for concerning 170 to 180 pounds and also it’s a rather nice phone it does really feel a bit extra plasticky than the apple iphone se because it is but it does have a well a quite cinema 6.5 inches 720p we’ll forgive them that yet it’s obtained very small bezels edge-to-edge style it’s got that opening punch electronic camera on top it’s obtained a back finger

print sensing unit face acknowledgment obtained 5 electronic cameras you can obtain it in 32 gigabytes to 128 gigabytes however additionally it has a mini sd card port also it’s got a 5 000 milliamp hr battery which once more need to obtain you near to 2 days well worth of battery life there’s no ip ranking so it isn’t technically dirt and also water immune which is a little a shame but apart from that this is rather an entertainer it’s a pretty quick phone also it’s not as quick as an iphone se however it will obtain you by and also for the cash it’s virtually half the price of the iphone se for that beautiful cinema the rather great cam system i think the a21s is a respectable buy next up we have the oneplus nord to 5g now you can select this up for about 370 extra pounds it’s 5g all set it’s got 8 gigabytes or 16 gigabytes of ram it’s obtained a 6.4 inch amoled display screen which is p3 color too and also it also has a 90 hertz refresh rate it’s got three lenses standard ultra large and also a monochrome lens it can also do night photography the battery can go on for about 22 hours as well as the other thing with the oneplus nord is that it’s actually well constructed it feels nearly iphone like not rather but also for the cash you’re obtaining actually good build quality and in fact out of all of the apple iphone se competitors in front of me this is the best looking i

believe as well as probably the very best built successive we have one of my preferred phones from the last couple of years which is the google pixel 4a they can select these up nowadays for about 350 360 extra pounds which is a lot of phone for the cash so firstly you get a pure android experience which is what you would get out of google’s own phone and also in my opinion you’re obtaining one of the very best smart device cameras on the marketplace i’ll leave a link over to my original evaluation of the pixel 4a because i go right into a bit extra information because evaluation regarding the electronic camera efficiency i simply like it the screen is a bit smaller than several of the competitors below however it’s oled it’s 5.8 inches for me it’s simply a it’s a lovely dimension it is plasticky it’s obtained no ip ranking so there’s a couple of downsides there but offered the cost this is such an excellent little phone last but not least we have the moto g50 currently you can get this for about 200 pounds it’s 5g it’s got a 6.5 inch present it’s obtained the snapdragon 480 which is nothing special however it works pretty well it’s

additionally got a 5 000 milliamp hour battery so it’s an additional solid entertainer in that respect it’s got that rear finger print sensor here yet additionally facial recognition again no ip rating as well as it’s a bit plasticky really feels fairly strong really however it’s it’s most definitely a few notches down in terms of construct top quality compared to the apple iphone se yet again the rate it has to do with half the rate and also it’s it’s a fantastic phone even just the screen of that battery life alone it manages fairly perfectly if you’ve got a little bit even more time as well as likewise you don’t mind investing a little bit more on your iphone than the iphone se you understand as an example if these android phones just aren’t reducing it for you then you can do a great deal worse than go with the apple iphone 13 mini so if your budget can extend to this phone maintain enjoying for a web link to my complete evaluation yet till next time thanks as constantly for seeing as well as i’ll capture you next time

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