Review OnePlus 8 Pro AfterOne Month A Worthy S20 Plus Alternative

so fears now one plus is put up premium quality smartphones they’ve been missing just a couple of those lovely little features that we all like but aren’t really quite essential in order to undercut the big boys like while we and Samsung so if you could live without the like some from wireless charging for instance and knowing that you had a camera that wasn’t quite as good as some of its rivals then basically oneplus would give you a bargain as blower that match those heavyweights for the likes and performance and media chops but with the fresh new eight pro one plus as basically said box to all of it and transmogrified into a full-on ultra premium modes so now features like wireless charging and proper IP ward resistance are present and correct alongside an innovative 120 Hertz display full 5g supports and a revamped bit a camera tech but of course with those improvements comes the inevitable price rise so the month of April kicks in at eight hundred quid here in the UK making it one of the most expensive one plus handsets to did if you don’t count those back mental McLaren efforts now I thought the oneplus it pro with me for about a month now and I’ve been used as my full-time personal handset for the past week so here is my full in-depth oneplus April review to see if it’s your next premium blower and from all the layers great aesthetically to poke subscribe anything that

notifications bell Cheers now as far as the design goes I definitely have more love for the more compact oneplus it’s compared with this pro model the standard eight sure wasn’t exactly compact but they say a six point eight inch behemoth is a serious struggle for my fretted gremlin claws at 200 grams this is a hefty we beastie and it may not be the slipperiest of glass finishers but certainly one had use is very tricky especially as the still no screen shrink and mode here in oxygen West 10.5 and I’ve also found that when used in the oneplus April my palm flap will sometimes occasionally intrude on that edge to edge display and I’ll end up selecting options that I didn’t mean to which is really weird because it never happened with me on the standard oneplus it despite the fact that they share the same edge to edge design maybe it’s just because this is a bigger handset my clutch is slightly different still anyway most premium phones in 2020 are basically big hefty bust and so there’s no real shock here and thankfully this glacial green version of the oneplus April has a matte glass finish rather than the usual fingerprint love and glossy efforts although I’m definitely still not convinced that it’s actually green in any way at all maybe my eyes have finally gone wonky from all of those the internet sites that back end is reassuringly tough as well not a scuf insight after almost a month of play but you don’t get a pre-installed screen protector around

front on the pro model and that display already has some light Nicks on it so yeah you’ll definitely want to slap on or one yourself to keep it pristine especially as this thing in cheap now until now oneplus has never actually had an IP written for water resistance on any of its premium tech despite the fact that most of its rivals do offer that extra bit of peace of mind although of previous pro handsets could definitely survive a bit of a Duncan no worries whatsoever but the oneplus it pro does come rock and a big fat ip68 badge so you can rest assured that it won’t Google and die if you accidentally drop it while watching homes under the hammer in a lovely hot bubbly bath and speaking of quintessential BBC entertainment on your smartphone the oneplus it pro also serves up one of the best mobile displays of 2020 so far definitely great news for any media fans that’s six point seven eight inch fluid AMOLED panel Chuck’s super crisp visuals of right at your face without quality plus resolution so even though this is a massive screen everything steers pleasingly pin-sharp the refresh rate has been bumped up from 90s to 120 Hertz for this pro model – not like I can personally notice any difference between the two the motion was just as buttery smooth on the standard one plus it plus this thing can definitely smash well past the 1000 it’s barrier on that maximum brightness when you venture outdoors so no worries for visibility frankly I’d be more worried about a razor to my face Bhuwan plus a pro also boasts the same just

noticeable color difference written of 0.4 which basically means that you can expect accurate true to life color reproduction which is ideal when editing pics on the like and if you’re picky about your visuals as well you can dive on into the oneplus it pulls display sets and you’ve got full customization in there so you can bump up or scale down the resolution and the refresh rate or you can also dive in here and a full control over the color output as well get those natural srgb gama 2 on the go or get your eye pop and visuals with the AMOLED wide gamut that will absolutely explode your eyeballs with vividness and don’t worry about manually tweaking the resolution of the refresh rate because the oneplus april can intelligently do it for you based on the actual situation what you’re doing with the phone and of course you remain and battery life one plus is crumbed even more cover tech on to the pro as well including an HDR boost feature to dynamically improve the contrast and the colors on any SDR level video it’s not a feature that you can toggle for comparison purposes but the contrast levels here are certainly strong with pleasingly deep blacks and of course those perfectly natural colors one feature that you can however turn on and off is the fresh new motion graphics smoothen which can basically upscale any standard 30fps video content to a whopping 120 FPS to match that crazy refresh rate this can make your shows look even more lifelike on

supported services like YouTube but I also occasionally notice the strange little stutter stammer here and there as if my videos on these skipped a beat and while the effect definitely works well for panning shots on nature documentaries and the like it can also make more up-close footage look a bit bizarre at times I think it’s one of those features that just needs a bit of love a little bit of tweaking here and there before we can truly call it revolutionary and also a shortcut toggle here in the notifications bar would not be amiss but anyway I’ve covered that the display features and all of the best bits of oxygen West 10.5 in my full 1+8 pro tips and tricks guide stephane go check that out for a closer look at the software and all of that loveliness now crammed inside the oneplus 8 pro you get the same uber powered snapdragon 865 chipset as the standard model but now back to the other 8 or 12 gigs are faster ddr5 ram so of course all of your apps will run like a dream and gimen is an absolute delight but sadly pub G mobile still tops out at 40 FPS right now as I shoot this video and I like savolta’s honestly don’t creep above 60 FPS so they really do not make the most of that 120 Hertz tech but all the same at least pub G doesn’t drop below that 40 FPS rate at all even on those maximum HD or gamin settings while the 240 hertz touch response means that your every swipe and POC is instantly registered of course a flat screen is technically better suited to action

games like this but I didn’t find it an issue at all with the default controls layouts and that nifty fanatic mod is still about to block notifications and keep your annoying fellow humans from interfering in your Frank Athan and the oneplus 8 pro is fully 5g ready you’ve got dual sim support in there and it’s got a bit of Wi-Fi six support as well as was basically future-proof and yeah you sorted for storage – gone either 128 gigs or 256 gigs depending on how much you splash out or suddenly there’s once again bugger-all microSD memory card support now the battery tech has also been boosted for this fresh pearl model so you get a mighty four thousand five hundred ten million battery in there which will happily keep you powered up all day long after the usual beds and in period I file the oneplus a pro usually had about twenty to twenty five percent battery charger a min and at the end of a fairly busy day the only way I’ve managed to get it close to zero percent is basically by bumping up all of the display features so it’s now a quarter HD resolution it’s from 120 Hertz I didn’t grab it Skype and earlier for about an hour played it almost an hour of pub G and it’s currently set at 10 percent at 10 o’clock so again not a bad effort at all I’m sure that warp charged 30 T Tech might have been surpassed by the likes of dark charged on your Apple

and real me smart ones but it’ll still do the job no problem and it’s great to see that oneplus has actually put a bit of smart optimized charging here on the oneplus it pro as well as the standard oneplus it this basically ensures that your oneplus April doesn’t overcharge if you leave it plugged in overnight L trickle charge flat fine a little bit up to a hundred percent so it’s reached just before you normally leap out of bed or bushy eyed and wide tilt hang on that’s wrong we run isn’t it and you’ve absolutely got to love the pros what wireless charging which is crazy quick in fact it’s so quick that the charging pad actually has a bloody built-in fan to stop your foot from overheating but don’t worry there is a customizable bedtime mode here on the oneplus 8 pro so if you do stick it on that wireless charging pad at nighttime it won’t charge of that maximum 30 watt speed it’s a little slow it down so the phone doesn’t get hot and that fun doesn’t kick into action and keep you awake all damn night now the final area where the pro model stands tall over that standard one plus it is the camera tech with a completely overhauled quad lens setup slap there on the back so not only do you get an upgraded Sony sensor for that 48 megapixel primary lens but you also get a pumped-up 40 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens you get a telephoto lens with a three times optical zoom and you get an absolutely bonkers new photo chromatic lens every day pics look really good with strong enough detail for your shots to look sharp when blown right up

especially if you bump up to that maximum 48 megapixel Lord which adds some finer detail to the final image colors are boosted slightly at times for a vibrant finish which I personally quite liked and the HDR smart Orrin movement over previous one Plus blowers as well the likes the portrait mode and the night’s game mode performers expected where you can also shoot up to 4k resolution video at 60 frames per second with strong image stabilization and a worthy dedicated HDR mode onboard as well but to be perfectly honest the lesson about the photo chromatic lens the better it is just pure nightmare juice now I’ve taken an in-depth look at the 1+8 pros camera smart in my full 1+8 vs. 1 + 8 pro camera review so difficult check that out for all you need to know but basically it’s my favorite one + camera – did on any of their smartphones and it’ll definitely suit the everyday user down to the ground especially if you don’t want anything ridiculous like a 100 times spear soon and now right there in a nutshell is my fault oneplus it poor review definitely the premium want a smartphone that a lot of funds have been crying out for yeah it is that little bit more expensive now an ill Andrew quit but it’s still cheaper than those really top in Samsung’s and Apple smartphones and I reckon it’s worth a punt for any more demanding users out there but what do you think are you tempted by the oneplus April or maybe it’s just too expensive for you while some of these other features have put you off definitely great to hear your comments please bugging your thoughts down below and please do poke subscribe ding that notifications about and puts have yourselves a lovely week jazz everyone love you

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