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The apple iphone 13 is here that is done does that mean it’s max next and also in particular what do i desire from the next 16-inch macbook professional hey there and also invite back to marcos evaluations and also thank you for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t subscribed the button is just down there so this year or well hopefully this year we’re going to see an upgraded 16-inch macbook pro in fact rumors suggest that there’s gon na be both a 14-inch version and a new 16-inch variation that stated reports haven’t been specifically precise of late have they so i believed i ‘d give with reports to a level in this video clip as well as simply go with what i want from that following 16-inch macbook professional i do have a background with that laptop i got one back in 2019 when it was first revealed that was the intel variation it was extremely fast it was a great laptop computer however it was noisy it got really hot and eventually the m1 got here as well as i marketed mine so let’s get to it right here is what i desire and don’t desire from the next 16-inch macbook professional i thought i ‘d start extremely swiftly with a couple of points i do not desire from the following 16-inch macbook pro

the very first thing is a thinner design i just don’t assume we require it i assume the existing line of macbooks are slim adequate my concern is the thinner it gets the even worse it obtains i know that’s less of an issue with apple silicon however this drive for slimness all the time obtains a little bit tedious i believe they did the appropriate point with the 24 inch imac i spoke concerning that lately i’ll link to my 3 month video evaluation over yet with the macbook simply leave it as it is in terms of thickness we do not require it to be any kind of thinner the exact same point goes with screen bezels now there is this kind of war on screen bezels where they’re getting smaller sized and also smaller as well as smaller and individuals want them to get smaller sized however apple is one of the few technology companies that are doing it extremely progressively as well as don’t appear to care rather as much as some of the various other brand names an instance in factor you can still get this which is well this is the 8th generation ipad there’s now a 9th generation version and also they both have these wonderful huge large bezels

around them i do not care and the bezels around the existing 16 inch macbook pro aren’t that bad this concept of obtaining rid of the touch bar i’m not an enormous touch bar follower yet i’m likewise not one of these individuals that dislikes it so this kind of drive to just obtain shot of it does not actually bother me take it away if you require to or preferably simply do something a bit much more fascinating with it and also maintain creating and also repeating it apple do not i’m not bothered concerning whether or not they take it away or leave it really as well as magsafe i used to enjoy magsafe on the macbooks it suggested you never had to worry regarding individuals unintentionally tripping over your charging cord and also drawing your macbook off the of the table it was an excellent very extremely smart development there have been rumors that magsafe is coming back to the macbook i still i have actually believed concerning this quite a lot probably too much i can not think how they can integrate magsafe as well as usb c unless the battery

charger isn’t going to be mac risk-free it could a little bit like the surface pro so on the home windows surface pro bear with me you can charge it using usbc however you can also bill it through this kind of exclusive billing port that’s the only various other thing i assume apple might do is bring back magsafe quite a lot as it was but still allow you to bill by means of usb c now the various other point i truly don’t desire for my brand-new 16-inch macbook professional whenever it shows up is infections as well as today’s video clip is very kindly funded by the people at fad micro and also they have a wonderful antivirus product called antivirus one and also it has all of the antivirus includes you would expect it obstructs viruses malware spyware all the horrible stuff that can finish up on your mac you can also surf with self-confidence by automatically spotting prospective phishing sites hostile ads those annoying pop-ups that obtain in the method as well as possibly can be harmful in some cases antivirus one offers with all of that as well it even eliminates personal info that you may have and also you may not realize you have kept in your web browser one of the ideal points however due

to the fact that it is backed up by pattern micro they’re a large business is the truth that you obtain 24 7 support and that’s wonderful it suggests you’ve got accessibility to a lot of knowledgeable experts in the field of anti-viruses and on-line safety and you can call them whenever you need to so remember your mac can still get infected by viruses if you’ve got a mac already or if you’re acquiring a brand-new m1 device you’re delighted around do not fail to remember to place antivirus software on it i extremely advise antivirus one if you want to discover out even more about what they offer click the web link in the description as well as thank you very really much to pattern mini for sponsoring this video on to what i do desire from the 16-inch macbook pro the new 16-inch macbook pro when it gets here and performance-wise this is fairly easy i did a video clip just recently about the reported sorry to keep utilizing that word yet the reported m1x lower m2 chips that are ideally on the way fairly soon i’ll place a link over to that where i’ll go right into a little bit a lot more detail put simply i enjoy all of my m1 macs i have actually obtained three i’ve got the m1 mac mini i have actually got the 24-inch imac and also i’ve obtained a macbook air and also they are just amazing they blow me away but like any type of imaginative individual and

someone that likes to see technology development more and also more and also extra i want to see what’s following i truly desire to see what apple can do with their very own silicon what they’ve done so far is dazzling however there’s a couple points i like i ‘d like much more graphics cards and the factor for that is that over the last couple of months i’ve transitioned to a brand brand-new electronic camera which is the one that you’re looking at me with currently and it’s the sony fx3 it’s a lovely camera it’s made a huge distinction i think the image high quality on below the web outcome of that is that some of the documents i job with from this electronic camera are a bit larger than the files i was functioning with prior to they include more detail and although it’s not damaging my m1 mac mini it’s pressing it a little bit i’ve discovered that there’s a visible hold-up in certain points happening whether it be making cuts and also points like making and exporting the final video it simply i really feel and you’ll you may know that i have actually

experienced this on your own that i simply really feel like i’m pressing it a little bit much more than i was prior to and since many of my work rotates around imagery after that the obvious point in my small mind is that i need much more graphic ratings and i possibly need more ram as well so 16 job on the m1 is very different to 16 job on an intel mac and that means you can obtain more out of it basically also the 8 job variations of these machines are very extremely powerful and also will do you extremely very well but once more the more heavy training you do the more you function with even more professional sets as well as data as well as as well as stuff like that the extra you start to press this stuff so i would certainly like to see more ram as well and also really the intel 16-inch macbook pro was a monster by intel criteria i that’s why that’s why i went for it right away i just liked the suggestion of ultimately getting an extremely high performance fully spectred macbook pro as well as it really felt really quick as soon as i got it and started utilizing it it felt great and also that’s rather exciting for the next one particularly since it’s going to be apple silicon based so come on apple what are you gon na do what are you gon na throw us with this 16-inch macbook pro currently i understand this is very maker details and some of you will most likely

change off now or quick forward to the following phase but simply please hear me out i think the 16-inch macbook pro is a professional maker doesn’t imply it’s simply utilized by specialists it’s made use of by hobbyists as well as individuals that simply like the best things that’s fine yet it is a large element of it is that is made use of by specialists and also a whole lot of those experts will be either digital photographers possibly or videographers as well as possibly songs manufacturers currently all three of those with possibly the exception to a degree of the music manufacturers will certainly utilize sd cards i obtain with so several sd cards each week you wouldn’t think i’m always connecting them in to that mac mini although i’m not connecting them straight right into the mac mini due to the fact that it hasn’t got an sd card slot i have to connect it right into a hub that i have actually sat on top of it great no trouble at all yet it’s something else i had to buy i’m the sort of individual that suches as things to be minimal and also just all integrated there are reports that the next 16 inch macbook pro as well as the 14 inch version i think will bring back the sd card slot but a great deal of people are claiming this isn’t going to occur because of apple’s focus on services and also in specific icloud it’s just going to offer individuals like me and also there’s a lot of individuals like me i’m not the only person who

desires an sd card slot on this it’s going to give us ultra convenience which is simply you take your laptop computer out you take it down to your coffee shop or anywhere you’re working with an sd card plug it directly right into the laptop no dongles no messing around with that as well as you’re away as well as one of the ideal things regarding that is that you’ll obtain the fastest transfer rates possible following point is face id as well as i’m sorry i understand this is a mac video clip but i’m going to get to for the windows laptop computer once more this has on something on it called home windows hello there which is a kind of safety and security point in home windows and part of that is face recognition so when i open this laptop computer it acknowledges my face as well as logs me in i definitely enjoy it whenever i go from utilizing this to utilizing the macbook air i miss it large time also though the macbook air has actually obtained obviously unlocking with the apple watch that’s not an apple watch however you obtain the point as well as touch id i miss face id i love face id on the phone i enjoy it on the ipad

pro it’s time apple it’s time to include facial recognition face id to the macbook please put it into the 16 inch macbook pro if that suggests it has to be a little bit thicker fine and also why do i like it it’s just again benefit you’re cutting secs off each login time with your laptop if it has facial recognition i understand i go on about ports all the time with these m1 devices but i just want more ports on this next 16 inch macbook pro we’re not going to see usb a on there that would be quite wonderful if they did that due to the fact that i do have certain peripherals and points that would be quite great simply to attach already to it but after that they’re not going to do that the hdmi thing not troubled regarding that directly i recognize there’s a market for that so i’m again selfishly speaking about myself right here yet just as many high-speed usb c ports as feasible for whatever reason we really did not obtain several on the m1 machines although weirdly you can get 4 on the 24-inch imac i know 2 of them are slower i assume but i simply want as lots of ports as numerous

usb-c ports on this new 16-inch macbook pro as possible 4 on the 16-inch intel variation was just superb i loved having that as well as i guarantee as an added bonus offer for all of this i will certainly stop chatting about ports if the 16-inch macbook pro has 4 usb c ports i promise so that’s it that’s what i desire some of it all right is based on reports i know that but these are points that also without the rumors i would certainly desire yet what concerning you what do you desire from the next 16 inch macbook pro what have actually i missed out on i can ensure there’s a number of points i have not discussed that you frantically want allow us recognize in the comments if you’ve still obtained some time left keep in mind to maintain viewing for a link to the video that i did on the m2 slash m1x chips that may be on the method i ‘d go right into a little bit much more information regarding what they might be and exactly how they may work and also what devices they’ll end up in but in the meantime thank you as constantly for seeing and also i’ll catch you in the next you

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