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i get sent a ton of stuff to review so i thought i’d finally show you what’s been hiding underneath this desk and scattered around this room in one great big accessory review hello and welcome back to marketless reviews thank you for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t subscribed the button is just down there thank you also to my most recent patron robert schwenk hopefully i’ve got your name right there very much appreciated if you want to support the channel the link to my patreon page is in the description now when i first started this youtube channel i said yes to every single request for a review which meant very quickly this room got completely full of review units and these as you can imagine are smaller brands i’m not a big enough creator to have apple and samsung sending me review units i have to buy that stuff for me i was getting some really interesting stuff from some really interesting little businesses and what’s been happening under this desk the area of this studio that you can’t see has just been piling up with more and more review units and i just thought one day right i’ve got to do something with these because these guys have been kind enough to send me this stuff why not just do one great big accessory review now i appreciate

that you will not be interested in every single thing that i cover in this video so as always i’ve put time stamps in the description just have a look through and see if there’s anything there that catches your eye and you can skip ahead and you know miss out on the waffle about the rest of the things that are of interest to you but um yeah it’s all waiting down here to start talking about so let’s get into it now the first accessory i want to talk about or accessories is for the ipad in my case for the ipad pro now these are from a company called pitaka again i hope i’ve got that right and they call this the pitter pitta flow one thing i wish companies would just spend a bit more time on if i’m being totally honest is the names of their products because sometimes like in this case i don’t quite understand what that means pitaflow it’s even got an exclamation mark in between those two words we’ll let them off actually because these are really really good accessories for the ipad pro now picture flow is basically what they call a system of magnetic accessories that fully integrate with your ipad and that’s a pretty accurate description really uh what they sent me they sent me three things firstly they sent me this which is this kind of folio

type cover thing for the ipad and it looks a bit odd at first because there’s a bit missing here and it may not look like it protects your ipad that much it’s not really designed to do that what it’s designed to do is integrate with a few other things so one of the things is this which is the full kind of folio part of the case and then basically once you’ve attached this part of the case to your ipad which just clips in very simple you can then attach it to the folio which goes in here done you’ve got a folio case it’s well made i prefer this material to the material that apple uses which is just horrible yeah that’s it’s nice it’s got the magnets that you would expect and it’s a nice way of protecting your ipad but you’re asking why on earth do we have that thing on the back of the ipad well there’s a very very good reason for that which is the fact that there is a big strong magnet in the back of this and that magnet will attach to something i have over there which i will show you in some b-roll now which is a ipad stand and this is hands down the best ipad stand i’ve ever used i’ve covered some other ipad stands in the past they’ve always had a bit of an issue with the strength of the magnets it’s quite easy to inadvertently

knock your ipad off something you do not want to do now some ipads will have magnets in them but they don’t really have a very strong one there this does so built into this it has a nice strong magnet which attaches brilliantly to as you would guess the stand the stand swivels it tilts as well it’s the best stand i’ve ever used for an ipad and just the combination with the magnet in here makes it work brilliantly now if you don’t want to put this on your ipad there is another option they do send you a magnet that you can stick to the back of your ipad without the case again in doing so you’re going to lose your apple logo and you’re going to have something permanently attached to it so it’s a matter of taste really if you actually want to go ahead and do that but personally i’d stick with this i’d stick with this case that has the integrated magnet in there it’s just much more convenient you stick it on there done now you can buy all these things separately but the bundle is about eighty dollars which isn’t cheap but you’re getting a stand a really really good stand for it a really good case a folio as well i think just for the standalone it’s brilliant i’m using it all the time as a second screen now now i’m not much of a gamer these days i used to be a long time ago i just don’t really have time for it if i’m honest so when i sent this which is the game sir bluetooth x2 game controller i was a bit dubious would i use it would i even understand how to use it yeah is it for someone like me in all truth all honesty it’s not really but if you are a gamer if you like using your iphone for games or if you’re just curious maybe you’ve wanted to get into apple arcade and start playing with it a bit more but you like the idea of having a proper traditional clicky button controller then this is a great

option now it’s about 60 there’s different versions of this this is the bluetooth version the iphone simply sits in here you pull it apart you take off your magsafe wallet first but yeah then you put your phone in there it kind of clamps the phone nice and safely and you’ve got a controller now it took me a little while to work out how to connect the controller via bluetooth because i’m stupid but um basically you can connect it as a xbox controller the iphone sees this as an xbox controller and that’s good news because it means that when you start playing games with it most the games that are compatible with the xbox controller just see this as a normal controller there’s not really any configuration you have to do and for my testing i had a play with nba which i love basketball and i love nba games i used to play them a lot as a kid and it’s just brilliant actually maybe if i’m sat there bored whatever in an airport or something one day if that ever happens again i will perhaps take this with me i think for sixty dollars it’s not very expensive it’s very well made the um the d-pads feel nice they’re not d-pads the joysticks feel nice the d-pad feels nice nice clicky buttons it’s got a 500 milliamp hour battery in it which gives you about 20 hours of gaming apparently it charges via usbc which always gets my vote so um yeah and you also get this nice carry case which

makes it very easy to pack away and take with you i like it it’s a nice little package for 60 it’s not much and it might just get you into iphone gaming who knows give it a go now i’ve gone through quite a few iphone charging docks in my time and i never really stick with them partly because you seem to have to really accurately put the phone on them to make them charge properly and i don’t know since magsafe arrived and there’s we’ve got that magsafe puck thing to charge the iphone i just used that however i was then sent this and this is one of those kind of iphone slash apple watch airpods charging trees as they’re known trees because it’s a bit like not like a tree it’s from magboost they’re called and normally 100 pounds at the moment you can get it for 40 pounds at the time of recording which is the 3rd of august so hopefully if you’re quick enough you can get it however if you use code markus15 at checkout you will get 15 off this i have stuck with this now for the last three or four weeks i think that’s partly because the connection for the iphone is nice and solid it goes on there very easily and i don’t have to readjust it it just starts charging straight away same thing for the apple watch you just wrap your apple watch around that it starts charging and it’s got the obviously the charging pad there for airpods which again works really

well what i didn’t realize actually is that this is a light i turned it on by mistake the other night and it’s one of those touch sensitive things where you tap the surface and the light comes on it’s got about three brightness settings i think it also has a usb connection on the back in case you want to charge anything else off it the main connection is usbc the only annoying thing with this is it’s got a charging light on the front which is either green or red depending on the charging state and if you’ve got that on your bedside table it’s quite bright apart from that i really recommend this it’s great use mark ellis 15 at checkout as the code you’ll get 15 off but i think in terms of you know these charging trees goes you can spend an awful lot on some notable makes on the apple store i’d avoid them for the time being and get grab yourself one of these now another charging station type thing is this which is the sdm charge tree less tree like this one i think but um this is quite a good alternative to the one that i’ve just shown you the magboost because it’s a little bit smaller uh connects via usbc again and once again it charges your phone so you place your phone on top there you can’t really get that wrong in terms of laying it on there for the charge and on the top you can put your apple watch and then right around the back you’ve got a little charging pad for your airpods so it’s a bit more compact it’s a bit cheaper as well this one’s 66 dollars i know you can get the mag boost one cheaper at the moment but in normal pricing times this is a bit cheaper and it’s really well made this very very solidly built i think this is the kind of charging station that sits quite nicely on a desk but again you might find it works well on your your bedside table but whenever i’ve used this i found

myself putting it on one of my desks so yeah that’s the sdm charge tree three and one charging station definitely worth checking out now cyber acoustics have been in education for 25 years apparently i’ve never heard of them but that’s because i’ve not been in education for the last 30 years but um yeah it’s a company that produces some really interesting tech and they sent me three things to look at this first one is the essential micro docking station it’s very very small as you can see which makes it quite useful for things like for instance the macbook air and it has this nice way of hiding away the cable that you attach it with which is usb-c obviously you just flip that out plug it into your laptop and that gives you a hdmi connection which is nice usb-a and usb-c however on the top and like so many of these accessories i’m showing you today it has wireless charging as well so you can just pop your phone on top of that or your airpods case and it’s great i love the size of this it’s really really useful in terms of price 70 not cheap but well made and i just love the compact nature of it i think it’s great the fact it has the hdmi out would be very useful for lots of people who want to use that you know use the laptops for projectors and that sort of stuff i like it i love the fact it’s got the the charging on the top of it as well now the other thing they sent me was this speakerphone which is their sp2000 and it’s a usb slash

bluetooth speakerphone which i’ll be totally honest i haven’t even tried but it’s worth mentioning just because i sent me it really but also it might be something that you find useful yourself it’s 70 as i say it connects either via usb or via bluetooth and it gives you the ability to hear your conference calls through it so it’s a bit like a mobile conference calling machine i’ll put a link to this in the description but because i haven’t used it it’s not fair for me to review it properly but if you need something like this which can also be a bluetooth speaker actually but if you need some form of device for conference calls in your office or something check it out it’s a nice little thing i think i just haven’t used it now the last thing cyber acoustics sent me was this which is a essential dock for your desk now this is interesting i think um it’s not really for me personally what it is it’s a really useful way of placing your laptop on something and gaining more ports at the same time so as always connects via usbc very useful for things like macbooks and on the back of it we’ve got hdmi there’s a display port there’s even ethernet on there you see that you remember ethernet is there uh but also three usb-a and there’s also a fan here as well a little fan and the reason the fan is there which has a button to turn it on and off by the way um the reason for that is that the idea is

that you place your laptop on this so the laptop the back of the laptop sits here and it raises it slightly which for some people is better for typing and stuff like that but it also calls your laptop at the same time so if you’re working in a humid environment or if you’re using a laptop like the you know the 16-inch macbook pro that gets hotter than the surface of the sun then yeah you might find this useful to kill a few birds with one stone you get all these nice ports at the back of it you also get ethernet but you also get a nice way of raising your laptop and keeping it cool it’s nice it’s not cheap it’s 140 but it’s very well made like everything these guys do and it feels very work like you know it feels like one of the devices that you probably put into your office particularly because of the hdmi out and also the ethernet that’s very useful in office environments and also because if you’re using a laptop for extended periods it’s nice to have that ergonomic slight lift but also the fan to keep it cool definitely worth checking out now i’m a really big fan of banks i reviewed their airpods mac stand a little while ago and it’s been by far one of the most popular accessories i’ve ever reviewed loads of people have ordered them since and i don’t blame them it looks fantastic now i asked them what else they could send me and they sent me this which is their uh

portable kind of laptop stand which also cools your laptop at the same time and the way it does that obviously it looks like any normal laptop stand you place your laptop on there but it has this little unit on it which you plug in via usb and it’s just a like a heat sink really just kind of keeps your laptop cool great lovely idea the problem with this is that it’s very flimsy when i say flimsy it’s not going to fall apart but it’s very easy for it for you to kind of faff around with this and this bit falls off because you can change where this heatsink thing sits it’s got these little grooves you put it into but as you can see it’s a bit of a pain to fit and then you have to do that it just feels a bit bit rickety is the best way of putting it now it’s only 30 so it’s not going to cost you much and if you do have issues with your laptop overheating it’s quite a good way i think of solving that issue and having a stand at the same time for your laptop but it’s not the best thing banks have made i think when you compare it to their headphone stand which is fantastic and really well made this feels a bit cheap i’m afraid it might be worth a punt if you like these sort of stands and you want to keep your laptop cool so yeah have a look but there are better versions on the market now sticking with the laptop stand theme i thought it would be good to kind of contrast the bench version with something else and this is from a company called boyata bo boyata boyata something like that they’re a pretty cool name that i can’t pronounce as always very different to the banks stand mainly because there’s nothing in there in terms of active cooling it does have these slats to keep your ipad cool as you can probably hear it’s made out of

aluminium and not too heavy but it feels very very sturdy in fact it’s so sturdy that the hinge is incredibly stiff um almost too stiff i’d say i mean it’s nice to have a stiff hinge that aside i mean that’s quite a nice safety feature i suppose really um it does look nice it has a lot of movement in terms of how high you can have your laptop or how low you want it you know it’s entirely up to you what you go with it’s quite big it’s probably for bigger laptops i mean obviously you get 13 inch on there but if you’ve got a 15 inch laptop i think this would work quite well for that but i think in terms of just the quality of those hinges and how rugged this thing feels and how well made it is this is 30 you know and i think you’re getting a lot for that i really recommend this i think if you want a laptop stand you’re not bothered about active calling you just want something that looks nice and crucially will look after your your macbook or your windows laptop then i would take a look at the boyata really hope i’ve got that name right now the last thing in my list is a bunch of carbon fiber accessories that were sent to me by a company called mono carbon now the first thing i’d like to mention is their rather wonderful packaging which is just it’s just lovely it almost feels like jewelry you know you kind of open it it’s got these nice kind of soft in internals and it’s just very nice so unboxing experience top marks monocarbon now when mono carbon

got in touch i immediately was drawn to their airpods max cases but also their iphone case as well and also the fact that they did a magsafe wallet that’s the apple one there and this is the carbon fiber version for mono carbon so those things interested me now what often happens with these people who send you review units is very nicely they send you loads of stuff and mono carbon sent me a shed load of things made out of carbon fiber i got the bits i wanted but i got lots of other stuff as well i got things like i’ll never use this but a carbon fiber card holder which feels very 80s you know i’m not sure who uses business cards anymore but there you go um kind of key ring type thing here as well and also a notes holder which if you want to stack all your notes in into one of these then you can do so in style in carbon fiber amazing um they sent me all sorts of stuff but like i said the things that i was interested in with the magsafe wallet this is really nice actually and carbon fiber is a bit of a i guess it’s a bit like marmite you’ll love it or you’ll hate it if you’re the sort of person who likes carbon fiber in their cars and stuff like that this makes it quite a nice little accessory to to go with your car if you like it’s got a good magnet it’s not quite as good as the apple version but it looks alright to be fair phone

case is good it’s i used this for quite a while you may have spotted this in in some of my older videos and i quite like the look of the iphone 12 pro in this case so i’ve got the the blue iphone 12 pro and there it is you can see it there and it looks quite nice i think again it’s it’s an acquired taste not everyone is into into carbon fiber but i quite like it i kept it in this case for a while actually i might keep it in there again the other thing they sent me was airpods pro case now out of all the things they’ve that monocarbon have sent me these have been carbon fiber clad for the longest i really like the carbon fiber look for airpods pro i think it’s wonderful i think it looks really really smart and it does protect the case very well as well i mean if you don’t know much about carbon fiber it’s very very light but it’s very tough as well so you don’t gain much bulk these don’t feel any heavier actually with this with this case on they look nice and also it’s very very tough it’s why car manufacturers use it lastly the other thing they sent me was the cups the carbon fiber cups for the airpods max which i’ve only just put them on i’ve only been using using them for the last few days it feels quite nice i’m not sure how it looks i think you know it doesn’t cover the entire can if you like of the airpod of the airpods max so there’s a few gaps and things but that’s supposed to be the case again it protects just like this it protects your earpods max and for some people the people who like the carbon fibre look it will go down pretty well i think really none of these are particularly expensive for carbon fiber you know for example the airpods pro case is 50 which i

don’t think is bad really for what you’re getting the iphone case is 50 again i don’t think that’s bad for real carbon fiber you know comparing it against what apple charge for theirs and the earpods max covers are 60 so they’re not too expensive and i’d recommend checking them out if you like carbon fiber stuff then mono carbon has will have so many things actually that you like so i’ll put a link to their website in the description but yeah i think for me that is going to remain i’m probably still going to use this case a little bit i might keep the airpods max enclosed in carbon fiber as well i probably won’t be using the money clip though right that was it if you watched all of that video you you’re just brilliant i thank you very very much i would guess that you either stopped watching quite early on or you might have just skipped through and found the things that you wanted so i really hope there was some accessories in there that you found useful and things that you’re gonna go and buy and use for yourself for your own enjoyment um there’s some real gems in here really i think i love getting scent review units that surprise me and some of these things i’ve shown you today have genuinely surprised me so i just hope that does the same thing for you really so if you have got right through to the end of this video thank you so much for sticking with it i really appreciate it and if you’ve got a little bit more time and you want to see a bit more behind the scenes type stuff then keep watching for a link to a video i did recently where i reveal the main apps that i rely on on a daily basis on my macs in the meantime thank you for watching as always i will catch you in the next you

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