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so that’s it the wwdc keynote is over for another year but where was the new macbook pro hello and welcome back to marketless reviews thank you as always for subscribing if you have and if you haven’t the button is just down there yesterday was apple’s wwdc keynote there were loads of emojis tons of the usual dad jokes from craig federighi but there wasn’t a single piece of hardware now i know if you are a developer you’ll be watching this thinking what are you talking about mark wwdc is for development it’s for software it has nothing to do with hardware you should never expect hardware at wwdc however the room is leading up to this event about new macbooks potential new mac minis even some kind of refresh to the macbook air were huge as it turns out they announced zero hardware this is a big lesson for people like me and for some of the leakers out there we don’t know what apple are gonna do it does mean if you were holding off getting a macbook then go ahead go for whatever you’re going to go for because i don’t think now we’ll see anything remotely mac related until later this year but i thought today i’d quickly jump on the camera and just give you my first initial impressions of the wwdc keynote there was so much stuff in there so i’m gonna miss things out in this video so if i miss things that you think i should have talked about don’t worry i will cover them in future videos but here’s

what i thought were the most important and the most exciting announcements from yesterday’s wwdc keynote if there’s one criticism i have about the keynote this year it’s the continual references to living in this new world where we will have reduced contact interacting with people digitally now that is i suppose a reflection of the way that we live these days anyway it has obviously been accelerated somewhat by recent events but it just bothered me a little bit that apple’s development roadmap seems to be driven quite a bit by this new normal that we’re now living in i think ios 15 is quite a good example of where this manifests itself it was all about staying connected remotely reliving past photo memories completely removing the need for a traditional wallet pretty much any card if you live in the states mainly but pretty much any card that you have now is going to be soon available in the apple wallet app and then things like helping you stay focused at home with some pretty cool looking focus features for ios but they placed a massive amount of emphasis on facetime and again this comes back to the whole working remotely communicating with your friends and family via video calls and they have put quite a significant amount of effort into improving facetime and making it spookily like zoom so for instance there’s a mode now which blurs the background of your image while you’re talking

there’s a grid view when you’ve got more than two or three people on the call there’s also voice isolation where it blocks out noisy backgrounds so you can talk without the other person being distracted by all the people in the background talking stuff going on behind you but there’s one feature with the new facetime update which blew me out of the water and it seems quite innocuous at first and it’s basically the ability to share a link to your facetime call to pretty much anyone so you basically get a link you send it off via email or message or whatever you like that person receives that link and they can join via pretty much any device and that includes apart from obviously apple stuff it includes android devices and web browsers and that means you can join a facetime call if you’ve got an android phone or a windows pc now that isn’t going to completely wipe the floor with services like zoom and teams and skype and that kind of stuff because there’ll always be a place for other non-apple services particularly when it comes to video calling the only difference now is that because it’s so easy to just turn to facetime if you’re a mac or an ipad or iphone user you’re more likely to do so than to fire up teams or zoom the other big thing they’ve added to

facetime is something called share play and this is essentially where you can watch videos or listen to music together in perfect sync with the people that are on the call now this comes into play with other apple products a bit further down the line which we’ll get to in a bit but again it’s something you can’t really do with a service like zoom they’re also introducing spatial audio for facetime we’re gonna see lots of spatial audio i think this year and beyond from apple and it’s pretty smart the way they’ve done this with facetime is to basically use spatial audio to virtually place the people that are on the screen in your stereo field so if someone is on the left hand side of the screen your air pods it will be compatible with air pods will basically make it sound like they are there really cool it works very well for movies and tv shows at the moment again i’ve not heard this but in theory it sounds like a pretty cool feature and the rest of the updates to ios they’re fairly light really i mean they’ve improved the notification screen that looks quite nice you can have group notifications and you have more control over how and when they appear and they have something called focus which enables you to customize what the phone does depending on what you’re doing so you

can set up specific focuses for activities like working studying chilling out with your mates whatever and the focus mode will change what the phone displays on the screen and what it does and the things it notifies you about depending on what you are doing at the time so a few updates nothing major apart from facetime which i didn’t see that coming really but it’s one of those things that you suddenly realize is absolutely obvious given a the world we live in and b the fact that zoom is has completely taken over the world in terms of video calling and apple obviously wants a much bigger part of that pie ipad os was the big one owners of ipads particularly owners of ipad pros and the m1 version i’ve made my feelings on that very clear i’ll link to a video above where i talk about why i think it’s apple’s most boring release of recent memory but we were all pinning our hopes on a big ipad os update we’re not really getting that instead we’re getting widgets and if you’ve used widgets on the iphone widgets on ipad os 15 are exactly the same it’s an obvious update it’s it’s needed i mean the kind of the semi widgets that you have on ipad os at the moment aren’t really widgets whereas in ipad os 15

there’ll be proper widgets and yeah great they also made some changes to multitasking which looks genuinely better than it is now that’s not difficult i think multi-task on the ipad has always been a little bit ham-fisted whereas in ipad os 15 they’ve introduced new ways of arranging your apps on the screen there’s a nice little picker that comes down from the top where you can say put that up on the left-hand side the hand side whatever there’s also something they’ve introduced called the shelf which is where you can basically minimize elements of an app into its own little dock if you like again pretty cool not that exciting there’s quick notes i use the notes app now in ipad os and ios far more than i used to i might do a video on that at some stage let me know if you want me to in the comments so it was nice to see that again they’re actually doing quite a bit with notes in ipad os and that includes the ability to draw up a quick note wherever you are in the operating system but you can also tag notes now you can invite people to work on the notes with you by mentioning their name again nice updates the sort of stuff you expect from an iterative update to an operating system and its apps but not exciting and certainly nothing like some of the things we were hoping for that would make more use of that m1 chip in the ipad pro we’ll come back to the ipad a bit later because there is something very exciting

they’ve done with mac os that relates to ipad os but again it doesn’t relate to the m1 ipad just felt like a light sprinkling of new features and tweaked existing features it just wasn’t the big ipad os update we were hoping for now wwdc is all about software as i mentioned at the start of this video and i’m a massive fan of indie developers i always use indie apps as much as i can one of my favorite developers is a company called makpaw who are very kindly sponsoring this video and today i want to very quickly mention their fantastic platform which is called set app now setup is one of those things where you just can’t quite get your head around how much value you’re getting out of it basically for 9.99 a month you get access to over 200 brilliant apps that’s it that’s all you pay you don’t pay per app you don’t pay anything more if you download a certain number of apps you get access to all of them and you can install as many of them as you want at any time and it includes the brilliant clean my mac x which i’m a big fan of ulysses istat menus bartender ad guard clearvpn mars edit the list goes on on and on and on and as i said before there’s no limit to the number of apps you can install there’s no ads all of the apps are completely unlocked so for example if you use ulysses it’s the full version of ulysses now setup has saved me quite a bit of money actually in terms of only paying that fixed monthly fee of 9.99 versus

buying all the individual apps individually it could probably do the same for you it’s definitely worth checking out you can look at their website and see which apps they have there’s some really cool little apps in there that have their own little features that could be very useful for you during your day it’s just unbelievably good value really so i really recommend checking out to do that have a look at the link in my description and yeah see what you think to set up so on to mac os and this version is called monterey now monterrey monterey i’ve probably got that horribly wrong i’m terribly british with this i every time a new mac os version comes out i normally have no idea where the place is that they’re referring to in california so that’s me perhaps not being well traveled enough i don’t know but it’s the new version of mac os it’s coming later this year and it’s getting all of these kind of removed from personal contact remote living remote working focused work type updates that we saw on ios and ipad os fine no problem at all that means we get the same facetime updates which are pretty cool it’s getting spatial audio as well it’s also getting this shared with you thing which i didn’t talk about earlier but very quickly it’s basically a way of the operating system picking up on

anything that people have shared with you on imessage so whether that be links to websites photos etc music playlists and that kind of thing and it groups all that stuff together in one place so you can see exactly what’s been shared with you on messages from your friends and family there’s also some really cool changes to safari i’m a big safari user i use chrome occasionally when i have to but i’ve used safari 98 of the time and the biggest change really apart from all the speed updates and the you know kind of security features is a new tab management system i’m a big tab user i’m not the sort of person that leaves thousands of tabs open all the time but i’m i’m not that good in terms of tab management so to see them offer this really cool way of viewing tabs rather than having these little kind of tabbed windows everywhere was great they’ve also introduced tab groups so you can basically have a bunch of categorized tabs that would be quite handy from my perspective i can imagine having different tab groups for work related stuff home related stuff things related to this channel it just looked really cool and obviously it syncs

between the devices as well it’s also getting the notes updates that i mentioned earlier for ipad os 15 but there were two things which really caught my eye the first one was shortcuts now i’m not a big shortcuts user it’s something which exists on ipad os and ios at the moment and i’m always being told on my discord server link in the description by the way if you want to join it’s completely free but i’m always being told by some much smarter members in there than me that i’m missing out big time on shortcuts and i’ve dabbled with them and if you don’t know what shortcuts are they’re basically ways of building these little macros which can perform tasks or perform multiple tasks in one go with one press of a button they can open different apps they can send things into apps it’s just a great way of customizing your device almost entirely based on the way that you want to use it i do love the idea for some reason of it coming to the mac because i’m on my mac all day it’s the thing that i do all my work on and the idea of being able to customize it with some

automations i know you can do this with automator that is the kind of old version of shortcuts which i think is being deprecated with shortcuts i know you can use it for that but i’ve never had enough i’ve just never had the time to invest in it i’m quite excited about putting that to use on the mac so that is coming as well very excited about that but i’m far more excited about the changes they’ve made to continuity now continuity is a thing where at the moment you can for example copy some text on your iphone and paste it onto your mac without doing anything apart from hitting copy and hitting paste it just does it magically in the next version of mac os they’re introducing something called universal control and this basically means you can share your trackpad your mouse your keyboard between multiple apple devices so if you’re working on your macbook and you have your ipad by the side of it you can move your mouse cursor across to the ipad and it will appear on the ipad now at the moment you can do that with something called sidecar but that is like an extended display you have to turn it on and it doesn’t always work actually i’ve had a lot of problems with sidecar but this isn’t universal control is something completely different it’s entirely seamless so you literally don’t have to

do anything you just have your ipad next to your mac and you can control either of those devices with the exact same keyboard and mouse and it even works between more than two devices so during the demonstration craig federighi showed us moving some content from an ipad which was over here through a macbook and then eventually onto an imac which was running final cut pro and placed the footage or the image or whatever it was onto the timeline crazy and genuinely useful so this ability to share the input device and share content between devices like that and and so easily without having to switch anything on will be game changing for a lot of users and this got me thinking well maybe this is the m1 ipad’s party trick perhaps you need an m1 ipad to make that possible but when you dig further and you look into the compatibility list for universal control it’s not the case at all you can actually run this on for example macs that go right back to 2015 but you can also run it on much earlier versions of the ipad pro so you don’t need the m1 ipad pro for this so again if we go right back to the ipad os 15 part of the wwc keynote i still can’t work out what they’re doing with that m1 chip in the ipad pro i’m not going to make this video about that device again i will link i have linked earlier to my thoughts about it but i was expecting more universal control is brilliant it’s the one thing with the next mac os release which i genuinely cannot wait for but it still isn’t making use of that m1 ipad pro

if there’s one operating system that didn’t get a huge amount of attention at this year’s wwdc it was the watch and watch os and it was interesting that they gave us some insight into the kind of things they keep an eye on so we learned for example that the photos watch face is the most popular and that the breathe app was used most regularly last year which is no surprise so it’s just interesting to see that they i’m sure it’s all anonymous but they obviously keep tabs on what people are using most often and they’ve been focusing their development efforts for watch os on those items so the first one with the photos watch face they’re going to introduce the ability to add portrait photos to your watch and use all of that data that separates the you know your head and face from the background to do some really cool things with the display so for example it will place the time behind your head just just slightly behind your head and the background just to give the whole thing some depth then you can kind of zoom in and zoom out of your face and all that sort of stuff they look like beautiful watch faces so i love that idea and they’ve done a lot with the breathe app so they’re introducing lots more mindfulness features for it i don’t use it i tried it when it first released in whichever watch os version it was i’m not the sort of person that invests

much time in mindfulness but i know it’s become a very important thing for a lot of people the changes they’re making to watch os although they’re fairly light on the surface of it they did some stuff with fitness as well as new workouts and things although it’s fairly light on the surface they have focused and honed in on the things that clearly mean the most to people who own these devices just a very quick note on tv os i very recently finally bought the apple tv 4k which is up there i’ll leave a link to my recent review and as mentioned in that review i completely apologize for my previous dismissal of the apple tv it’s a fantastic device but tvos didn’t get a huge amount of love really in wwdc this year most of what they’re doing is linked to this whole remote sharing of content so you can basically have that same ability on your apple tv to watch tv shows with people remotely and listen to music and that kind of stuff and it looks quite good i think if you’ve got a lot of people who’ve got apple tvs in

your family and you are communicating remotely with them it does look quite enjoyable so if you’ve recently bought an apple tv or you perhaps you’ve had one for a little while if you’re expecting a bit more from tv os this year you might have felt a little bit short changed one last thing to mention is the fairly significant portion of the event they devoted to privacy they’re outspoken when it comes to their stance on data privacy it’s very admirable they’re doing lots to combat that so the stuff they’re doing includes privacy protection in mail which means goodbye to tracking pixels pretty much in emails also the ability to have your ip address completely hidden from public view while using safari that’s pretty useful there’s also an app privacy report and they’re also changing series so that you can do a quite a lot an impressive amount actually of voice commands when even if you don’t have an internet connection so at the moment siri relies on an internet connection to do pretty much anything whereas later this year after the updates come on board you’ll be able to ask it to do all sorts of things even if it’s in airplane mode so you don’t have any internet connection whatsoever all the voice

processing happens directly on the phone but also the data so your voice data never leaves the phone it never goes anywhere so that’s that’s great stuff i love that but the big thing was icloud plus again i had no idea this was coming this is one of those things that was never rumored and if you’ve got an icloud subscription at the moment you’ll get icloud plus for free there’s no additional charge whatsoever again it’s focused pretty much entirely on privacy it gives you a recovery contacts option for your apple id so you can give basically the ability for people within your family or your friends to help you retrieve your apple id information they never get access to it but they can give you a code to get you back into your account you can also create a whole bunch of random email addresses which are linked to your own so you never expose your own email address but you do receive email that comes to those randomly generated email addresses but the big thing was their take on a vpn connection and this will basically mean that you can use icloud to connect to the internet without sharing any of your location data your ip address or anything it’s completely private browsing and if you use a vpn for work for example if you use a vpn when you’re working in a coffee shop or out about somewhere where you don’t want to have your traffic potentially on display to horrible people icloud plus will have that built in

and just like those spookily zoom like editions they’re adding to facetime this addition to icloud makes for a compelling reason not to have a third-party piece of vpn software now for indie developers who create that software i generally feel sorry for them because they’ll have watched that event yesterday thinking what do we do now again i’ve not used this yet remains to be seen what it’s like but knowing apple they don’t mess about when it comes to privacy and they do things very well when it comes to integrating services seamlessly and abstracting away all the techie stuff so lots of positive privacy updates and icloud plus which i didn’t see coming and i’m quite excited about now as mentioned at the start of this video i’m fully aware that i’ve skimmed over some of the stuff that was announced yesterday it was just a jam-packed event apple are absolutely cramming stuff into these events these days which i love it

makes my job a little bit harder but i hope i’ve kind of focused on the things that for me are the most impressive the most interesting the most thought provoking if you think i’ve missed something glaringly obvious today it’s quite possible please get involved in the comments and also just let me know what you think about wwdc this year what are you excited about what disappointed you what is exciting about what’s coming later this year get involved in the comments but if you are thirsty for mac hardware because we didn’t get any this week and i think like i said before we’re probably not going to see anything now until later this year in the autumn fall so if you’re thirsty for mac related stuff keep watching for a link to my recent 24 inch m1 imac review but in the meantime thank you as always for and i’ll catch you in the next

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