Motorola Moto G8 Mega-Comparison Which is best for me, G8, Power, Plus or Lite?

hello you stunning the attractive person you I’m Chris Leavitt expert and the fact that you’re watching this means you’re probably interested in buying a new budget-friendly Moto G handset and also as you’re probably slightly flustered because Motorola has gone frankly apps that the bonkers bat crazy in 2020 and we’ve now got for mortal g8 smartphones to choose from all ranging from between 150 and 250 quid I’ve got them laid out here in price order so the cheapest of the budget is the more legit power light come in 150 if you bump up your budget 280 you can afford the straightforward bog standard and Moto G it g8 power will cost you over to do that’s rather 220 mark right now and then the premium member of the family their big boy is the Moto G 8 plus which sports all fresh new camera tech in a couple other little specs updates here and there and the box is also annoyingly inconsistent as the only one without the funky blue neon glow around the logo and of course the names in the wrong place and the OCD nut and me is absolutely screaming and ripping its hair out because yeah the OCD part of me actually still has its hair so that’s one through a full comparison of the specs the features the performance everything you need to know about these moto G its smartphones inor which one is best for you and for one the layers great stick please do pork Subscribe ending that notifications well Cheers now first of all as you can see there you stick these moto G at handsets side by side there’s not exactly a stunning

amount of difference as far as the dimensions go the more legit plus is actually the smallest of the bunch of 6.3 inches these two or 6.4 and the g8 power light is the biggest at 6.5 leaving the large ear plus has the smallest display actually got pretty chunky bezels surrounding it still so it’s not really any more compact than the likes of the g8 power now if we flip all these Motorola phones over they spot a very similar sort of plastic finish but they do have some sort of differences between them as you’ll see towards the more premium end of the range you’ve got a nice glossy finish to them that doesn’t fortunately also pick up fingerprints smudges more easily the more lagea power light has got a perfectly matte finish which is good for masking or like that kind of dust and grime Motorola seems to be gone through even more of a blue phase in 2020 so all of these Moto G at handsets can be snuffled in some form of blue and the gia power lights case you’ve got Arctic or royal this is the royal blue the G it can be snuffled in blue or white the G power can be grabbed any of the blue or black but which I could only find the black version of that one and then the gia Plus can be grabbed in this funky gradient blue also a cosmic pink which is actually more of a ready color and the good news is despite to their wallet-friendly price these motor G at hands it’s all water repellency you can happily use them in inclement weather doesn’t matter if you accidentally spill your gmt on them whatever they’ll be fine now when you actually boot up you’re more legit

and so you’ll be confronted with a very similar software experience on all four of these handsets with one key difference it is android on all four of them but unfortunately the mortal geo power light and the mortal g8 plus the most premium member of the family are still run an android 9 rather than the fresh new Android 10 which is what you get on the g8 and the GOP side 40 means that yeah here on the geo power light and the j+ you don’t get the latest Android 10 features like a dark mode which you do get on likes the g8 and the g20 lacks with its updates of late as well it’s a real shame so versus the gia plus is still languishing on the November 29 security update which is obviously less than ideal a little the suicide is busy a nice clean stock version of Android on all four of these smartphones so you don’t worry about clunky heavy overly anything like that you don’t get the settings menus you get a lot of the same settings features tools and things stuffed away in there services all four have support for gesture navigation I just stuck the old traditional navigation bar down below just to make them easier to handle in this comparison however one very cool feature that you’ll find on these three more expensive more legit handsets but not on a more basic budget-friendly g8 power light is the mortal experiences app and this adds a bunch of gesture support and some really cool new features just to make your more legit handset that little bit easier to use so for instance one of my favorite features on that model experiences app and a bit of a tongue twister as well it’s the swipe to shrink screen feature after to see that nice and slow just to make sure I get it right and as

usually all your apps and everything I’ll then miniaturised and a lot easier to handle with just the warm it but yeah unfortunately I guess because probably the Moto G of power light simply can handle it you don’t have that model experiences up on that bad boy and also if you want to get some contactless payments on the go where your only choice out of this bunch is the more legit plus because that’s the only one that comes with the NFC that is missing in action on these three boo doesn’t mention before the display it size is basically the same between all of these you’ve got six point three six point four six point four six point five inches they’re all IPS panels and if you’re curious about the background by the way it’s to commemorate you dance Gavin dance album which has just been reached deftly go check that out on your streaming service of choice if you can be watching a lot of Netflix YouTube things like that on your smartphone that I’d recommend going through the G it power of the G Plus because they both post full HD plus displays unlike the 720p panels on the Model G at power light and the G it so just that little bit crisper as far as the image reproduction goes I’m gonna put a bit Netflix action side-by-side and all four of these mortal geode brawls are definitely not it’s the Model G it plus stood out above the other three produced more warmer more natural easier on the eye colors definitely looked better compared with the others the others are absolutely fine of course he’ll do really not the difference when you see them side by side you see that gia plus is a step up and all these funds apart from the basic gia power light allow you to play around with the color output a to a small extent in the display settings to make them more vivid vibrant hues or more natural colors but even with that option on board I said that for the gia plus is the winner for me not forgetting the audio chops as well the good news is all for these smartphones do have a headphone jack up top so you can get a wide pair of headphones connected up no problem whatsoever you got Bluetooth spot as well you’ve got bluetooth 4.2 I’ll believe it is here on the gia power line whereas the fresh new Bluetooth 5 here on GOG at

power energy it plus if you’re going to be kicking back with movies games stuff like that you don’t want to be constantly wearing a pair of headphones or using certain speakers the good news is you do have a stereo speakers set up here on both the moderate air power and the g8 plus with a nice bit of Dolby action on the gore as well just as fine tune your audio to see whatever you’re doing the performances understandably of all the basic and all four of these handsets the g8 power light is the odd one out that’s powered by the really low tech mediatek helio p35 chipset whereas the other three are powered by the Snapdragon six 65 at least all four are backed up with four gigs of RAM as you see that bump in performance is clearly represented by via Geekbench five benchmarking is you see the media tech chipset Falls way behind on both the single core and the multi-core score compared with its Qualcomm counterparts that’s said you would of course see the occasional study on these three handsets they’re not completely smooth and faultless but you will see a lot more stammering and general you need to be very patient with the Moto G at power light shall we say and if you are a gamer deaf you look at these three as well you can just about play pub G mobile on those little details hence again the occasional during summer but it is playable now if you’re all about the battery life then unsurprisingly the ones with power in the title or the ones to go for them

what legit power light and the jet power both over five thousand milliamp cells stuffed inside roses are four thousand energy and the g8 plus that said the G&G apostle easily get you through a full D a fairly constant use on a single charge whereas the modern geo power can actually stretch to two full days as long as you don’t hammer it too hard the gia power light will go even further than that though it’s more energy efficient thanks to that media tech chipset and also the fact it’s got 720p display instead of a full HD because you’ve got the usual battery saver modes and everything and all for these smartphones when it comes to charging backup you’ve got 10 watt charging here on the jet power light and the g8 that’s bumped to 15 watt fast charging on the g8 power and the G it plus the only other thing worth pointing out is the fact that it’s damn dirty micro USB here on the Moto G at power light whereas the others thank God have type seek reversible USB if you want to be carrying around a good collection of media stuff like that shoot lots of photos and videos good news is you get 64 gigs of storage on all four these smartphones even the g8 power light and you’ve also got micro SD memory card support on all four as well although it’s only up to 256 gigs a measly 256 gigs here on the power light 512 on the other three so you’re basically sorted for storage now where things start to get really

really complicated in this comparison is the camera tech because all of these moto G at handset support very very different optics from one another you’ve got a triple that lens that cameras set up here on the G at power light and the G it and that’s bumped to a quadrant lens setup on that the g8 power and the g8 plus but of course it in anywhere near as simple as that now as you probably expect the Motorola MOTO G R plus has the best camera tech fatigue in everyday shots and home movies as well it’s got a 48 megapixel primary lens with a super-fast quad pixel focus while the others have a 16 megapixel main shooter using a mixture of PDF and laser focus the plus is just better overall at grub and detail even in fairly testing it conditions using pixel but in to brighten up shots where necessary as well on the Moto G at plus you also have an ultra wide-angle lens slap there on the back because I actually use it for your photos you can only use it for video when you go into the action cam mods and this basically allows you to shoot stand horizontal video but in vertical stance that’s good if you’re running long for instance holding your phone trying to capture some footage as you can see you do get a very funky ultra wide-angle finish meanwhile on both the Moto G at and the gia power you actually have an ultra wide-angle lens which you can use for your photos but there’s no action cam loads while the jet power actually goes one step further and has a telephoto lens slap there on the back as well to give you a two times optical zoom so I mean that’s quite rare at this sort of budget price point and last step as far as the rather diverse selection of lenses go both the G

power light and the g8 so the two most affordable members of the g8 family have a macro lens forgetting a really really up-close shot I still don’t really see the point in a macro lens unless you’re gonna be snapping a lot of bugs in your garden but it’s maybe somebody in the comments gonna let me know what the point of this thing is oh and by the way if you’re concerned about the state of this dog it was unfortunately attacked by my four-year-old and her makeup kit yesterday but there seems to be liking its new makeover so all goods so that then nutshell is the hardware stuff as far as the software features go well these three smartphones here they both basically support the same features and options a couple of little differences so for instance the g8 plus has the night vision mode which can shoot lots of different photos that combine them together for a nice be blended result you don’t unfortunately get that on these two handsets here instead what you get is of course the macro mode yeh you’ve also got a pro mode on all three of these smartphones as well which busy just allows you to play around with the white balance the ISO levels things like that and shoot in full-on RAW format as well if you want to edit on the fly and you also get more all those nifty AI features on all three of these handsets as well all a smile capture smart compositions pretty good as well I can just

help to straighten up a wonky shot and just crop in a bit where necessary and a bit of AI scene detection – in comparison the Moto G at power light is very basic indeed as you can see you only get a handful of features you don’t get all of that extra bonus stuff certainly no night vision mode nor spot color mode or any of that stuff it’s basically just your portrait modes you can slightly change the Bakke effects and of course your macro mode isn’t that special macro camera yeah as you can see very basic no ice mots nothing like that and if you like to shoot a good bit of whole movie action you can shoot a 4k Ultra HD resolution video on these three smartphones once again the mortgagee at power light unfortunately lags behind the rest it’s siblings with full-hd maximum raise and he selfie lovers out there we’ll probably again once will avoid of the G at power light and focus that it megapixel front face and stuff but not the best everything looks a bit soft and crap really here on the standard G ear to the G it power you get upgraded to a 16 megapixel front-facing cameras at absolutely fine does

the job nicely got for portraits smarts and everything of course and then any Instagram is out there will probably be wanting to look to the G it Plus that sports and upgraded 25 megapixels snapper sort some really nice strong results from that and if you’ve got the live motion feature activator then basically you can watch a repeating clip of you take in your shot over and

over and over forever and ever so that in a völva large nutshell is how these moorage it a family of smartphones stack up against one another so hopefully that’s helped you to decide which one might be best for you definitely let us know your thoughts in the comments down below if you’re tempted by one in particular I’ve done full unboxings I believe of all of these now and I’ve done full reviews of the Moto G it plus the Moto G at power and working on these two because they just arrived this week so stay tuned for more coverage of them please do poke subscribe doing that notifications bar and have yourselves all of the week people cheers everyone love you

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