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i have actually received some truly beautiful remarks from visitors about the mic audio on this network so today i assumed i’ll reveal you how i accomplish it invite back to online marketers testimonials and thank you always for subscribing if you don’t wish to miss out on an episode simply click the little switch listed below click the bell done firstly a disclaimer i’m not massively delighted with the noise of my channel the mic sound i’m truly satisfied without issue this is a little space it’s too echoy for me being a person that truly values excellent noise i know that it’s not ideal yet nonetheless it has actually been wonderful to obtain some very good remarks from you individuals stating how much you like the sound of the mic i believe additionally if you pay attention to my network on earphones it does seem excellent i’ll give you that the mic audios excellent i’m not a widely skilled audio designer however i have actually i obtain audio i’ve operated in real-time noise in the past so i recognize what makes a good mic noise as well as i’ve type of placed all that experience and also a few of the gear that i have into creating what you

can hear currently so allow’s enter into it so in regards to gear that i’m making use of the noise that you’re listening to comes from 2 devices the very first one is a rode ntg-1 condenser microphone which is simply above right here that you can see contemporary of our shot it’s a shotgun mic it’s not precisely a it’s not you would not discover it on film collections for instance you most likely would not find it being made use of in television either yet it’s a truly great type of access slash mid-level condenser shotgun microphone as well as it’s ideal wherefore i require it for expense me regarding 200 pounds i assume you can still get it for about that occasionally a little bit more affordable as well i’ll put a web link in the description but it’s wonderful i’ve been truly impressed with this mic right out package it’s been no trouble whatsoever now certainly that mic has to go into something to tape-record what you’re hearing as well as for that i utilize a zoom h4n pro recorder and i dual inspected prior to i began shooting this and also i assume it’s been stopped currently it’s just not readily available on and that’s an

embarassment due to the fact that it is very highly advised which is the factor i bought it not economical it’s 250 pounds you recognize so you’re looking with the mic and also the recorder as near as dammit 500 extra pounds for the setup but the zoom recorder like i claim comes very recommended it’s obtained excellent internals in regards to how it processes audio it takes sd cards it’s constructed like a container it has two inputs also you understand if you desire to have two mics running you can do that extremely conveniently however that’s it that is the the setup so i have the mic the ntg going into the zoom recorder as well as a little bit of an objective right here i’m making use of a very cheap mic stand which was simply bought extremely quickly simply to obtain by i’m going to change that at some phase it’s not particularly steady as well as i’ll be straightforward an economical xlr wire ranging from the mic into the zoom now the audio individual in me desires to get a much better cord but if it’s working it’s functioning just a very fast thing on my positioning this is really essential when you’re getting the ideal mic audio and also for me i located that the mic simply over is fairly a common way of doing it just out of sight over my head pointed at my mouth works

wonderfully currently when it comes to appear deadening it’s unpleasant in front of this cam there’s simply a mess of audio deadening material and i have a few of it affixed haphazardly to the wall surface it’s not adhered to the wall at all it’s the something which i have actually hurried if i’m absolutely honest and even if i’m so hectic i have not really found the time to correctly put it on the walls and properly affix it to the wall surfaces so it’s a complete barge job as well as all i have actually done at this phase is emphasis on the area before me so to stop my voice from bouncing off the walls as well as the displays as well as stuff in front of me i have all this foam below i have not really done anything behind me there’s no deadening in below besides the rug and also that is why you do get a little echo if you can hear it so before i do any of this kind of a-roll shooting i always simply throw these things before me and expect the very best i placed one on the desk as well on the surface area just to

decrease any type of representations from there but it’s unpleasant to be honest yet i believe you’ll find that a great deal of youtubers do a comparable point especially when their studio is being used for other purposes so yeah audio deadening once again i can improve this but it does make a difference because it stops my voice bouncing off the wall surface behind the cam the recording process is truly straightforward when i’ve got the mic in the position i want it to be set at i pop the zoom recorder on as well as i’ll be sincere i’ve not touched the quantity given that i established it originally so in regards to and that’s the input volume so it’s generally established at the minute it comes to a head concerning around -6 db which provides you lots of headroom it basically indicates that the file that you wind up putting right into the computer system isn’t misshaping there’s no clipping there’s lots of you recognize you get the little waveform on the on the track in reasoning for example it’s just it looks great it’s not sort of going like that great and also smooth as well as there’s lots of headroom above to offer you lots of space to include quantity and include eq and also all that type of things it just means that when i finish recording i can just take the sd card out stick it into my mac mini and away we go so when i have actually ended up recording and also the data has been moved to the mac mini i drag that file right into

reasoning pro and also to speed this entire process up i have a layout in logic called mic treatment which simply has every one of the setups every one of the plugins and so on prepared to go so all i require to do is drag that audio documents onto the track in reasoning and start functioning on it the very first point i do is normalize that audio so when it comes out of the zoom like i state it’s it’s rather low in regards to taping it’s -6 db peak-ish which indicates i need to bring the quantity up a bit and also the method you do that is by something called normalization currently i can actually obtain right into the weeds with this things i’m not going to if you want me to go into in even more information let me recognize in the comments yet essentially when you stabilize a piece of audio it simply raises the quantity basically due to the fact that when you record into the zoom like i pointed out earlier you’re taping at fairly a low quantity so to bring it up and make it better for an entire variety of devices that it will ultimately be played on you normalize the sound currently if you’re interested the setting that i use in logic is loudness and i established it to 23 luff’s again i will certainly not enter the weeds with this but it’s generally a worldwide acknowledged requirement which people use audio engineers and so on usage to increase the perceived

volume of music singing tracks all that kind of things so as soon as i’ve stabilized it it’s brought the volume up i after that simply do a bit of eq once more keep in mind all this stuff remains in my layout i’ve done this as soon as and left it but the eq is fairly uncomplicated so i roll off a bit of the lower end in between 30 40 50 hertz that’s where you obtain boomy sub bass which you just don’t desire i do not want that on my voice and also you simply instance you obtain that type of radio frequency roar in life it can be automobiles passing by it can be an aircraft in the sky whatever it is so by rolling that off on the eq it gets rid of any awful roar i then placed a little boost at 200hz as well as that is generally the the body of the audio so when you comment on the fact that this seems like a really full-bodied mic sound it’s possibly that 200 hertz increase that is assisting that i then add a little dip at 600 hertz which is my preferred i’ve discussed this in the airpods max review that i did recently it’s my recommended audio profile it simply makes it less sloppy if you enhance that it would certainly seem extremely muddy as well as not particularly

great at all so i similar to it to be dipped a little in the middle i after that included fairly a big increase actually concerning 10k which is concerning a 2db increase which is rather a whole lot for an eq’s tweak and that is where you get a great deal of the glimmer and also you need to be very careful with that truly mindful with that said yet it resembles i have actually added rather a whole lot actually i’ve failed to remember but once more it seems to work there’s additionally a de-esser that i add as well as that is supposed to eliminate s’s all the s’s the awful s sounds on your voice it does not have a massive effect to be straightforward however i similar to the reality it’s on the track as well as it’s it exists it makes a bit of a distinction but not massive and also lastly there’s a little bit of compression added also if you do not know what compressor is a compressor extremely essentially takes a piece of sound as well as it sort of raises the quiet little bits quietens the louder bits and makes every little thing simply a little bit much more glued with each other and bit a lot more constant that’s a horrible explanation of it and i make sure there’ll be audio people available who will certainly be poking fun at me currently and get associated with the comments and also explain it much better than me however that’s primarily what compression does and also

it’s utilized across all sorts of audio it’s used on songs it’s utilized in vocals too like i’m utilizing it below as well as i’ve just left it very simple so i have actually utilized the supply logic plug-in for for compression as well as i’ve selected the all-natural voice setting i do not believe i fine-tuned it that a lot i may have altered it somewhat yet you can view as my voice is kind of speaking you can see that it’s coming to a head at regarding -5 db of gain reduction which indicates when my voice gets louder it’s bringing the quantity down so it doesn’t type of shock the audience that’s it in reasoning i after that jump that documents which indicates basically transforming it to a wav file and also it prepares to be taken into last cut pro so as soon as it enters into final cut pro as well as i’ve done all my edits i more than happy with it it’s all prepared to be released to youtube i do what is called a last master on the sound and also understanding again i’m not gon na enter into the weeds with this however mastering is done with practically every song you’ve ever before listened to basically after the tune’s been taped combined as well as satisfied with it it goes to a mastering designer which person primarily makes it all set for usage across an entire series of tools as well as bear in mind that songs possibly heard it in an automobile on an automobile

stereo on a set of earphones on your television on your truly costly hi-fi system the understanding designer’s task is to make certain it appears consistent across every one of those various use instances now i’m not an understanding engineer but i get the fundamentals of it and also i wish to ensure that you can hear me appropriately it seems excellent whether you’re paying attention on your phone on your headphones with your television whatever it is so i do a light master and also i do it done in last cut pro as well as the reason i do it in last cut pro is due to the fact that last cut pro provides you access to the reasoning pro plugins so i can very swiftly create the plugins i need place them on the singing track and also be finished with it now once more i’ve done this as soon as and simply kept the setups so for each video i simply replicate the settings from the previous one for the master sound track put it on the existing one as well as i’m done basically however before i do that i do a very fast addition of audio fades so clearly throughout these video clips you’ll see little jump cuts where i go like this to this and to eliminate any kind of kind of dodgy audio between both you sometimes obtain little clicks and

things you can do an extremely brilliant point in last cut pro where you can instantly include fades you simply select the whole audio track click use fades and also it’s done so it does away with any little clicks as well as things once i have actually done that i after that produce a substance clip out of the all of the sound so simply one long point on my timeline i then paste the settings the mastering setups from my pre previous video onto this set and what that does that includes an eq and also the eq is really light it’s just a last bit of eq’ ing and that consists of a little increase down end which once more contributes to the fullness of the audio adds a bit of a recess in the mids just to eliminate any type of lingering muddiness strangely enough i dropped the leading end a bit which may clarify why it’s a little bit too high in reasoning uh i recognize i could go back as well as remedy that in logic however i’m a huge believer as i’ve said throughout this of just setting it and leaving it this just works i after that do add even more compression once again a bit of final mastering compression really light contrasted to what i carried out in reasoning professional earlier as i stated earlier it glues everything with each other and also the reason i placed that compression right into the last cut professional mix is because it may include other stuff you

recognize it also includes my little audio ident but it additionally may include little audio effects and points i put in so it is essential that all of that things is glued along with a great little bit of compression to ensure all the volume is just consistent throughout the entire video clip after that last but not least i add a limiter as well as you have to be really cautious with limiters limiters basically again without entering the weeds are a way of raising the perceived volume of an item of audio currently this has actually resulted in something throughout the years called the loudness wars where songs has actually slowly obtained louder and also louder and louder and the issue with making songs or any kind of audio louder as well as louder and louder with the limiter is that you begin to lose every one of the vibrant the ins and outs as well as the dynamic array because item of music or singing i’m very cautious with this all i wish to do is bring up the perceived quantity so that it’s loud sufficient so that you don’t need to maintain getting to for your quantity button on your mac or your phone or whatever you’re listening to me on and to do that i utilize the again the stock reasoning limiter plug-in and i believe i have actually included plus 1.5 ish db of gain as well as if you check out the the meters on that particular limiter you can see that it’s peaking at about -6 db for the final mix the final outcome that’s tolerable it’s around best

to be truthful i indicate i could go a bit more if i intended to however i like having headroom with audio i do not ever desire this to distort whatsoever that truly is it you understand once again lesson learned with this find something that functions when it involves setting audio or anything in life actually to be truthful if you find something that functions in regards to a manufacturing technique leave it once it’s functioning do not do not fiddle anymore i have actually done that with this audio the only time i will certainly ever before require to adjust it is if i transform the mic for instance or something adjustments in the space where it’s going to have an influence on the noise yet the minute that’s not mosting likely to happen so i can gladly leave it as it is and also the process of obtaining the audio from my mouth into that mic into the zoom right into the mac and where you see it currently is actually quite uncomplicated i can do it pretty promptly now i have actually yapped regarding audio in this video clip as well as just recently i talked to an audio file regarding the airpods max and he offered me a remarkable understanding into exactly how they contrast against really top-end earphones so if you’re into your audio or you’re simply interested to potentially acquire the airpods max yourself then keep seeing for a web link to that clip but in the meantime thank you so much for enjoying as well as i will catch you on the following clip

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