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i have two computer systems in front of me i have an m1 macbook air the bass spec which cost me 999 extra pounds as well as i have a 16 inch macbook pro from 2019 which cost me concerning three and also a half thousand extra pounds basically fully specked out which one is quicker with last cut professional welcome back to marketless testimonials this is a little video that i decided to put with each other totally off the cuff if i’m entirely truthful but also since i have actually simply got the macbook air with the m1 chip as well as at some phase i’m going to do a complete testimonial i wish to spend a bit even more time with it prior to i do that i desire to obtain made use of to it as well as simply provide it a proper thorough test yet i just thought today what the hell allow’s do a bit of a test with last cut now you may know what last cut is if you do not it’s a video clip editing program which i use great deals of video clip editors utilize great deals of developers make use of on youtube and also it’s made use of to a level in the professional field also i use documents reduced day-to-day basically and for the in 2015 i’ve used this macbook professional 16 inch and also it is fantastic you can watch my evaluation i’ll place the link right here somewhere and it’s a wonderful machine

however it’s really pricey currently apple have actually simply launched their m1 line of chips which are mosting likely to change ultimately wholesale the intel chips they take into their macbooks and into their imacs etc now there’s tons of standards and things out there i’m not mosting likely to do that if you watch this channel you recognize i do not do benchmarks yet i’m really interested to see exactly how it does in the real life so today i thought what the hell let’s do an examination with last cut i’m mosting likely to do two things i’m going to primarily do some very straightforward colour grading as well as i’m after that mosting likely to export some footage easy as that it’s the specific very same item of footage it’s 4k 10 mins long that’s it nothing expensive it’s running on the exact same version of last cut professional every little thing is the exact same essentially besides the equipment i’m doing it on so among them cost me 999 extra pounds this is the base spec so this is the m1 macbook air there’s no fan in there it’s got 8 job of ram it’s obtained a 256 gig hard disk drive it’s obtained the seven core processor in terms of the graphics it’s simply the base degree spec you can not obtain a more affordable m1 macbook than this this nonetheless is the intel 16-inch macbook pro it cost me three and a half thousand extra pounds it’s obtained an i9 intel 8 core cpu in there it’s obtained 32 gig of ram it’s obtained the most effective graphics card you can get for that machine it’s a bit of a beast to be straightforward however that’s to me already

that’s interesting the truth i’m going to do the specific same job on these 2 devices and also see exactly how they do currently i haven’t done this yet this is entirely off the cuff the response you obtain from me today is going to be online and i haven’t really considered a number of the criteria when it involves doing this kind of work so it’s a little an unknown so yeah let’s obtain into it so the initial point i’m mosting likely to do on both of them is simply some light color grading so i’ve got this video footage as well as once again i’m not mosting likely to think anything unique with it i’m using the integrated final cut plugins nothing has been included it’s just as it is so yeah this is what i would generally do i would be available in i ‘d raise the sort of range analyzer i’ll bring up the highs a little there if you’re interested this was taped with a sony a7s ii fairly an old video camera yet it’s an amazing video electronic camera for particularly for 4k alright so i’m just gon na tweak this a little bit looking quite nice now whenever you do anything in last cut like color grading it places this little point these little dots on top of the display which generally indicate that it requires to provide that video so the modifications i’m making it hasn’t related to that footage yet and also this is where you begin to see exactly how fast and also how powerful the computer system is that you’re using in terms of just how quickly it does that now i’m not completed yet i will simply do a little bit much more maybe raise the saturation a little bit there that’s all looking excellent currently if i take my hand away on top left of the display we can see the little render point below and also this will certainly inform me that it’s rendering basically as well as it offers me a portion now i’m not going to

time this i’m simply going to look at it and also see how it goes allow’s let that coating i’m mosting likely to do the exact very same point on the 16-inch macbook pro so wait footage i’m going to do pretty much what i did before allow’s just um bring that up bring the highs up get a little bit a lot more comparison there there we go nice little bit of that again we can see that it’s placed this these little dots here to indicate that it needs to make that uh the macbook air is still going it’s 27 currently all right um okay i’m pretty delighted keeping that i assume so look yep all looking excellent so allow’s let that go so currently we’re at 38 i did start this unquestionably a little while back as well as we’re 11 currently with the macbook 16 inch okay so they’re still downing along we’re just probably a number of mins into this i’ll be honest though this m1 is howling along this fasts this is actually quick i know it had a head begin and i know that i did assume that the 16 inch would certainly catch up a little bit quicker than this if i’m absolutely honest this is truly fantastic i think right last bit done so the air has ended up the m1 air has done i reckon it did that pair of minutes possibly the 16 inch once again it was a little bit later beginning by probably regarding a minute approximately 70 it’s currently slower so this three as well as a half thousand pounds maker is slower at providing some color grading compared to the base level the bass bec m1 macbook air as well as also it’s warmish yet it’s not boiling warm that’s truly really hot like you can not leave your hand on there for a lot longer it’s ended up the render currently i reckon that took 5 minutes that took about two minutes wow i’m truly knocked back by that that is that is excellent truly remarkable wow so the next test i’m going to do is to

export that 10 minutes of 4k footage to the desktop on either device once more it’s not particularly extensive however it is the kind of thing which does rotate up the fans a little bit on the on the on the on the 16-inch macbook pro as well as it’s rather rather processor extensive and also it’s just rather a great benchmark really i’m mosting likely to time this i’ve obtained my timers prepared we’re mosting likely to do it so we’re mosting likely to begin allow’s begin the 16 inch initially in fact so right here we go click conserve begin that’s gone allow’s begin the macbook air save begin away we go now right away the 16 inch is in advance it goes to 5 percent and in fact the macbook air is doing absolutely nothing right now it’s simply sitting at nine percent well this is interesting isn’t it nine percent one percent so the 16-inch macbook pro it’s just over a minute in there it goes to 20 of the export and also again about a min in the m1 is at 2 percent that’s interesting three percent 24 25 3 this is truly interesting i i’m i’m stunned by this as well i believed given how quickly this rendered that it would possibly do the exact same thing as well as beat the 16 inch with the export however it’s not it’s a lot much slower as well as just to state the precise very same settings in regards to the export the same little bit of video it’s all rendered 39 5 wow we could be here for some time you will not i will it’s completed so the m1 macbook air with 8 gig of ram completed that output of a 4k 10 min video clip file

from last cut pro in 13 mins 8 secs versus 5 mins 10 secs with the 16 inch macbook pro as well as what was intriguing was that i have actually been display videotaping both of these macs once again with the precise same settings when i stopped screen recording on the macbook air while it was exporting the x4 accelerated and it in fact sped up rather dramatically however it was a fair test since when the 16 inch macbook pro was exporting from final cut pro it was likewise doing that screen recording so they were both doing the exact very same thing however, for some reason the 16-inch macbook professional took care of both those tasks all at once a lot much better than this much quicker you can see there but i’ll be truthful when i did stop that display recording on the m1 macbook air it was really pretty fast exporting that video so it may be worth me doing a little examination at some stage with them both doing it without the display recording however i will not do that today due to the fact that i assume this has actually been an intriguing little experiment and also i’m mosting likely to leave it at that i am mosting likely to do a correct testimonial of this m1 map all right i’m not mosting likely to claim anything else concerning it presently i have actually

obtained all type of ideas currently this has been very interesting yet if you desire to see what i actually think about this base degree spec m1 macbook air ensure you subscribe so you do not miss it if you have actually got a little bit more time currently bring on expecting a link to the review of the 16-inch macbook pro that i did a couple of weeks back it had no end of wonderful comments people appear to still actually be interested to see what this macbook can do regardless of the m1 m1 variety that’s come along so yeah if you wish to see if it’s worth acquiring one of these now which i assume it most likely is maintain watching in the meanwhile thank you so much for tuning in as well as i will see you next time

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