RedMagic 7S Pro: CRAZY SPECS! 18GB RAM, SD8+ Gen 1, Turbo Fan! 😱

Hey there everyone welcome back to another video with Lim testimonials now today I have below one of one of the most effective smart devices that’s ever before been to my studio which is the red magic sevens Pro now this gadget was actually released right here in Malaysia about a little more than a week earlier and the price begins with rm399 as well as I’m just mosting likely to unbox this very swiftly although you can see that it’s actually already a box I have actually placed every little thing back particularly for you people since I desire to show you what you can anticipate inside this very intriguing looking box in fact allow’s have a look at this extremely nice graphic on the top of the box also you have some cartoonish stuff going on there I do not assume that’s really cartoons extra like manga or anime or something like that yet yeah let’s unbox this today and also let me share with you a pair of my experiences so as quickly as you pop the cover undoubtedly you do see a red magic packaging over here and this essentially contains your housing we additionally have a very long SIM PIN expelled over there to ensure that’s worth keeping in mind as well and also the k situation really is a gaming phone type of situation I like that since it’s not your typical instance we have this uh kind of like you know hole between right here that in fact flaunts the design of the phone due to the fact that it looks truly amazing so I’m going to place that down in the meantime and

allow’s bring off the phone itself as well as there we go this is the red magic 7s Pro again we’re mosting likely to place this down for a 2nd due to the fact that you intend to see what else is in the Box you get this uh what they call it scan to begin some example but I don’t believe you require that than that you also obtain a red Cable in package individuals this is a type c to kind c connector really cool and finally you get the 65 watt gun charger in the Box I like the truth that this is a rather tiny size battery charger so it’s not something incredibly substantial that you see from other brands yet yeah that’s generally what you get in the Box all right so let’s simply unwrap this person really promptly I am simply going to peel this off for enjoyable after that allow’s go there you go okay so this is the phone itself the red magic 7s Pro while speaking let me simply pop that button so we can begin up the gadget itself currently there’s in fact a pair of interesting things that you can find on the back below which I’m not exactly sure if you like it or dislike it me personally I kind of like it I assume it looks sort of cool below so appropriate between we have this kind of like camouflage kind of style going on below and also

once again the instance is intended to display that style in the facility besides that you have this kind of clear back panel which I believe looks incredible it looks great I constantly you recognize adhere to for clear example here as well as what’s fascinating is you have all the essential requirements of the phone composed on the back below so this is a 5000 mAh battery so you guys recognize we do have a 64 megapixel major sensing unit as well as 8 megapixel Ultra wide and also a 2 megapixel macro lens to make sure that remains in terms of the video cameras on the top right here you do have this fan that in fact spins and there’s RGB lighting going on at the back as well as you can see the number here shows that we have 20 000 RPM so this little fan here actually impacts rather a reasonable little bit of wind out from the gadget itself obviously the major start of the show we do have a Snapdragon 8 plus gen one in here as well as like I stated earlier on simply in regards to the RAM as well as the memory storage we have 18 gigabytes of RAM as well as 512 GB of interior memory really extremely cool down right so if you simply move the phone sideways I wish to show you guys a little bit more we do have the volume rocker over here this is the power switch you have your

shoulder causes now these are really delicate these are pressure delicate kind of triggers here as well as they rejuvenate at 540 Hertz so it need to be fairly sensitive aside from that notice that we do have this extremely small Grille right here which’s in fact for the fan so allow me just activate the fan in the meantime really quickly so you can see it so you just tap that switch and also the fan will activate I did discover that comparable to just how a gaming laptop functions you will hear a little noise however it’s not that loud it does not really impact your gameplay and general I think it’s fairly acceptable air is actually going through here it’s being fed with these grilles on this on the back panel as well as it enters through the back panel as well as it comes out over below so hope that makes feeling male but yeah it’s trendy that we do have this extremely good RGB fan taking place over there best so moving on to the opposite of the phone over here we do have a video gaming mode switched and also this is actually extremely wonderful once again I like this type of stuff since you recognize I play video games fairly a reasonable little bit so I’m going

to show you individuals extremely promptly as soon as you push this toggle it goes into the red magic video gaming mode and also after that you can you know set up a pair of items you can set your level of sensitivity for the shoulder activates you can configure a great deal of things below much like how you can do it on a different sort of you know other type of pc gaming phone so I’m just mosting likely to switch over that off in the meantime and yes this is primarily just how the phone feels and look like now one actually cool feature of the raid magic 7s Pro is actually the display screen at the front it is 120 hertz yet the most vital thing here is that we do not have any type of type of Notch on top notice that it’s a totally notchless or selfie cameraless sort of screen however the selfie video camera is actually hidden at the back we do have a 16 megapixel selfie cam it’s actually hard to find it I do not really see it in all also when I rotate the phone from different angles even when I’m outdoors I do not in fact see the selfie camera whatsoever unlike other phones so quite great stuff there if you are the type of individual like myself I don’t take a great deal of selfies I honestly sort of like it being concealed at the back there and also I have this completely excellent well done screen at the front and when I show incidentally once more 120 hertz so every little thing is extremely smooth here and also honestly talking for video gaming it is simply awesome alright so like I claimed I’ve really been carrying this phone around and also using it for the past one week as well as my experience has been truly good with this red magic

sevens Pro again as a gaming phone it will definitely be able to run every one of your games at the maximum visuals settings it likewise does not get very warm since we do have this fan helping out some of you could believe it is a gimmick however according to Red magic it is in fact able to go down the temperatures down by concerning one to 2 levels Celsius and also I think that somehow that really helps out if you are actually a hardcore gamer alright men to ensure that’s pretty a lot a really quick view of the raid magic 7s Pro general I assume this is a really fun phone that you can see in the marketplace today once again if you are a gamer you would value this sort of stuff you recognize transparent by panels these sort of follower RGB going on I recognize it’s not actually for everyone available however I just spoke to a number of my pals that truly plays a great deal of video games and they kind of dig this type of layout which I truthfully assume is rather awesome as well so with that said if you intend to discover more concerning the red magic 7s Pro I’ll put a link down below again it starts from rm399 my design below the 18 plus 512 is retailing for rm4999 as well as it comes with like extended one year guarantee as well as there’s like free presents and all that so I’ll put the web links down listed below if you wish to discover that but yeah thank you guys for enjoying want to see you individuals in the next one bye

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