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hello gorgeous peeps I’m Chris from expert and this right here is that while we watch you gt2 a fresh new wearable launched by weight at the same time as the while we’re p40 series handsets it could be yours for just one hundred and sixty quid here in the UK from April the 15th it’s essentially just a rejiggered version of the original while we watch GT to last year but with an even more support redesign and of course that more affordable price points so let’s get the wrong we watch GT – II fully unboxed and take a big old tour of all the specs the features and compare it with the original GT – as we’re going along I just happen to have slapped on my wrist right here and for more than its greatest tech please do subscribe ending that notification spell J’s so first up as you can see there I’ve got the gorgeous vibrant lava red version of the one we watched GT 2e you can pick it up in four different hues you’ve got the red you’ve got a mint green which is quite sort of subtle off green you’ve also got white and black if you’re fancy something a bit more straightforward I’m guessing the contents the the box can be very similar to the original watch GT – to do of course have your Quick Start Guide lovely stuff and then in this sort of flappy bits you’ve got your proprietary charging docks what you get is a type-c USB cable and then oh it’s wedged in there proper tight said the actress to the bishop it’s great to see that’s actually a Type C cable which are then connected to the docks you don’t need to worry about carrying too much in the way of

charge and equipment around all you need is the little magnetic dock thing and basically a phone charger and then yet and just plugs in there and you just plug the other end to a means adaptor or a laptop or whatever you’ve got them gone handy now the original while we watched GT 2 here on the left came in a choice of two different sizes 42 or 46 mil you’ve only got the 46 millimeter version here on the wall we watched GT 2e and there as you can see there a few little design differences between the two it’s not just a straight ripoff of the original so as you can see there the actual watch bezel has changed somewhat so you’ve got different markings on there it’s still nice and flush with the surface though just as it was on the original watch GT 2 as before you’ve got a pair of push buttons here on the side of the way we watched GT 2e well as on the original watch they had the sort of classic rounded watch sort of dial vibe there now a lot flatter a lot closer to the surface here on the GT 2e and the other design changes with the actual watch strap as well as you can see here now it is directly connected to the actual watch body the good news is that here on the watch GT 2e you’ve still got your or switch around back so you can just pull that and actually snap the watch strap off if you’ve decided you suddenly don’t like red or you want to snap on a strap it’s a bit more fancy but I’m actually really liking the look and the feel of this new strap here on the watch gt2 he feels a lot more support here I can that’d be really nice and comfortable and soft

against just skin even if you’re wearing it all day long obviously plenty of little vents to allow your skin to breathe apparently it’s manufactured from flue raw rubber I’m not gonna pretend to know what that is but if you’re a sports enthusiast maybe you’ve got more of an idea and apart from that no real other design changes here on the Huawei watch gt2 II it’s still a pot plastic pot steer the steel rims it’s got a decent 1/2 to it but nothing too bad should hopefully prove pretty rugged just like the original while we watch gt2 and it’s fully water resistant down to 5 atmospheres or around 50 metres as well the Huawei does explicitly state don’t use it for scuba diving snorkeling etc should only be used for very shallow water stuff like swimming ok so let’s see if we’ve got some guessing the time we can get the while we watch GT 2e all set up and take a tour of the rest of the hardware and of course that software as usual to get started you’ll need to download the huawei health app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store then just dive into devices and go to add needs on a SmartWatch and then it’s the while we watch GT 2 series and there’s the bad boy right there let’s give that a little tap you tap pairing up nice and easy pair pair parent successful job done now if I the huawei help up you kind of course update the settings here on the why we watch GT 2e so for instance you’ve got a whole bunch of extra watch faces that you can

download and install not as many as you get on the likes of August here an Android wear OS device but you’ve still got a reasonable selection on there including some quite kooky ones I mean I don’t honestly know how many drugs were involved in the creation of this one but I like it as you can see there are plenty of others some of them quite sort of funky and jazzy some of them a bit more serious and straightforward quite a few which actually pack quite a lot of information as well so if you’re bit of a stats hound one of all how far you’ve walked well for me it’s to the bathroom about 7 or 8 times a day and that’s about it at the moment I hear on the while we watch GT 2 we get basically the same 1.3 9 inch AMOLED display as you’ve got on the original while we watch GT 2 it’s a 454 by 454 pixel resolution some nice and crisp even if get right in there you’ll have have crazy-good vision to notice any individual pixels and all and of course because some AMOLED display it’s nice and punchy inviting vibrant as well and of course fully customize it as well as you can have a standby watch face if you want you can play around with the brightness levels on the top – it’s super super icier and Li bright like seriously you’ll have no problem seeing this even in bright sunlight as you can see you can change the exact screen on time and all the rest of it plenty about the sentence you can play around with as well as

you’ve got built-in Bluetooth support so you can get connected to a pair of wireless headphones earphones whatever you want to use and actually stream music direct from the one we watched GT – II suppose you can see that my Sony headphones have popped up on there so you’ve got four gigs of storage on there so you get a couple of hundred and B 3s on there certainly enough to do you for a quick jog in the session you can fully customize what the damn button does as well have it open it up your very favorite apps so obviously by default it’ll do your workout session but you can do a bit of stress busting breathing exercises just open up the music app whatever you fancy and there’s no difference at all really in the software between the one we watched GT 2 and this GT 2e so as you can see you scroll along and get access to all of your stats your stress levels see how rubbish the weather is going to be not all it really matters anymore access your mp3s of course this is all fully customizable via the app as well as you can see exactly which screens actually pop up when you’re scrolling about the place from any screening just give that top button a quick push and you’ll go back to the home screen and if you give another push from the home screen you’ve got access to all of your apps that are installed here on the wall we watched GT 2e unfortunately unlike where I sat for instance you can’t download new apps onto the while we watch GT 2e what you see right here is what you get so I certainly can’t get a bit of Spotify on there or anything like that but as you can see there are a generous selection of

health-related apps it’s got lots of support for lots of outdoor activities on there like running cycling jumping about the place all the usual stuff it won’t be able to do much of in the foreseeable future a lot of indoor stuff as well I include of course got bit of elliptical and everything – so no matter what you’re into you’re pretty much covered here and you can set them up exactly how you like and you can expect while we’re to update the watch GT 2e with all kinds of other custom workouts as time goes by as well to suit all kinds of different sporty activities as you see when you actually start an activity is where you’ve got direct tax to all of your immediate stats such as for instance your heart rate its distance covered time and all that kind of shenanigans you can’t actually fully customize these little readouts as well to display whatever you like whatever is more pertinent to you so your average Pierce for instance average speed calories burn yada yada the heart rate monitor can actually be works continuously as well as you get a full 24-hour readout of your resting heart rate and everything else and you’ve also got the likes of an SP or two monitor on here as well so you can monitor the oxygen levels inside your blood that’s particularly good for

sleep monitoring and also if you’ve got any underlying conditions or anything like that as for the rest the specs but it’s a cure an e-1 chipset paxton ear designed specifically for wearables by Huawei so certainly touch words so far seems to be reasonably nippy just like the original watch gt2 the occasional tiny all started here and there but it early days so hopefully fingers crossed it’ll be nice and smooth once it kind of settles down a bit you’ve got the same size battery as the 46 mil while we watch gt2 in here as well so you’ll get a couple of weeks of use on a full charge of course that will depend on what settings you’ve got active surfaces you’ve got the the standby display active then that will eat up a little bit of the the battery life as well so you should still get a full week of use even with standby which phase active even with plenty fitness tracking on-the-go and everything like that so definitely solid for a SmartWatch so as you can see beyond the design and the asking price not much difference at all between the one we watched gt2 II and the original watch gt2 basically got the same set up same notifications alerts him software and everything same performance same battery life same gorgeous AMOLED display so what are your thoughts on the way we watched GT 2 we definitely let me know in the comments down below be great to hear from you and it should hopefully be able to get a full review of this bad boy up in a couple of weeks time and please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications well for more on the latest and greatest tech giant love you

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