iOS 16 – Top 5 Features You MUST KNOW and HOW to Get Them!

hey there everyone welcome back to an additional video with lim evaluations currently if you are an apple iphone individual today is a really interesting day for you due to the fact that ios 16 has ultimately landed as well as prepares to download so mine actually occurred about last night 12 30 a.m when i was just playing a number of video games all of a sudden i found that i have a brand-new upgrade to download and presume what it was ios 16 downloaded it right now took me about 2 hours to install the whole point and also today my phone feels so fresh again okay so in regards to ios 16 there are really greater than 100 various adjustments large and also little yet below are my top 5 new features or functions that i personally believe will assist you out a whole lot in your everyday usage so without further ado let’s just leap to it as well as see these 5 attributes great guys so the very first point that i absolutely love regarding the

brand-new ios 16 remains in regards to the lock screen now you individuals currently know this is one of the most preferred one right now you can actually customize your lock display to however you ‘d like it to be notice that we have these various columns right here and this essentially implies you can customize each of these columns to show what kind of widget that you desire so i’m mosting likely to opt for schedule for now if i just tap on the clock below notice that i can alter the font i can transform the color as well as all that but i’m mosting likely to just take the clear for currently and i’m mosting likely to use this thick typeface below last but not least you additionally have a last area here for your widgets you have multiple widgets in right here and you can really pick what you intend to show so for me personally i like to have my alarm and i likewise like to have my calendar to see what various other

events i have upcoming and there you have it you are good to choose your brand-new lock display yet for now for this certain one i’m simply gon na eliminate this due to the fact that you understand i do not desire it like you understand on the face on the forehead however yes remove that for now and additionally you can have different kind of impacts incidentally if you just swipe across you can see we have black and white we have color backdrop we have double tone we also have this color laundry result once more every one of these are actually amazing looking and truly raises the sort of experience right here one more thing is that if you do desire to have my hair here for instance the deepness impact you can simply tap on this switch down here to either choose on or off if it’s off you can see the numbers of the clock completely however if it switched on you will certainly have this kind of depth impact which is really incredible and also it will certainly type of like consume into the clock which i think looks great so i’m simply going to click done for now and set as wallpaper and there we go all right so the great point here about these lock displays is that you can produce numerous lock screens so you can just exchange them off whenever you want for instance i have this climate lock screen below i likewise have astronomy i have my own

photo here if i want a spick-and-span background i likewise have several various other things here and also obviously you have your emojis you have pretty awesome things there in regards to the lock screen however me directly i truly such as this all new effect below because just take an appearance at exactly how it’s done men it looks superb here good so now that we’ve done the lock display the second point that i absolutely love regarding ios 16 is the fact that we now have our battery percent on top right edge not exactly sure if you can see it allow me simply bring my phone nearer take a look at that individuals we have 67 percent left of battery on my apple iphone currently formerly we did not have that we always need to swipe below the leading and after that we can see our battery yet now the battery percentage is mosting likely to be showing the whole time now something that i did hope uh or i do really hope will certainly be transformed in the future is if we can see a battery capacity visuals over below since now you see that it’s totally in white the entire

battery point entire battery visuals is in fact filled up and with any luck next time perhaps we can have the graphics reveal just how much battery we actually have actually left if that makes any kind of feeling today the following point the third thing that i like about ios 16 is obviously the fact that we currently have haptic comments for our key-board again allow me just bring it closer to you if you intend to get this sort of haptic comments for your key-board all you need to do is go into your settings search for keyboard responses and also after that you can simply activate the toggle for haptic i assume if you just opt for haptic right here you can in fact switch off the audio so whenever you enter into your messages for example whenever you just type on the key-board over here you will have this sort of haptic comments it’s a very light kind of vibration and i absolutely like that due to the fact that it does provide a little bit of feedback so you recognize which key you are really keying on not that that is actually an issue in any way however all right that’s the third point now allow’s go on to the 4th thing right here which’s everything about notifications so i’m mosting likely to reveal you exactly how notices

function right currently previously it was always dragged down from the top now it’s actually dragged up from all-time low as well as i love it due to the fact that it’s simply so clean individuals check out this it’s so clean i can just reduce all the notifications here and also still have it show up whenever i require it so once again extremely awesome things below tiny up from the base as well as if you do have music having fun for instance i’m mosting likely to reveal you people an extremely quick example allow’s claim i simply enter into spotify i click this button right here you can see that in our lock display currently we actually have the kind of gamer continuous to ensure that’s really great you can likewise transform the history here to your kind of album art and if you want to go back just touch on any empty edge to go back into your own lock display really awesome all right so moving back to the ios 16 the last thing that i absolutely love concerning this here remains in regards to the photo gallery currently there’s 2 points there that you can do in a picture gallery the first thing is that you can currently duplicate your edits so for

example i’m simply gon na go right into this photo right below i fired this a few days ago uh you can really edit this image so allow’s say i’m just gon na readjust exposure i’m gon na readjust the luster degree and also i’m gon na hit done once i’m done that i can enter into this button over right here top right edge click copy modifies most likely to my next image as an example and also i can just paste the edits over there as well as it will have the exact same result as what i did formerly so that’s the very first point about your photo gallery the second point which is even cooler individuals is the reality that we can just you know lengthy press on it and also it will certainly take just a second to crop out the item so super cool there i assume this is actually beneficial if you are doing a great deal of performance points on your phone so for instance i can go right into my powerpoint notice that i’ve actually reduced a number of things here currently all i need to do is touch on something here click paste and i’ll just enable paste as well as there we go i’m currently here guys super super very easy to reduce and also share so i really such as this since

state for example you have this allow’s take a look at this guys i have currently eliminated 4 different photos here and also i have it all in my slide truly nice type of you recognize clear history type of image once more simply to show you very quickly it only takes one 2nd begun guys there you go bam it prepares great to head to replicate and also share so easy guys that’s my favored attribute and also in fact one of my most favored features of ios 16. Alright men so there you have it those are my leading five preferred new attributes concerning ios 16. once more simply to quickly evaluate we have the all new lock screen we have brand-new means of engaging with our notices we have the haptic responses kind of a thing on the key-board taking place we additionally have our battery portion lastly here and also finally that actually remarkable and trendy card objects from your gallery type of feature which i assume is contemporary of this world one second men to simply scan copy and also not paste it anywhere it’s just insane heros that’s virtually my peek at ios 16. anyways are you you guys utilizing an apple iphone leave a remark down listed below if you have a favored feature certainly love to listen to about that again thank you for watching as well as staying till the end i expect seeing you guys in the next one don’t forget to go down a like as well as sub if you like material such as this also see you men bye.

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