hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now i’m sure all of you guys are aware that the hottest phone of 2022 has just landed and by that i am actually referring to the brand new poco f4 by the time you watch today’s video i would have actually been using this device here for slightly more than a week so definitely i have a lot of user experience to share with you guys and of course in today’s review of the poco f4 i’m also going to bring up my poco f3 that i have here for almost a year now and talk a little bit about what’s really different the kind of upgrades that we are having and whether it is worth the additional budget to actually change to the poco f4 we’re going to talk all about that today in this video now before we begin of course if you could just support the channel by dropping a like and subbing to the channel that will be super much appreciated and with that said let us jump into the video right away all right so first things first we have to address the price of this brand new poco f4 well we do have two options going on here in

malaysia it starts with the six plus one two eight and we also have the eight plus two five six now the base model goes for rm1599 and the higher end model goes for rm1699 so it’s just a 100 ringgit price different however if we just talk about price i want to rewind back and talk a bit about the poco f3 when it launched now the base model of the f4 is now 200 ringgit more expensive than f3 so right off the bat you know that the entry point to getting a poco f4 is going to be much higher than that of the poco f3 apart from that i’m sure a lot of you guys might also be aware that poco has been throwing out amazing deals for the poco f3 and the last price that we got for the f3 at least here in malaysia is only rm999 guys that is a crazy price point so that makes the poco f4 here 600 ringgit more expensive than the poco f3 at that flash sale price all right so having said all that the bottom line is that it is slightly more expensive for the poco f4 so let’s find out now whether it’s actually worded what are

the differences and who this device is actually for okay so before we talk about the differences i want to go through a couple of similarities that the f4 has with the f3 from last year the first one here is that of course we are still having that same awesome display at the front now that is a 6.67 inch 1080p amoled panel it is a samsung e4 panel that means it’s actually quite good we have 120hz refresh rate we have a very high brightness level so everything is going well here in terms of the display it’s the exact same panel from the f3 so it is as good as the one as before now what else is the same well that is actually found inside in terms of the processor so the poco f4 and the poco f3 has the same snapdragon 870 and if you are familiar with the snapdragon 870 you will know that this is actually a very power efficient processor now when i mentioned about the snapdragon 870 to a couple of my friends some of them are actually asking me like why after 14 months more than a year is poco still using the same processor on the f4 well this got me thinking a little bit if you

take a look at the snapdragon 8 gen 1 that is actually on more expensive devices so i believe that if poco used the snapdragon 8gen one in the f4 the price would need to be bumped up furthermore and again if you look at snapdragon 888 or 888 plus i don’t think that’s really happening because it’s just going to cause a lot of heat to the device itself and then i also thought why not go with the dimension 8100 because that’s actually a very very power efficient processor but they actually put that in the poco x4 gt which i’ve already done a video i’ll put a link down below so if you just look at all the options out there i would say that the snapdragon 870 would still be the best fit for the poco f4 now in terms of performance just like the poco f3 you’re going to get great performance not just in terms of day-to-day use gaming is also still very good to use here especially if you are playing junction impact a lot like myself the device is able to maintain a very stable frame rate and the temperatures

do not go as high as you know other processors out there so i would still say that no change is also quite good here on the f4 all right so that’s basically what same but what’s actually different on the poco f4 then well the main change here is actually in terms of the camera at the back now the camera has always been the poco f3’s weakest point like whenever people talk about the poco f3 the main thing that they always complain about is the camera that they find it not great enough so poco actually fixed that in the f4 and now we have this 64 megapixel main sensor that comes with ois you have unfortunately the same 8 megapixel ultra wide and a 2 megapixel macro lens well let’s talk a bit about that main sensor because how big of a difference has it improved over the f3 well i took a lot of photos here side by side i’m going to show it to you guys so you can see the difference based on daylight shots alone i can

see that the f4 is slightly improved in terms of the amount of detail it’s able to get apart from that you also notice that it’s slightly brighter and the shadows are more visible on the poco f4 now so overall you’re just getting a better kind of image on the f4 in terms of daytime shots the dynamic range is also slightly better but it is not a huge difference compared to the f3 so better pictures but not a huge difference now moving on let’s talk a little bit about that ultrawide so i took a couple of shots here as well although they carry the same eight megapixel ultraviolet sensor and notice that on certain occasions the f4 actually did better in terms of you know brightening the image i believe there is sort of a different algorithm going on with the f4 here so that’s why you see more consistently brighter images on the f4 however when we move to the night images guys this is where it gets a little bit more different so in terms of the night images here the f4 again is consistently able to

produce slightly brighter images compared to the f3 it also has better noise control so overall it’s just better night image being taken on the f4 here now one thing worth pointing out here is that with the ois on board the f4 it made it so much easier to get a crispier shot at night because it’s just much more stable compared to the f3 i’m going to show you a very quick clip side by side so you can understand like how the ois actually helps to create a more stable image so definitely the ois is helping out the f4 here to get those you know more stable clearer images alright so let’s talk a little bit about video now so video wise the poco f4 also now supports 4k at 60fps whereas on the f3 it was only 4k at 30fps however if you’re thinking like look we have ois now the video is going to be great on the f4 well this is where i myself was wrong okay let me put a side by side here 4k 860 fps for the poco f4 and 4k 30fps for the poco f3 now you can see that of course you are getting more detailed kind of video coming from the poco f4 but in terms of stabilization the ois does not

work at 4k at 60fps so although we have that very clear detail kind of video going on but the jitter is just so bad guys i won’t really shoot at 4k at 60fps now putting both devices here at 4k 30fps i noticed that the outcome was actually quite similar there’s not a huge difference there but the main difference that the f4 has is that it now has the ultra steady mode and unfortunately you’re only able to capture 1080p at 30fps at that ultra steady mode so all right bottom line is for video taking i would say that it is a slight improvement here but with the ois you are only able to use the ultra steady mode you know at 30 fps which doesn’t make sense at all all right so now done talking about the cameras the second change here is actually in terms of the charging speeds now while both devices here have approximately 4 500 mah batteries however the charging speed is way different here on the f3 it used to only be 33 watts but on the f4 it has been boosted to 67 watts now what this means is that for the poco f3 it actually took 52 minutes to charge from zero to 100 percent but on the f4 that time has been significantly reduced to just 38 minutes now honestly speaking a lot of you guys might oversee this but

me personally i find that charging speeds is very important for me because i do not have battery anxiety whenever i feel i’m going to run out of juice i know that i can charge up my phone very quickly and that 67 watt fast charge is definitely very much appreciated on the poco f4 now moving on to the final change here the main change here is that in terms of the design obviously you can see from the devices here that they look very different on the poco f3 it was this very slim kind of feel it’s actually slightly curved at the back here whereas the frames are very thin on the poco f4 it’s a very different story it has become more boxier you can see that we have a flat back panel we have slightly flat sides here not exactly flat but overall it is actually 0.1 millimeters thinner than the f3 now notice that i say thinner but in actual fact it feels thicker because the frame is thicker than the one of the f3 anyways i would say that in terms of design alone i would say that the poco f4 design looks more mature it’s a bit more minimalist and i think it actually kind of grew on me although i did hope that it was slightly slimmer anyway i think design is subjective but do let me know down in the comment section below

which kind of design do you prefer do you prefer the one like the poco f3 or do you prefer the poco f4 design let me know down in the comment section below all right that’s pretty much what i can compare in terms of the f4 to the f3 overall what do i think of the poco f4 well again like i said i’ve been using it for about a week now and my experience from this is actually very similar to that of the poco f3 now it also comes with a great display and great processor slightly improved cameras and you also have that faster charging speed and that brand new design however is it really worth that additional price point well i would say that if you are already using the poco f3 you obviously do not need to upgrade to the poco f4 however if you are in the market looking for something around the price of 1500 ringgit i would say that the poco f4 here is still a very strong contender and something that you should actually check out um apart

from that i must also say that the x4 gt here actually has the dimensi 100 processor so if you really want that you can check out the x4 gt but if you want something a little bit more stable you want the snapdragon processor i would say that the poco f4 here is still a great option for you to consider i did wish the price did not go up so high but you know these days everything is just increasing in price all right guys that’s it for my very quick review and comparison if you have any further questions or if there is something that you want me to test out feel free to leave a comment down in the comment section below of course again if you like this video don’t forget to drop a like and sub to the channel thank you for staying all the way to the end and i hope to see all of you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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