POCO X4 GT Honest Review: MOST POWERFUL Mid-Range Phone?! 🔥

hello everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews now poco just launched a brand new x4 gt and i know a lot of you guys out there if you are watching today’s video i’m sure you’re quite familiar with the gt series from poco now first and foremost i have to start off by talking a little bit about the price and the starting price has now jumped up a little bit whereas on the x3 gt from last year it started at rm one two nine nine but the same storage option is going for rm1499 with the new version apart from that if you go on to the 256gb version the price actually remains the same thanks to poco for that so just to let you guys know starting price is a little bit higher but what is this phone all about and how has the experience been for me using it for you know the past few days and all that well let me explain now before we begin the video of course if you could just drop a like and sub to the channel that would be super much appreciated i try to post videos almost i think every two

to three days so yeah follow me on this journey if you like tech as much as i do with that said let us begin and talk about the poco x4 gt now starting off with the device itself i want to talk a bit about that design if you take a look at this design you might notice that it is a little bit different from you know poco’s usual design language they have always been evolving around their previous models and the x4 gt here comes in this completely new look i do kind of like it and i like the camera cut out here although it reminds me of a phone from another brand but i like that it’s a very clean design we have flat sides all over the the frame itself so it actually looks quite premium here but unfortunately what i have to complain slightly is that the back panel here is very plasticky and you know it just feels a little bit too thick for my liking i know the poco x3 gt was also a very thick device but just look at this guys it’s a quite chubby phone here all right so moving on to let’s check out a couple of items that’s on the frame itself at the bottom we have our type c port we have stereo speakers here we also have your you know sim card tray and this time it does not

support any expandable memory so you cannot put in a micro sd card if you need more memory my suggestion would be to go for the 256gb version straight off moving on to the top here you do have your headphone jack so still very happy to see the headphone jack here on the left it is completely empty and on the right you have your volume rocker together with your power button and fingerprint scanner so that’s what you get in terms of the buttons and parts on the device all right so now that we’ve done talking about the design let’s talk a little bit about the display at the front now the poco gt series has always been using an lcd display and it is unfortunately still the same kcl with the x4 gt so numbers wise we’re getting a 6.6 inch 1080p lcd display that refreshes at 144 hertz now that’s actually a very very fast refresh rate because when you interact with the display itself everything is just super fluid smooth guys it’s also worth mentioning that the display itself is able to adjust its own

refresh rate and it will be more efficient as you would drop the refresh rate to lower levels when you are not really touching the display so that you know you will get a little bit better battery consumption however having said that like i mentioned an lcd display is still an lcd display so you do not get awesome viewing angles the colors are a little bit washed out on the display and in terms of the highest brightness levels it’s only approximately 650 nits so i realized that i was always using like 80 or 90 of brightness levels even when i’m in those guys hopefully in the next generation gt series we will get an amoled panel you know once you use amoled you can’t really go back to lcd all right so let’s move on and talk about something more interesting and that is in terms of the processing power now this time round the poco x4 gt is still using the dimensi chipset and it comes with the dimensi 100 apart from that you also get

eight gigabytes of ram there’s only one configuration here but the good news is that it’s lp ddr5 so fast ram storage wise you get ufs 3.1 storage and again there is no support for expandable memory all right so let’s talk a bit about gaming so how did gaming really feel like on the coco x4 gt now you might know that i have been playing genchin impact a lot these days somehow i’m just you know in the rabbit hole playing it non-stop so i realized that you know playing junction impact on the x1 gt is a slightly different experience than that on the real me gt neo3 now in terms of performance it is not as good and what i really mean by that is that the frame rates were not as high as that on the realme which of course is using the same processor here guys and in terms of the heat levels it actually went up to 39 degrees celsius which is again higher than the the one that i got in the real me gt neo3 so that is actually quite

surprising there not sure why this processor is you know not as quick or not as fast in terms of just the gaming and all that compared to you know a device of another brand that’s using the same processor well apart from that i must also mention that you know playing mobile legends the good news here is that it’s able to support you know one of the best frame rates as well as the graphics but that game doesn’t really eat up a lot of graphics so the bottom line is you can run that game very smoothly um one thing about genji impact again is that i noticed that battery life here was actually quite good so after playing half an hour of jensen impact i noticed that the battery life only dropped by 10 so if you are a junction impact player this is something that you should you know take note of all right so talking about day-to-day use how does it feel like to use on the daily well the dynasty 8100 again is a very powerful chipset and i personally find that i have no issues here whatsoever you know launching applications going through my social media browsing the

internet it doesn’t lag at all everything is very very smooth and you know apps that’s launched up very quickly uh another thing to point out here is that the phone itself is already running android 12 out of the box so that’s also great and yep that’s pretty much how the experience is on the poco x4 gt again for the price of 1500 ringgit comparing it to you know other devices in the market today i would say that you know other devices don’t really have this powerful processor but i hope that poco continues to optimize this processor in this export gt so that we can you know really maximize on the power that it is capable of all right done with that let’s talk a bit about the cameras all right so this time around we still get a triple camera setup at the back but what we do have here is a 64 megapixel main sensor you have an 8 megapixel ultrawide and last but not least you still have that two megapixel macro lens all right so those are just the numbers but in terms of image quality let me share a couple of photos with you guys so you can probably judge for yourself now i noticed that you know pictures taken during the day had decent amount of details in terms of color accuracy it was also quite alright it’s

surprisingly not as saturated as i thought it would be so that’s actually quite good but overall the pictures that are coming out from this poco x4 gt is just mid-range at best so don’t really expect it to be you know giving you like flagship level kind of camera photos now if you come to the night mode this is where it was actually quite all right it kind of performed better than what i expected i was able to brighten an image very nicely here with minimal noise there’s a little bit of over sharpening but at the end of the day i kind of like the pictures taken at night by the poco x4 gt now moving on to video mode it’s also worth mentioning that this device here is capable of 4k at 30fps again i’m going to be showing you guys a very quick clip and you can see it on your screens right now this is basically how the poco x4 gt performs for its video all right guys now moving on let’s talk a bit about one special thing that i really loved about the poco x4 gt and that is their stereo speakers guys this is one of the best sounding stereo speakers i’ve ever heard the volume gets so

loud and the audio is actually very rich so it’s not like you’re listening to something coming up from a tinnish phone or something like that i think these speakers here is really one of the best all right so last but not least of course battery life now we do have a 5080mah battery in here and that probably explains why it’s a little bit thicker as well uh charging wise it does 67 watts fast charge and it goes from zero to 100 in slightly more than 45 minutes so overall i would say that it’s quite quick battery life wise i’ve been getting decent amount of battery again like i mentioned earlier on the dynamicity 8100 is a very efficient processor so you will be able to get very prolonged hours of battery life on the x4 gt all right guys um that’s basically my experience with this x4 gt to sum it up real quick i think it’s quite a decent device here although i do hope you know poco optimizes the processor to give us even better performance and secondly i still can’t really you know accept an lcd display today especially since we are so spoiled with the amoled displays that come with those great viewing angles awesome contrast levels but if you are an lcd kind of person well i guess this is one of the best lcds that you can get today having said that again if you want to check out the price or you have even more questions feel free to leave a comment down below i’ll try my best to help you out as much as i can and of course don’t forget to drop a like and sub to the channel thank you for staying all the way to the end and i hope to see you guys in the next one stay safe everybody bye

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