Samsung Galaxy A73 5G Review: KILLING THE COMPETITION! 🔥

hi everyone welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently in today’s video clip as you can see on the title we’re going to be talking a little bit about the galaxy a73 5g now i have actually been utilizing it for virtually a week currently and i have fairly a reasonable little you recognize thoughts in my mind that i simply intend to show you individuals so hopefully this video clip can in fact assist you out in your next acquisition choice in situation you are questioning of acquiring possibly something like the a33 5352s or perhaps even the a72 or a73 5g lots of phones there all right so today’s video like i said it’s all about the a73 so prior to we discuss that allowed’s check out the cost itself now right here in malaysia we do have the a73 right here at rm2099 as well as it’s just one requirements right here it includes eight gigabytes of ram and gigabytes of inner memory now i’m really fortunate due to the fact that today i actually have 2 various colors the white as well as the green me personally i like the environment-friendly a whole lot so this is something that i’m mosting likely to be concentrating on a little bit later on also great so currently that we’re finished with the rate allow’s chat a

bit about the style of the a73 currently as you can see here the a73 looks extremely comparable to all the previous a series mobile phones also from in 2014 and of course if you’re wondering what’s actually various in terms of the a73 compared to the 53 or even the 33 for that issue well the a33 and also 53 are really 6.5 inch devices but the a73 here think about it as a bigger size it’s 6.7 inches right here so it’s a little larger in terms of this kind variable it’s very extremely minor however indeed you do observe that it’s a little larger now in terms of the back panel as well as all that it is precisely the exact same as the a33 and also a53 we still have this plastic kind of back panel taking place it does pave the way a bit when you press at the back here however that’s additionally something that we’ve seen on previous samsung tools now simply like before we likewise have this leading left edge here that residences the video camera sensing units we have a quad cam established over below and in terms of the frame itself i observed that the density is actually very

comparable to the other brothers as well but in regards to the framework itself this is likewise because chrome coating comparable to the one on the a53 currently i did point out before that the one on the a33 the one that was available in coating in matte really feels a bit much better and also i’m unsure why they constantly maintain the matte for the you understand reduced array tools however this chrome right here i assumption is uh is something that you need to manage so that’s that total i believe the designer smart it looks great to me do not truly hate it at all however i simulate this brand-new eco-friendly color extremely really good so i assume this is something that you might wish to take a look at if you are in fact intending to obtain one of these a73s currently it’s also worth stating that much like before too the a73 below is ip67 ranked that implies you can submerge the whole phone into the water to take all type of great shots you understand like you can do with your gopro and also all that to ensure that’s also extremely nice here on the a73 aside from that layout wise yeah absolutely nothing much to speak about it just looks very comparable to all the other a collection brother or sisters currently we’re mosting likely to chat a bit about the screen at the front since that’s really fairly fascinating now present sensible like i discussed previously on you do have that 6.7 inch extremely amoled display screen that is a 1080p panel that suggests it’s not such as

incredibly sharp and all that is just adequate for daily usage in regards to the optimum brightness it goes all the method approximately 800 nits which again is nothing also a lot a fired concerning i saw that when making use of the tool outdoors i i did not locate it particularly really bright however it was definitely still sufficient enough for me to be able to see the content on the display so no issues regarding that there revitalize rate is 120hz so everything is you know certainly buttery smooth and also of training course if you are considering seeing netflix and also a great deal of motion pictures as well as all that it is white creeping plant l1 sustained that indicates you can view all your netflix in hd overall i think it’s just a terrific screen right here in terms of the bezels whatever looks rather symmetrical by somewhat i suggest at the leading and also the base is in fact exact same and the left as well as right is a various type of you recognize density level so total yeah i assume it’s still a great display screen definitely can take pleasure in a great deal of motion pictures and a great deal of youtube which is what i’m doing on the a73 right here very well on this extremely amoled screen now next we’re mosting likely to speak a little more regarding that handling power so like you already understand we do have that snapdragon 778 which we saw

in the a52s from in 2015 in the a73 right now and in regards to the ram i did mention earlier on that particular is 8 gigabytes of ram yet samsung in fact enables us to expand that ram as much as 8 gb guys i’ve always seen a whole lot of other gadgets that you recognize extends by 2 gigabytes 3 or perhaps even 5 but an 8 plus 8 gb ram combination on the a73 here is in fact fairly crazy now i actually make use of a whole lot of applications on the phone itself so i have lots of apps open at the background and i located that this prolonged ram really does help with you recognize introducing your other applications much faster to ensure that’s definitely really much valued the 8 plus 8 and certainly the storage wise you obtain that 256 gb now simply in terms of gaming i wish to speak a bit concerning gaming initially since i play a great deal of mobile tales i’m still not really professional yet still extremely noob yet in regards to mobile legends the great point right here was i observed that the a73 here does support mobile tales in ultra structure price now what this suggests is that i can in fact play the video game at as much as 120 fps so it’s really very buttery smooth the entire experience was extremely

great and also i really discovered it really a lot extra enjoyable to play the entire mobile tales video game on that ultra structure price definitely enjoying the 120 fps which i have really not seen on most of the various other phones i’ve examined over the previous number of months this is really among the initial that i have actually been seeing these days that include that ultra support very quite a thumbs up there for that gaming experience currently in terms of the heat i did notice that after betting like 10 to 15 minutes it currently struck like 41 degrees celsius now that’s not to say it’s very warm in anything it’s still very workable and you do not really feel uncomfortable on the hand but i seen that many of the warmth were coming from the you know the top left corner over below as well as yeah it’s since it’s plastics and also all that so you do not really feel that heat very a lot so overall i think if you are trying to find a pc gaming phone uh the a73 below could just suffice for you otherwise simply in terms of daily usage you know releasing your applications

throughout your social media and all that every little thing runs very very smoothly currently simply for enjoyable sake you understand i did a very quick uh benchmark examination in between the snapdragon 778 right here along with the exynos 1280 from samsung side by side so just to provide you an idea on how much distinction the performance is from the a73 versus the a53 this is just something for your recommendation okay so now that we are done discussing the performance allow’s talk a little regarding the electronic cameras at the back because we do have a rather impressive quad electronic camera arrangement now this is being led by the 108 megapixel primary sensing unit you additionally have a 12 megapixel ultra large and also a 5 plus 5 mp for your macro as well as your dev now in regards to the pictures taken from the a73 we’re seeing a great deal of information here specifically with the primary sensor it likewise includes optical photo stabilization that means you recognize it minimizes the wobble and all that but images itself simply looks very extremely described the colors is not extremely filled like the 853 a33 i discovered it was a little down in terms of the a73 here to make sure that’s fantastic evening shots additionally end up quite possibly and nitrous has actually been exceptional also on the a53 so on the a73 itself is an even much better story now in terms of the stabilization though i observed that it had not been as steady as i anticipated it to be maybe

this is since i have actually used various other phones from like perhaps like vivo you understand and also all that they have the gimbal stabilization things so i noticed that the ois was simply good it was steady yet not incredibly buttery secure to make sure that’s simply something i intend to direct out in case you are taking videos that needs you to run occasionally yet in general i think simply in regards to the cameras at the back is quite excellent the ultra white 12 megapixel is additionally quite thorough certainly much better than the bulk of 8 megapixel ultra that we are seeing out there today to ensure that’s great general i think this is a really stable camera if you’re simply trying to find something to take terrific shots continually wonderful shots a lot of the time okay so currently allow’s speak a bit regarding the other things in terms of the audio speakers near the bottom we do have that stereo audio speakers they do not obtain extremely loud they’re all ideal definitely not to state that the most effective in the industry and also all that uh one point i don’t truly like concerning the a73 right here is again in regards to the haptics samsung is still utilizing a really older i’m unsure what haptic engine exactly yet it’s just it’s just slow-moving and neat like whenever you obtain those vibration feedbacks you know it’s simply not excellent it’s ah i just do not like the haptics on the samsung 873 that’s

my biggest drawback that i do not such as otherwise uh in regards to software application wise it is releasing with android 12 out of the box and the most important component right here is that samsung is committing to actually giving you four years of android updates people that’s a lot so 4 years of that and five years of you understand safety and security updates so you’re going to have the ability to utilize this phone for a long time now last however not least i wish to chat a little bit about the battery in the back currently below is a good as well as a negative story so the good idea here is that we do have that 5000 mah battery which is extremely typical these days it lasts extremely well it’s an extremely effectively used so you can certainly strike eventually without any kind of problems and naturally if you use like one and a fifty percent days you could be able to extend it if you do not use your phone that heavily yet the unfortunate news right here is in terms of the billing when again the billing is an enormous frustration for me i’m unsure like you recognize i think a minimum of at this moment only specific costs are sustained uh to obtain that 25 watt quick cost uh i have in fact a u-grain battery charger uh somewhere depending on my home i assume it is a

100 watt weapon battery charger or something it had to do with like 90 to 100 ringgit uh so i plugged it in as well as it was taking much more than an hour to bill from 0-100 for instance so it’s extremely very sluggish billing speeds once again i would state this is slow to me because i’m used to you recognize things such as at the very least 33 volts billing 60 watts billing 65 watts what not but this is just a little slow for my individual preference so if i failed to remember to bill my phone at night and i desire to go on the go today i can not truly do that because the charging speed is simply slow down good to make sure that’s simply my individual viewpoint however yeah allow me recognize what you guys assume of the galaxy a73 must you still acquire it over the a52s from last year or for the a53 my ideas right here is that if you are searching for a really really solid mid-range device among the most effective mid-range devices today you should definitely take a look at the a73 something you must additionally consider right here is that four-year dedication for the android updates which is extremely very important because you

understand that your tool will certainly be upgraded in the years to come that implies you can definitely use your phone for a pair extra years however if you want to save a number of dollars choose the a52 s5g you might lose a little a lot more on those updates however you are still obtaining an excellent phone at the end of the day it really depends on your budget plan if you can pay for something similar to this i would certainly claim simply proceed and obtain it but if you have an extremely restricted and also tight budget however you still wish to experience something like the a73 just go for in 2014’s a52 s5g you can’t truly fail with that said device now with that stated thank you all for viewing till the end i really appreciate every one of you visiting don’t neglect to go down a like and stuff to the channel if you wish to see more content like this as well as i want to see all of you guys in the next one keep safe everybody bye

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