Realme 9 In-Depth Review: NEW BUDGET KING ALERT! BRING IT ON! 🔥

hello everyone welcome back to another video with lim evaluations currently in today’s video clip uh we do have something rather exciting from real me because it did came in at a really extremely fascinating rate point currently the actual me 9 as you can see from title above this was simply released a couple of hrs earlier and also the prices was actually very pleasing now what i suggest by that is that the tool had is available in two arrangements you have the 6 gigabytes of ram as well as an 8gb version both includes 128 gigabytes of internal memory but in terms of the pricing it is 899 as well as 999 so once again quite budget-friendly here since it begins with under 900 ringgit below in malaysia as well as naturally there’s likewise a flash sale going on much like all realme launches and also that lowers the price of simply rm829 people the actual me 90 features a host of awesome functions which i’m mosting likely to cover in today’s video clip because i think it is certainly extremely worth this rm829 so prior to i start discussing this video of training course if you people could simply support the channel by going down a like stop right into the channel that would certainly be extremely quite appreciated if that’s it allow us start as well as discover whatever

awesome regarding the real me 9. All right so first thing very first i do have the extremely very fancy gold variation here currently the realme 9 comes in three various colors we do have this extremely fancy gold we likewise have the black and also certainly there is also a white which i will certainly reveal on the screen now all shades in fact look very great right here as well as i directly would choose the gold due to the fact that it just looks extremely distinct and also it has a really spectacular extremely striking seek to the genuine me night currently allow me recognize which shade you people will actually go with but this gold men it is just standing so out amongst all the various other colors that i have actually ever before seen on the smart device so extremely really wonderful color here on the gold in fact i think it matches very well with the background currently in as well so yeah the gold is certainly a good choice currently in terms of the design once again we likewise have matte back panels for all the 3 colors and that gives it a really wonderful

smooth surface area certainly without fingerprints as well although i do need to direct out that the black variation here does often tend to capture a little bit of spots right here as well as there so the ones on the white along with the gold below are a bit much less noticeable so again i would certainly select either the gold or the white currently aside from that in regards to the structure itself we do have a pretty good framework below the gold version can be found in this a silver framework whereas the black variation here includes an absolutely blacked out tool in regards to the frame we do have your lock button on the right you have your earphone jack yep the earphone jack is still right here under your kind c part and a solitary shooting speaker yep unfortunately we only get a single firing speaker it’s not that loud it’s all appropriate i would certainly claim but naturally i would have wished for a dual stereo speakers or something like that however at this rate factor once again it is excusable due to the fact that there are various other cool things concerning this device currently apart from that we do have your uh sim card tray on top left corner as well as this is really an excellent one since it sustains 2 sim cards and also a mini sd card port so certainly if 128 gb

is insufficient for you you can always just go and also buy a micro sd card as well as you understand pop it in to obtain more storage space in your genuine me 9. That’s simply in terms of the style let us flip the gadget to the front and also chat a little bit concerning that display currently at the front here we do have a uh i would not state a little screen but we do have a 6.4 inch 1080p very amoled display that rejuvenates at 90 hertz apart from that you have a touch sampling price of 360hz that suggests that you know whatever will sign up all your touches really swiftly on the screen itself currently this is really quite a good display here once again remember that the cost is just rm 829 or 899 and we do have this extremely contrasty you recognize saturations are terrific even has an illumination levels of all the means up to 1000 nits so you can see the screen very clearly even under extremely strong sunlight outside now it’s likewise worth aiming out that this device below the display itself sustains the white creeping plant l1 that implies that if you are going to enjoy netflix on your tool you can watch it in hd so do not have to fret about that every little thing on right here is in fact a very great display it’s extremely smooth and i have no complaints about the display screen at all currently apart from that i likewise found that actual me was very kind due to the fact that they actually placed in a fingerprint scanner right

below the display so it really functions rather well it takes around close to one 2nd to you recognize sign up the whole thing it’s not the fastest in the globe however again having an in display fingerprint scanner on the tool that calls this economical i believe most definitely again have to offer it to actual me for offering us this kind of amazing features all right so that’s what you can obtain in terms of the display yep one last thing is that we do have a small cut out for the selfie cam on the top left corner i’m not certain if you individuals have any type of concerns with that but that’s simply the selfie video camera that you get at the front all right so now let’s relocate on and also talk a little bit regarding the handling power how it feels like to utilize this tool and also all that because yeah it’s really rather a suitable device currently in terms of the power alone we do have a snapdragon 680 4g in terms of simply performance the ram itself is eight gigabytes my variation right here and also it’s really working quite efficiently currently in truth i’m going to show you a really fast you recognize screen recording right currently as i talk so you can roughly

obtain a great suggestion on exactly how quick these applications actually release so you know you simply have some kind of expectation as to the genuine mean line so once again i have started the display recording right currently i’m going to simply introduce as well as see what kind of apps i have open i’m going to close all the applications as you can see from my ram at the bottom here i have 8 plus 5 gb since i broadened it all the means to the optimum so that i can obtain a little bit much more ram anyhow all apps has been shut we’re going to open a couple of applications right here one by one uh definitely going to jump to chrome since that’s what i do the most i’m always looking for unusual stuff so we’re just going to go to the brink this is one of my preferred websites so you’re simply filling it very swiftly and this is the kind of speed that you can see for the web browser itself currently i’m just going to leap back and maybe check out the weather condition for instance let’s get the weather right below it is 27 degrees celsius electrical storms are outside yep quite cool we’re going to go back as well as maybe leap into my favorite application right here of program that’s instagram we’re going to see exactly how quick that loads as well as of course you can see it lots nearly quickly so once more this is the kind of speeds that you can anticipate from a gadget like the actual me9 i’m simply going to

jump out as soon as even more and also maybe jump into for instance facebook due to the fact that you understand you individuals have to post a lot of things on facebook we have actually got that launch once more everything is just running very rapidly and once more we’re going to leap back right into the chrome since we desire to see that internet page which is currently you understand most likely packed up and all that however yes this is the kind of speed so you can anticipate on the actual me 9 uh leap right into spotify maybe you recognize to hear some tunes as well as all that uh let’s just see it’ll be packing right now so yes there you go it’s packed up right currently uh got my preferred eminem tune going on as well as yeah so that is in fact the kind of speech once again i’m going to leap back into my instagram see if i’m still at the appropriate web page and also yes i am actually right there so yes this is simply an extremely fast you know quick look at how the device in fact executes in terms of the android variation we are having android 12 right out of the box so that’s likewise great news you don’t have to fret about you know software application updates and all that uh one more point i do have to state below is in terms of video gaming now i did play mobile legends on the phone itself and i was able to go all the way up to ultra in terms of the graphics setups so that’s the highest possible by the way for mobile tales and every little thing in fact ran very smoothly no issues with delays or delays it’s in fact rather a decent performer total i’m not too concerned about the snapdragon 680 over right here uh in general it’s simply an

extremely good experience on the realme 9. Currently proceeding allow’s chat a little concerning the cameras at the back due to the fact that we do have an extremely interesting uh triple cam arrangement at the back right here currently if you take a close look this looks extremely fundamental to you but actually we do have a 108 megapixel major sensing unit and also the whole hoo-ha concerning this lens right below is that because it’s making use of samsung’s most current iso cell hm6 sensing unit so this resembles a sensor for you recognize kind of like budget to mid-range phones and this is the current one you likewise have an 8 megapixel ultra right once again an useful sensor and also finally a not so valuable 2 megapixel macro lens now in terms of photos taking and also all that exactly how good is that 108 megapixel hm6 sensor that is claimed to be the current from samsung well here are a pair of images that you can actually see i discovered that photos weren’t also you know outstanding i it didn’t truly surpassed my expectations and all that it’s still really mid-range looking however it did rather a respectable task at taking shots throughout the day in addition to the evening i observed that probably it’s because of the climate outside it’s not so you recognize blue skies and all that it’s a bit gloomy nowadays so this is the

type of pictures you can expect every little thing on the screen itself are unedited now in regards to the ultra white itself it’s not to state the sharpest out there i would certainly claim it’s simply useful adequate for sharing with your buddies you recognize on social and also all that but don’t really anticipate a great deal of detail with that ultra broad general just in regards to the camera’s efficiency once again i can’t say i was blown away by the samsung im hm6 sensor on the back below yet of course it is still a really reliable sensing unit for something that costs under 900 ringgit all right to ensure that’s this in regards to the cams uh battery wise we do have a 5000 mah battery in this really slim form aspect did i point out that the phone is likewise extremely lightweight and also it’s likewise rather slim by the means individuals allow’s take an appearance at this guys um yeah so you do have a 5000 mah battery in below as well as it sustains that 33 watt dot fee it simulates a 50 in half a hr and also it does like 100 in somewhat greater than an hour so once more it’s not to say the fastest yet it depends on you understand the sector criteria nowadays um total men what do i think about the genuine me nine well i believe if you are most definitely trying to find something

under like 900 ringgit even under 1 000 ringgit for that issue the realme 9 ought to be something that you actually take a look at it comes with this truly cool screen it includes the most recent you recognize hm6 sensing unit it does have a great display at the front here incredibly amoled 90 hertz freshen price 360 hertz touch sampling price overall simply a very good screen right here it likewise features the in-display finger print scanner if you like that example and also yeah battery life smart is excellent the only point missing out on right here maybe would certainly be the stereo audio speakers or else it would certainly be close to best yet yeah that’s the experience i have with the realme 9 men good i think that’s all i need to share for today uh if you did remain throughout thanks so a lot for that once more don’t forget to drop a like and below to the channel as well as if you have any type of concerns do not hesitate to leave them down in the comment area listed below i want to see all of you men in the next one keep secure everyone bye

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