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so real me isn’t doubtedly won and lost exciting mobile manufacturers to elbow its way into the UK smartphone market in the last 12 months I saw often some grit wallet-friendly budget laws which is great for anyone who stacks all looking particularly slender right now last year’s real me 5 Pro is only six months old and yet already we have a successor the real me 6 pro but despite that slim timeframe there is definitely more than enough clever upgrades packed into this on you pro to justify its existence and also possibly annoy anyone who’d just spunked up for the 5 pro now the real e6 Pro was already launched in the likes of India about a month ago but it’s only just come into the UK now and I’ve been using it as my full-time personal handset for a full week ahead of that UK launch so here’s my in-depth real me 6 pro review and more on the latest greatest tech please do poke subscribe and ignite notifications Bell cheers now first up certainly no complaints with the design beyond the fact that the 6 pro is a friggin huge phone but that’s pretty much standard these days I’ve been using it without the bundled column case and that back end is still pristine despite a couple

of slightly terrifying bangs and scripts there are no scratches spoiling that slick swirly finish I thought as usual it is a friggin dust magnet and good news around the front end as well because like Gorilla Glass 5 display actually has a pre-installed screen protector slapped over the top of it as well so it is super safe basically if you’re a bit of a butterfingers the real me 6 port is probably a damn good choice and as if it wasn’t already well hard enough the real me 6 port apparently has a triple layer protection thumb prevent moisture from invading the innards as well it certainly still find after plenty of splashing at though I certainly wouldn’t try submerging it in water now the roomy 6 port is definitely hiding some very incredible smarts despite that slender asking price so for instance is one of the very first budget blows to serve up a 90 Hertz refresh rate display well it basically means as you’ll get a super slick experience as you swipe around the real

me UI and play with compatible apps it’s definitely an absolute delight and this beefy 6.6 inch IPS panel also offers a full HD plus resolution you got customizable color temperature and strong brightness levels too so you get a really good view of the action even outdoors I really enjoyed watching lots of Netflix shadow Prime video etc on the real v6 pro in my super-fun isolation week the only small blight is that massive dual pinhole housing but at least it shoved away in a corner and actually rarely intrudes on anything at all they’ve also got a video feature stucks on it as well called all the vision effects pretty stipple thing in the colorist for a couple of versions now it’s supposed to do as busy just boost the colors and make everything look real nice and pretty for a handful of supported apps including the likes of Amazon Prime video but I’ve got to say when I had the real v6 pros display set on the default vivid colors mode I found that the Aussie effect made very little difference at all everything looked absolutely fine whether it was switched on or off immediate fans also have plenty to get excited about on the audio side and something something a mono speaker set up here on the real me 6 Pro not a stereo effect let you get on some mod roller and op or rivals but certainly on that top volume level the clarity is up City fine and it’s nice and punchy as well easily hear it through all kinds of background color

which is great use of yourself Iceland with a bunch of hyperactive children and you’ve also got full Dolby Atmos and high res audio spot on there as well which is great to see on a wallet-friendly handset like this and it all works wonderfully you’ve also got full bluetooth 5.1 support here on the real me 6 port for your wireless treatment as well but I really have some serious a grow out of that Bluetooth connection II on there only six plus one of my major beefs for this phone service the every time I would connect to any kind of Bluetooth device speaker headphones whatever it may be my audio absently stopped bothering to work so Amazon music just wouldn’t their music or Bob would play audio books the only way I could get it to reset itself was busy reboot the whole fricking phone and then it would be working fine again which was a slightly irritation so hopefully that is an issue that can be stamped out in an update very soon and thankfully there is a headphone jack on here as an alternative hip hip hooray now on the software side of the vi pro you get the fresh new real meet you I served on top of Android 10 this is very very similar to colour OS which will be previously used but with a few tweaks here and there hopefully really you I will diversify itself a bit more as time goes by but for now if you like color

OS you’ll definitely like this more for you got all the standard stuff you’d expect packed on their software is a bit of gesture navigation action you dark mode you’ve got your digital well-being and parental controls all the good stuff and yeah that certain venue is still rather cluttered and a bit messy but once you sort of learn your way around it you’ll get used to it it’s fine on the security front you’ve got an impressively responsive edge mounted fingerprint sensor built in to that power button once with poke and you’re straight into your phone and the rotary six pro also supports a fierce recognition which works fine so you’re not wearing shades or obviously a balaclava or anything gilben Wi-Fi is supported and proves perfectly dependable unlike that bloody Bluetooth and you’ve also got a nice bit of NFC slapped on there as well for a big Google PA action now performance can definitely of course be a bit hit and miss on these budget-friendly blowers but the real v6 bra does not disappoint it’s packing call comes fresh new Snapdragon 720 G chipset that’s an eight nanometer platform it’s backed here by either six or eight gigs of ram TST I had the a gig model and it run like a prize stallion the odd time I did notice some apps taking a second or two to open but that’s about all I can really complain about here certainly gamers will get along with the pro as popular games like pub G mobile play beautifully that framerate steers level even when

things get proper nasty although unknowingly that game was only supported up to 30 FPS on this handset which is a shame given the 90 Hertz screen you do get the games pistol’ onboard the real v6 pro as well which can prioritize your games for resources like network access well also blocking notifications and possibly recording your mad skills for posterity I’ve got to see the room e6 pause an absolute banger when it comes to the battery life as well you got a four thousand three hundred milliamps all stuffed inside there and that’ll easily keep you going over a day even if you keep that display locked to the 90 Hertz display refresh rate instead of using a dynamic option seriously I tried hammering this thing with media stream and plenty of camera use the odd bit of gaming and Skype and I even then struggled to get it down to 20% by the end of a very long day and the real news 6 Pro powers up pretty pronto for a budget blow as well you’ve got 30 watt fast charge on there and I’ll give you a full charge from Adrian cell in about an hour or so and running off the specs ukulele the 64 or 128 gigs of storage you’ve also got micro SD memory card support and the great news is you’ve got dual SIM trees in there and the micro SD memory card goes in its own separate slot so you can have it as well as

those dual Sims now that’s top let’s check out that camera tech and on Pippa it is a bit of a stunner you got a 64 megapixel primary lens using a Samsung sensor and that’s back sprain it megapixel or Droid angle lens a 12 megapixel telephoto lens and a 2 megapixel macro lens now as long as you’re not dealing with any dodgy contrast that primary lens does a bang-up job with your everyday you get 16-megapixel pics by default but there’s also a full sixty four megapixel option if you want finer detail colors appear quite natural or you can also turn on the dazzle color AI mode to give them a bit more pep it’s a fairly subtle effect compared with some others and I definitely like the results meanwhile the HDR chops on the row musics brought on quite amazing and bright light can defeat to some ugly saturation but that’s pretty standard for this sort of budget realm anyway the telephoto lens offers a two times optical zoom or after twenty times zoom with digital cropping it is beer so get best but it’ll do the job if you want to get bit closer to the action without actually moving and that ultra wide angle lens behaves as expected to grip few dramatic snaps like previous real Me’s the six brought is great for portrait shots you get a bunch of studio effects and full control over that bokya level with fast and accurate edge detection however I follow the micro lens leaves a lot to be desired most of my shots usually drained of color and rather bland it also got a night mode on there which can help to capture finer detail and more accurate colors when things get a bit ambience plus there’s a tripod mode for super long exposure shots definitely handy an extreme low light although the focus does occasionally struggle you can shoot up to 4k resolution video

with usual vibrant color reproduction of on the image stabilization in exactly grid you’ll definitely need to activate the super steady feature if you want to move and record at the same time although this also drops the resolution to full HD at which point things frankly looked rather blocky and ugly and around the front you get a jewel then setup very rare to find on a cheap eMobile like this and that comprises a 16 megapixel primary lens and a secondary 8 megapixel ultra wide-angle lens for those group selfies both work absolutely fine during the day as long as you avoid any background flare action complete with decent portrait smarts – so the really 6 pro will suit you Instagram lovers and that in a nutshell is the real meat 6 pronoun for chily the time of shooting at this video review I don’t have the official UK price because ours and actually launched here yet but are expecting it to come in at around the 250 pound price mark and if it does that will be stunning value for money because it’s the kind of features you do not get on budget blowers like 90 Hertz to split action bit telephoto lens action there on the back as well so the users are a bit more demanding but also on a very tight budget it certainly seems like this could be one of the best budget smartphones of 2020 but what do you guys think I’ll be greater here for they smash those down in the comments below and don’t forget to check out my unboxing of the standard real b6 as well which I’ve also just put live that’s busy like the probe age it’s still got the 90 Hertz to spay and lots of great tech in there just pass down the specs in a little bit just to shave a little bit of money off that asking price and please do put subscribe doing that a lot of kitchens vault and have yourselves a lot of the week people tears buddy

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