realme GT 2 Pro Review: The REAL Flagship Killer Is BACK! 🔥🔥

hello there everybody welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently as you can see on the title down below uh it is really a really really interesting smart device that i have here to show you guys today i’ve been using it for the previous two weeks and also i have a great deal of positive thoughts to show you so let’s chat a bit concerning the recently introduced realme gt2 pro now this gadget was simply landed in malaysia a number of hrs ago it was available in with an extremely eye-catching price point that places the real me gt2 pro right here at the most inexpensive snapdragon 8 gen 1 tool that you can get today here in malaysia now the rate is going for rm2599 and also with that said you are in fact getting a whole lot of specs you get 12 gigabytes of ram and also 256 gigabytes of inner memory instantly as well as if you consider who is the nearest competitor to the actual me gt2 pro the 2 that i can think about below is top the motorola h30 pro that is retailing at 2699 as well as the xiaomi 12 which is at 2799 now the xiaomi 12 is a much smaller sized gadget so you can not really contrast it apple to apple with the genuine me gt2 professional however the motorola h30 pro is something that is actually very similar in terms of specs now let’s check out package extremely swiftly due to the fact that we do have an extremely intriguing

box it came in this fully white out box as well as at the back below we actually obtain a couple of crucial specs that realme actually wants you to recognize you will see all that and we will certainly experience all the essential requirements below today currently allow’s go on and speak a little about the design due to the fact that this is an extremely really intriguing part of the realme gt2 pro as you can see from the back panel below i have mine in this paper white variation there is also a paper green and a regular black variation so this here is in fact extremely fascinating since it features a back panel that actual me states is extremely comparable to paper now considering that you are actually looking at me across the camera and you know you can’t actually feel as well as take a look at this point up close i’m mosting likely to tell you instantly it does not truly seem like paper in itself in truth it does not also feel like a cardboard at all what it really feels like it’s a bit rubbery on the back below i’m just going to scratch my hands a little bit on the back you recognize attempt and tap on it a bit much more so you can attempt and get a feel however yes there is a sort of feeling that i’m obtaining below a little bit much more grippy so whenever i hold it without a case i do not seem like it is sliding off through my hands straight off now aside from

that if you look at the sides below we do have this a silver sides all around the structure it is a very slim tool can be found in at just 8.18 millimeters as well as in terms of the weight it is likewise rather light-weight below due to the fact that it has actually not exceeded the 200 gram bar which in fact makes it extremely hefty so this is approximately 180 plus grams so once again extremely really light-weight tool there is likewise one final thing that i must mention concerning the layout which is rationale of producing this paper-like back panel is to reduce carbon discharges and you know some brands they are removing the charges from package yet real me right here is going for a various approach by attempting to conserve the world you recognize by utilizing a various material back panel so most definitely mosting likely to provide truly a thumbs up for that and keeping the charger in the box now since we are finished with the design allow’s chat a bit concerning the display screen at the front we do have an extremely great display at the front we have a 6.7 inch ltpo 2k amoled display screen that has revealed extremely excellent shades now obviously considering that this is an amoled panel

you’re going to get outstanding comparison very saturated colors so that’s wonderful there in terms of brightness it goes all the means up to 1400 nits so if you are using your gadget out of those the majority of the time as an example if you are utilizing a waste your gps as well as all that you will certainly be able to see the display extremely plainly without any kind of issues currently in terms of the refresh price yes it does feature 120hz refresh price and it is variable as a result of the ltpo so it will certainly assist to save you a little bit on battery life and in regards to the touch sampling rate guys this device right here can press out 1000 hertz of touch sampling rate which means that when you’re playing your video games genuine me is stating that you will certainly be very responsive however truthfully talking in regards to real life usage i had not been actually able to really feel the added feeling of sensitivity on the display so yes that’s just that however overall very excellent display nonetheless currently let’s move on as well as speak about the next point here and also that’s mainly about the processing power now you already recognize like i discussed earlier on that particular the genuine me gt2 pro below

features the snapdragon 8 gen 1. Aside from that you also have your ufs 3.1 rapid storage space you have your lpddr5 quick ram so everything is mosting likely to be faster and also utilizing it on the daily honestly talking i have not faced any kind of circumstances where they were delayed they were delays you don’t get any one of those things on the actual me gt2 pro currently when it involves pc gaming i did discover that the mobile tales game which i played one of the most was not completely enhanced yet due to the fact that i could not press the graphics to ultra i might only max out at high and also when i was playing the video game i noticed that the temperatures rose to about 42 levels celsius so this is simply a fast referral for you to understand it does obtain a little cozy on the back right here although it is not hot to the level where i have to place on the phone as well as stop pc gaming now to provide you one more recommendation i’m going to put on an extremely quick geekbench rating right here so you have a short idea on just how much this device has the ability to execute so yep that is basically in regards to the efficiency overall i would say that you will not be pull down by the performance coming up from the gt2 pro here whatever is first-rate it is comparable to all the front runners that you are seeing being launched today and again at an extremely inexpensive price to ensure that’s what

we can discuss in regards to the genuine me gt2 pro now going on to the following thing allow’s chat a bit regarding the electronic cameras now we do have a triple cam setup at the back below we do have a 50 megapixel main sensor we also have one more 50 megapixel ultra large as well as last however not least we have this tiny electronic camera at the back that if you keep in mind from a various brand name you are really able to do you recognize microscope things by zooming into really tiny things and also that’s in fact rather awesome so in regards to the picture top quality coming out from the genuine me gt2 pro now what i can claim is that the majority of the images transform out truly well in regards to color precision i noticed it was very accurate i did a quick examination by taking image of this red automobile an additional yellow car as well as a grey auto and i discovered that the colors were really extremely true to life so you won’t have much of a concern there they don’t pop as much as other gadgets so you will certainly be able to preserve a bit of shade precision now i did observe that on specific instances when i took some images it did end up a little warmer than anticipated however ideally real me has the ability to fix this in a future upgrade otherwise in terms of

daytime shots i would say that it is great snapper for the real me gt2 pro currently in regards to the ultra white once again we are getting a very wide lens here it is a 150 degrees lens so you are able to capture a great deal of details a great deal of the scene right into your shot itself and i think that’s actually great below if you such as to have fun with a lot of ultra white shots i believe you will actually appreciate the one on the genuine me gt2 pro now last yet not least in terms of night shots once more actual me is doing a superb job below by lightening up the entire picture the fire up photos below come with marginal sound as well as a great deal of information so once more great work to genuine me with the gt2 pro now one more enjoyable things that you can discover with the genuine me gt2 pro is that it does come with a pair of fascinating street photography filters of course they do come with that built-in as well as they are actually fairly great i imply if you don’t really intend to modify your images you can just use these filters immediately i know as

well as obtain those very ill line of sights straight on the gadget itself so that’s extremely cool too now in regards to video has the ability to do 8k however i would state that the pleasant spot below is really 4k at 60fps the ois in the cam system is actually able to support the tool very extremely well so you can take a glimpse at this clip below to get a bit of a feel on exactly how the stabilization functions on the genuine me gt2 pro currently going on to the next point allowed’s talk a bit about the haptics on the real me gt2 pro we are having the following gen x axis linear electric motor inside here and i need to state that it is excellent guys if you have not attempted an actually excellent haptic engine you will actually not understand what i’m saying but on this gadget all the resonances are really crisp actually when you interact with the gadget on actual me ui 3.0 like when you swipe back as well as all that you get those little vibrations and also it just is so accurate it’s one of the very best haptics engine that i really felt thus far on the device so that’s that now going on in regards to the audio speakers yes we do get twin stereo audio speakers we do not get an earphone jack right here and also the speakers works pretty fine it obtains fairly loud definitely not very loud yet the audio quality here is really crisp as well as clear finally in terms of the battery we do have a 5000 mah battery in this really slim body although i do have to mention that battery life isn’t its strongest factor

currently in terms of the screen on time i notification i was just obtaining about 5 to six hrs i’m not certain if i’m using the phone also greatly yet i certainly expected a little a lot more from the mah battery maybe once again actual me might push out some updates to you understand

maximize the battery itself however uh yeah that’s what you can expect in regards to the battery charging speeds smart it is an advantage right here due to the fact that we do have the 66 watt charger in package and also has the ability to go from zero to 100 in a little even more than thirty minutes all right people i assume that’s all i need to show you for the real me gt2 pro evaluation overall would i recommend this gadget i would certainly claim a precise indeed so not only does it feature a really effective processor you likewise get your fast ram your quick storage space good cams outstanding display screen at the front people level present a respectable battery and naturally you obtain this very fascinating back panel as well to make sure that’s what you can get with the actual me gt2 pro all ideal people that’s it for today’s video clip thank you a lot for enjoying till the end i wish you did discover this video clip valuable as well as valuable as well as do not forget to drop a like sub to the network i wish to see you individuals in the following one keep risk-free everybody bye

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