Poco X4 Pro 5G Full Review: DOWNGRADED! BUT WHY?!

hello everybody welcome back to an additional video with lim reviews currently in today’s video we’re going to be inspecting out a new mobile phone from poco which in fact obtained me a little bit puzzled in my mind currently the gadget that i’m speaking about here as you can see from the title over is all about the brand brand-new poco x4 pro 5g currently the reason why i’m stating it’s so complex right here is due to the fact that these days phone manufacturers always often tend to increase on their previous designs by giving us even more power but when it comes to the poco x4 pro this is something that is a bit unusual since it looks like it is going down so in today’s review uh allow me show to you my personal experience after utilizing the poco x4 pro for virtually a week currently in truth slightly greater than a week if i recall appropriately let me show you my individual experience before you actually make that acquisition choice currently of program if you do

sustain the channel i would appreciate it a thousand times if you can just drop a like below to the channel it really assists the channel it’s just one click thank you a lot let us begin now in regards to rates obviously i do not have the authorities prices yet due to the fact that i’m reviewing this prior to the official launch yet based upon the x3 pro from the previous generation which in fact was launched nearly a year ago the cost was roughly rm999 here in malaysia and that indicates it is roughly 240 us dollars currently for that cash you ought to be able to obtain six gigabytes of ram as well as 128 gigabytes of internal memory which is precisely the tool that i have right here so i’m expecting the cost to be similar since once more we’re not seeing much of a spec bump over right here all right so currently made with the cost allow’s speak a little about the excellent things well there’s definitely good ideas to discuss the x4 pro and the first one is really in regards to the style well with the x4 pro in 2022 we’re obtaining a much far better style it looks so much more

classier the entire back panel right here looks like it’s made from glass once again i can’t verify if it’s glass thick or something like that but it is an extremely exceptional looking tool contrasted to the previous x3 pro now at the leading you do have this huge camera cut out which advises you of previous poco devices as well as it’s actually really similar to something of a business photo samsung has that on their devices and also i rejoice to see that poco has their own corporate picture on the x4 pro now you will certainly observe that we have a three-way cam setup on the back of this big video camera cutout and also on the sides it is in fact quite flat although you can not actually stand the phone by itself the sides below are also fully passed out i like that concerning it and if you take a close check out the back panel you’ll discover that we have this kind of disco lights taking place whenever you change the gadget from entrusted to right i’m not sure who actually fancies that me directly i think it looks alright apart from that if you simply take a look at the leading notice that we still have the headphone jack on the poco x4 pro once again an additional good idea there and also near the bottom you do have your type c part with each other with those stereo audio

speakers currently it’s worth pointing out that the sim card tray here either sustains 2 sim cards or it will certainly sustain one sim card and also one mini sd flash memory card that is your option however we do obtain a possibility to increase that memory okay so now made with the design overall i believe it is a great layout originating from the poco x3 pro i will consider this an upgrade in terms of the style as well as far better develop top quality currently allow’s go on as well as speak about the following thing as well as that’s actually the display now in regards to the display it is likewise a massive upgrade here because previously we were really using a lcd screen on the x3 pro however when it pertains to the x4 pro we really obtain an amoled panel now in regards to the numbers i make sure you would like to know that it is a 6.67 inch 1080p

amoled display screen that freshened at 120 hertz currently in terms of the touch sampling rate i am not really certain what it is yet i’m presuming it is possibly 360hz compared to in 2014’s 240hz currently what this implies is that everything is going to be buttery smooth below clearly with the updated amoled display screen shades every little thing just looks so much better on the poco x4 pro the display screen is one of the finest upgrades that i’ve seen on this poco device in addition to that brightness levels do get pretty high also i have actually never ever had any problems checking out this display under the brilliant hot sun here in malaysia so that’s something that you need to also keep in mind and lastly it’s also worth explaining that this display right here likewise supports netflix on hd it is the white vine l1 level so absolutely if you intend to see a great deal of netflix do not fret it will support your netflix movies all in hd to ensure that’s what i can claim about the display good stuff there too currently allow’s proceed to the important things that does not look too great as well as this is where it concerns the cpu currently i make sure you individuals know now or maybe you do not

recognize however this device the poco x4 pro is powered by the snapdragon 695 as well as once more this is not an extremely powerful cpu currently on the x3 pro at that time we had a snapdragon 860 which had not been the current processor but it did use rather a fair little bit of power for the rate that it’s requesting for now with the snapdragon 695 below what you can anticipate just in regards to benchmarks just to give you a short suggestion is a decrease in performance of in between 30 to 40 simply based on benchmark numbers alone so you can tell that it is really a huge downgrade just in regards to the efficiency yet let me discuss real life usage we do not wish to constantly refer to this benchmark ratings well i would claim that just in regards to real life use once again that experience was in fact quite negative what i indicate by that is as quickly as i utilized the phone simply browsing around browsing through the applications as well as all that i discovered that the device was significantly slower in regards to the rates as well as level of smoothness compared to the poco x3 pro from previous generations even when you drag down the alert center or you just introduce basic

apps like the schedule the weather and also all that occasionally you will see a little bit of a jitter in the ui itself as well as i believe that does not give for a very great customer experience part of me believes that this results from the snapdragon 695 either being underpowered or being not enhanced well sufficient for the poco x4 pro but somehow i feel that poco should contend the very least offered a snapdragon 700 series processor on the x4 pro so again that is simply among the main drawbacks of this tool since’s just in terms of the handling power i intend to talk a little bit about the video cameras as well so on paper it appears like you have actually an updated sensor you do have a 108 megapixel primary sensing unit you have an 8 megapixel ultrawide as well as you have a 2 megapixel macro lens which honestly talking once again is not as well much use currently in this situation i did take the poco x4 pro as well as take a pair of photos and as you can see on the screens obviously when everything is simply smaller down you will certainly see that it is

actually looking rather alright however i noticed that there’s fairly a fair bit of sound lost carefully on the images itself so it just doesn’t look like a wonderful picture now undoubtedly this is not a premium or flagship gadget so you can not really expect exceptional images but at this cost factor i have definitely seen some far better taking images gadgets in the market today so in terms of just the cameras i’m not also happy with it i would claim that even in night mode it has the ability to reveal images rather well that indicates that it really illuminates the environment but once more there’s a great deal of loss in detail so i do not think it is a great electronic camera on the poco x4 pro now in terms of the battery you do obtain a 5000 mah battery in this man and also it is slightly minimal than last year’s model which comes with a 5160mah battery however the excellent information here is that you do have a nice upgrade in terms of the billing speeds currently what i indicate by that is that it does include 67 watt charger in package and it sustains that type of quick charge it is really really quick it does 50 in simply 15 mins as well as if you charge your device from zero to 100 it’s just 40 minutes so extremely really quick charging definitely have to applaud poco for

giving us that sort of quick charging rates on a spending plan type of spending plan mid-range gadget below so fairly great with that said most definitely pleased with that said currently before we go there’s simply a couple much more little things that i intend to aim out uh let’s discuss the stereo speakers stereo audio speakers sensible the audio seems all best i imply it’s very comparable to most of the poco’s beginning to mid-range devices one more point i intend to highlight here is really in terms of the haptics engine of course i do always check out haptics engines as well as i seek the most effective however sadly the haptic engine on below is not the most effective i assume it is actually fairly comparable to the x3 pro which had the exact axis direct haptic engine so that’s that good people so now at the end of the day bottom line is should you head out and purchase the poco x4 pro currently in my opinion if you are searching for a budget tool a 5g spending plan tool that does not truly damage the financial institution at simply rm 999 or the actual rate i assume it is still hardly convincing now the fact is nowadays we are seeing a great deal of manufacturers simply coming out with brand-new phones with better outlook designs but with

downgraded hardware on the within as an example this poco x4 pro here is packaged in a truly wonderful style looking tool it looks fantastic it has an incredible screen 120hz amoled display however when you in fact utilize it you will certainly really feel that it is a bit laggy jittery below and there so it just doesn’t provide for a terrific experience also if you have that awesome looking design along with that awesome display so you men inform me will certainly you actually compromise your individual experience for something that actually looks far better for something that has a far better display screen as well as faster billing speeds or do you in fact still focus on a better cpu and also a far better customer experience let me recognize down in the remark area listed below what do you think about the poco x4 pro i absolutely desire to recognize what you men think alright guys that’s it for today’s video clip i absolutely appreciate every one of you for staying up till completion currently once more if you wish to see more video clips like this do not neglect to go down a like sub to the network as well as i want to see all of you people in the next one stay risk-free everyone bye

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