Redmi Note 11 Pro vs OnePlus Nord2: Both Are AMAZING! Help Me Decide!

hey there everyone welcome back to one more video with lim reviews currently i wish you are having an outstanding weekend break uh today is saturday and also i really am very grateful for you to be investing your time right here with me so today’s video clip is mosting likely to be a bit different from typical i’m mosting likely to be contrasting two smartphones that you could not really have actually thought regarding it that is in fact mosting likely to be the redmi note 11 pro that i have right below and this is my all-time favorite in fact this is the oneplus nord 2 5g currently birth in mind that both tools right here are kind of like in the mid-range sector at this point of time and yes i admit i’ve been making use of the oneplus note 2 and this has been my day-to-day for the previous few months currently and i can just maintain among these phones below i do not intend to have many phones lying around so today’s video is just gon na be like a laid-back discussion or maybe you can likewise let me recognize which do you assume i should maintain but we’re gon na do a side-by-side contrast in between the redmi note 11 pro i love this phone a lot as well as the oneplus nord to 5g which i also like significantly so we’re mosting likely to begin immediately now you

guys if you enjoy and you want to share some love do not hesitate to drop a like on down listed below sub to the channel if you wish to see more material such as this thank you guys a lot let’s start alright so firstly we’re going to speak a bit regarding the cost for both tools of course this redmi note 11 pro is not officially here in malaysia yet but if you go for the eight gigabytes of alternative it will be roughly 1 400 ringgit that indicates about 330 us bucks for all my various other friends in addition to the globe and this person right below the oneplus note 2 is 1700 ringgit that is roughly 400 us bucks so in regards to the price difference it is roughly 300 ringgit distinction or regarding 60 to 70 us dollars in between both devices not really a great deal of money but not that little as well all ideal so made with the rate let’s take a better take a look at these individuals right below so we’re going to speak a little bit about the layout initially and also foremost again we’re going to go via extremely swiftly with the redmi note 11 professional i’ve covered this tool thoroughly on my channel already however you guys currently understand that i love the back panel right here it is a really smooth kind of matte bag at the back below and also it does not record any finger prints whatsoever one more great thing i like regarding the style is the level sides around which

allows it to depend on the table i assume that’s fairly awesome i’m unsure about you however yeah total it is a really good looking tool that we have right here currently going to jump swiftly to the oneplus note 2 this is likewise one of my all-time preferred shades you individuals know i actually enjoy grey and also this gray below is the excellent shade that i like below so it’s also a matte back panel very smooth to the touch and also this person right here is in fact slightly slimmer contrasted to the redmi note 11 professional normally because it features a smaller battery as well but it’s an extremely slim gadget here far more small as well contrasted to the redmi over below so make wise i’m really torn in between both these colors here yet personally i still like the gray far better on this guy however i do like the flat sides on the redmi note 11 pro allow me know what you people believe about design which one actually looks much better all right currently we’re going to turn the devices to the front below and also talk a little bit about the displays since they’re fairly various right here so of course although the redmi note 11 pro here is more affordable than the oneplus note 2 this gadget in fact came out later on so naturally it has more time to create this man here is rocking a 6.67 inch 1080p super amoled screen from samsung obviously here as well as it’s a very excellent display the very best component below is that it’s freshened at 120 hertz that means it’s super buttery smooth i have not had anything to complain regarding this display screen it’s just an exceptional screen duration okay so returning to the oneplus note 2 right below currently this person below it is a

slightly a lot more compact size like i mentioned earlier on 6.43 inches additionally amoled display screen but it’s just revitalized at 90hz refresh price so normally it’s moved yet it’s not buttery smooth like the one on the redmi note 11 pro in regards to illumination both are really pretty brilliant as well as they both in fact have corning gorilla glass 5. now undoubtedly simply in terms of the display i need to state that the win needs to go to the redmi note 11 professional right here due to the higher refresh rate slightly much better shades i would certainly claim as well on the redmi right here so yeah the redmi definitely takes the win here in regards to the screen okay to make sure that’s that in regards to the display screen allow’s chat the following point regarding uh the cpus itself since that is where they are both extremely various as soon as again so in terms of the redmi note 11 pro you people may currently know it’s coming with the measurement 920 whereas on the oneplus note 2 below is originating from a lot even more powerful dimension 1200 currently in regards to ram like i pointed out both have 8 gigabytes here and also in terms of internal memory both also has a 128 gigabytes inner memory but one point you need to note below is that the redmi just has ufs 2.2 whereas the oneplus note 2 right below have uss 38.

1 so naturally in regards to just large power and efficiency everything launches quicker on the oneplus note 2. It’s simply a bit smoother games likewise run a little bit quicker and all that but that is the sort of experience that you can hop on the oneplus note 2. Efficiency sensible certainly it’s a clear win for the oneplus note 2. one more point that i should likewise mention here is that simply in terms of everyday usage people uh i would claim that oxygen os right here is far more refined contrasted to miui you individuals already recognize the deal miui has a great deal of pests specifically in dark mode there’s so numerous concerns with all the icons being all kinds of different colors but yes i would certainly state that just in regards to using the experience the individual experience is definitely excellent on the oxygen os for oneplus right here i do not hate miui naturally i enjoy the amount of personalizations that we have on the small ui right here but just in terms of security when you want an app to function perfectly great i realized that it was constantly the most stable on the oneplus note 2. So that’s just something that i should mention alright now allow’s carry on to the following factor as well as speak a bit about the electronic cameras because these are likewise somewhat comparable yet very various currently on the redmi note 11 professional right here we do have a triple cam arrangement currently this is a 108 megapixel main we have an 8 megapixel ultra large and a 2 megapixel macro lens now on the oneplus note 2 we likewise have a triple cam arrangement uh the major sensing unit is a 50 megapixel imx 766 sensor is a really excellent one we also

have an 8 megapixel ultra right and also we likewise have a 2 megapixel tele macro lens so in terms of the ultrawide as well as macro they’re both extremely similar here now let’s take an appearance at the image quality coming from both tools i saw that images taken throughout the day and evening are somewhat various currently for a 2nd during the days i noticed that the images originating from the redmi note 11 pro here is just a little more saturated than what i truthfully like colors look a bit a lot more punchy stands out a bit extra or whereas the one on the oneplus note 2 looks a little bit a lot more natural it’s close to what you really see in actual life currently in regards to night mode here i would claim that both gadgets likewise really do pretty well in regards to night setting but the main difference is that the oneplus note 2 below is a lot more faster and much more stable to take night shots so i’ve pointed out additionally in my previous video clips that the redmi note 11 pro right here whenever you take night images the ui of the camera is so slow and also so sluggish and also that also with very stable hands i can not truly take like excellent uh clear photos regularly currently inevitably if i need to compare the cameras of both gadgets here i would need to say that the clear wind goes to the oneplus note 2 right here it likewise comes with ois by the method for the major sensing unit right there as well as it’s just a better as well as reputable cam all right so allow’s move on to the next point below and chat a little about the audio speakers uh just a really quick one they both have stereo speakers which go very loud yet the slight advantage that the redmi has is that it maintains the earphone jack below on top so you do have that added adaptability if you intend to use a

wired headset now apart from that in regards to the haptics engine both tools right here utilize x-axis haptics that indicates the resonances are short creeps as well as extremely good ideal for both tools below absolutely nothing to grumble regarding as well as last yet not least really quickly we’re mosting likely to speak a little bit about the battery life now clearly like i stated previously on the redmi note 11 pro below is a slightly thicker gadget as well as that’s because it comes with a larger battery it’s 5 100 something mah battery here as well as it sustains 67 watt quick fee whereas on the oneplus note 2 it is 4500 ish in regards to mah battery as well as in regards to the fast charge it’s just 65 watts yet since uh this has a smaller battery right below the oneplus note 2 charges up from 0 to percent in simply 30-ish mins whereas it takes uh the redmi note 11 pro regarding 40 minutes to reach the exact same absolutely no to 100 all right so in regards to battery life i observed dramatically an extremely apparent that the 11 pro right here was able to get it had the ability to last longer plainly it has a bigger battery so it’s naturally mosting likely to last much longer so if you are seeking the longer battery life uh this person is the one to head to however yeah it is what it is in terms of the battery life all best men so lower line which tool should i actually maintain must i keep this outstanding redmi note 11

professional or ought to i still stick with my oneplus note 2 5g right here you people let me understand yet presently i am still stuck in between both gadgets due to the fact that i love them both a lot in terms of the redmi note 11 professional i understand this is in fact a respectable buy below because the rate is all appropriate you don’t get the most effective uh efficiency in terms of the cpu right below and if i actually desired much better performance i needs to simply stick with the oneplus note 2 yet this is simply such a nice gadget and also an extremely respectable worth i would claim for the redmi note 11 professional right here great guys let me recognize what you guys think should i stick with my oneplus note 2 or need to i simply hang on to the redmi note 11 pro as well as market the oneplus today let me recognize down in the remark area below i wish you enjoyed today’s video clip like i stated it’s just going to be a table talk a pretty chill one considering that it is saturday today and of course if once more if you just wish to support the channel do not fail to remember to go down a like sub to the channel as well as i wish to see all of you guys in the next one in this kitchen right below stay safe everybody bye

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