TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra GPS: A Pretty Amazing Wear OS Smartwatch!

hello there everyone welcome back to an additional video clip with lim evaluations now in today’s video clip we’re mosting likely to be having a look at a brand-new clever watch that i just obtained this is the take watch professional 3 ultra general practitioners so this watch simply came in and i have actually been trying it out for a couple of days now so in today’s video clip consider it as more like a quick preview instead of a full review so we’re going to be going over a number of vital functions for this technology watch i understand some of you people out there in fact truly enjoy this brand name however we’re mosting likely to look into what this take watch professional 3 ultra gps is all concerning so we’re mosting likely to proceed to the workdesk right here to examine it out now to begin with let’s just look into extremely quickly the box itself it is actually rather basic uh really crucial thing right here you ought to keep in mind is that this is a wear os powered by google that means you can connect it to your smartphone really easily as well as you can use up phone calls and reply to your messages so right here i do have the take watch professional 3 ultra general practitioners again the name is long below yet i believe the reason they chose that name is since it has a really solid general practitioners on this watch right below so first off allow’s

talk a little about the cost for this the watch right here it is uh retailing in malaysia for rm1399 as well as if you remain in various other areas of the globe that is about us 330 so certainly not a really cheap watch here however it’s additionally not also expensive i would certainly say it’s fairly appropriate for the kind of features that you get with this guy right below so we’re mosting likely to start off very promptly very first as well as leading by having a look at the style as well as build top quality now you can already see that this watch below actually looks a little extra easier compared to previous take watch versions i do like the fact that we have this really nice round face over below uh you can not rotate this outer part right here of the rim however yes we likewise do get 2 switches one on top and also at the bottom below this set actually enters into the list of applications that you have as well as it additionally functions as a back switch yet these are not rotating down so you can not in fact turn these buttons right below currently proceeding switching to the back right below we see that we have a couple of sensing units at the back and this is this certain edge right here is really place your battery charger so you can charge up the tick watch uh quite quick over below now on the whole this is a very good develop view right below it feels pricey every little thing is made to look extremely premium yet it is additionally extremely resilient according to tick watch this watch below is ranked at the armed forces typical 810g what this indicates primarily is

that it’s really suitable for you in harsh ecological conditions so if you such as to go like hiking rock climbing or perhaps you’re operating at a job site or building site or something like that then this watch below really might hold up to all those bumps and knocks versus the walls you can drop this watch and also it shouldn’t injure it too much as well so very very durable and strong watch right below currently we’re done talking concerning the watch itself allowed’s talk a little about the bands below due to the fact that they’re in fact really comfy also these are among one of the most comfy bands that i’ve really taken a look at on a smartwatch now remember that these are still silicon and also that primarily means it’s rubber yet like i claimed it really feels really soft to touch it and it’s very smooth versus my skin so certainly have no issues with these straps over here yet these are 22 mm straps incidentally as well as you do have these little latches at the back that you can make use of to switch out the bands if you require to do that all ideal so let’s proceed to the front of the watch right here as well as have a look at the display itself due to the fact that this again is just one of take watch one-of-a-kind proposal and what i imply by that is that we actually do have a twin display screen 2.0 right below as well as what that implies is that you can probably already see below that we do have an lcd panel on the leading as well as if i simply push the button it activates the amoled panel that’s sitting near the bottom right here now remember the dimension of this display screen here is 1.4 inches so it’s rather big i would state very really standard right here but again the capability to

have this low powered lcd panel on the top here uh allows the watch to show you the time in all times as well as the brighter the atmosphere the more clearer you can actually see the clock below it is 604 pm now all ideal to make sure that’s just in regards to the display screen once more it obtains extremely bright when i’m outdoors the added layer of lcd on the top right here doesn’t actually influence the visibility of the amoled display screen at the bottom and so far i’m extremely pleased with the photo high quality coming out from this watch right below one even more point that i must additionally take note of is that this particular glass panel right here is corning gorilla glass currently i do not know what variation that is however primarily it would offer some kind of security to avoid it from obtaining scratched or broken conveniently okay so now made with the display and all that let’s talk a bit a lot more regarding the functions that you can get out of this watch now like i stated earlier on this watch here is running the wear os so you’ll be extremely knowledgeable about that if you are already utilizing a wear os smartwatch um but this individual below is being powered by the snapdragon where 4100 system so primarily that means that this wise watch right here is mosting likely to be really powerful whatever is going to release really quickly as well as obviously you can see right here everything is fluid smooth on the tick watch pro 3 ultra gps right below

really extremely wonderful things that we have below once more if i just surf via right here you can see that this is just like any kind of android wear os smart watch if i drag down from the top here you can obtain right into a quick shortcut and also if i swipe up from the bottom right below this is where i’m able to enter my notices of course it will certainly show virtually every single notification due to the fact that this is running on wear os and also if you’re making use of an android smart device this will certainly work flawlessly with your smart device certainly it deals with ios as well all right so if i simply swipe from the opposite side below this is where i enter into my fast aide and also if i go the various other method this is where i can see my widgets right here which is again really extremely easy to use as well as you can just include new widgets in utilizing the app itself currently the next point i want to highlight below remains in terms of the gps since this watch is called the ultra gps as well as for that it primarily indicates that it supports five different satellites in terms of the gps so if you constantly on the run if you go treking and all that you should be able to get an extremely solid signal on your watch itself to make sure that’s most definitely excellent if you’re that kind of individual besides that in terms of the fitness things that it tracks below it tracks approximately 20 different activities you can see from the checklist right below i’m not going to go with the entire checklist yet essentially it covers your fundamental things your outside runs your strolls your cycling your swimming and all that everything that all the standard things that

you can visualize is actually covered here in the watch itself so really great things there currently in regards to the wellness things that it tracks here once more this watch is really quite solid here as well as what i imply by that is that it really sustains your heart rate tracking all day heart price tracking is additionally tracking your sleep right here very quite precise actually i would claim and it additionally has your throughout the day spo2 for your blood oxygen dimensions right there and yeah it likewise tracks your stress levels and you can actually make use of a number of these apps below to in fact help you to attempt and minimize your stress so every little thing that you can anticipate in a regular smart watch today you can likewise locate it on the take watch pro 3 ultra gps right here now lastly i need to additionally mention that uh one of my favored features right here is actually the spotify currently with spotify installed onto the watch itself i have the ability to download the tunes that i pay attention to constantly so i have it inside the watch which means i do not need to lug my phone with me when i go for my runs i can just put on the watch and also it will certainly play the songs i can just attach it to my bluetooth earbuds and it will certainly function faultlessly really excellent stuff there for this take watch itself currently last but not the very least let’s talk really quickly regarding the battery life for this

individual now uh thickwash is declaring that if you use it typically like how a typical individual would utilize it you need to have the ability to rise to 2 to 3 days of battery life on this watch right here yet if you wish to enter into the crucial setting as well as that generally shuts off virtually everything you can increase to 45 days with this watch however i would state that two days sounds more practical if you’re intending to use all these attributes on the take watch professional 3 ultra general practitioners great individuals that’s quite a lot what i can claim here this is much like i stated previously on a fast preview of the take watch pro 3 ultra gps it’s a very long name right here once again this is opting for rm139 below in malaysia us dollars if you remain in from other areas of the globe as well as yeah i hope you discover this watch interesting let me recognize what you guys believe about this sort of wise watch is this something that you might think about acquiring is this what you’re searching for allow me know down in the comment section below and lastly i do intend to see every one of you guys in the next one remain safe everyone bye

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