AULA Wireless Gaming Keyboards and Mouse! Who Is AULA & Are They Any Good? 🤔

hello everybody welcome back to an additional video clip with lim testimonials currently in today’s video is going to be slightly various i’m really working with aola to share a couple of they are brand-new gadgets currently in case you’re not knowledgeable about the brand owla they’re spelled aula by the means now these people say they make computer accessories they additionally make video gaming items as well as audio items yet in today’s video clip i have right here four new things that they just launched uh they consist of 2 key-boards as well as two mouses right there all right so disallow they’re marketing these devices at rather affordable price factors but what do they in fact do just how do they do well i’ll be sharing even more of those items in today’s video so without more trouble let’s just start with the video right now good people so the first thing that we’re mosting likely to be examining out today is the aola f2090 bluetooth key-board now this is actually the most up to date mechanical key-board from aola and also upon impressions what i observed was how slim this keyboard actually is now if you see at the

base right here we do have an extremely premium sensation type of aluminium body whatever is really slim the caps are slim the key-board itself is slim and it’s just overall a very elegant looking keyboard now if you take a look at this keyboard itself i saw that it is not also fancy i would state that it’s ideal for those of you who such as to utilize your key-board to do your work as well as periodic gaming so that’s extremely good below on this keyboard currently something i do need to mention below is that this key-board likewise sustains three sort of connections you can use the cord that can be found in package right here this is a kind c wire right below that you can use to do the wired link it also sustains the wireless 2.4 in addition to bluetooth so you can obtain those connections with the aola f2090 currently regarding this keyboard what i truly enjoy concerning this keyboard was the fact that it does feature this very fast faster way key switches below on the leading right edge so for example i do have my power switch over below extremely easy to utilize i

can likewise switch in between my tools such as ios android as well as home windows just by continuing this button right below undoubtedly i also have a number of presets switch over below and also what i like one of the most is in fact this knob on top currently this handle below in fact comes with two features uh today it is established to my quantity rocker so all i require to do is just turn this knob below to raise or minimize the volume yet if i in fact continue this and also lengthy press it i’ll enter into a different setting as well as now i can use this button to really transform the design of my leds right below so notification that we do have quite a fair little bit of patterns right below which all look extremely trendy all you require to do again is simply to press on this little handle right here to go through that various type of led sort of settings right here okay so since we’re on the topic of leds if you notice below we just have the leds in one single shade yet like i mentioned earlier on there is a great deal of different kind of setups to get different sort of patterns and also i assume that’s pretty awesome about this key-board now last yet not the very

least let’s talk a little bit regarding the feeling here this keyboard is really a quite superficial kind of travel in between the keys so it’s also quite peaceful here if you’re the sort of individual who likes to work at evening as well as you don’t intend to wake up the individual following to you or something like that you can use these key-boards here to really obtain a pretty quiet kind of experience on the aola f2090 uh in terms of pricing this is the most costly key-board that we have on today’s video uh this is retailing for rm 209 ringgit but if you acquire this key-board you will really get a totally free computer mouse in package you’ll get this free computer mouse which i’ll talk a bit on later on to ensure that’s it for the aula f2090 next up we’re gon na examine out one more key-board an extremely interesting key-board that i have right here currently this is really the aula f3287 bluetooth keyboard as well as once more it is a mechanical key-board with real mechanical buttons so what i imply by that is that if i simply carry out this essential right below observe that we do have this blue button on the within and also if you are currently knowledgeable about that that indicates that this button is really rather a loud springy sort of feeling as well as i love that concerning this f3287 you have very nice traveling on below and also i enjoy the sound

comments originating from this keyboard right below now again you might see that this key-board is a little smaller in regards to the kind variable due to the fact that this is a very ergonomic and also small style you do not have the num pad on the side below this is a purely 87 vital format as well as what it does be available in below is a rather big 2000 mah battery so you don’t really have to bill the tool constantly currently you only have leds in blue and orange as you can see now it’s very easy to switch through the styles right below so notification that cries get on a lot of the letters right below yet the orange get on the primary keys that you could use such as your wasd your home windows crucial your fn button along with your arrow tricks so this is the type of design you can obtain below and also it’s terrific for gamers as well as non-gamers alike so of course this keyboard additionally sustains 3 various kinds of connectivity techniques you have your wired cable that can be found in a box you also have your wireless 2.4 as well as bluetooth connectivity for this key-board right below so you can combine it with almost essentially any kind of tool that you have all ideal guys now finished with the keyboards below we’re going to look into 2 fascinating computer mouse that we have here today too these are also the products from aola so we’re mosting likely to start really promptly with this allah sc800 bluetooth mouse uh bear in mind that this is an extremely super slim kind of style here it’s in fact a silent mouse that suggests when you click on it

it does not truly have any kind of noises and i like that and one even more point is that it’s very light-weight as well as portable so it appropriates for those people of you that are always on the move uh you can likewise use this computer mouse here with your ipad you can likewise utilize it with your laptop and all that it does feature a dongle at the bottom right below so it’s extremely easy to eliminate just right at the bottom right here and also you can slot it in when you do not need to use it these devices charges up using mini usb you do have a small component at the front right here and there is three degrees of flexible dpi for this individual right here now in regards to the battery according to describe you do not truly require to replace it due to the fact that it is a rechargeable integrated battery so this computer mouse here is retailing for rm 4690 rather affordable if you ask me to obtain this extremely slim as well as portable nice looking computer mouse right here okay currently let’s go on to the last product that we have right here for today this is the aola sc100 gaming mouse once again this is why i claim this is inexpensive which is since this cost is only beginning with rm3290 once again it’s extremely budget friendly and also you do get this three degree

sort of adjustable dpi simply by continuing this switch right below you can revolve between 800 right approximately 1600 dpi on this little switch right here aside from that you likewise have a reproducing light effects right here this is a led rgb going on it simply revolves by itself this mouse itself it sustains bluetooth as well as 2.4 g too again you do have the dongle near the bottom here which is very easy to get rid of and very simple to store it when you no more require it so this mouse here it features a big 800mah rechargeable battery and according to our light it has a standby time of approximately half a year guys so you don’t truly need to need to charge this thing just require to bill it when every fifty percent year okay men to ensure that’s basically what we need to cover here today those are the four products that i simply shown you two computer mice and also two key-boards right there currently keep in mind that outlaw will be having their 11 11 sale extremely soon so do stay tuned to the links down in the description listed below in addition to the 11 11 sales outlaw will certainly likewise be offering a lot of price cuts as well as a lot of vouchers around what i understand is that they’ll be offering those 20 ringgit off for a minimum acquisition of 100 ringgit so again do not forget to look into the links down below to our last official shoppie as well as lazada store or you could wan na check that out if you remain in the market looking for something like what i simply revealed you men earlier all right people that’s it for today’s video clip thank you for remaining completely to the end if you do like this video don’t fail to remember to give it a like below to the network and also i wish to see every one of you guys in the next one stay risk-free everybody bye

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