HONOR 50 Full In-Depth Review: Everything You Need To Know! Mid-Range Champ Is Back?

hey there everyone welcome back to an additional video clip with lim evaluations currently in today’s video clip we’re going to be taking a look at honors latest device that simply landed right here in malaysia this is the honor 50. now remember that i’ve been using this device right here for the past two or three weeks now so i absolutely have rather a whole lot to show you in today’s full comprehensive testimonial of this tool right below now in terms of rates this gadget was introduced right here in malaysia beginning with rm1799 for the 6 gigabytes of ram version and if you desire to obtain higher ram as well as higher storage you need to go completely up to the eight gigabytes and 2 5 6 gigabytes of internal memory version that sets you back rm1999 so there’s 2 specs right here for you in malaysia either you get the 6 gigabytes of ram or the eight gigabytes of ram variation now just in terms of pricing i found that the

honor 50 right here is really priced actually attractively here in malaysia it is really near the prices of various other brand names like xiaomi ryomi and also all that so most definitely providing it a thumbs up in regards to pricing for the honor 50 right below okay so i have actually seen fairly a fair bit of videos on youtube everybody is discussing how the honor 50 is

its comeback tool is coming in with the google mobile solutions yet hang on one second in today’s video i’m simply going to be sharing with you my experience after using this device right here based on a common android user i will not be hiding a lot on how the gms is really impacting the experience but instead exactly how is it really feeling like to use this gadget right here on a daily basis so allow’s start really rapidly with the style of the honor 50 right below as you can see from the back design panel below obviously this is a design that is extremely similar to huawei’s p50 collection as a matter of fact it virtually looks one to one in terms of the design right here you do have two very huge cam cutouts on the top left corner uh which houses the quad cam setup so very fascinating things right there i do have to direct out that the honor 50 series right below is going for the kind of really style sort of design right here since for all the different sort of shades you have very extremely kind of showy designs for the back panel currently as you can see on my hands right here my certain version is the emerald green version as well as it does look extremely good whenever you simply tip the gadget back and forth it does look extremely similar to the type of emerald sort of

feeling that you would certainly locate so very awesome design right here on the back panel it’s additionally worth discussing that on the sides right here it is slightly rounded both at the front and at the back here so it really gives you the feeling that it’s a very slim profile kind of device right here and i type of like that with the honor 50. generally simply in regards to develop quality and also really feel the honor 50 right here seems like a premium device and also i love the reality that it’s so slim in my hands right here all right so in regards to the back panel i can’t truly inform if it’s glass or plastic but i do sense that it remains in a between that it’s kind of a glass thick sort of feeling below due to the fact that whenever i simply touch at the back right here it considers that sort of slightly hollow type of feeling so i recognize it’s probably a type of slim sort of a glass panel right here at the back so allow’s simply call it the glass stick for the minute now all ideal to make sure that’s this in regards to the back panel great people so currently made with the

design let’s talk a little about the display that we get in the front so on the honor 50 we do get a 6.57 inch super amoled 1080p display that runs at 120hz refresh price now one more point that you do need to note right here is that we do have a little curved sides on the sides of the screen here that actually makes it looks very good what i do have to point out however is the quantity of fluidness that you hop on this display screen because whenever you simply move from best to left the 120hz refresh rate makes it very smooth to glide on the honor 50 which’s what i truly love concerning it besides that naturally because it’s an amoled screen you’re getting excellent contrast degrees you’re getting excellent saturation levels and also whatever simply looks stunning on the display screen of the honor 50. One point concerning the selfie camera i seen here was that the selfie video camera is quite tiny itself yet the cutout for the selfie video camera is really fairly big which made it quite unusual to look at since you do have quite a reasonable bit of intermediary here in terms of the display screen for that selfie cam so i certainly hope that possibly in the next version of the honor 50 or honor 60 maybe honor can give us a slightly smaller intermediary here so we don’t have that big

round cutout in the front of the screen right below currently let’s move on to the following point that i believe is very fascinating about this device below and also that is the processor so what’s powering this gadget below is the snapdragon 778 you do obtain ram alternatives of six or eight gigabytes as well as in terms of inner memory like i discussed earlier on you have 128 or 256 gigabytes of internal memory now just birth in mind that the memory right below is ufs 2.1 so it’s not the fastest sort of memory not the sort of ufs 3.1 that you can expect on many gadgets today however it doesn’t truly affect the total individual experience currently i did a fast benchmark test utilizing the geekbench 5 and also i’m going to show you a quick snapshot of how this tool executes below as well as in fact i discovered it really fascinating because the efficiency ball game that we got from geekbench 5 is in fact

very comparable to ball game that i obtained from the ruby city 1200 that was running on various other gadgets to make sure that’s just something that you need to understand here general in regards to power we’re getting quite a reasonable little bit of power from the snapdragon 778 you guys most likely currently recognize that this is just one of the far better cpus the far better mid-range processor below that offers a great deal of efficiency as well as does not push out a lot of warmth now i did some video gaming on this tool and certainly whatever just runs really smoothly you do not reach go ultra visuals settings on mobile tales which is a video game i play constantly you just obtain maxed out at high yet overall i still think that it runs really smoothly it does not break down a great deal of hit and also if you play video games like gentian impact you will certainly have the ability to run it efficiently on the honor 50. Now in terms of video gaming every little thing is running penalty however in

regards to daily use obviously you’re additionally obtaining an extremely smooth experience here app launches very swiftly uh everything runs without any kind of lags and delays as well as i’m just very happy with the efficiency originating from the snapdragon 778 alright so that’s virtually what i need to comment in terms of performance as well as day-to-day usage one point i do need to mention here is that the magic ui from honor right below is very comparable to the one that you see on huawei um truthfully talking i felt that this ui should have been upgraded a bit a lot more it does feel a little dated on the honor 50 right below so what i did was i simply downloaded the nova launcher and i obtained everything uh practically up to speed up with what we are seeing in the majority of android gadgets today to make sure that’s just something that i wished to highlight once again if you are very aware of huawei gadgets

or if you’re originating from a previous honor device you would certainly feel significantly at house making use of the honor 50 right below because every little thing simply runs much like those tools from previous days all right to make sure that’s simply in regards to the user experience in addition to the efficiency let’s talk very promptly about the haptics since that is something that is extremely close to my heart right here and something that i constantly test out on all gadgets now this is where the disappointment comes in which is the haptics engine on this gadget below is among the poorer sort of haptics engine it’s not the x-axis it’s not the z-axis it’s extremely comparable to those type of uh vibration electric motors from tools that cost you recognize like less than six 7 hundred ringgit so if you remain in various other parts of the world that resembles uh one to 2 hundred us bucks sort of phone sensation uh in terms of the haptic engine below so i have no concept why but i personally believe the haptics engine is something that is so important in our individual experience with the phone however unfortunately we’re

getting a truly truly negative haptic engine here on the honor 50. To ensure that’s simply something that i was rather let down with now made with that allowed’s talk a bit regarding the cameras at the back below due to the fact that we do obtain a quad video camera arrangement on the honor 50 right below so in terms of electronic camera sensors we do obtain a 108 megapixel primary sensing unit we additionally get an 8 megapixel ultrawide as well as we have a 2 megapixel dev combined with a 2 megapixel macro sensing unit all right so the primary thing that i’ve been using below mostly is the 108 megapixel sensing unit in addition to the 8 megapixel ultra wide currently in terms of everyday usage the cam sensing unit did really well in taking pictures throughout the day along with during the evening images end up truly good without much noise you have respectable saturations decent sharpness i did discover a little of over honing often in pictures taken throughout the day yet overall i believe it’s a very solid camera originating from the honor 50 right here now one point i do have to mention however is the real user

experience taking pictures at evening so i saw that whenever i’m taking pictures in more dark lit settings that implies places that are quite dark the video camera system tends to such as a bit and also it tends to decrease a little bit also so allow me simply show you a really fast clip right here so you can understand how it feels like to really take photos throughout the night or during low light conditions so because of this hold-up and somewhat slow-moving ui during night images i discovered it a little tough to take extremely good secure shots throughout the evening or also in poorly little settings to make sure that’s simply something that i wish to aim out to you men so you understand what you’re obtaining with the honor 50 right below now let’s talk really swiftly concerning the camera performance owner is claiming that this tool is intended to be one of those vlogging video cameras and also it does come with a pair of features right here i did examination out the multi video sort of uh mode on this device right below let me just show you a very fast clip so you have a suggestion on how this functions and whether this is in fact helpful for your individual vlogging experience hi everyone

this is just going to be a fast examination on the honor 50 this is the multi video function as well as you can see my face on one end right here as well as what i’m seeing on the other end so we’re simply mosting likely to take a fast stroll around below to see exactly how steady this electronic camera is certainly you can see that it’s incredibly very warm out there so i will not go under the sun just take a look at the distinction in between the shaded area as well as those imaginable really warm stuff there i’m not gon na head out there we’re gon na take a quick walk let me understand if you can hear me clearly this will certainly be perfect for those of you that like to take vlogs and also all that so people can see what you see on one side and also they can likewise see your face on the various other so yeah extremely very warm stuff here we’re gon na take a small stroll back into the shaded location take an appearance at some flowers over right here really great weather today however it’s simply very very hot good men uh my range from the camera is about an arm jargon right below so if you can still hear my voice that is absolutely great see

you individuals back in the complete review alright following thing we intend to speak about below extremely quickly is the battery that we enter the back now undoubtedly you already know that this device is a very slim gadget here so battery sensible it’s not going to be significant what we do have here in the back is a 4 300 mah battery however what’s truly trendy is that you do have 66 watt uh quickly cost that was available in package now this battery charger right here is according to honor it does no to 70 in simply a little over 20 minutes approximately so i think it’s rather fast as well for this battery charger do not forget to inspect it out in package uh besides that in regards to battery smart i’m able to get through a complete day on a solitary charge i notice that this tool here does not utilize a great deal of battery also when i take a whole lot of pictures and even when i’m utilizing it under heavy usage i saw that i was still able to pull via a complete day on one single cost to make sure that’s certainly a plus point for the honor 50 right below battery monitoring is absolutely a thumbs up for this person uh last but not least let’s talk extremely swiftly regarding the speakers that we have right here once

more this is kind of a disadvantage right here due to the fact that it just features a solitary firing speaker however the advantage is that honor dip offered us with a earpiece in the box as well as it is actually a type c to you know kind c earpiece right below so that’s certainly excellent if you desire to obtain some sound appearing from the honor 50 right here great men i think that’s practically what i intend to cover with the honor 50 this is my full thorough consider this tool right here overall am i satisfied with it i assume it is a very strong competitor originating from honor the 50 right here is certainly a huge upgrade from the predecessor and also at the cost of beginning from rm17999 i assume this is something that you might in fact want to take into consideration if you’re searching for a new mid-range smart device today good guys if you have anymore questions concerning this honor 50 don’t forget to leave them down in the remark section below certainly if you did find out something from today’s video clip don’t fail to remember to provide the video clip a like below to the channel and certainly i wish to see every one of you individuals in the following one remain risk-free everyone bye

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