Oppo Find X2 Pro vs OnePlus 7T Pro Super-Powered Androids Compared

hello there you stunning the attractive person you this is christened expert and I’m here with two of the biggest and baddest Android smartphones that you can buy right now in 2020 this is battle of the pros up or find x2 Pro here on the left just launched a couple of days previously and then the oneplus 70 Pro on the right one of my favorite smartphones of the previous few months now if you’re looking for a premium Android smartphone experience you really can’t go wrong with either of these Bulls but I’m gonna do as a full side-by-side on the battery life the performance their everyday experiences you know which one might be best for you and for one the latest creative sec please do book subscribe and thing that notifications bell cheers so let’s start with a look at the design and I’ve got to say when I first got my hands on the oneplus 70 Pro I thought this thing was an absolute beast at 6.6 7 inches it’s a hell of a handful but then along came the Oppo find X 2 port which rocks a six point seven eight inch display and neither of these smartphones are particularly easy to use one-handed thankfully you do get a bit of help so for instance you can swipe

down that notifications bar just like pulling down from anywhere on the desktops the upper fine x2 Pro actually goes one step further with a proper dedicated one handed mode as well which is definitely very helpful when you’re using your apps and both of these phones stuff you have a serious heft to them as well as oddly or at least comfortable to Klutch thanks to the rounded corners and edging cuz from the front they do look more or less identical the major difference being the part of the opera fine x2 Pro has got this little pinhole camera in the top corner whereas in the case of one plus 70 ports actually pop-up selfie camera which means you get this lovely full of you finish and if we flip the fine x2 Pro on the oneplus 74 on you’ll see it’s a very different design on the rear end as well here on the oneplus 70 Pro you’ve only got one choice that is a frosted glass finish so as you can see there it’s very good at masking greasy prints and things like that you’ll

only have to occasionally give it a quick buffing and it’ll look good as new roles on the Oppo phone x2 boy you’ve actually got a choice of finishes you can either get it in a ceramic finish we’re just kind of glass like but even tougher or you can get it in this lovely vegan-friendly leather on the durability front they both seem absolutely fine you’ve actually got a pre-installed screen protector on both the upper and the warm Plus and the rear end seemed pretty durable so far as well the oneplus it is water resistant but it does not an official IP written res and the case of the up offline x2 pro it is actually IP 68 dust and water resistant so can be fully submerged no you’ve got an in display fingerprint sensor on both the 1 plus 70 Pro and the up or find x2 poor nice and reliable and accurate as you would expect you’ve also got for a facial recognition as an alternative as well if you hands are a bit mucky or whatnot and you do of course have to wait for the actual motorized selfie cam to pop up here on the oneplus but as you can see there it’s nice and nippy not waiting any more than half a second or so so I take slightly longer than the upper as for the rest of the design it’s fairly straightforward stuff you’ve got a bottom at Mantid symmetry you got

type-c USB charging and no headphone jack unfortunately I feel a bit of a media fan then it guess what you’re gonna be in for a treat no matter what your choice you’ve got an AMOLED panel on both of these smartphones so you get nice and bright outputs or clear visibility even in a very sunshiny day a nice punchy colors if you dive into the settings you’ve actually got full control over the output as well so as you can see here both these smartphones actually start with vivid colors but you can boost that down a little bit to more gentle natural hues if you want you can actually play around with the screen resolution in these display settings as well so they both top off a quad HD plus for nice crisp visuals or you can leave them on a dynamic setting which just helps to preserve your battery life by not having it in that quality setting all the time you can also play around with the refresh rate as well the oneplus 70 tops off at 90 Hertz Rosie goes all the way up to 120 Hertz here on the finder x2 Pro and here on the fine axis of course you’ve got that dynamic setting as well as we can actually switch up to 120 Hertz only when necessary again to preserve battery life now you can expect absolutely stunning net visuals from both of these two handset so the Opera next to pawn it has it you’ve got full is to your 10 plus support Roselyn plus 70 people tops off a niche to your 10 for instance and while the oneplus 70 pro is certainly super bright top some food around a

thousand nits the opera fine x2 pro can clearly go even brighter as well think it tops off at around over 1200 knit area be it clearly a brighter image when you boost them both up and play them side by side and also on the fine x2 Pro you get a pause on provision engine as they’ve turned that the software smarts that can upscale that content so for instance your 30 frames per second content can look like it’s gone at 60 or even 120 frames per second although at 120 FPS you’ve got to top it off at full HD resolution you can get it in quality plus doing that as well and you can also boost the quality of SDR content too near HDR levels as well and why you can notice the difference between these two answers when you do play content side by side like this to be fair when you get the oneplus 70 pull by itself that video still looks absolute stunning your games look gorgeous as well because you’ve got that 90 Hertz refresh rate everything is silky smooth from the interface to your game and experiences whatever you want now things are pretty close when it comes to the audio you’ve got pair of stereo speakers on both fine x2 Pro and the oneplus 70 Pro as well Dolby Tunes you’ve got a good sport of Dolby Atmos and the likes that so she’s boost them both up to maximum volume and give them a bit of a comparison these screens capable over 120 Hertz refresh rate even about max resolution unlike Samsung’s s20 handset that’s that’s the opera another one Plus even at max resolution unlike Samsung’s s20 handset and apparently

using the 5 X 2’s will feel just like skin in duck so as you can see they’re nice strong a clear output even on that top of volume definitely loud enough to cut for any background noise and yeah certainly will do the job of course you’re gonna be listen to music cause I mean I like you want to connect some headphones or something Bluetooth 5 support on both of these blowers and it’s nice and dependable as well nor crackling or we had cutouts for anything like that let’s check out the software bought the up offline x2 Pro and the one plus seventy plus bought the latest Android 10 so nice and fresh out of the box nor having to hang around for an update so that means of course you get the likes of the dock mode which is fantastic stuff you get full gesture navigation and of course you’ve got the manufacturers on overlays on here as well so that gives the Opera fine x2 Pro its back color OS version 7.1 the latest version here on that one plus 70 brought its oxygen OS as well so the experience is slightly different so for instance you’ve got the Shelf here when you swipe right on the oxygen or S and the case of the opera fly next to Pro you’ve got the smaller system they both do a very similar sort of thing though overall you can put different widgets on there get fast shortcuts to whatever you want full customization of course on both as you would expect from the color OS it’s definitely got more features crammed in there it is a little bit more messy as a result and

forest is so much stuff buried away in these settings and you really do have to dig around to actually find the good stuff so I personally prefer oxygen OS it’s a little bit neater and tidier while still packing most of the features you want the only thing that’s really missing is dedicated one-handed mods gamers are well catered for by both the Opera and the one plus you’ve got a game space to land both of these which is slightly different but in both cases it allows you to dedicate all of your resources especially the likes of network connectivity to the game itself or for the best possible performance and of course you’ve got the likes of notifications blocker to really keep you focused now if you demand the absolute best possible performance right now than the Opera fine x2 Pro is your huckleberry this thing sports the very latest stuff track it 6/5 chipset backed by 12 gigs of DDR 5 run nor less even though on 470 brother it doesn’t do itself any disservice ‘as you got the Snapdragon it 5/5 plus from the end of last year backed by eight gigs around there’s the apps busy load up the instant you tap them you want laws any serious slowdown or anything in there the likes of pubsey mobile players and those top detail levels with a super smooth

frame rate and just in case you’re into a bit of benchmark and as well I have run Geekbench on both of these devices and as you can see there no real shock for the Oppo find x2 Pro has got the oneplus 70 Pro beat that’s for battery life I’ve found it’s basically a tie between the OP or finite super only one plus 70 poor though both do you a full day of pretty intensive use a lot of screen on time without too much of a sweat and that’s busy because the battery size isn’t to difference of 4216 milliamp here on the oneplus to find X 2 pro whereas a 4080 5 milliampere on the 1 + 70 prof neither of these phones support wireless charge and the 1 + 70 / still pretty nippy when you do plug it in though it’s got that walk charge 30 T so power up in about an hour or so however the Oppo phone x2 Pro again has the 1 + beat it’s got that killer 65 watt supercharged so basically in power up the phone in just under 40 minutes very stunning stuff both these positive-definite do four storages where you got 256 gigs here on the oneplus 70 Pro the up or again one ups the oneplus though with 512 gigs of space packed on there but you don’t get microSD memory called support and either of these handsets unfortunately I say unfortunately but if you might have to fill it up anytime soon that’s it maybe ease back on shoot and so much 4k video or whatever the hell you’re doing and when it comes to connectivity the Opera fine x2

Pro is again the winner it’s got full 5g support by default and a Wi-Fi 6 crammed in there as well you don’t get either of those unfortunately other oneplus hiepro now let’s flip these bad boys over and take a look at the triple lens rear camera tech both of these smartphones that spot a forty eight megapixel primary lens with optical image stabilization the oneplus uses sony’s popular AMX five eight six sensor whereas the upper has exclusively used the imx6 eight nine which is a fresh and new both these blowers have an ultra wide-angle lens but the opera x2 pro box again a forty eight megapixel effort where the oneplus downgrades to a 16 megapixel snapper and while the oneplus 70 pros 8 megapixel telephoto lens with three times optical zoom is pretty impressive stuff the Opera once again of games it with a 13 megapixel periscope zoom capable of a ten times hybrid zoom and 60 times digital zoom and basically what I found it in my everyday at shooting with both these cameras is that the oneplus 70 Pro is pretty dependable in more situations occasionally folders bit in HDR and some of those more tricky situations well does the up or fine x2 Pro deftly seems a bit more dependable some of those shots come out with just a

little bit more detail a little bit sharper contrast the overall camera experience is pretty similar though you do have an e I mode which gives you dazzle color here and the case of the opera which just boosted some of those more vibrant images you don’t have that option here on the oneplus but to be fair doesn’t really matter too much in quickly flick between the the different lenses ultra wide-angle standard and then of course and I Spit the telephoto zoom action but of course you can zoom in much further here on the op or get really in close on those meerkat pics got them similar set of features overall or you’ve got a portrait mode on both these bores which does the job nicely just gives them a nice bit of a Baca style action in the background to help your subject stand out and of course if you drag up baby but full night mode on both of these blowers as well which again just takes lots of different shots of different exposures to help brighten up the overall image it’s definitely more impressive here on the fine x2 port in extreme low-light though it can really get some impressive color depth and detail into very very low light shots which the oneplus kind of struggles with and good news if you know your way around a camera because you’ve got full pro controls on both the upper and the oneplus you mess around with the white balance exposure levels and you’ve got full or all support as well as JPEG to so you can get a bit of that on the go as for the video where you can shoot up to 4k resolution footage at up to 60 frames per second on both the up or and the WOM class as well for nice crisp and very smooth

final results as well eerily realistic and the case of the up or smartphone though you’ve also got a nice bit live HDR action they’ve got a little bit of extra help if the audio effects as well including for instance the wind noise filter and I’ll leave it at that as far as the side-by-side comparison between the opera Phoenix super on the one +70 pogos if you need a closer look at the actual software of these two smartphones the camera tech anything I like just go check out my in-depth coverage right here on text but being bringing you a full review of the opera fine x2 pro very shortly touch words so easy between the two the opera fly next to pro offers the more superior camera tech you’ve got the better display tech on there as well and some of those specs get a nice little boost such as the fast charging of course the storage as well but the flipside is that the oneplus 70 port will be about 300 400 pounds cheaper then we got the final fine x2 port UK asking price but it’s going to be around that sort of thousand pound price points so which one are you more tempted by would you splash the extra cash for the up or fire next to port or would you be perfectly happy with the wampler 70 prof still an absolutely fantastic blower in 2020 be great to hear thoughts down below please do post subscribe and ding that notifications bar and have yourselves a lovely week she’s a run love you

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