OnePlus Nord 2 Long Term Review: Still A Super Solid Mid-Ranger. Here’s Why.

hi everyone welcome back to one more video clip with lim reviews in today’s video clip we’re mosting likely to be examining out the oneplus note 2 that i’ve been making use of for slightly greater than a month now so think about this as a long term review regarding this device right below and actually over the past few weeks i’ve seen fairly a variety of phones being introduced yet since today i still assume that the oneplus note 2 below is really a really excellent gadget whether or not you’re looking for a mid-range gadget or a premium front runner tool this individual below the oneplus note 2 in fact can port in someplace in between currently before i start allow’s simply talk very swiftly regarding the rate here since the oneplus note 2 actually just landed right here in malaysia via the oneplus international main shop now in malaysia below we’re obtaining this device right here for rm1599 with promotions and also rm1699 without promotions yet if you remain in other places of the world that’s about 380 us dollars again extremely cost effective pricing below for a device with this sort of specifications currently since i’ve

stated regarding specs let’s talk a little regarding what this gadget here uses for that amount of cash we’re going to begin extremely rapidly with the style right below because i assume this is one of my favorite factors of the oneplus note 2. As you can see right here i have this device here in both heaven version as well as the gray now i like the truth that they both look really minimalistic with their layouts yet let me show you individuals a little bit better uh heaven variation that we have here really comes with this glossy back panel i mean it feels wonderful to the touch but it does catch quite a fair little fingerprints and if you have perspiring hands it will end up being quite slippery aside from that i really like the fact that this blue right here advises me of the original knot as well as it does really feel an extremely good enhanced currently on the other hand right here we do have the grey version as well as this is personally my preferred

smartphone color to date i like this gray version below and the truth that it can be found in this matte really smooth touch to the back right here with no finger prints in all actually places this at the top of my option so this is the grey variation below it feels wonderful in hand and it looks great too currently something i do require to point out right here is that this device right here is a somewhat smaller sized device than what you could really be seeing in the market these days these tools here are only 6.43 inches and what that means is that for individuals with small hands like myself here i can almost get the entire tool in just one pump currently proceeding to my next point below allowed’s talk extremely rapidly concerning the display screen at the front yes we do obtain a 6.43 inch incredibly amoled display screen it is 1080p as well as it runs at 90hz refresh price now keep in mind since it is an amoled display shades and comparison levels are terrific i indicate it’s whatever that you would need to anticipate with a regular amoled display nonetheless i did desire that the display screen here included 120hz due to the fact that 90hz to me is

smooth however it’s not just very smooth i do have to mention one point with the 90 hertz refresher display right here you in fact do get to conserve a bit on battery life so i think it is a win-win right here for both the customer in addition to the gadget itself overall i am really happy with the display right here on the oneplus note 2 it is a really strong display screen it obtains very brilliant and of program you obtain that contrast as well as saturations of any amoled screen okay currently allow’s relocate on as well as speak very rapidly regarding the performance because this guy right here they both include the measurement 1200 processor currently as of currently this dimension cpu is really still mediatek’s front runner processor and also what this indicates is that you’ll be obtaining front runner kind of performance as well as just in terms of performance it is extremely equivalent to the

snapdragon 870 so what this suggests is that introducing applications releasing your games in truth having fun video games as well on this device here is very smooth everything launches really swiftly and also don’t fail to remember if you are a hardcore gamer you will actually have the ability to enjoy games on the oneplus nord as well don’t consider it as just a mid-range phone it is capable of taking care of the majority of your video games at extremely high graphics without obtaining also warm in regards to ram you do obtain a decent amount of ram beginning with eight gigabytes all the method up to 12 gigabytes as well as in terms of storage you get that ufs 3.1 quick storage so once again it is very excellent on these devices right here currently i’m mosting likely to proceed really quickly as well as speak a bit concerning the cams at the back because they do come with a very interesting set of video cameras below so at the back below note that we can see a triple video camera setup the primary sensor is really the 50 megapixel sony imx 766 which is a very great sensing unit you see this certain sensor on most flagship gadgets aside from that you also obtain a somewhat mediocre 8 megapixel ultrawide as well as finally you obtain an almost ineffective 2

megapixel monochrome sensor now i’m nearly mosting likely to forgive them for the not so valuable 2 megapixel sensor below due to the fact that we have that outstanding 50 megapixel primary sensor and what i imply by that is pictures taken during the day photos taken during the evening it is a really consistent sensor and it has the ability to end up excellent images on the oneplus note 2 right here you’re truly obtaining the type of costs experience in regards to the primary sensor below precisely the oneplus note 2. Now nonetheless if you’re the kind of individual that likes to take a great deal of ultrawides well it’s not to say that the ultra white is not a great sensing unit what i imply by that is in fact on the sides you might see that it’s a little bit blur it is not extremely sharp yet that’s simply the type of photo you can obtain from many ultrawide sensing units these days uh another point that i do have to explain is that this sensor likewise includes ois so if you have unstable hands or if you like to take videos definitely you can take pleasure in a great deal more stability with the oneplus note 2’s camera currently proceeding allow’s chat a little about the experience with this person

here and also by that i imply allow’s speak a little bit about the haptics so in the oneplus note 2 we do obtain the x axis haptics that indicates that all the kinds of resonances are really crisp they’re very short as well as they feel excellent it makes the total experience extremely smooth and rapid apart from that oxygen os is likewise running very well on this device here i have seen a pair of updates over the previous few weeks that makes it a growing number of secure i don’t encounter any type of insects in all with the oneplus note 2 right here so i believe that’s absolutely a great information if you are stressed over oneplus going the shade os way once more i would certainly claim that do not fret about that first truthfully speaking if you tried the most recent oppo devices coloros is really improving and getting a growing number of mature is getting much better day after day to ensure that’s simply what i can say in terms of the ui um next thing i wish to mention here remains in terms of the series since we do get stereo audio speakers near the bottom along

with on the top as well as by the top i imply that the top audio speaker is using the earpiece they appear all right they’re not the biggest they do not get very abundant however the volume is actually quite high and also if you do want to have a better audio experience i would strongly advise you to connect a pair of cordless earbuds to this gadget below since they do not included the earphone jack yeah that’s lengthy gone as well as missing out on so don’t miss that on the oneplus note 2. Finally really rapidly allow’s speak about the batteries at the back here now if you notice from these tools right here they’re very slim as well as that’s what i like concerning the oneplus note 2 also as well as that is since it just comes with a 4 500 mah battery at the back of these guys now you may believe that that’s a bit smaller sized because we frequently see 5000

mah batteries however honestly talking i had the ability to obtain one full day of usage on one single fee so no problems there and also if you just wish to obtain more juice right into the gadget the box comes with the 65 watt uh fast charger that actually does no to 100 in roughly half an hour i believe that’s great in regards to rates for the billing on the oneplus note 2 right below so overall over the past one month plus i did not really face any concerns with battery life it’s just excellent great men i assume that’s quite a lot what i wish to cover with the oneplus note 2 tools right here let me understand if you have already purchased something like the xiaomi 11t or maybe you’re still considering a oneplus nord too most definitely take a look at the web links down below to see where you can obtain the most effective offers for the oneplus note 2 here in malaysia once more if you similar to this video clip do not fail to remember to offer it a like sub to the channel and also i certainly wish to see all of you individuals in the following video thank you everybody bye

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