Xiaomi Haylou RS3: Everything You Need To Know! Watch Before You Buy!

hi everybody welcome back to another video with lim reviews so today i have below the brand new and also latest wise watch from halo this is the halo rs3 as well as if you see the name right here is a bit various from their previous models where it was like ls01 ls02 and ls05 so halo is truly placing this specific smartwatch below as their most exceptional uh smartwatch to ever before appear of halo itself so they have actually always been placing as themselves as such a budget sort of smartwatch so this watch is not that costly at all it’s concerning like 80 us bucks and also below in malaysia it’s gon na be around like 280 ringgit to 290 ringgit around there so if you consider that it’s very similar to the rates of the actual me see 2 pro among the recent clever watches by realme which was really excellent so we’re going to look into what’s the halo rs 3 below all regarding program you men a quick unboxing and certainly undergo a pair of attributes that i believe you should definitely recognize before you actually even think about acquiring this individual right here fine so let’s look into the box itself right here due to the fact that we’ve got some sort of specifications on right here so if you have a look at the sites here normally you have some wellness and also physical fitness products for example you have your sleep checking you additionally have your all-day heart price tracking in addition to the 14 workout modes so if you flip package to the opposite below you observe that this is the very first time halo is releasing a clever watch with gps it also is 5 atm

machine waterproof that means you can take the watch swimming with you and also lastly once again this is a first for halo they have actually thought of finally an amoled screen for the halo rs3 so definitely a lot to expect with this little man right below from halo alright so we’re going to unbox this uh halo rs 3 right now as well as reveal you men what can be found in package and also all that once again on previous boxes it is not so trendy however this below have a look at this box guys it is in fact quite awesome here uh for halo this is once more their finest box uh to date but we’re mosting likely to unbox this and check out what actually was available in the box so if you flip this up here you’ll be able to see the watch today and also yeah this is exactly how it resembles very slim in fact men i’m simply mosting likely to place this below in the meantime due to the fact that we wish to also take a look at the charger in the box right here also so allow’s see just how it resembles as well as indeed we do have a far better charger currently in the form of a puck so previously on the various other halo smartwatches it was always like a very little uh little thing that you connected to the watch which usually obtains very loosened and now we have this this must connect to the watch extra firmly right below have a look at that men it’s additionally quite solid below as you can see it doesn’t truly hand over from the watch itself okay

so aside from that you also obtain a couple of guidebooks in the box however you do not want to check that out that’s practically what comes in the box and also the only point that you would truly require right here men to make sure that’s generally it so currently we wish to look into the watch itself the halo rs3 we’re just mosting likely to peel this off right below and also yeah there we go i in fact have actually currently powered it on and also synced it with my tool so that i can get it to you men quicker okay so to begin with prior to we have a look at the gadget itself allowed’s just take a look at the side profiles right here so at the sides below currently we have 2 switches the leading button below is like a lock switch whereas the bottom button below serves as a quick shortcut to your activities as well as workout setting right there so the problem below is that you can’t in fact push this you can not in fact tailor this switch at the base here to configure it to introduce any type of various other application that you would like so it’s just stuck at the exercise modes for now all right so if you just turn the gadget to the back right here we can see that we do have a plastic type of a back cover right here yet it looks really wonderful due to the fact that it is done in this black-ish sort of look as well as i enjoy that concerning the halo rs3 all right so again on the side i think this does look a bit like stainless-steel once

again this is absolutely among one of the most exceptional clever watches ahead out of halo in regards to the straps this actually looks rather similar to the bands that we hop on the previous variations the ls02 if i’m not mistaken so very similar there if you take a closer take a look at the bottom below you can not truly see it on camera yet it claims 24 millimeters size right below so you understand what sort of straps if you wish to swap them out once more we still have these tiny locks near the bottom below of the bands so that you can exchange them out very easily all right so currently allow’s just take a quick appearance at the watch itself so like i stated at the front below we do have an amoled screen yet this screen here really to be sincere it is rather little okay so in terms of the screen size uh this is just a 1.2 inch screen right below as well as you can see it more clear if i just switch over the watch face to a different face right here so discover that we do have very thick bezels on the halo rs 3 here as well as yeah the very best means to conceal this bezel again is to choose a watch face that looks a something similar to this uh bear in mind in terms of watch encounters you do have a couple of watch faces in the app i think there’s about like 12 watch faces that you can pick from right there but you can only keep one custom watch face in the watch itself and also i think that’s fairly a pity right there since

nowadays your watch can at the very least shop five watch deals with but also for the rs3 you can just keep one all right so allow me reveal you people very quickly just how it runs if you drag down from the top this is where you enter into a number of fast shortcut keys right here so you have your brightness levels right here that i just picked uh you can additionally go right into your settings right below which is really quick right into your settings as well as all that besides that you additionally have your do not interrupt and you’ll discover your tool a quick shortcut right there uh if you just swipe towards the left this is where you see your overall activity this is quite acquainted if you are using a previous halo clever watch due to the fact that it looks specifically the very same currently if you just proceed swiping this is where you enter into your heart rate so very great it looks so a lot far better now that it gets on an amoled display compared to such as the lcds from previously and it is rather responsive too i would certainly state so this is your rest counter right here certainly i have not rested using this watch prior to yet so i don’t have an analysis right below so continue going on and also next you are greeted with the weather widget right here once more you have 5 days sorry only just three days right here for the weather prediction and

also if you take place this is where you enter like a quick break a couple of mins you can establish that straight from the watch and also yep you do return to the the watch face uh it’s a loophole all right so all right that’s what you receive from the halo rs3 now allow’s check out the type of uh applications that we have in below due to the fact that we do get a pair of brand-new features right here so if you just swipe up initially you enter into your condition so again this resembles what you saw earlier on next you have your heart rate and now you have your spo2 analyses as well as it took quite a reasonable quantity of time to actually obtain my sdo2 reading previously on so i’m unsure just how accurate that is for currently uh we’ll remain to expose extra in the complete testimonial naturally you also have your area modes right here which allow me simply reveal you very quickly you have 14 various place modes today however the key obtain here is that it now includes general practitioners integrated to ensure that should be really handy you have your jogging quickly walking cycling climbing up spinning yoga indoor running acrobatics incorporated training basketball football and also yeah there’s a pair extra stuff right below however essentially you have your runs your cycling and your swimming that is being tracked by the watch itself good returning right here you likewise have an exercise record clearly i do not have any type of now at the minute you also have your climate your sleep your notifications so once more comparable to the previous halo wise

watches which i think was a major concern was that the notification is still embeded within the the menu itself so you need to scroll right into the application food selection in order to access your notices which i think is kind of ridiculous as well as needs to have been repaired in this newest clever watch right here to make sure that’s again uh ideally it obtains updated in a future update so that we can access the notifications instantaneously obviously you likewise have your songs setups which essentially it claims your songs controls and also if you lastly you have your more below which essentially offers you accessibility to your stop-watch countdown and yeah a couple of even more stuff that you can see on the camera itself right so this is essentially what the halo rs 3 offers you with like i claimed it does include an additional few features i assume the key takeout below is that it features your all-day heart rate tracking it includes your blood oxygen measurements it tracks your sleep as well as additionally it has the ability to give you your gps right now that you can use to track your runs and walks outdoors which is certainly a welcome here on the halo rs 3. great individuals uh lastly prior to i go allow me just put this watch on so you can see how it resembles on my wrist so it is fairly similar in in terms of the thickness contrasted to

my amazefit gtr 2 right here so really similar in regards to density but as you can see here it is a lot smaller than the gtr 2 itself so you’re getting rather a little display right below i would certainly state that after putting it on like for a number of times now i think this is truly suitable for those individuals uh those of you really who have a smaller sized wrist like myself right below otherwise it will look really small on your hand so yes this is exactly how it looks like on my wrist guys alright people i wish you appreciated this video hope you have actually found out something concerning this halo rs 3 right below as well as whether you want to purchase it uh once again it’s going with 80 us bucks or rm 280 right here in malaysia however yup that’s what you see with the halo rs3 i’ll see you guys in the following one bye

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