ASUS Zenfone 8 Long Term Review: SMALL BUT POWERFUL AF! All You Need To Know!

hello there everyone welcome back to one more video clip with lim testimonials today i’m incredibly delighted to share with you my almost one month review of the asus zenfone 8. currently this gadget right here is a really small device by powers it loads a punch in this little guy right below so i’m really excited to share with you my entire experience after using this little young boy below for one month currently good so these days most smart devices are simply getting an increasing number of powerful they’re likewise getting larger as well as larger in dimension for example we have the flip right below this is a substantial gadget i also have the rog phone 5 right here uh all from the asus family however yep very surprised to really see ourselves bring out an extremely tiny tool similar to this actually let me just show you the dimension difference guys this is how different the dimension is uh in between the tiny individual as well as the big individual right below but like i stated it’s packing fairly a great deal of attributes and it is in fact a really excellent phone to make use of i would actually contrast this to something like a pocket rocket if you obtain what i mean because it’s simply that good men okay so in this video i’m mosting likely to be sharing with you whatever that i like about this device as well as obviously there’s a pair of stuff that i still do not

fancy about this asus zenfone 8 however we’ll experience all that just in situation you’re wondering whether you need to buy this asus zenfone 8. Alright people so before i begin this video clip i just wish to state that if you sustain the network uh do not fail to remember to offer it a like that is significantly appreciated naturally if you wish to see more material similar to this feeling totally free to sub to the channel yep let’s begin with the video as soon as possible great so initially up we’re simply mosting likely to start with the layout and the build high quality of the asus zenfone 8 that i have right below so after enjoying a number of video clips on youtube directly i feel that the video clips do refrain the phone justice what i indicate by that is from the video clips itself the device looks very plasticky and it doesn’t look that good in reality several of you men are even mentioning regarding the balanced out in between the video camera like it’s just somewhere on the back panel right below yet uh in real fact based upon my experience once more i in fact truly enjoy the the materials being utilized on this asus zenfone 8. It has this really wonderful a soft and very silky smooth kind of back panel right below as well as this is in fact quite strong people it’s not simply like an economical plastic kind of feeling so it doesn’t at all really feel like an economical device or a mid-range tool by all methods alright and also if you take a look at the sides below we do have this extremely good fully blacked out light

weight aluminum frameworks with a really intense blue colored lock power switch below which you can use to power up a quick shortcut or something like that so it’s really great here whatever is simply blacked out in this tool right here it looks very sneaky men in individual so if you simply relocate down to the base of the tool right here you actually obtain to see that once again we have our type c part we have a really great audio speaker this has no audio speakers by the way and indeed you do discover that we have an led indication at the bottom so right now it’s flashing red due to the fact that my tool is running out of juice so i have to obtain this video done really quickly but on the various other side below is very clean as well as at the top here guys look at this we do have the earphone jack on a full flash powered up device right here so that is most definitely something that i value because i still occasionally use wired headsets all right so that’s that enough with the construct high quality what you really require to highlight right here is the dimension since it fits so well in one hand honestly speaking it is a little bit smaller sized for my taste yet once again if you’re looking for a little gadget this is what you may want to check out uh one point i do need to point out that i do not really like regarding this gadget is that the back panel is a little bit too smooth and it’s super slippery guys so if you’re going to

utilize this tool um you need to utilize the instance that came in the box and yep mine looks a little bit worn out because i’ve been utilizing it over the couple of weeks now and also however this uses a great deal of grip so all you require to do snap it on as well as you get this instance like i said from the box itself which is quite good flipping the device to the front here we do uh we are greeted with a 5.9 inch amoled screen however before i go on to the screen i just desire to chat a little bit regarding that in display fingerprint scanner so this works quite well what you require to do is of training course just place your finger on there for a pair of seconds as well as it opens the tool so what based on my experience this in-display fingerprint scanner here has been kind of a hit as well as miss periodically in some cases it unlocks actually quickly like what you can see right now however in some cases it takes a couple of presses to really get right into the display screen so this is what you require to understand about the in-display fingerprint scanner all right now back to the display we have a very portable 5.9 inch amoled screen that is going for 1080p but since it is such a little size right below you’re actually obtaining very high resolution as well as what i indicate by that is the ppi trust this guy right below is close to around 440 ppi and that is really high people you do not actually need a 2k display screen right here because the pixel thickness is already extremely high besides that we have extremely wonderful contrast degrees remarkable illumination levels i brought this gadget outdoors as

well as i never ever had any type of concerns with seeing the display of it straight imaginable so that’s actually great there but one more point that you require to remember of right here is that this device does come with 120hz refresh rate so listen to that guys the extra costly asus zenfone 8 turn just comes with 90 hertz however this individual features 120 hertz so what that indicates clearly is that every little thing is extremely smooth uh if you simply have a look at my instagram right below it is watery smooth people so very very great screen and also it additionally sustains hdr 10 plus so watching videos on disney plus like i have here netflix also is a really outstanding experience although you do require to know that obviously because it’s a smaller sized display so yep it is a little smaller sized however yeah every little thing runs very great below i like the display screen individuals this is a really very high top quality screen that you’re jumping on the asus zenfone 8. great following thing i intend to chat a bit regarding here is the efficiency now this individual here is running the snapdragon 888 it comes with 128 gigabytes of fast storage space ufs 3.1 as well as obviously it additionally comes with 8 gigabytes of ram so it’s rather excellent right here let me just show you a really fast uh geekbench score that i got for this device right below so i did do the geekbench examination and what you can see below is a very strong score it obtained greater than 1100 for the single core and also 3500 plus for the multiscore rating right here so yeah it’s absolutely carrying out effectively in regards to the benchmarks however in regards to day-to-day usage exactly how does it feel like to introduce apps let me simply

reveal you right away you can see on the display screen right below so it’s really quick obviously instagram releases up very quickly if you simply go into your electronic camera bam it simply starts up you go into your gallery it’s additionally extremely quick whatever is blazing quick if you’re utilizing this for standard operating things okay but allow me touch a little bit on the gaming variable of this tool right below what i require to explain is for video games that are really graphic intensive like zhenshin influence as well as if you most likely to pub g mobile and also you opt for the highest possible gaming highest graphics setups right there you can increase to ultra hd or fyi it does obtain rather warm people so what i mean by quite cozy is that the cpu was calculating the temperature levels to be around 46 to 47 degrees celsius as well as then truthfully speaking it really feels extremely warm to the touch it reminds me extremely a lot of the mi 11 when i was examining out the pc gaming as well it was so cozy that you don’t truly desire to hold the phone any longer to game so not only was the hit on the whole back panel below however also while touching the display screen and also playing your video games you feel that the screen additionally heats up so it’s an

extremely undesirable experience of training course this is just if you are video gaming at the highest graphics that you you may desire to check out however my personal advice right here is naturally you know you have the higher specifications but possibly drop it a notch or 2 to obtain that pleasant place in between stabilizing the warm in addition to the performance to make sure that’s what i can state regarding games like joint influence as well as pubg so if you’re an additional gamer like myself i play a lot of mobile legends or perhaps you play lighter visuals video games like train surf after that you have no concerns there it is really cool it increases to regarding 38 levels celsius which truthfully speaking is a really common thing so no grievances about that there uh another point i believe that i should discuss below also is if you’re playing games like mobile legends or wall riff for that issue so clearly you’re having a 5v5 kind of gameplay and also the screen is a little bit as well tiny as well as it does obtain a little challenging to really uh battle the video game due to the fact that everything is so little all the heroes are so little as well as the crips are even smaller sized however yeah that’s what you do obtain with a smaller sized display all right individuals to ensure that’s the efficiency following thing i wish to speak a little regarding is the cameras at the back so as you can see here this tool right here comes with 2 cams only so 2 straightforward sensing units we have a 64 megapixel primary sensing unit and we additionally have an ultrawide sensing unit below that deals with all your demands so we do not have any dev sensing unit or macro lens here which is totally uh not essential at all so you reach save a little cost there and yep in terms of the electronic cameras men i did locate that the high quality of pictures originating from this gadget right below once more is surprisingly excellent so of course it is making use of the sensors from last year it’s not the most up to date sensing unit and also you do not obtain that on the asus zenfone 8 but i need to claim that the image quality taken during the day is extremely positive you have good shades really really natural sort of skies so you do not see over

saturated kind of pictures from what you can take from the eso zenfone 8 whatever looks very all-natural and also when you go indoors it’s also very punchy in regards to the shade so that’s what i kind of like there currently when you take the device at evening as well as evening setting is also a respectable work being done on the asus zenfone 8 right here uh the only thing i could call out right here is that there’s a little bit of lens flare when you’re taking uh photos of like lights and items like that but general i believe that the image high quality coming out from the asus zenfone 8 below is a truly enjoyable surprise once again like i stated it is not utilizing the most recent set of sensors right here yet it does do the task quite well and also i delight in with the video cameras right below alright to ensure that’s this in terms of the video camera following point i want to speak a little concerning right here are the stereo audio speakers so we have speakers on top as well as lower and also guys this is one of the better audio speakers right here and what i indicate by that is the sound appears from it sensations really abundant it obtains quite loud too in fact if i put it alongside with the asus zenfone 8 flip once more sorry to contrast that with this individual yet of course the audio really appears a bit better from this little monster right below all best men to make sure that’s the sort of audio top quality you can anticipate to receive from the asus zenfone 8. Uh it does get a little bit uh unsteady at the back like you do really feel some resonances at the back because of that speaker however people this is a really nice speaker right here very abundant sort of sound appearing from this guy and if you don’t like the audio there you can constantly plug in your own wired

earphones to listen to songs on the asus zenfone 8. alright people lastly allow’s talk a bit concerning the battery in this person now the asus zenfone 8 here just comes with 4 000 milliamp hrs of battery as well as in my screening until now this is just one of the major drawbacks right here although 4000 mah seems a little bit huge yet i’m not obtaining the most effective battery life right here i’m going to be right up truthful with you so i have actually played like based on my use when i play about three video games of mobile tales uh i take about like 20 minutes of images i watch a little youtube and instagram below as well as there the display on time for this individual is just four hrs as well as it is quite inadequate if you ask me to make sure that’s absolutely among the drawbacks of the asus zenfone 8 and i’m quite dissatisfied below yet the battery life is most definitely not the finest of program if you do not game a lot and also you do not take a great deal of photos i indicate if you only use your phone to browse the net or search on social networks and all that you might most likely make it through a day completely fine but if you do some gaming periodically here and there take some images below and after that like what everybody does you can anticipate to you recognize possibly one complete day on one solitary fee may be a minor stretch so in addition to that one more thing that i really did not truly like here was the billing speeds currently the 30 watt battery charger that came in package is most definitely helpful for us due to the fact that you listen to 30 watts you assume it will certainly be fast as well as this gadget right here like i claimed also sustains up to 30 watt of quick cost however

again sadly for asus their quick charging isn’t quick adequate as well as what i suggest by that is that it goes from absolutely no to 100 in in even more than an hour people it’s one hr and also 20 mins as promoted which’s the kind of rates i’m in fact getting below so it’s quite a sluggish charger uh kind of tool right below as well as if you contrast it to such as xiaomi or oppo or perhaps even oneplus they go from no to 100 in like what 40 minutes so this takes 80 mins people so it’s dual the moment that you take to bill up your gadget and also again if you’re like me you’re used to quick billing like proper rapid billing you will locate the billing on the asus zenfone 8 really slow so my only drawback is the battery as well as the billing rates for this man right here good individuals i assume i have actually covered basically whatever that you might desire to recognize or need to learn about the asus zenfone 8 again if you’re considering to acquire this gadget i hope this video has actually assisted you out so whatever is still great with the asus zenfone 8 we have a great screen fantastic construct quality incredible sounding speakers very strong processing power as well as all that the only disadvantage is the battery life and in addition to the billing rates which i believe is a little bit short uh a shortfall for this gadget right below all best individuals i think that’s it for this video clip i hope you have actually found out something from this video too uh if you do sustain the channel don’t forget to offer a like a below to the network if you intend to see material such as this and also i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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