The Truth About WiFi 6! Is It Really Fast? Is It Worth Getting? Let’s Find Out! 🔥🔥🔥

hi men welcome back to one more video with flim reviews so in today’s video clip it’s going to be a bit different as opposed to reviewing equipment like smart devices and also earphones and all that i’ll be having a look at the maxis home fiber because i have actually been utilizing it for the past one month right here okay so the reason i got on this maxis house fiber is in fact a pretty intriguing tale so normally you know that we’re all under lockdown and also you understand i suggest we run out lockdown currently yet everyone is working from home nowadays so my sis’s at home my parents go to house every person’s residence so internet link has actually came down to a pretty slow-moving point due to the fact that everyone simply has a lot of devices attached to my net right here so the type of troubles that i was facing as well as it is also maybe something that you’re facing for instance consists of like you know slow-moving internet speeds you can not game at very great beats without those high pings certainly your download rates additionally decreases and also yeah we deal with a lot of these connections all of the time um so you recognize i was subscribed to a 500 mag plan but the type of speeds that i was seeing on my tools was

regarding like 200 to 300 max download so directly i recognize that’s really rather fast for some of you men around but also for me directly i definitely require those higher speeds because of my process and specifically posting videos onto youtube at all times that needs a great deal of speed so i was rather lucky in this circumstances due to the fact that maxis sounded someday and they simply connected to me and also they asked me like hi liam would certainly you such as to experiment with our most current uh maxis house fiber and also i was like yeah sure why not i indicate i’ll simply give it a go and also there’s nothing to lose right here right so naturally every little thing obtained established up and afterwards one fine day the people came by to mount the home fiber for my area right here right so the process was actually truly great i would certainly say that the the mexperts as they call it the maxis specialists when they came over they were extremely friendly they were extremely nice and one of the most important point was that they went to hiring to the sops so you were required to authorize a form and they were having this social distancing and all that to make sure that was very wonderful the whole process was fast as well as fast and absolutely very friendly

that’s one factor that i need to keep in mind there so once it obtained mounted i was welcomed with an extremely wonderful wi-fi 6 qualified router that was it looks really fancy individuals it’s not like your traditional type of a traditional modem or routers where you have a great deal of antennas sticking out of the tool itself this set looks extremely glossy as well as advanced you actually really feel good to have it sitting at an edge since it resembles a good deco item if you know what i mean yeah so it was a really nice looking point as well as besides that it likewise included two mesh routers that you can really make use of to extend the connection of your wi-fi in your home so if you’re residing in a big area and also you have a great deal of walls and edges right here and also there you may intend to use these little mesh routers below to place it at a space where there is an unseen area as well as you can actually obtain your net connection there okay so enough regarding clarifying concerning that allowed’s speak about my experience with the maxis house fiber so once more my strategy was the 800 mag down which is really the one of the top if i’m not incorrect and also yeah it was an extremely very pleasurable experience so allow me start off with the first point below so first off i was definitely able to connect all my devices so naturally since i’m a youtube customer i review a great deal of mobile

phones and also at one time each time actually i have about seven or 8 devices with me and i link everything to the exact same internet link so in this instance i had whatever on maximum rate after linking all these devices i’m still experiencing concerning like 700 to 750 mag down which is in fact really near to the advertise speed or the subscribe rate that you’re in fact obtaining so i’m very satisfied with that said ideal there uh 750 on all my devices is absolutely a huge thumbs up right there the second thing i intend to mention right here is my downloading stuff and also posting stuff to youtube whatever was very quickly so i’ve examined my speeds and it takes about like two minutes to upload a one gigabyte video to make sure that was rather fast for me too extremely headache free and the connection was really smooth and regular a lot of the moments to ensure that’s absolutely a plus point too an additional thing i intend to speak about here is the gaming experience so again if you are a player i understand a great deal of individuals play like standard video games like perhaps even like mobile tales however i additionally play wang zerong yao which is a similar type of video game to moba legends as well as the ping for that is actually very tough to get an excellent ping so the bright side right here is that on max’s residence fiber i was able to obtain a very reduced ping so my whole pc gaming experience was very smooth it’s very essential due to the fact that aside from your skills that

you require in the video game you likewise need a really core part which is your internet link to be secure as well as have low ping to ensure that really assisted your experience to get a much better chances of winning in the video game yep that’s true actually alright so gaming smart is likewise very nice no issues there as well as the most vital thing is that everyone in the household mores than happy since every person can obtain great download speeds and upload speeds too so that’s most definitely a plus point over there the third thing i intend to state below is additionally watching video clips on youtube so nowadays we have all these fancy gadgets allow me see where are they maybe this and even my samsung galaxy s21 ultra someplace these gadgets here really sustain like you recognize a hdr material that goes for 2k so in order for this content to run really efficiently with no lags or any type of you recognize like like just loading type of experiences you require to have a very stable and also rapid connection and also once again i was able to attain that with the maxis home fiber so in conclusion my experience was actually good my operations every little thing was extremely smooth i did not run into any kind of uh issues whatsoever so like i said i have actually been in fact utilizing this um net speed for concerning one month now uh and also so much the experience has actually been truly really pleasant i do need to aim out at one time though the web did disconnect for regarding

like 3 minutes as well as me naturally uh being that you know like crazy regarding web rates i simply rang up maxis at that factor it had to do with 1 30 a.m as well as the driver really answered the phone extremely quickly so uh yeah i think they function all the time yeah so anyways like i said i reached the driver right there and she really managed to fix my web speeds in like one more two or 3 minutes so the whole procedure was extremely quick as well as quick i’m really delighted with the team of max professionals or something like that max birds yeah but once more this is just my individual opinion as well as my individual experience with max’s house fiber this is practically it that i wish to show to you individuals right below all appropriate guys i think that’s what it is for my video today if you intend to find out even more regarding maxis house fiber as well as just how you can obtain that free wi-fi 6 certified router do not neglect to check the links down below there are several bundles there that begins with just 100 mbps and all the method up to really truly insane rate so yep if you have an interest in that check out the web links down in description below and i’ll see you people in the following one bye

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