realme Watch 2: FULL REVIEW! Everything You Need To Know Before Buying!

hi there individuals invite back to another video clip with lim reviews today we’re mosting likely to be taking a look at the complete evaluation of the genuine me enjoy 2. so this is mosting likely to be a quick evaluation of this gadget below that i have actually been utilizing for virtually one week now and also there’s a number of things that you should truly recognize prior to you purchase this device right here okay so before we begin i simply intend to state that the actual me enjoy 2 was simply introduced right here in malaysia for rm229 so it is can be found in at a rather budget friendly price right there and also in package essentially you do get the watch itself and the charger which is right below so i’ll reveal you that more in a little uh the essential things that real me is concentrating right below is actually the 1.4 inch lcd show a 12 day battery life 90 sporting activity settings there’s rather a little bit there you also have online watch phases uh your spo2 and certainly a smart iot control okay so those are the things that real me is placing on the box itself but allow’s look into the gadget itself so back to that charger we do have a rounded shaped park like below uh it does feel quite good as well

as the way it sticks onto the watch is just relatively straightforward so although the watch remains in a square face right here your puck or your battery charger is actually a rounded shape really very firm right there so i like that so i’m going to put that apart now and we’re mosting likely to inspect out the style of this actual me watch also so first up once again we have the dare to leap a big writing on the bands here yet the bright side below is that the strap is really in like fully black so you can’t really see these words below so i i don’t know if you like this example or if you don’t like it let me understand down in the remark section below otherwise the straps are in fact relatively comfortable it is a 22 meter band so you can just eliminate it utilizing these little locks at the back here so if you don’t like the risk to leave stuff just exchange out the straps for other bands really simple okay so allow’s take a look at that display screen right here we do have a 1.4 inch lcd display screen and also you can i deliberately chose this wallpaper right below so you can actually

see exactly how huge the bezels are so you can handle your assumptions this is a rather not the brightest display screen that you can obtain out there since it is simply lcd and also this is the kind of dimension that you can contact the genuine me see also so naturally if you intend to get a better looking wallpaper such as this set as an example we have the black wallpaper right below so you can’t really see the bezels on one’s guard right here and also to be sincere it simply looks a lot more better with this sort of watch face right below good so on that note this is like i said an lcd display screen so you do not have constantly on screen right below apart from that when the watch is sleeping you can not actually touch to wake it up the only way you can wake it is when you raise your wrist or if you press the physical switch on the right so you only have one tiny switch here everything is constructed of plastics as you can get out of a budget-friendly smart watch right below but it does feel respectable to hold as well as to feel and also all that so it really feels all right it

doesn’t feel like an inexpensive gadget at all so good smartwatch build high quality here coming from real me all right so we’re mosting likely to speak a bit a lot more about the functions in this watch right below so the ui is actually rather easy if you drag down from the top this is where you enter your notices as well as i love that we do have your application label uh in a massive caps secure right below so you can see it extremely plainly if you simply tap right into that you can see even more details with your notification as well as i really like the notification below because you can see a great deal of message on this watch screen right here so going back allow’s just return now if you swipe towards the left here is where you get a number of quick setups so you have your do not interrupt mode you have your illumination this is an extremely fast setting that you can simply make use of to readjust your brightness right there aside from that you have your battery saver setting uh your i’m not actually sure concerning this wrist however right here as well as also you have your

setups faster way right here so you can enter into the settings right away all right so if you simply swipe towards the right this is where you obtain your widgets so first off you have your activity widget where it just gives you a summary of your actions that you have actually taken throughout the day etc note that these widgets are just easy they do refrain from doing anything when you touch them and also you need to go right into the app itself to see more information so if you simply continue swiping this is where you obtain your heart rate display going on you additionally have your weather right here once more you can’t go into the app itself yet you can have a quick glance of the weather right below and also the last one right there is in fact your songs controls so remember this watch do not have the capacity of saving songs this is just your music manages all appropriate so i’m simply going to return right below and reveal you guys extra things if you swipe up from the bottom this is where you obtain into app menu as well as you have your task right below your heart price i really did not observe that the heart price was in fact fairly precise compared to my blood pressure keep track of right there so the heart rate sensible is pretty alright in regards to spo2 once again this is extremely

typical stuff here you have that on this genuine me view however i have to keep in mind that the spo2 analyses isn’t that precise for my device right below i’m seeing like 70 spo2 analyses or also 80 which is extremely very low uh but i have my other watches with me as well as i have actually simply evaluated regarding 5 or six different watches every one of them appeared with even more than 95 so i assume there may be a concern with my certain system below with the spo2 analyses anyhow do not assume of this as a clinical gadget yet simply for referral all ideal all right let’s go down the list we do have your rest documents right below if you have your rest here you will actually be able to see uh the amount of time that you were in bed you can see the moment that you were awake so i like the truth that we can see our sleep info directly from the watch itself so that’s great there again i need to highlight that the the readings here are not the most exact for circumstances when i was in bed last evening at one point i did awakened in the center of the night yet it was not detected by the watch so just keep in mind again these are simply references for you to uh remember of great so returning to the checklist right here we also have our exercise modes currently we have 10 in the watch itself today so genuine me is claiming that there will be 90 different sporting activity modes and that could can be found in a future upgrade however, for currently this is the type of activities you have

extremely common stuff running your strolling your cycling standard training stuff yoga and also extra so keep in mind that this watch does not featured gps constructed in so if you need to take a watch out for runs or something like that you will need to bring your phone with you to obtain that gps reading so yes just bear that in mind to ensure that’s about the sport modes there if you if you did an exercise obviously you will see that in your workout records you have your alarm systems your climate so in this climate app right below you can scroll down as well as here you can see more of the whole week uh sort of like weather forecast right there so you can see more info in the app like i claimed this now if you decrease the list we also have our stopwatch uh you have your timer and your music control you also have your video camera remote indeed so if you’re going to take photos like you can always simply use this button right below to take usage it as like a camera remote you additionally have your quick quick exercises right below as well as you’ll discover your phone which’s virtually it what’s really what’s sort of missing below is your anxiety monitoring so that’s not readily available on the realme watch also yet you do obtain all the other items that i just showed you previously on all ideal so something i require to commend actual me below is that the refresh price on the display screen seems to be quite good uh keep in mind of this scrolling rates guys it is really

smooth here and to be truthful it’s even better than some of the amaze fit smart watches that are extra costly than this little guy right below so i’m very satisfied with the type of level of smoothness that we’re getting with the ui right below whatever is simply fluid smooth it’s just like a 60hz uh freshen rate on your cellular phone or your smart device for that matter in addition to that it does include a vibration motor which you can select to go like stronger or lighter relying on your choice to make sure that’s what you can do in the settings so on that note let me simply show you what we do have in setups right below so for your watch stages you can normally get more watch faces from the real me connect app itself for your display this is where you have your race to wake your display timeout times one point concerning that race to wake though is occasionally it doesn’t really identify my activities on my wrist so hopefully that will certainly additionally be fixed in a software application upgrade uh moving down you likewise have your health and fitness notices so what this means is uh you can turn on the sort of health and fitness uh notifications or suggestions if you desire from the setups itself so there’s plenty of stuff here actually that you may desire to check out uh besides that you do not interrupt your battery yeah you can really see your last time considering that you fully bill it and yeah that’s practically what remains in the watch itself uh besides that even more thing that i require to mention is that the heart rate surveillance right here is just

being done at five minutes periods so unlike other health and fitness trackers where it’s like minimum one min or something uh the cheapest you can go with the real me enjoy two is actually 5 minutes okay so back to the expect rm229 is this something that you should purchase or you need to take into consideration or you must just skip in my opinion this is something that you need to actually consider this is an actually a rather great device right below coming in at that price i do observe minority software bugs that i did point out earlier on with the actual me watch also and also i truly hope that will certainly be repaired in a software program update because that can be taken care of however otherwise it is a very strong tool right below being available in at that price of this rm229 all right people allow me recognize what you think of this realme watch as well is this something that you are thinking about or you understand you intend to purchase allow me know down in the remark section listed below and also if you similar to this honest evaluation don’t forget to strike that like button and i’ll see you individuals in the next one bye

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