Poco F3 vs Samsung S20 FE 5G: Who Wins? YOU TELL ME!

hi there people invite back to one more video with lim reviews so right now right below we’re going to be having a more of like a laid-back discussion here as well as have a look at where the flagship awesomes are heading in this year’s instructions so on my left right here i in fact have a really intriguing gadget that i’ve not been making use of for rather some time currently this is the samsung galaxy s20 fe 5g version and also on my right below i have the really popular poco f3 so both tools right below are really among the very best flagship awesomes of 2021 along with 2020 we do not desire to ignore that so in this video clip it’s truly a lot more about this comparing both gadgets below alongside whether you ought to really buy the poco f3 today or still choose the samsung s20 fe 5g okay so both tools here actually set you back really different if you don’t currently understand the poco f3 right here is retailing for concerning 1 700 ringgit right here in malaysia and also the samsung s20 fe over below is retailing near 3000 ringgit to make sure that’s a big difference between the poco f3 right there compared to the s20 fe 5g bear in mind both versions here are the 5g variations the s20 fe 4g is

much less costly however i’m comparing both these gadgets here because both of these are 5g relevant all right so allow’s see what you do get for the cash as well as whether once more you ought to choose the poco or the s20 fe 5g right so simply launching we’ll speak a little bit regarding layout as well as i believe i have actually mentioned a number of times now the poco f3 looks just like that it’s got a really reflective back if you select the black version but of course there’s likewise the white and heaven variation that looks a bit much more different not so reflective and also in this video clip right here you can see that this is what you get with the poco f3 really suitable style i would certainly claim here yet i would certainly have preferred something that is not so uh reflective so it doesn’t catch that much fingerprint so this is what you get with the poco f3 right below in regards to the galaxy s20 fe i do observe that this is in fact a little bit a lot more towards my preference because of that very smooth back panel however if you ask me it also does look a

little bit bland right here so actually it depends on you to make a decision whether you like the layout of the poco f3 or the samsung s20 fe let me understand now in the comment area listed below which you in fact favor do you like the reflective back panel of the poco or do you like the matte materials of the samsung tool right here all right so turning the device to the front this is where it gets a little bit different certainly if you see it side-by-side like that notification that the poco tool is just a little bit a little larger contrasted to the samsung s20 fe right below as well as both are really making use of incredibly amoled screens with 120hz refresh rate so really nice displays right below everything is smooth and also liquid on both devices obviously samsung makes the best amoled display so although this was released in 2014 it’s still having a remarkable screen and i have nothing to grumble concerning for both tools right below in terms of the display the top quality is just amazing uh there’s absolutely nothing much to complain regarding right here truly and also the checking out angles are all really excellent contrast degrees saturation levels also the watching angles like i pointed out is truly truly nice as well as copulate sideways and also can still see the images really clearly and

also sharp so thumbs approximately that but just keep in mind that the pocos present is simply that minor little bit bigger compared to the samsung s20 fe right there all right currently let’s discuss power what’s powering both gadgets so obviously the samsung s20 fe was launched last year which featured the snapdragon 865 which everyone was very pleased about but today along came the poco f3 with a more effective processor so it’s rocking the snapdragon 870 which is based on benchmark scores alone 10 a little a lot more powerful contrasted to the samsung s20 right here all appropriate so i’m just mosting likely to quickly take my device right here and also reveal you what sort of ratings you can enter terms of the standards so i have actually run the 3d mark right here which in fact is an excellent representation of players as well as see how it performs under cardiovascular test so simply going to pull my various other poco f3 right here due to the fact that this is already showing it so i’m just going to show you my outcomes right here and also just have a look at the wildlife results right here in terms of ball game we’re obtaining 4200 on the poco tool compared to simply 3700 on the samsung s20 fe so already it’s a little bit less powerful compared to the

poco certainly due to the processor distinction yet if you go to the wild animals stress and anxiety examination a remember there’s a faucet checklist right below see that both devices below are really very consistent in terms of the efficiency it’s giving the stability is 99 for both tools right here that implies if you take these devices and also play like uh visuals hefty video games like let’s claim for gen xin effect or something like that now you can expect the efficiency to be really similar even though you play ready a long time period so the disadvantage the uniformity between the efficiency in both tools here are really excellent however simply keep in mind that the poco is simply slightly a hit with that additional 10 percent even more power alright gon na place that down for currently uh in terms of real everyday usage uh we both have eight gigabytes of ram as well as 256 gigabytes of inner memory for both devices right here so it’s basically the same thing again in regards to everyday performance it is both very smooth and also liquid in regards to your social media your facebook you recognize your youtube and all that surfing every little thing is just perfectly great right here however once more you must offer the minor side to the poco right here since it’s just shaking that somewhat faster cpu right there aside from that i must likewise mention that the poco device right below comes with the 360hz tasting price so it does feel a bit a lot more sensitive in the direction of

each touch and also communication with the gadget itself so total i would say in terms of just a user experience i would certainly say it is a little that little bit more smoother on the poco f3 right here all right sufficient regarding performance allowed’s talk a bit about the oops sorry concerning that something is steaming okay so enough regarding efficiency allowed’s talk a little about the cams on the back right here so uh both gadgets right here identify 3 video cameras or three sensing units if you may so on the poco tool we have a 48 megapixel primary and 8 megapixel ultra broad and also a 5 megapixel macro uh we do not have a telephoto lens there so it’s a bit different on the samsung s20 fe we do obtain a 12 megapixel major 12 megapixel ultra large and a 8 megapixel telephoto uh if i remember my numbers correctly so you do obtain a telephoto lens on the samsung whereas you get a macro lens on the poco tool right here however all those are simply numbers men i have actually taken several photos with both devices right here so i can show a contrast to you people so i’ll allow you be the court and also take a look at these daylight pictures evening pictures and also tell me which you in fact like in terms whether it is the poco do you believe it triumphes or is it the samsung s20 fe that comes up ahead so have a look at these images

and allow me understand down in the remark area listed below good so currently that we’re done speaking about the cameras let’s talk very very promptly concerning the battery that can be found in these devices right below so both tools right below actually features a decent battery that has the ability to last someday on a solitary charge without a doubt they both likewise featured fees in package so no stress over that and really i have no concerns with the batteries itself they both are excellent all right so if you’re not a player and you are able to stretch your battery life a little more i would certainly state that the slide edge actually mosts likely to the samsung s20 fe right below in just in terms of battery life because i discovered that the screen on schedule had to do with 30 mins to one hour greater than a poco f3 right there so simply birth that in mind okay lastly before we go allow’s talk a bit concerning those stereo audio speakers so both gadgets here include stereo speakers on the top as well as near the bottom i should state that the audio quality originating from both tools are really quite good as well as i can not really reveal the audio experience right here however i am mosting likely to play a quick clip since i recognize several of you men might desire to hear that so allow’s enter into the non-copyright songs right there to make sure that was the poco right there from my hand distance as well as allow’s look

into the one on the samsung all appropriate individuals honestly speaking from my range right below the audio for both tools are actually quite equal i would certainly state that the bass the crispiness of the sound is really excellent right here for smart devices particularly in 2021 and also indeed i should say that i have to offer it a time for both devices below in regards to audio high quality at max quantity they both audio virtually the exact same in regards to quantity and also in addition to the audio high quality so definitely providing a thumbs up there we both don’t have actually headphone jacks for both devices right here so you can ignore that however yep we have terrific speakers on board right below great individuals i think that’s virtually it for this video once again this is just a quick appearance at whether you should take a look at the f3 today or the samsung s20 fe 5g if you are trying to find like a flagship killer that you would wish to last a number of years from today onwards so yeah let me recognize people uh would certainly you choose to choose the 1700 ringgit poco f3 or would you be actually happy to spend another thousand three hundred ringgit extra as well as obtain the close to 3 thousand ringgit samsung s20 fe right below good i assume that’s virtually it for this video i hope you enjoyed this video if you like this video clip give me that thumbs up as well as i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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